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#ZepCleansters Clean Like A Pro Zep Sampling Product Review Via #Crowtap

                                                           Want to clean like a pro?
   With the New cleaning product of  Zep Commercial     you can do just that and
 fight the germs and messes that the winter and flu season brings.
      Knock out all those unwelcome germs with a Bang! 
    Use Zep that has 2 brand NEW cleaning weapons with 
 Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant AND the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser.
        And Zep is working with +Crowdtap  to help spread the word about their 2 new professional cleaners.  And when I had the chance to try out, test, and then tell my readers about the new products from Zep, I was pleased as peaches to review them.
    A little about Zep : via the web site The leading brand of professional strength cleaning and maintenance solutions for small business and home cleaning.
Zep Commercial offers a complete line of cleaning and drain care products that deliver professional results. Whether you are a Pro, or simply want to Clean Like A Pro™, you’ll be able to clean with confidence and have pride in the results. #MadeInUS
 The many products that offer are: Zep Commercial has everything you need for effective cleaning (over 60 products) covering the following cleaning categories: Heavy Duty Degreasers, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Floor Care, Carpet Care, Stain Removal Products, Stone Care, Rust & Mineral Deposit Removal, Drain Clog Removers, Drain Maintenance Products, Septic Care Products, and Odor Control Products.
   So whether your cleaning task are at the office or at home, you can get professional cleaning results with using Zep. 
    I have used the Zep Drain Clog Removers before and it does the job right and clears drains with ease.
   So I was curious as how these 2 new Zep professional cleaners would hold up.  And I have ALWAYS loved Oxy in any product, that stuff is amazing! So to see it teamed up with Zep, I knew it must be good stuff. 

If you purchase these new products found  in merchant stores then you will have the choice of these sizes in spray bottles or refills. You can find them at lots of stores such as The Home Depot Lowe's Walmart  Ace or many more. Find which location you shop at most and be sure to check out these 2 new products from Zep Commercial   

  For  reviewing purposes I received 5 Zep cleaning samples free from Crowdtap to test out for myself in both New products. 
   They were each a mixture of the two new products mentioned in the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant AND the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser.

 It could not have came at a better time. With colder weather here outside that means warmer temps inside which always grows germs and that's an unwelcome recipe for germs to catch colds, flu and virus. And with my husband taking chemo now and such low immune system, I have to clean and get it done right the first time so germs are out a here!! 
  I gave our bathrooms the first trial test by using the  Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser.

 I think the bathroom sink and handles, besides the toilet bowl flush handle, is probably the grimiest surface in a home. High traffic area that gets grimy with all sorts of germs.  I just sprayed it on and let it sit one minutes as directed on the bottles instructions, and then wiped the areas with a wet dish cloth.
     The difference in clean was very evident and left a shine and fresh clean look and scent to the area.

   I then tried it on my Kitchen project for cleaning my over head ceiling light fixtures. Boy! Do they ever gather grease and grime for cooking and the way those grimes get carried up and into the air as you cook over the stove or use appliances such as deep fryers, ovens etc. 
I'm redoing my Kitchen decor theme from Roosters to Coke Theme, so I wanted to clean these glass cover plates of the set on grease that had accumulated so I can redo my decals on these later. So again, I sprayed on and waited one minute, then wiped them off.
             The Zep Cleansters really cut that thick grim of gunky grease right off with a breeze.
                      I would use these new Zep products on so many items to clean.
                             I'm hooked on it's performance. Great results for a professional clean with little effort to clean, once you spray it on, set for a minute then wipe clean.
 I hope you will give these new Zep products a try soon.  You can find out more about them by visiting the Zep Web Site or social networks . And I thank both Zep and  Crowdtap for allowing me to test them out & sharing the new found news and results with you my readers today.  
               Have a great Holiday season that's just ahead. And clean up your office or home space with the handy and professional help with Zep :) 
Feel free to share this news with your  friends & family! #ZepCleansters
 Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to FREE to me,  your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am  a  Crowdtap member  And brought you the latest new news about the new  Zep product.  I  was not compensated for this shared post. I was provided with the free sample product from  Crowdtap  to facilitate this post.

. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions.  
Thank you Crowdtap & Zep for this free received product review.

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Enter to #Win @Orkin #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Winter Blanket #USA #Giveaway

@Orkin "Mouse in a House" Game & Giveaway

About @Orkin "Mouse in a House"

Fall has arrived, and cooler weather has come with it. Whether or not you know it, your warm house is an open invitation to unwanted guests looking for a cozy winter vacation: rodents. Each fall, rodents migrate from their outdoor “summer home” to the warmth, food and shelter of their “winter timeshare” – your house!
Being human has its perks, like having a cozy house to enjoy during the winter, but imagine having to survive as a mouse? Try your luck by playing “Mouse in a House” – a choose-your-own-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a rodent looking to survive the upcoming harsh winter season – try your best to stay alive and see how long you last!
Orkin uses the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that's right for

your home. To learn more about pest control grounded in science or to schedule an inspection, visit or call 1-800-800-ORKIN®.
Orkin Pest Control Facebook Page:
Ask The Orkin Man® Twitter Page:
Orkin YouTube Channel:
               Hello to all my great readers here @Mamawj's Moment Away :)  ~Julie here
                     I'm sure by now after reading this far, your thinking "mice ~eww!" 
                I don't have them, thank goodness. But they do exsist and they do try their best to invade any space and creep in..So stay prepared in preventing them with all the great helps that +Orkin Pest Control  can provide you in products and service.  

Why your sure to  LOVE Orkin’s #MouseInAHouse Blog App: 
• Play the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure #MouseInAHouse Game to test your survival skills and see if you can survive the winter. Go ahead, it's just for fun and I even played it myself just to see what it was all about lol.  And I just put in a made up name  lol called  "Scamper"and the first question had me laughing thinking about all those dooms day preparer shows or one of my favorite shows called Fat Guys In the Woods, when my question was :
You’re living in your summer home in the woods, and it’s starting to get really cold. What do you do?
A.Hunt for food Or B. Look for shelter
And I'm thinking shelter, but then again I'm not human, but a mouse lol 
My ended app answer revealed 

YOU MADE IT Scamper!

your rodent family lasted the whole winter.
(there was cute mouse picture here) haha 
You may make a great mouse, but remember:
you’re a human. If you see a mouse in YOUR house,
call The Orkin Man right away.
I'm glad I'm not a mouse but it was fun to play as one and test my survival skills. But I'm glad we have Orkin to rely on to rid them if need be :) 

After playing the fun app below, head on down at the giveaway forum for the chance to #Win a Orkin #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Winter Blankets size (4'x6') awarded to ONE (1) Lucky #USA Reader who enters into the giveaway below and drawn from the pool of names within the giveaway tools forum. 
         Winning Prize Description:  This will be great to keep in your car for the unseen road hazards and need to stay warm or to use as tailgate parties for Football games, car races, parades, etc.  

Each household is only eligible to win One Orkin #MouseInAHouse Cozy Fleece Winter Blankets via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Play fair & Good Luck!! 

My Disclose: Via Blogger FTC Guidelines
I will also be provided the above mentioned item free to facilitate this free sponsored post by @Orkin  LLC. No compensation was provided & all opinions spoken here are 100% my own. Affiliated links may be within this sponsored post. One lucky person will also win the same item from a random drawing from all entries placed within the giveaway tools forum. The free sponsored #Orkin prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. By the sponsor. No P.O. Boxes please & allow up to 3 wks to receive free said winning prize. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment. Thank you to the sponsor & my readers for stopping by and entering this great giveaway.
BTW: I won't bombard you with tons of entries you are forced to do. I have the one mandatory entry that is required for you to enter, and then the rest that unlock for you afterwards, can be your choice to do all of them, some or none. Daily entries are also there to come back daily to complete until this sponsored giveaway ends. My sponsored giveaways are intended to be fun, fair and free for you to enjoy. Otherwise I will not work with companies who offer less. Honesty is the only reward that pays. This is just one of the many great companies that I know and trust to know they do as they say. Thus why I will continue to enjoy bringing you the great news and offers they have as a valued customer. So Thanks for visiting today & God bless y'all ~ Good Luck!!
            Be sure to subscribe to my free email newsletter (found on my right side bar via the feed-burner link. I have some wonderful holiday items coming up in giveaways that I want you lucky, wonderful readers to enjoy in a free win :) And you will see those announced as my newsletter goes out.   See ya ~Julie your hostess

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Print Your Free #Halloween "Boo-pons" (Coupons) for @Krystal's #Restaurant Right Here!

TGIF  and Make it TKIF  instead 
Thank Krystal It's Friday!!
For Halloween's Meal Night Out This Year 
Who wants to cook on Friday Halloween this year!!
No-One Says Everyone!! 
So take your spooky crowd to Krystal's
Restaurant to Dine for Dinner!!
Great Graveyard Deals to be found for Frightfully low prices! On Friday October 31st at your local 
Lot's of fun for the kids & great money saving prices on the foods you love to munch down on!!
Check out these deals & print out the free coupons below!
Then creep on out and over to your favorite Krystal's location and have a frightfully fun & fantastic food enjoyed night with the kids!!

           I love our local Krystal's restaurant!!  All the way from the mini corn dogs, corn pups, to the unique one of a kind cinnamon covered cake donuts!! Yum!!  Whether your location is just a Drive Through or both a walk in and drive through~ you have time to save money and enjoy the spectacular flavor favorite foods found at Krystal's!!
           I know where my car will take me tomorrow on Fright Night Oct 31st ~ I love Krystal's mini corn pups smothered in mustard & their mini round cinnamon covered cake donuts are so good!!
           And now I see they offer the ever classic +MoonPie too!! Oh yeah!!
              Why not head there for dinner with the kids then carve you up a one of a kind template for your fun jack o lantern??  Aren't those way cool? I'm loving that Frankenstein template :)
                  So enough gabbing on & on from me about these fun & free deals to let you save money on~~~ Head here below to print them out for free and go use them up at your awesome Krystal
                                             Find me a Krystal location by clicking Here
                                     Print your coupons Boo-pons found >>Here
Nothing left to say but...........Happy Halloween ~Be Safe~Have Fun & eat you some good
 Krystal's Gruesome Grub on Oct 31st with the kids! :) 
My Spooky & frightfully Truthful Disclose: 
 I received this free promotional information and linkable free printable coupons (they call them Boo-pons) how stinking cute is that haha!!  from +Krystal  for my readers to learn about, print and enjoy! No compensation was given to share this post with you my readers. All opinions spoken here are my own thoughts & yes, I do love Krystal's.
Maybe you will too if you don't already.
Feel free to roam their web site, and social networks here below :) 
 See y'all on my next post after Spook night ~Be safe  & have fun with your precious kids ~ They grow up way to fast so savor every moment! ~ Julie 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

@Ghostbusters DVD & Meal Cards #Giveaway @Ryan's and Old Country Buffet Enter Here!

Hello there you Boo-tiful and ghostly Readers of mine!!
   Spook night is almost here!!  

        Six nights from now all the little goblins and ghost will put on their creative costumes and tap upon your door for sweet treats to eat!! 
Halloween falls on a Friday night this year Which is next Friday!!!
         I don't even have my candy bought to hand out. Have you bought yours?  We usually have lots of treaters at our door. I love seeing there different costumes. When my daughter was young, together we usually made her outfit she chose, or bought a few later. My grandson was so cute in each of the ones my daughter bought him throughout the years. They even dress up with him and when they dropped in for his treats we just loved finding out what costumes they chose looked like. Let this proud granny share them from over the years past. It is almost Halloween so let these inspire you to go out and have fun!! 
                                                       My grown daughter now is 33yrs 
                                                  But so cute as a clown :)  
                            All grown and enjoying fun costumes with her little one (boy does time fly by!) 
             We loved seeing what they had chosen when they stop by for candy treats I had made.

What are your plans for Halloween? What treats will you make, bake, or serve for spook night?
Do you watch those spooky or fun movies on DVD on the Halloween weekend?
   Do you enjoy going out to eat where you can let the kids wear their costumes in fun?
       When we were in the Navy, I use to love taking my daughter to the malls, or restaurants that encouraged the families to bring their kids in costume for fun free treats, games or even free kids meals. 
            I'm here to let you know about where you can do all of that this Halloween.
        And that would be to visit your local Ryan's or Old Country Buffets restaurant locations for lots of Fall and Halloween fun with the kids.      

When you bring your children in to Ryan's in costume on Halloween, and they'll eat for free!
      Also, who didn't enjoy that fun movie of Ghost-busters? Right?  I still love that movie!!
        It's the 30th Anniversary of the movie GhostBusters!! 
          So Ryan's is letting you & your family in on the fun :) 

So...."If you ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Prove it at your Ghostbusters-themed Family Night, tonight and every Thursday night from 5 pm to 8 pm this month at Ryan's FamilyNight and Old Country Buffet restaurant locations.
            Just look for ANY of these named restaurant establishments to dine in and enjoy. Each one is a line of the family restaurant chain of Old Country Buffet. The names may appear different but the home cooked foods are all the same. With buffet for fresh hot foods, like blue ribbon baby back ribs salad fixings, dessert choices, plenty of seating, great prices, and fun activities for the kids! In a welcomed family friendly environment. And with hundreds of locations to choose from in the USA~ your sure to live near or pass one on your way to somewhere.
Old Country BuffetRyan'sFire MountainCountry BuffetHome Town Buffet
      Happening now in the Month of October ~  When you purchase the anniversary edition of the comedy classic GhostBusters on Blue-ray to receive their special coupon offer. 
               And today Ryan's and Old Country Buffet is going to let ONE (1) Lucky USA reader here at Mamawj's Away enjoy a fun prize pack in celebration of the fun Fall time happenings going on at their restaurant. 
                    While it's the ghostly truth that the 30th anniversary of GhostBusters is now out on Blue-ray for purchase.
                    It's also true that the regular DVD of the movie was & still is a big hit to enjoy watching! As too, it's a joy to visit Ryan's and dine with them on their endless Buffet bars that harbors all sorts of yummy ghoulish dishes that you & your kids can enjoy during the month of October.
             So they also want you to enjoy that treat on me too! With this fun sponsored giveaway!
             One (1)  Lucky USA person 18+yrs in age or older will win the same fun prize pack that I was able to review :)
                                      Winners prize pack will include:
                                          The original DVD (not blueray) of the movie GhostBusters 
                  And meal cards for use at ANY Old Country Buffet Line of chained restaurants

Enter through the Giveaway Tools Entry Forum below & Good Luck Everyone!!
 You can view and read my previous reviews for this wonderful home town cooking buffet line of restaurants found Here And you will also find a ghoulish recipe you can both create at home or find on their dessert buffet to enjoy called "Creepy Cup Of Dirt" just perfect for Halloween and the kids will love it!
                             So be sure to VISIT Their Buffet Locations across the USA. 
                 Be sure to visit, follow, fan or subscribe to the web site & social network sites for both 
                                 Ryan's Buffet  And Old Country Buffet
                       So many perks can be enjoyed like, BOGO free birthday coupon
               Kids club to receive a free coupon for a meal on their birthday
It's Party Time!

Join our Birthday fun Club and receive a free Kid's Meal on their big day! (Just kids 11 or younger!)
                                          Senior Citizens Discounts Everyday

                          Book it or Reserve it ahead of time for Group parties, reunions etc.

Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
I have complied here required by local law with both local and international laws. By disclosing that I am working with Old Country Buffet , Ryan's and Crayola  who supplied these materials to me free, to facilitate this blog product review and hosted giveaway, all of which were free.  Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsors. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. "The information and prize pack have been provided    by  Old Country Buffet & contributing sponsors for the free prizes within the gift pack graciously provided.
        Thank you sponsors!!
                                                                                              Good Luck Entrants!!  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

@Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy Product #Review, #Sweepstakes #Giveaway #USA

Good Morning Readers AND New Visitors Here at Mamawj's Moment Away 
 I hope everyone is enjoying the same lovely Fall Season as we are having here in eastern Tennessee.  
The colors are changing here in the leaves and the temperatures are just wonderful. 
So I couldn't resist sharing a couple of photo's taken even on a rainy fall day. :) 
                       Our huge Hickory Nut Trees turn from a lime green to a golden yellow when it's leaves turn. And the squirrels practically live in and under this pretty tree while eating, cracking and then storing the nuts in my flower beds below.
                                   Big Oaks, Maples and Jack Pines line our back yard that turn such pretty golden and red colors to their leaves in Fall. I am left abundant with big pine-cones that drop in which I use for so many craft projects.

                                  And I think my favorite smaller trees that thrive well here in eastern TN   and turn such lush deep scarlet red colors, are the dogwoods and sour-wood trees. 
Even my dwarf Indian blood peach tree is preparing for it's soon to be winter's nap.

      The scents of outdoor fall season are just as nice with the pines as the needles drop. Long gone are the floral scents outside during this time of the Fall season. But you still can enjoy them in your laundry indoors with the brilliant helps of using the NEW Purex Crystals Aromatherapy. And as a purex insider who loves to bring great news to you, let me introduce you to that new line of laundry enhancers of 
Add Purex Crystals Aromatherapy into your washer’s tub (top, front-loading, or HE) at the start of the wash to supplement your laundry detergent. This allows the crystals to permeate your clothing with a personal expressiveness that lasts for weeks, not days.
Here are the THREE New Floral and Citrus scents that will be available for purchase on your store merchant shelves starting mid-October  Where To Buy Found Here 
Energy helps you tackle any day with the stimulating power of citrus

Well Being with it's brightens any mood with the happy fragrance of fresh blossoms

Serenity keeps you calm all day long with the gentle scent of water-lilies

I was happy to receive my  Purex Insiders Promotional kit for the NEW - Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy :)
I couldn't wait to see which full size bottle choice scent awaited me inside, to try out and tell you my awesome readers about. 

                      And inside, I found the purex-crystals-aromatherapy New Scent of Well Being :)

 Along with my Purex® insiders kit that included my helpful fact sheet with this new Purex® Crystals product that I am thrilled to share with you my readers and new visitors. So you can know about and go out and get ya some! To try out for yourself and experience the scents of aromatherapy each one can let you enjoy in your laundry routine as a laundry enhancer that gives you fresh scent laundry, eliminates odors, and can give a in-washer scent booster.
                So stick around for a few more  hostess product review lines to read on my in-wash laundry experience using the NEW Scent  Well Being in the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy

                               The tiny pink Crystals are as pretty to view as they are to smell :)
      The new bottle shape is also very different than the other variates of Crystals that Purex® offers.
            Is it just the crafter in me that notices these pretty and well useful facts in all the lovely container products that Purex® develops?
                    Your hand can form around the bottle fit and comfortable without that dreaded worry of am I going to drop this as I open the top and spill my precious Purex® Crystals everywhere lol :)
 Ok, let's take the Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy Well Being  inside to see how it preformed for me. And then all you wonderful readers, visitors of mine here today will have the chance to win a free product coupon so that you can go out and get your choice scent to try it free :) A maximum value of $6.00 Thanks to Purex® Insiders for my chance to review and giveaway to 2 Lucky Winners who will win ONE Each of this exciting coupon free! USA entrants

I love long lasting, fresh scented, bedding. Knowing that with every toss and turn in your bed, that your nose will enjoy the swishing scent in bedding underneath you as well as your top sheets and covers, pillows. 
So I decided to try out the NEW Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy scent Well Being on my soft down mattress pad cover. And you just simply add your own desired amount of the Crystals to your wash cycle. 
This bedding piece is quit heavy, large and padded so I added a 1/4 cup of those YUMMY Scented Crystals Aromatherapy to it's regular wash cycle. 

             They dissolve in the water no matter if you use hot, warm or cold water for any color load of laundry. Oh ~~ the scent is so fresh and rejuvenating both in the wash or after you have dried your laundry item. I simply love the scent of Well Being in this  purexinsiders NEW-Purex-Crystals-Aromatherapy  :) With it's fragrant boost of floral enhancers.

I highly recommend that you keep your eye out in the stores listed HERE that will have these three awesome scents available in MID October. That's already almost here since today is the 11th. And you know how it goes because soon after the inside store offers the new product then they become available for you ONLINE shoppers as well.  I shop on-line with +Walmart  allot when I buy anything, anytime of the year so why not add that to your cart when you shop on-line later. 

So who is ready to try for the chance to enjoy a free coupon for the product??
Great!! Just head on down below and enter! Good Luck because 2 Lucky people will be drawn from the total pool of entries to win ONE (1) free product coupon to go try it out for yourself. 
NOTE TO WINNERS* The free coupon will expire on NOV 30th 2014 so be sure to redeem it by that date :) 

                                             And once again ~Happy Fall Ya'll :)
  Don't be as quite as the empty but pretty woods you see here, and leave me a comment below about how your fall is going :) TTYS ~Julie
NEW Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy is the latest Purex® Brand experience. The NEW Purex Crystals Aromatherapy scent infusions, and stimulate your life with peaceful bliss and boundless spirit with these soothing aromas!
Follow Purex on all their social networks as follows web site of 
   You will then be IN THE KNOW on all the newest developments and the perks they let their fans enjoy like sweepstakes giveaways, product coupons to enjoy and more!! 
     Here is the link to their newest #sweepstakes for this new product in-which I reviewed for you here today. Found Here
for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree & a year’s supply of NEW Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy. 30 Second place winners will each receive a bottle of Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy.
           So don't forget to enter it too!! After you have entered my free coupon giveaway below :) 
And ANYONE CAN Apply to become a purex insiders like myself.  They will review your abilities to host for them and if chosen then you too can have fun reviewing for their NEW Products. So if that appeals to you then go here Here to apply. It's free & mostly just fun!  They have a really nice PR team at Purex Insiders :)  So let's thank them once more shall we? 
Thank You Purex Insiders community manager staff team!! 
Note* FCC Disclosure requirements are as follows: This sponsored FREE Company +Purex Insiders Product Review & Giveaway was provided to me free to review in exchange for facilitating this blog post and to share the knowledge with my readers. I was not compensated in other way. All opinions spoken here within this hostess blog post product review are my own true thoughts 100% & were not  influenced in any way by others or the company of #Purex of which I love hosting for :) 

purexinsiders Note* Friday, November 14: Blog Post Report Due Date ~Julie :) 

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