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@Ornaments.com #Personalized #Ornament #Review And #Holiday #Giveaway #USA

                                   @Ornaments.com #Personalized #Ornament
                                     #Review And #Holiday #Giveaway #USA                           

                    Well, My... My.. My......If  only Sweet Suzanne...knew about the one-of-a-kind unique personalized ornaments that she could of ordered from  ornaments.com


No worries.. We'll all read about them here today together and then swiftly browse their bountiful website as we sip our hot coffee and order them straight to our door!

Let's see now...what would our co-workers like as a unique gift this year that speaks directly as to who they are? What they love? I know...how about the coffee   latte drinker that loves their morning cup of  Mojo?  They would love that #personalized #ornament from ornaments.com  to display proudly from their holiday tree at work, home or  vehicle rear view mirror!


Don't forget to encourage those kids who work so hard all year long at Soccer  Ballet Football Dance Music lessons, they would love to always enjoy these personalized ornaments in their rooms, on the tree :) Even as a topper gift on their birthday cake! Then have it to keepsake forever to remember.



Maybe this is a year when you want to remember your beloved Pet ?
Well at ornaments.com  you can SAVOR your pets look in the photo you loved best and let  their furry light shine on the tree for all to proudly see!
 They do those too!

I think now, we can all get excited about heading over to
To browse their tons of choices in
Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Where they proudly Say....
We are so glad you are here because we have an ornament for you for every occasion, event and activity!  You most likely have a few people in your life that you want to honor, such as graduates, newlyweds or expecting parents. We have the perfect personalized ornament for celebrating those milestone events as well as ornaments that are just right for thanking your teachers, nurses, coaches, and ministers.  An ornament is such a nice way to acknowledge our connections, and when our top-notch artists add the personal touch of the recipient's name, you are giving a gift that will be remembered for years. Buy 5 or more ornaments and receive free shipping.

And I  of course, LOVE the friendly staff and choices found at

Where they blessed me yet another holiday to review my choice in a unique personalized ornament this year. Read my previous review with   ornaments.com  to see why I choose this awesome skate boarder  personalized ornament :)
Yep, my grandson will love this one!
Isn't this so neat for the person who loves to skate board? 

Each year I'm more impressed  with the great choices in ornaments that almost tell a story in what designs  you can choose from the wide variety of categories found with Ornaments. com 
And by the way, their personalized ornaments come in boy. girl, individual race colors, so so many to choose from!  Not sure if they have the theme or category your looking for? No problem, just put in your key word in the search field on the website to right corner and your multiple choices will come up to view. Or better yet, give them a call or email them on what your looking for. Be it,  a doctor  nurse fireman military baker or a biker etc etc.. They have it waiting at ornaments.com 

So ride on over their and order that unique gift that gets enjoyed each year that they will love!
The prices are great! And Shipping is always free!

So tell us, Do you love ornaments?

Because at ornaments.com  You could say they are passionate about ornaments. They not only decorate your Christmas tree and your home during the holidays, but ornaments also make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. A well-thought out gifted ornament will make an appearance every year, reminding your friend or loved one how much you care. A pretty ornament is a great way to help someone feel special.
Everyone at Ornaments.com wants you to be pleased with the ornaments that you order.  Our ornament designers and calligraphy artists are world class and so is our friendly customer service staff.  Every step of the way, we take great care to meet or exceed your expectations of a great personalized Christmas ornament.   Our mission is to impress you and your gift recipients!

Here's everything you need to get you started with the easy, fast and friendly order  placed :)

From Ornaments.com  ornaments.com
445 Beaver Creek Road
Curtis, WA 98538

                                                                      WIN IT:
And now, I want to know if you could win ANY (1) ONE free personalized ornament from this awesome company of  ornaments.com 

 What would you choose?
If you'd like the chance to #Win one then head on down below, enter your info into the giveaway widget to get you started for your entry in this sponsored giveaway to enjoy one free! Open to the #USA residents who are 18 yrs of age or older. No P.O. boxes please. This free sponsored giveaway will end on Dec 10th at which time one (1) lucky person will be chosen at random from all entries placed with in the giveaway form below. 
Good Luck!

And Have a blessed Holidays ahead everyone!
From Julie your hostess here at Mamawjs Moment Away

FTC Guideline's Bloggers Note* I have received free product in exchange for my honest hosted product review via sponsorship with @Ornaments.com  all opinions spoken here are 100% solely my own and may differ with others. Affiliated links may be within this free sponsored product review post. 

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#HormelGatherings @HormelFoods #PartyTray @SocialInsiders #Product #Review #Coupon #Giveaway Ends 12\1

FTC Guideline's Bloggers Note* I have received free product in exchange for my honest hosted product review via sponsorship with @Social Insiders,  @HormelFoods,  @Walmart  all opinions spoken here are 100% solely my own and may differ with others. Affiliated links may be within this free sponsored product review post.

#HormelGatherings @Hormel #PartyTray @SocialInsiders #Product #Review #Coupon #USA #Giveaway $15 Value  Ends 12\1

Subject: New Product  Hormel Gatherings   from #Hormel  hormelfoods.com
Blogger Product Review Via  social-insiders.com

This new @HormelFoods  product of #HormelGatherings  line of  ready- to -go , party and snack trays are available  instore for consumer purchase at you nearest +Walmart grocery retail store.


The holidays are here and that means gathering  together for  good company, good food and making great memories. And Hormel can help out with all the fixings for your gatherings.

Hello readers and new visitors to my blog here today at Mamawjs Moment Away. I'm glad that you stopped by and I'm happy to tell you about three great things today. Which is, my liking to host for two great companies of Social Insiders and their client company Hormel via  easily found products at Walmart. And to let you know about the new party snack trays from Hormel called Hormel Gatherings. The easy ready to go trays that are easily found in the deli cold section at you nearest Walmart. With ready to go hearty wholesome and tasty deli meats, cheeses, and more. So read on ahead about this new Hormel product and how I am able to review this product through my being a member of the Social Insiders Influencer Marketing site. You too can become an influencer  at Social Insiders www.social-insiders.com  Be sure to visit them and learn more.

And today, @HormelFoods,  takes the spot light with the Social Insiders influencer brand for their #New product of  #HormelGatherings. Then lastly, be sure to get your name in the hat here before you leave, for the chance to win a free product coupon! Someone will #Win a $15 valued free coupon, compliments of  Social Insiders and Hormel Foods. So one (1) lucky person can go out and try this new product yourself for your next #party, #gameday, #familytime, #familynight, #tailgating, or any #occasion for #friends , #coworkers or fun #gatherings during the #holiday #season.

The New #HormelFoods Introduced ProductHormel Gatherings which are Ready To Go  Party-Trays in  convenient sizes of  14, 28, and 39 ounce  with a variety of choices in deli meats, cheeses and crackers  that are perfect for any occasion and gathering.

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray 28oz

HORMEL® Hard Salami, HORMEL® Pepperoni, Sargento® Cheddar Cheese, Sargento® Colby Jack Cheese, Round Crackers.
HORMEL GATHERINGS<sup>®</sup> Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray 28oz

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Snack Tray Turkey and Cheese 14oz

HORMEL® Smoked Turkey, Sargento® Cheddar Cheese, Butter Crisp Crackers.
HORMEL GATHERINGS<sup>®</sup> Honey Ham & Turkey Party Tray 28oz

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Supreme Party Tray 39.7oz

HORMEL® Hard Salami, HORMEL® Genoa Salami, Sargento® Pepper Jack Cheese, Sargento® Havarti Cheese, Round Crackers, Peloponnese Pitted Olives.
HORMEL GATHERINGS<sup>®</sup> Supreme Party Tray 39.7oz

And Hormel Gatherings also offers the Snack-Trays  in four choice varieties  in size 14 ounce. The perfect size for  one or more
HORMEL GATHERINGS<sup>®</sup> Snack Tray Turkey and Cheese 14oz

My Blogger/Influencer Product Review

I took a shopping trip to our local Walmart store and easily found the Hormel Gatherings choices in the deli area of the store. In they're cold bins section. And using my provided free sponsored Social Insiders product coupon that was good for $15 off any one size of  22 ounce or larger. I choose the

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Supreme Party Tray 39.7oz

HORMEL® Hard Salami, HORMEL® Genoa Salami, Sargento® Pepper Jack Cheese, Sargento® Havarti Cheese, Round Crackers, Peloponnese Pitted Olives.
HORMEL GATHERINGS<sup>®</sup> Supreme Party Tray 39.7oz

Which was priced in store at $15.98

I like the fact that the

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Supreme Party Tray 39.7oz  had enough hearty and  tasty #Hormel #snacks for our guest of  six people. Just sit out some disposable dinnerware and cold drinks of choice and you have yourself a #stress-free #party #planning for an enjoyable gathering with friends or family with the great Hormel food choices that accompany each handy ready to go snack or party tray by HormelFoods for #easy #appetizers to be the #host that your guest will enjoy.


I liked the fact that the party trays are the prefect shape for each packet of  the meats, cheeses and crackers.  Which makes for  a pretty presentation. 

So be sure to check out this new item from HormelFoods in their HormelGatherings Party Snack  Trays that house a tasty choice of fresh deli meats, cheeses and crackers.  Easily found at your nearest Walmart store.

Not sure where to start in your party or tail gating party? No problem, because #HormelFoods has that covered for you too! Just visit their website for easy and helpful  party planning tips . One of my favorite tips was to elevate the food tray or party snack items, in ice filled containers so they stay colder longer as the party goes along. Exactly what I used here with my delicious Hormel gatherings party tray. As I put ice cubes and an ice frozen ring in the center of my glass container and let the Hormel Gatherings Party tray be nestled down into it that gave a pretty yet functional need for my items to ensure staying cold and good to enjoy.

Worked just fine underneath.

Which  party snack tray in the Hormel Gatherings would you pick up for your next party or gathering event? 

Comment below for the chance to win a $15 value coupon free to try out this new product. 
Free Coupon giveaway is open to all #USA residents who are 18+ years old. No P.O. boxes please. 
Random generator will pick the lucky winner when this giveaway ends on Dec 1st 
So if your entry below is made as anonymous commenter then add your email so I'll know where to contact you to claim the free product coupon. 
I'll also be adding extra entry options as this giveaway goes along. So drop by daily to take fun part in those as well which betters your chances of winning. 
Thank you for dropping by today and Good luck! 
Merry Christmas to you all from ~Julie your hostess here at Mamawjs Moment Away  

Follow them on their social networks
hormelgathering via Pinterest

     Thank you to my great sponsors who made this free product review and reader free coupon giveaway possible.  Be sure to visit them on the provided links above. :) 

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Flash #Giveaway! Enter to #Win a #ChristmasForest Fresh Made #Wreath $60 Value! Ends 11/28



Blogger Product Review for the Company of  www.christmasforest.com Who is a family owned and operated business of  whom makes the freshest greenery wreaths by hand in Curtis, Washington and located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains
Read my blogger review and be sure to  enter my sponsored free
Flash #Giveaway! Enter to #Win a #ChristmasForest Fresh Made #Wreath $60 Value! Ends 11/28

Hello to my awesome readers and new visitors here today! I'm so glad that you stopped by to once again this holiday season, to be wished many blessings by me "Julie" your hostess here at Mamawjs Moment Away :) 

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just 3 days away! I pray that you and your family and friends have a wonderful day together making lots of precious memories.

And soon after we'll all be enjoying the magical and heart felt blessings together that Christmas brings as well.

I know most people wait until after Thanksgiving Day to start putting up and planning their holiday decorations. Whether they go big with lots of lights, bells and whistles or just a simple sign of kind greetings upon their doors, windows, or mantels, or table centerpiece setting, inside the home for Christmas.

I myself love to begin early with a beautiful, yet simple, fresh greenery wreath to display in any of those cozy places within my home of both outdoors or indoors, that were just mentioned.

And thank goodness for easy, convenient, and fast shipping from reliable and dedicated fresh tree farms that are located in the USA states around me that offer such unique species in trees that can let one enjoy those lovely winter time fresh forest scents in fresh made wreaths to display and enjoy, long before Christmas and will still be fresh to look and smell awesome.

That's why I look forward every year to enjoying a fresh hand made greenery wreath from +Christmas Forest  which is located in Curtis Washington, in the Cascade Mountains,  where they grow such lovely trees that create the wreaths mixed greenery colors for beautiful visual look and scent, as well as locating only the best fresh scented pic add-ons that add even more wonderful aroma such as the pastel blue juniper berries and pale yellow incense buds from the Oregon desert.  And each fresh wreath comes with gorgeous wired ribbon bows that match the wreaths title name.  Yes, that's correct , you read that right. They name their fresh made wreaths! This isn't a fly by night place that just throws it all together and then throws it your way to fall apart or be an eye sore.

Oh No, indeed not, and just the total opposite!   At christmasforest.com you'll have a full choice of  37 fresh made wreaths to choose from that are each visible on one page to look at and each one is named and is made up of different trees, fresh berries, a gorgeous bow, and quality add-ons such as birds, bells, etc. Honestly people, its like being a kid in a candy store and you'll love your online easy browsing and shopping ALMOST as much as you'll flip and love your fresh hand made wreath one it arrives in that huge box all fresh and ready to hang and display anywhere for enjoyment.

  And knowing that you are buying fresh hand made wreaths for a USA town in upstate Washington for those gorgeous mountains filled with fresh air and beauty, sure enough presents itself when your wreath arrives by fast shipping to enjoy.

      A family owned business that proudly has a team of wonderful employees who really love what they create for you in fresh greenery and each wreath lets that pride show by the name of the awesome employee who made it just for you.

I think it's time that I stop bragging ( for now) on this wonderful company of  the christmasforest
and just show you the new fresh made wreath that I was blessed to review this year that was created by Landra  :)  thank you for your lovely craftsmanship put into my wreath made by your hands, Landra. It is breathtakingly gorgeous for my eyes and nose to enjoy! And I'm very proud to display it for my family and friends to enjoy both now and long after Christmas into the new year ahead.

          My Chosen Wreath that I reviewed and still will enjoy for weeks on end in freshness is the NEW :     25" Winterberry Christmas Wreath By the Christmas Forest located in Curtis Washington https://www.christmasforest.com/wreaths
             *Stock photo via their website (And proud to show you my review photos below)

25" Winterberry Christmas Wreath
This fantastic Christmas wreath is for the nature lover. The red burlap bow gives it a nice country look and our elves add artificial red berries and red cardinals for a wreath you'll want to leave up on your front door after Christmas.

  • Fresh evergreens
  • Red berries & cardinals
  • Order 10 or more for 10% discount
  • Delivered to your door

    $ 55.00    

  • And here are my photos of this majestic fresh made wreath that I love! The scent is heavenly, the size is full and abundant, put together very tight and arranged in such a lovely way with the red birds and red pic berries on it. They look real and the red birds feels so soft to the touch.
                            I placed it here for photos but you'll see it below on my porch in all its beauty!
                                             Look at those two toned fresh greenery trees and the added fresh sprays of other tree species that the red birds rest upon with sturdy clips. The red wired burlap bow is so full and gorgeous!                     
                 I've taken it to outside on my porch were I love to let others enjoy its splendor in beauty and scent.   The pinecones are huge and so pretty too and the pic decorative red berries really add to the  fresh greenery of the scented wreath. Last year I reviewed one called  the Alpine Christmas Wreath   which had the real pastel blue juniper berries and pale yellow incense buds and both are just wonderful. You'll love their choices from 37 Named Wreaths to choose from.                    
                                      I could easily place their fresh made wreaths anywhere and they stay fresh for the longest time.
    Again, thank you Landra for creating this wonderful Winterberry Christmas Wreath  for me and my family to enjoy :) this holiday season. Your hard work along with all the employees at The Christmas Forest is much appreciated and your pride of your work is within each beautiful wreath created.
    Happy Holidays to you each at The Christmas Forest.
    And if your wondering about  the staff and personal representatives that both create your fresh wreath by hand, those whom will place your order, once you order online or call by phone. Here they are and they are very nice and polite to make your order a very pleasant one with fast delivery and satisfaction.

    You can order your fresh made greenery wreaths by email, or phone call and also request a free brochure because they support fundraising as well at
    The Christmas Forest contact them @ Christmas Forest
    Thank you shout outs to Marji and Angie at The Christmas Forest
    For such great blogger participation PR service to me each year :) You both are great ladies & Happy Holidays to you both and all your staff as well. This whole team will make your wreath order so enjoyable!

    Call them at the Christmas Forest  for more information about their gorgeous Christmas wreaths!

    (800) 637-9627

    Request a free brochure from santa@christmasforest.com

    445 Beaver Creek Road, Curtis, Washington 98538

                View all their fresh made choice wreaths in 37 varieties to choose from, All named and all made up of unique greenery and added charm. As well as other fresh made items such as garlands, Shaped Wreaths like the Christmas Cross, Christmas Centerpieces, and Farmer’s Basket, all made fresh!
       Now then...which fresh wreath would you choose to enjoy if you had the chance to  win one?  Because the kind staff at The Christmas Forest is allowing me the opportunity to host a Giveaway for one (1) of my lucky readers to enjoy  their choice in the wreath they desire. And with 37 choices to pick from ranging from $41 to $55 in great value, you will enjoy which ever you pick that is made by hand with care and attention in the freshest greeneries from the Cascade Mountains in Curtis Washington.  So head on below and enter my Christmas Forest sponsored Giveaway. Where one lucky USA person will win one free fresh wreath in the random drawing chosen when this giveaway ends on Nov 28th 2017..  At which time the lucky winner will be contacted at the email that you provide within the private entry form below. Also boost your chances to win by doing the extra entry options if you choose too, by tweeting, sharing daily until this giveaway ends in just 8 days! So enter and stay on it here daily to get those extra entries in for the chance to be the one who enjoys a fresh made Christmas Wreath from the Christmas Forest :) Good Luck!

    Added Photo Note here for the two great staff ladies at the Christmas Forest both Marji and Angie. :)  Have you both or my readers heard of the painted rocks movement and know it's meaning and purpose? If not then let me briefly explain. The concept is to paint a rock with a meaningful sentiment or painted art that would bring a smile and happiness to someone's day. And you hide your painted rock of kindness anywhere outside in the world of where you go or would want a smile to be enjoyed. The rock then when found, by a new person, can be either re-hidden in their choice location for others to repeat the fun process, or to be kept and enjoyed. This fun and cheerful kind movement is in so many states, counties and just everywhere. You place your counties hash tagged link upon the back and when others find your painted rock of kindness, they can post their find and let others know where they have relocated it or kept it. They can travel very far or just end up near by again to be relocated. Some rocks travel from state to state by people finding them and relocating them as they travel about. They bring smiles and good cheer to those who find them. So today as my thank you to this lovely and friendly company at the Christmas Forest, I have painted two kindness rocks in honor of these two kind ladies Marji and Angie, of which I'll let travel from eastern Tennessee to where ever it ends up but my hope is that they reaches Curtis, Washington but along the way, others know about this great place to shop for such lovely wreaths! Where they can be kept or re located for others to see the true beauty in their companies fresh hand made greenery wreaths and their kindness to me for the blessed chance to enjoy this review. Thank you and Happy Holidays to each of you!
    Follow this awesome company on their social networks
    ChristmasForest on FaceBook
    @ChristmasForest on Twitter
    On Google+ at Christmasforestwreaths
    On Pinterest at christmasforest
          And don't forget to Order your lovely choice in fresh handmade greenery wreaths from
                                               Christmas Forest
    Today and receive free shipping to 48 states always! While enjoying the best, freshest wreath you'll ever purchase at great prices packed with attention to handmade detail.
                                                GOOD LUCK ON The Giveaway Below :)

    My Disclose: Via Blogger FTC Guidelines
     This is a  free sponsored post and information and free giveaway prize provided  by Christmas Forest .   No compensation was provided to facilitate this shared promotional post. I received a free product wreath of choice to facilitate this shared post. All opinions spoken here are 100% my own and not influenced in anyway by others. Affiliated links may be within this sponsored post. One lucky #USA person will win the above mentioned  item from a random drawing from all entries placed within the giveaway tools forum. The free sponsored    Christmas Forest winning prize will be sent via Ground free shipping  By the sponsor. No P.O. Boxes please  I will contact the winning name drawn by the email address you use most often and winner will have 24 hrs to claim your free win by providing the address to where you would like the free winning prize shipped. Other wise you forfeit said prize and another name will be drawn.  So check your email inbox or spam folder to see if you won on the dates this giveaway will end. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment. Thank you to the sponsor & my readers for stopping by and entering this great giveaway.  Happy Holidays ~ From Julie your hostess here @Mamawj's Moment Away 

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    #Remember911 Film Charlie Sheen Opens in #Theaters #Sept8 Autographed Poster/GiftPack #USA #Giveaway

    9/11 Film Charlie Sheen


     9/11 opens in theaters on #September 8 and features an all star cast including Luis Guzman(The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3), Gina Gershon (Showgirls), Wood Harris (Justified), Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge (BBC), Welcome to New York), Olga Fonda (The Vampire Diaries) and Bruce Davison (X-Men).

     Everyone has a 9/11 Story.
    We would like to introduce you to an awe-inspiring film starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg titled 9/11, based on the original play, The Elevator, that centers on the events of September 11, 2001.
    No matter who you are or where you were, that moment and the aftermath is indelibly etched in everyone’s mind.
    The film 9/11 is based on a true story and chronicles the lives of five average, everyday people who find themselves trapped in an elevator during the events of 9/11 in the World Trade Center.

    About 9/11

    9/11 movie.film    opens in theaters on September 8 and features an all star cast including Luis Guzman(The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3), Gina Gershon (Showgirls), Wood Harris (Justified), Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge (BBC), Welcome to New York), Olga Fonda (The Vampire Diaries) and Bruce Davison (X-Men).
    In the World Trade Center, a billionaire sits in his attorney’s office awaiting a divorce hearing against his wife. In a west side apartment, a bike messenger kisses his 5-year old daughter and sings her “Happy Birthday” before leaving for work. A maintenance man gets dispatched to help a tenant with his lock. In an upper east side apartment, a young model musters the courage to break up with her sugar daddy. As random as random can be, these individuals step into a crowded World Trade Center elevator.
    Wrapped up in their own world, they all ride silently hearing only the sound of the elevator giving notice of each floor. When the elevator stops on the 34th floor, it empties leaving only these five behind. Moments later ... their world changes as the collision of a jet into the North Tower incapacitates the elevator.
    With no understanding of what has happened and is happening around them, these fives are forced to band together and fight against all odds to escape from the impending horrific collapse. During these critical minutes, a story of courage, faith, and the will to live unfolds.

    Did you know that this film will open soon in theaters near you? 
    I dare say that anyone can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing the second they heard of this epic sad day as it unfolded in all it's unreal state of time.
             For me, I'll never forget where I was and how it impacted me when I realized in disbelief what was happening. I had went to the dollar store for a brief shopping trip and I overheard the employees in the other isles saying they were in shock of what they were seeing live on TV and they were speaking with broken voices as they talked about it but at the time I couldn't figure out what they meant. I payed for my shopping items and went home. I turned on the TV thinking if it was such a terrible thing, it would be on the news, maybe a local bad thing had happened? Just to see that it was on every station to view in such unbelief. And had just happened minutes before and the USA was under a serious threat for all people. It didn't matter where you were, your heart mind and thoughts went straight to your loved ones. And you felt the need to reach out to them to say are you ok? I love you and you matter to me. Then the tears started to fall for all of world wide because so many lives were lost and you just felt unsafe no matter where you were. I immediately called my daughter and husband to hear their voices. And could only imagine how those who were right in the immediate danger were in shock wanting to see or hear their loved ones voices. Just to haft to wait for days weeks to see who survived. And the overwhelming reality that through such a awful thing taking place, that so many people were helping strangers through it all to lend love and support in anyway they could. 
    Those things can never be forgotten. And we as a people grew stronger when others tried to break us. The pain is still there for those after all these years,  but its important to  remember it all and stay strong for one another.  So I will be watching the film and will continue to pray for those then, and those now who still experience  the pain first hand. Especially the children of then and now to better help them understand what took place on that tragic day and to help them cope with it. For me, I feel that together we are stronger! So tell them in the way that helps us all stay strong together.
                  #Tuesday’s Children, the leading response and recovery organization supporting youth and families impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss relating to 9/11.

        Watch the trailer for 9/11Movie 

    You can Visit the official   https://www.911movie.film      website for more information.
    And on their social networks
    Twitter: @9_11Movie 
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/911Movie/
    And visit the  9/11 Movie Blog App: Below as well 

    Autographed Poster and Gift Pack

       And today, my sponsor of  9/11Movie  is hoping to bring this movie to everyones knowledge by allowing me to let you know about its release date in theaters and have a free #giveaway for one person who wins it here to have (see photo above that shows the prize pack contents which will be:
    The Prize Pack Contains:
    1 - 9/11 poster Hand Signed Autographed by star Charlie Sheen
    1 - “Hope” Pendant with necklace
    1 - Guide to Talking To Your Children About 9/11 thanks to Tuesday’s Children
    This sponsored free giveaway will end on Sept 21st. So be sure to get your entires in below for the chance to win the prize pack mentioned above. One person will win from a random drawing of all entries placed below. Giveaway is open to #USA for anyone who is 18 yrs or older. I will contact the chosen winner with your best email provided and they will have 24 hrs to claim said free prize.  Enter By choosing one or both of the entry options as follows:
               #1. Tweet this pre-tweet by copying and pasting it in a tweet. Then please comment below that you did so.
                  @9_11Movie ShowsInTheaters Sept8th #Remember911 WinA Charlie Sheen AutographedPoster&GiftPk https://tinyurl.com/ycayedhc @itsallnew2me 
              #2. Comment below (in 10 to 15 words in a sentence so your comment does not go to Spam and counts as a valid entry into this giveaway) on anything about your thoughts  about the movie, if you'll go see, or your thoughts about anything you learned by watching the quick  9/11 Movie Blog App above. It doesn't have to be personnel, just anything you would like to say related to the topic at hand. 
            Thank you everyone and God Bless you all ~Julie your blog hostess 

    Autographed Poster and Gift Pack

    Note...This giveaway is now closed and the winner was Vickie. C.
    Discloser : My Blogger FTC Guidelines 
    Each household is only eligible to win one (1) 9/11 Movie prize pk. via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.
    FTC Guidelines:
    The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please. Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to you to promote 9/11Movie  and I have complied with both local and international laws.  I am working with 9/11Movie  who supplied these materials to me for free review and free entrant (1) winner giveaway. All opinions are my own 100%. Affiliated links may be within this sponsored post. 

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