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Hello everyone, I'm back again this Fall season to warm you up with yet another new and great product by the Essay Group  
And it's called the
Which is a handy ball size Fire-starter that allows you to easily light the ends wick to burn the ball shaped fire starter from the top and it slowly, burns down to it's bottom end. Allowing a 15 minute + burn time. 
Introduction Via the Essay Group who makes this new product.
About Essay Group
Uniquely Powerful, High Performance, Convenient and Easy-to-Use
LYNDHURST, NJ--(Marketwired - Aug 29, 2016) - Essay Group®, your single source for innovative and natural products for fireplaces, fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, camping, caravanning, indoor and outdoor entertaining, home décor and everything in between, is pleased to introduce Light 'n Go® Lighterballs®. Light 'n Go Lighterballs are uniquely powerful, high quality, high performance firestarters that are convenient, easy to use, and burn for up to 15 minutes! Packaged six per box, Light 'n Go Lighterballs are a great option for lighting wood and charcoal without paper, kindling or lighter fluid. 
Made of ground maize cobs and saw dust coated with solidified wax, Light 'n Go Lighterballs feature an easy to light cotton wick and produce 10 inch flames. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, odorless and tasteless making them a great cooking option. 
"Lighterballs are a great addition to our Light 'n Go and EcoForest product lines which feature best in class products for many different applications," said Simon Shevelev, Founder and President of Essay Group. "They are extremely easy to light, making them the perfect choice for consumers who want a hassle free way to light their wood or charcoal without the need for paper or kindling. They even work in the rain!" 
Essay Group's Eco Forest firewood products include premium European White Birch, both whole logs and split, and Simple Simon premium mixed hardwood. The Light 'n Go family of products includes the Light 'n Go Bonfire, Light 'n Go Yule Log, Light 'n Go Kindling, Light n' Go Firestarters, and Light n' Go Lighterballs.
The Light 'n Go Bonfire and Light 'n Go Yule Log, will completely change the way you think about enjoying a fire. These innovative products combine the best attributes of premium firewood and manufactured firelogs. They create visually stunning, 100 percent natural, safe solutions that offer unmatched portability and convenience. Both the Bonfire and Yule Log feature patented designs which make it possible for hardwood logs to be lit with one match. Light n' Go clean burning hardwood birch products are ideal for cooking, unlike pine products which contain resin and produce soot, destroying the taste of food. With the Light n' Go product line, there is no quicker or easier way to enjoy a fire, indoors or out. 
Light 'n Go Kindling is made from 100 percent natural, kiln-dried alder wood and is sliced into thin sheets for easy lighting and excellent fire-starting performance.
Light 'n Go Firestarters are matches and firestarters all-in-one. Simply strike a firestarter on the contact patch located on the side of the box for ignition. Each Light 'n Go Firestarter burns for six minutes, and are packaged 20 pieces per box.
Why consider buying products sold from the Essay Group?
Because Essay Group® is your single source for a wide variety of innovative and natural products for fireplaces, fire pits, wood stoves, chimineas, camping, caravanning, indoor and outdoor entertaining, home décor and everything in between. Essay Group markets and sells its EcoForest® firewood and Light 'n Go® product lines in the United States, Canada and Europe. Its EcoForest firewood products include premium European White Birch, both whole logs and split, and Simple Simon premium mixed hardwood. The Light 'n Go family of products includes the Light 'n Go Bonfire, Light 'n Go Yule Log, Light 'n Go Kindling, Light 'n Go Firestarters, and Light 'n Go Lighterballs. More information about Essay Group can be found at or by calling (201)460-1300. You can also follow Essay Group on Facebook® at, or Twitter at for product information and tips.
Ecoforest and Light 'n Go are registered trademarks of Essay Group, LLC. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are properties of their respective companies.

Thanks to this wonderful company of

    I was able to review this new product called 
Introduction About the product.

Light ‘n Go Lighterballs are uniquely powerful, high quality, high performance firestarters that are convenient, easy to use, and burn for up to 15 minutes! Packaged six per box, Light ‘n Go Lighterballs are a great option for lighting wood and charcoal without paper, kindling or lighter fluid.
We enjoyed a warm comfortable cozy fire in our fireplace with the easy use, fast lighting, and long burn of the 
LIGHT ‘N GO LIGHTERBALLS  by the Essay Group
I found the new product to be easy to light underneath my firewood and long lasting for more than 15 minutes which let our fire catch up good and burn evenly.
Do you toss your unwanted snail mail into your fireplace to use as not to fill up the landfills?
We recycle our junk paper mail in lots of ways such as crafts or to burn to help aid a fire inside or out. But honestly, they don't start good nor do they catch up and burn to let our wood source take off to burn and enjoy a fire with out the hassle to stay right on it.
So...I always use a fire starter source to aid my fire catch up so I'm not having to babysit it.
I have tried many name brands of fire-starters and types. And I find that the smallest ones that come packaged in a lot, that give you at least 15 minutes of burn time in order to aid your wood source a good catchup time to burn, works best.
Simply because your wood source may be green non seasoned wood, very dry wood, wet moisture wood, etc.
And I truly like the various sizes and types of wood aid burning products that are offered by the company of the #EssayGroup
See my video of how easy and productive this new product can provide for an enjoyed fire place in your home.
They come SIX (6) to a box that is an easy slide in and out box for easy reach.
The wick is lengthy enough to start a flame using a lighter source.
Handy Tip NOTE* I like using a long lighter source easily found at your local dollar tree. So you can set the handy LIGHT ‘N GO #LIGHTERBALLS #FIRESTARTER underneath or within your wood burning source and reach it safely to light up.

We continued on with a warm cozy fire the rest of the evening on this now #fall crisp weather we are finally having.
So...if you also want a hassle free fire starting experience as you get together with family and friends for indoors or outdoors fire enjoyment, then consider trying this new easy use product that will soon be available in retail hardware stores such as HomeDepot and the companies web site for online purchasing.

The Essay Group also offers other unique products that are simply wonderful to enjoy during the #Fall and #Winter season.
You can read more about those products on my previous reviews for the
Review Found Here
or their
The Light 'n Go Bonfire
                                                            Review Found Here
             Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you'll give these great products from
             the Essay Group a try soon! 
Take Care ~ Julie your blog hostess @ Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working within  Essay Group  I am stating that the assets included within this message were delivered to me free by the Essay Group in order to facilitate this blogger product review. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post.  All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions.


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The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today DVD Review and #USA #Giveaway

The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today DVD Review and Giveaway

Get it on DVD and Digital Sept 6th 

The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today is out on DVD September 6 from Sony Home Entertainment!
In the brand new original animated film, Princess Alise is training to be the perfect royal but in her heart all she wants to do is sail the seven seas as a swashbuckling pirate! After setting sail, Princess Alise is shipwrecked and washes ashore on an island where she meets Lucas, a young boy who has been living there by herself. They have to work together to survive and get back to civilization!

Buy The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, PIrate Today!
Follow The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today!
View the 6 exclusive GIFs from the movie, I think my pick for favorite in the choices below would be the funny beach scene. Check them out for fun and share which is your favorite. And be watch the app so you can enter this great giveaway and be entered for the lucky chance to win!

                                          Behind Ya 


                           Face Palm

                                                 Sips Tea 

                                             Beach Attack


                                             Sword Draw


      Are you fit to be a Princess or a Pirate???
Are you fit for a storybook fairy tale or a swashbuckling high seas adventure?
                               Take the quiz in the App found below to find out and unlock your answers and then enter the giveaway below via the giveaway tools forum.
                                                  Check out the fun App

Now then.....How does a free giveaway here today for One lucky #USA reader sound? Great! Because thanks to my sponsors  TetherGroup Family and Sony Home Video has provided me with some of the materials I used in this Blog Post/Giveaway  for the chance to let One (1)  lucky person enjoy a free The  copy of The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today on DVD to giveaway to one lucky reader!  

                                                              Good Luck!! 
Just enter below through the Giveaway Tools Forum. And if your lucky entry is chosen at random through this giveaway, you will be contacted by me via the email address you provide and will have 48 hours to claim said prize. 
My Bloggers Note* Each household is only eligible to win The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today! DVD via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. By the sponsor. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment, late or damaged prizes. No P.O. Boxes will be excepted as winners shipping choice. Please remember this fact or your entry will be void. Please provide USA shipping addresses only for prize fulfillment should you be the lucky winner of this sponsored free promotional giveaway. 
Local law. FTC Guidelines Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to me to promote Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. I am complying with both local and international laws by disclosing this bloggers note that I am working with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment who has supplied these materials  to me free to facilitate this blog promo post for my readers. All opinions spoken here are 100% my own and not influenced by others. No compensation was received to facilitate this promotional free post. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

@TERRO Fan of the month club Introduction and a #Summer TERRO® Prize Pack #USA #Giveaway

Choose the every season for every pests reason and use the Terro line of products to rid and control all those aggravating insects, bugs, and creepy crawly pest that invade your space.
What's your go to home, office and outside living area  Pest control product?

I've tried many ways to rid all the Summer pest that invade our homes indoors and outdoors.
We love enjoying our outside areas, especially in the Summer. Be it our patio area where we sit by the fire-pit, grill out yummy foods, or even on my screened in porch. Those aggravating pest such as flies, boring bees, stink bugs, spiders, ants, wasp and hornets, do their best to invade your space first.
  So the best product I have found to be tried and true in killing those bothersome pest, are all the individual specific products made by
         Each one is specially made to kill and control  every pest, insect, etc.  And they work too! Don't you just love it when you finally solve a problem and know you can just sit back and relax without the worry or headache that problem caused?
        Every summer we get hit with invasions of the dreaded ants. Whether they are the tiny kind you can hardly see, or those huge black carpenter ants that will invade both indoors and outdoors. This year I'm seeing none of those indoors and less of them outdoors. All because I kept my Terro ants-control  bait stations regularly in place outdoors.

Great for Outdoors 

              TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

      Then you have those terrible hard shelled #Stink bugs that can get through the tiniest crack anywhere! I despise those things! And yes, there is way to kill them besides the swat with your bottom shoe method. Terro stink-bug line of products can rid those stinking #crawling #insects #stink #bugs  pest too.

I've noticed more  Wasp-and-Hornet trying to build their nest this year in any thing they can as well.

The wasp were already busy building next inside my garden pots and decor that I use for outside decoration.
                       Terro wasp-and-hornet-killer and  when you see them building nest, spray them with this great product and they'll leave your areas so you can take back your space.

As well as up in the eaves of  porches, inside mailboxes, gutter hangovers, swimming pool areas, picnic tables, etc.  So be sure to use the

TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer     

There are so, many other pesticide controllable products that via their learning-center linked here 
Can help you with 
So be sure to visit them and see what works for your pest needs at
Their prices are reasonable, affordable, and you can easily purchase them online via their website or at tons of available  retail-store near you. 

Be sure to join in on the many, perks of being a Terro fan.  Just by joining their free email newsletter subscription to your inbox, you'll receive exclusive deals, news and updates.  And click here for Terro sign up to free newsletter subscription and sign up in the upper right hand corner.  
In doing so as a fan, you are eligible to win free Terro products as they choose from their email subscribers or facebook fans. 
You can view my previous product reviews found here  at  Terro blog product review
      You can follow them on social networks at Terro on Facebook and Terro on Twitter

 Terro loves to let their fans enjoy awesome ##sweepstakes so follow them on facebook for the newest sweepstakes to enter.
And the Terro Fan-of-the-month is awesome too! If your nominated, chosen and except their generosity, then   you'll enjoy the products they feel is right for you because they get to know you at Terro, as much as you get to know them and their productive and great products.  Read more about that great Terro fan perk here at their Terro Insect Diaries
Thank you  Terro for choosing me as your 2016 April Fan of the month Read more here
                                                           I love the products received!!

How about a fan giveaway here today for one of my blog readers here at Mamawj's Moment Away?
Thanks to Terro, I am able to host a giveaway for one lucky reader to enjoy some great Terro products!! The one (1)   USA  lucky winner chosen at random from the giveaway tools forum below from all entries placed, will enjoy one (1) can of TERRO Wasp & Hornet Killer, one (1)  box of TERRO Indoor Liquid Ant Baits and one (1)  box of TERRO Outdoor Ant Bait Stakes!  To  help you with your Summer pest problems. Thank You Terro!!
                     Head below and enter for the chance to win it!!

            Choose the entry options you want to do. The more you do,  the better your chances of winning!   I'll email the random winner chosen once the giveaway ends and said winner will have 48 hrs to claim the free prize or another name will be drawn. Good Luck!
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 who supplied these materials to me. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post. 
  All opinions spoken here are 100%  my own. 


Thursday, April 28, 2016 #Product Review 13Clean #Toothbrush Kit

Who is ToiletTreeProducts. com 
ToiletTree Products is a family owned company with a silly name and intelligent products.
Who's number one priority is making sure that all of their customers are happy ones. Customer service is not a department at ToiletTree Products: It’s everyone’s job. When you call or email us you will be pleasantly surprised to immediately speak with a member of our team who really wants to help.
ToiletTree Products are currently featured in Bed Bath & Beyond  and CVS stores. Their products are sold online and through the print catalogs of Brookstone, Sharper Image, Frontgate, and Hammacher Schlemmer. Famous for their LED Fogless Shower Mirror was even named “The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror” on the market by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute: a non-profit organization that researches, tests, and rates consumer products objectively. ToiletTree Products is also a top-rated seller on  with an almost perfect 5-star feedback rating thanks to over 3,000 positive ratings in the past year alone.


Buy with confidence on their site built and hosted using Amazon technology. We have teamed with Amazon to make ordering SAFE and SECURE on their site. By using Amazon technology at Checkout, your order is secure and backed by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee which guarantees your purchase, the condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery. How does it work? Simply, use your existing Amazon account during checkout to order products from our site. If you don’t have an Amazon account, it’s easy to set up. Add the products you want to purchase to your cart and create your account during the checkout process.
Blogger Product Review: 

Welcome everyone,
Julie here, your hostess at my blog of 
mamawj's moment away.
And today I  want to tell you about a great oral care product from a company that I  think offers the everyday consumers unique, quality made and affordable items for your self or as gifts.  And that company is 
I love their products and I  think you will too. They are truly the best source for your #Spa, #Beauty and #Personnel Care products shopping needs. And serve as a wonderful gift giving idea for any occasion.  I was able to review their newest oral care product so please read on below to learn more. 

#Blogger #Product #Review 
For the 13 Clean #Toothbrush #Kit 

Want a better, cleaner,  more organized way to have a healthier oral care daily way to brush your teeth for a whole year long? 

Product Description Introduction: via the web site :

Cost is $14.95

Manual Toothbrush with a New Head Each Month

Dentist recommend you changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months. But lets face it – our lives are too busy to remember when the last time is you bought your toothbrush. This leads you to using your toothbrush much longer than you should. There are millions of tiny germs building up on your toothbrush everyday. So instead of waiting 2-3 months…. just change it every month! And we make it easy. Your order will include 1 toothbrush handle and 13 heads. 1 head for each month of the year and then a starter head to get you to the 1st day of your next month. Its simple – use the head for the month you are currently in. If your toothbrush head says “May” and its currently June – change the head! We promise you that your mouth will thank you. Also included is a toothbrush head cover and a stand for the toothbrush that actually is also a container to hold your other months inside.
FREE SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous United States (Now who does that anymore with free shipping? Yes that's another +perk reason to shop with this great company for #free #shipping 
Price is $14.95 
Where to buy : Web site of
How to Pay:  You can trust your online shopping order when using your preferred  payment choice from the listed choices as shown via @Amazon payment choices. 
Note* Save even more on your shopping with when you sign up for their free email newsletter and receive a %15 discount. Also take advantage of their #MothersDay  discounts by using the code #TTPMOM good until May 4th @midnight 

My review results for the  #Toothbrush #Kit  
Is a year long useful toothbrush kit that allows you the pleasure of a brush head that is only used for 30 days. 
During those 30 days, you have a cap cover  that you can use daily to cover your toothbrush head (to provide even less germs exposed to the product). 
At the beginning of each new month, you simply toss out the one you just used in that 30 day time frame, and replace the brush handle with a new head for that month! 
Match the toothbrush handles top with the month you are within. 
Each new brush head is labeled with a months title (Jan.Feb.March.April.May. etc.)  and last you a whole year long! 
Thus, resulting in the great genius product name  
called 13 Clean 
Sold at

This new product from is available in two color choices of blue and  pink. 
And includes 13 brush head replacements.  You'll begin with your starter brush head and then follow through each month with the remaining calendar brush heads. 
The convenient toothbrush kit easily stores the additional brush heads within it's hollow standing tower. And each extra brush head is wrapped in clear wrap to stay clean and dust, germ free and stores until you reach for the next month ahead.
Daily use of your current brush head can be covered with the clear cap that comes with the 13 Clean kit. 

I received this product for free review about two weeks ago and have taken  this time past to thoroughly test it out daily to see how it held up. I'm pleased to  say that the starter brush head stays securely in place on the tooth brush handle and fits easily in and out of the tower stay for storage on my bathroom counter top.  I like the fact that the handle has a  rubber like touch and feel to it and  the logo is pretty. The tower does not tip over and my extra monthly brush heads fit neatly inside the towers bottom of the base with an easy pop on and off lid.
  I like the clear cap that can go over my brush head to keep it even cleaner and  not exposed to  airborne germs.  
I think most people purchase  a toothbrush that has a medium to soft brush head bristle. I felt this brush head is in between  both of those types. I like knowing that my  daily oral care routine will be  using a toothbrush  kept cleaner and not exposed to more germs due to the ease of covering it with the clear cap and a new brush head will take it's place in 30 days.  
Review Photo's 
Each additional brush head is labeled with a calendar month and is individually wrapped 

The clear cover cap to use daily on your brush head 
Have questions about your order with once it arrives? No problem, use the handy  Stop reminder that comes with each product received and feel confident in contacting them about any concerning or inquiring questions. 
I like that helpful fact :) 
You'll also receive a free handy guide with the companies contact info and photo book of other great items similar to the one you purchased. Pass it along to friend and spread the great news about this company! I do just that. 
Nice sturdy tower that holds your toothbrush atop and stores your yearly supply of extra brush heads within it's bottom section. 

You cover your other personal care items displayed in your bathroom for daily use like cotton swabs, so why not cover and change out your toothbrush heads as well, for healthier, tooth oral care hygiene. 
I'm very pleased with the 13Clean Toothbrush Kit  by  And I would happily recommend it as a gift for any occasion for both men, women etc. I feel this product  would be ideal for the college students, for traveling, at home use, the nursing home residents who still care for themselves and just a cleaner way to experience better oral care.

Remember, this great oral care product called  13Clean Toothbrush Kit
is available in two colors of Pink or Blue  at

   I hope you'll visit this wonderful company at contact link  for your next Spa, Beauty and Personal Care needs. You can see and read my previous reviews for their #bath #shower #accessories like the #bamboo #tub #caddy found here   And the stylish convenient  #shampoo and #shower #Dispenser found here
They make such luxury gifts, quality made at very low prices and includes free shipping!
 They stride to please you with friendly service in all your shopping needs.
      You can follow them on their social media networks as follows:
 toilettreeproducts on Facebook
 Twitter @ToiletTreeProd
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 who supplied these materials to me, required by local law. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post. I was provided the above said products from  #Toilet Tree Products
 to facilitate this product review  from the sponsor. All opinions spoken here are 100%  my own. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

@TheOrkinMan #Mosquito Summer #Scientist #LearnWithOrkin Win a Bug Catching Kit #Giveaway #USA

@TheOrkinMan #Mosquito Summer #Scientist #LearnWithOrkin Win a Bug Catching Kit #Giveaway
Summer is almost here! That means picnics, baseball games, barbecues and all the fun of enjoying the great outdoors with your family. There’s one thing no one likes about being outdoors, though: mosquitoes! They not only are a nuisance, but they also pose potentially serious health risks. Fortunately, the experts at Orkin study the science of mosquitoes and other pests closely in order to better tailor plans that help keep them out of your home this summer.

 To help you better prepare yourself and your family to fight the bite, Orkin presents the “Buzzer Beater” app, which features its deep scientific knowledge of mosquitoes.

About Orkin Mosquito:

 Are you prepared for mosquito season this year?
At Orkin, they use the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that's right for your needs. To learn more about our pest control based in science or to schedule an inspection, 

Why you my reader audience will LOVE Orkin’s “Buzzer Beater” blog app:
• Are you prepared for mosquito season this year? Take the quiz to see if you’re ready to earn your badge in Mosquito Season Prep.
• Watch the “How to Deal With Mosquitoes” and  “Do Mosquitoes Prefer Adults over Children” videos, as well as the rest of Orkin’s How-To video series, to get the most up-to-date knowledge on dealing with pesky home invaders.
• Download Orkin’s yearly “Mosquito Cities” list and find out if your city made it!

                                                         Win it!! Free!! Giveaway! 
  For the chance to win a #LearnWithOrkin Bug Catching Kit (as shown below) check out the Orkin’s Mosquito Buzzer Beater blog app to test your knowledge by taking the Buzzer Beater quiz!
 One (1) lucky #USA reader will win this fun kit!! The kids will love it!! Good Luck!!

   The Orkin Summer Scientist Bug Catching Kits are fun for the whole family! Each pack includes: 2 Bug Catcher Craft Kits: These awesome DIY bug catcher kits will let your family’s personality shine through while also learning about nature and the world around us. The kits include a variety of foam ladybugs, dragonflies and more! 2 Bug Nets: Explore the great outdoors with these fun mesh insect nets. They can be used to collect and study butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars and many other backyard creatures. 2 See-Through Bug Jars: Reveal the wonders of your backyard with these clear bug jars. Each transparent plastic box has a magnifying lid for better insect viewing. Young explorers love discovering worms, butterflies, ants and insects. These containers allow them to make homes for their new discoveries. 2 Magic Color Scratch Little Garden Critters: Scratch faces, designs and more on these Magic Color Scratch Little Garden Critters! A perfect kids' activity for critter lovers, simply scratch away the black coating to reveal vibrant rainbow colors. Includes butterflies, frogs, turtles and more. Glow-in-the-Dark Creepy Crawlers: Turn off the lights and let them glow! These vinyl glow-in-the-dark bugs are lots of fun for all ages.

Visit the app then enter this sponsored free giveaway by using the easy, giveaway tools entry forum below.
                         Visit the app to test your skills if you are ready for mosquito season. My answers revealed  that I missed four out of ten questions about mosquito's, so no buzzer badge for me yet! But I did learn a tip I'll use and one is yellow lights work best.
   You'll find the app link within the giveaway forum. Play along then be sure to enter your entry/extra entries through the giveaway forum below so your entry gets counted for the chance to be that one lucky winner!

Note** Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway is eligible to enter and win this free sponsored giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes. Winning prize is fulfilled by the sponsor. I am not responsible for late, damaged, or non receivable prize. I will email the chosen winner and you will have 48 hours to claim the free prize by providing the #USA shipping address to where you want the sponsor to ship your win. If you do not respond within said time frame, another name will be drawn and you forfeit said prize. 
This sponsored giveaway is free to enter and open to any #USA resident who is 18 yrs of age or older and No postal boxes will be excepted. The giveaway forum will indicate the ending date of this free sponsored giveaway. 
                   Enter Giveaway Here or your entry will not be counted
                                               Good Luck!! 
My Disclose: Via Blogger FTC Guidelines

 Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to you to promote  Orkin Rollins INC  and offered to me to blog host from sponsors of TetherGroup and   Orkin Rollins INC       I may or may not have been compensated for my informational provided post of which I host for review. However all opinions spoken here are 100% my own and not influenced by other parties.  Affiliated links may be within this sponsored post. . Winner is chosen from a random drawing from all entries placed within the giveaway tools forum. The free sponsored  prize  will be sent via FedEx or USPS. By the sponsor. No P.O. Boxes please & allow up to 3 wks to receive free said winning prize. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment. 

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