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Light n’ Go Yule Log & Eco Forest Fire-Starters USA #Holiday #Giveaway @Essay Group

 Let it Snow! ✳❄✳
Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful

And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

    And warm up~up ~up with the cozy comfort of two hot products from 
                                    +Essay Group 

 Whether you hope it snows or not, I know everyone likes to stay toasty warm and likes the easiest, fastest way to get your fire going. And you like it to last, with an enjoyed fire that you don't have to babysit and feed it constantly to keep it a flame.
  You can accomplish both of those goals by using these great products from the Essay Group



About Essay Group

Essay Group opened the Eco Forest in 2004. Kiln dried split white birch, packed by hand in fishnet bags, first caught the attention of a small group of metro NY retailers. The popularity of this beautiful wood spread to various chains and across the country, now coast to coast. New products have been and continue to be added to the mix, reflecting the company’s philosophy, a commitment to offer “only the highest quality products, both innovative and natural, for the fireplace and the patio.” Today, Eco Forest is a line of firewood products sold nationwide.
The company has offered the finest firewood and kindling on the market, while at the same time, has introduced new and delightful products annually, such as the Yule Log and the Light N’ Go Bonfire Log. These items are enjoyed year round as people are finding affordable fun on their patios and in their living rooms by making a fire. Eco Forest is proud to have developed and distributed products which have contributed to the enjoyment and coziness which come from a great cookout, campfire, or fireplace.
       Thanks to this wonderful company of
    I was able to review both products & host a sponsored free #USA #Giveaway for ONE (1) Lucky Person age 18 yrs or older. To enjoy both products!
      So read about these great products below and then get your entry in for the chance to win them :) The perfect winter & holiday items to gift out or cozy up with and stay warm. 
      First let's start with the Essay Group product called
Light ‘n Go ~ eco-forest-firestarters 

Lights like a match, burns like a firestarter
All-in-One Match and Firestarter. The solution to lighting a fire indoors or out. Break off one piece, strike the box like a match, and enjoy the 6 minute burn of a firestarter. Each carton contains 20 pieces, a must-have around the fireplace, firepit, or campfire.
This unique and innovative product is exceptionally well priced, and is half of the “sure shot” duo of fire starting with Eco Forest Light n’ Go Kindling.
       My Thoughts on the eco-forest-firestarters 

    Packaging= I like the sturdy generous size box that the 20 fire starters come in. The striker side of the box is big, wide, and great for holding on to the box in one hand while running your individual fire starter across the side to get a spark to start the fire starter. They 20 pieces inside are interlocked in a 2 section combined continuous length in which you can break off one, two, or how many starters that you choose. 

   Endurance of the product= They strike easy, and the pointed triangle upright end shape, is perfect for a fast flame.
Place them with your choice of item you are trying to burn, and let them do the work for you, to light the fire.  I felt that the scent of the product was low in notice-ability,and pleasant. Each one will give you a 6 minute burn time. I really liked that fact because whether my wood, paper, kindling, etc. etc. were wet or dry, that long minute burn time allowed me to let my other burning items take hold of the flame and get going without a burn out or a fizz out (as I call it). 
  Uses for the product: I feel this product is very handy for many uses to start a fire. Such as home fires indoor for fireplaces, wood stoves used for heat or cooking. As well as outdoors for fire-pits, chimeneas, charcoal grills, bonfires. Anywhere that you would normally use matches to start a fire, use this easy, fast, and product  instead. Only one or two fire-starters were needed to get us a nice warm fire going. I simply struck one and set it where I chose within my fireplace. And let it do it's thing instead of baby sitting the fire and constantly having to feed the flame to keep it going in burning results. 
 Durability of the product: I feel the handiness of the box size and the ability to use as many or as few of the fire-starters, is certainly a money saver. For you can storage the box alone or even keep inside a zip lock bag, and take them along to numerous places to use and not fear them getting wet or not striking as with the worry of regular wooden strike matches. Perfect for taking along in your camper, survival backpack while camping, vacation rentals such as cabins etc. where you want to start your own fire, or even outside in some areas where you maybe working and clearing land acreage and you may need to start a brush fire or a bonfire for fun grouping together with friends at events such as football tail gating etc. 
  Price= Each 20 piece box of the  eco-forest-firestarters  will cost approximately $2.30 per box (prices may vary from store merchants) 
  Where to Buy= You can purchase the eco-forest-firestarters  at the easy location of the following places & Online at BY THE CASE at the Price of $23.80 or individually at the store or online merchants that sell them individually. Right now I have seen them sold individually online or Found in Home Depot Stores. 

  Next...I was able to review the 


    I really like this product from the Essy Group.  I had previously reviewed the Light 'n Go Bonfire in my teamed up efforts with a fellow blog hostess in our Mother's Day Event Gift Guide Event back in the summer time. And this item of the  light 'n go yule log is much like that item. But it can be used in two ways to burn of both vertically or horizontally. These items are just gorgeous to look it, seriously and almost to pretty to burn.  But burn they do, and in deed providing you with a  1.5 hours of enjoyed burn time.
     Introduction of the product:
Celebrate the Holiday, Burn it for Good Fortune
The innovative Light n’ Go Yule Log is an engineered all natural wood log, which can be lit with one match, and enjoyed for 1.5 hours. Dressed with a handle and seasonal decoration, it is a fun holiday gift, easy to burn for an instant warm atmosphere. This holiday log can be enjoyed in all winter in a fireplace or during the summer in a fire pit.
According to ancient tradition, burning the Yule Log during winter solstice will bring good fortune in the coming year. According to Eco Forest, burning the Yule Log anytime will make a quick and easy fire adding cozy enjoyment to any setting.
Do you know the interesting history of the Yule Log?  I find it very interesting and during the holidays when we enjoy a fireplace fire, I often think of the yule log's history. 
The History of the Yule Log 
yule log is a large wooden log which is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule  or modern Christmas celebrations in several European cultures. It may also be associated with the winter solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Twelfth Night. In which the custom of burning the Yule Log goes back to, and before, medieval times. It was originally a Nordic tradition. Yule is the name of the old Winter Solstice festivals in Scandinavia and other parts of northern Europe, such as Germany.
The Yule Log was originally an entire tree, that was carefully chosen and brought into the house with great ceremony. The largest end of the log would be placed into the fire hearth while the rest of the tree stuck out into the room! The log would be lit from the remains of the previous year's log which had been carefully stored away and slowly fed into the fire through the Twelve Days of Christmas. It was considered important that the re-lighting process was carried out by someone with clean hands. It would be hard now of days to burn a whole tree limb. But it's nice to know that you can burn a very pretty wood log during the holidays and get both the comfort of heat and visual beauty in burning the item. 
         So with the enjoyment of this unique Light n’ Go Yule Log by the Essay Group and EcoForest 
The Yule Log is 100% natural and can be started with one match. It burns both horizontally or vertically, in fireplaces or outdoors in Chimineas  and fire pits, or on the go at a campground or at the beach. Popular around the holidays, it is a gift of instant warmth and ambiance. The rest of the year, enjoy the quick and easy cozy atmosphere of a fire. 

The Yule Log is also offered in White Birch! The quickest way to a cozy fire has become more beautiful. White Birch Yule Logs offer the same ease of use and performance of their predecessor, the Yule Log, but with added beauty. According to ancient tradition, the burning of a Yule Log late in winter will bring good fortune in the coming year.
          I like the idea of good fortune in our coming year. My husband has been so blessed this year to make it through major surgery and now his chemo treatments. So I'm blessed already. As much as I wanted to savor my oh so pretty Light n’ Go Yule Log and not burn it until Christmas Eve, I wanted one lucky winner to be able to enjoy one too. And...So reveals my early product review for this great item. 
           So a few days ago, he & I snuggled up by the fireplace and enjoyed the warm comforting burn of both of these great products by the Essay Group. 
            Here you can see how easy it light up, slowly spread across horizontally in a nice visual fire, and lasted us a good one and a half hours of burn time. Actually it lasted a bit longer, for I timed it from start to finish.  I think if your fireplace doors are opened or closed would give you a bit more in burn time. Which ours did so by 12 extra minutes, by me closing our doors. I love this product. From start to finish, it truly delivers heat, visual beauty & less clean up later once the ashes have cooled and I get the task of cleaning out the fireplace, of which I don't mind really. 

They way the Light 'n Go Yule Log looks when it's purchased. It has a handy rope to carry it along. The center of one side is split for the easy, light burn. Of which you can burn it vertically or horizontally, as I choose here within my fireplace. 
Burning and evenly spread flame of fire. 

Where to Buy: The EcoForest-Light-n-Go-Yule-Log by the Essay Group can be purchased from and will cost around  $9 or $10 each as prices vary from store to store. This being a new  product, I do not yet see it  on the add to cart but you could most likely contact the Essay Group and purchase the item there as well on  the web site. They sell the similar Light 'n Go Bonfire so just check with them here as well. 
CALL 1.201.460.1300 FAX: 1.201.460.3500

Watch the video of this product in real use provided by

EcoForest - Light 'n Go™ Yule Log via their YouTube channel and feel free to subscribe to their channel to keep up with more great products introduced by the essaygroup

              Who wants to win them both free? One (1) Lucky #USA Entrant will win a case of the
 eco-forest-firestarters and ONE Light n’ Go Yule Log totaling a $35 Value  thanks to the sponsor of  the :) 
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 to facilitate this product review & give my readers the chance to win a free product from the sponsor. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions. Shipment of the winning free sponsored prize will be the responsibility of the company sponsor. Please allow up to 3 wks to receive your free winning prize if your lucky entry is chosen at random from the total pool of entries placed within the giveaway tools forum below.

                                      Good Luck!  I will email the winning name and they will have 48hrs to claim the prize or they forfeit and another name will be drawn. 
         Just enter below using the easy giveaway tools forum. 
  Note* The first entry option is mandatory and will need to be completed first, before any other extra entries can be  completed in this generous free sponsored giveaway. So please visit the sponsor and leave your answer below in the form of a full sentence in answer to my question found within the giveaway tools forum. Then a few extra entries will unlock for you, that you can choose to do any, all, or none of.  Thanks for stopping by today & Good Luck!!  ~Julie 

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