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#Win Clean Screen Product Made By Scott's Liquid Gold Review & Giveaway US Only 4/15/12

You've heard of  Scott's Liquid Gold I'm sure, a long time company of great cleaning products.
  I've enjoyed the many products that Scott's Liquid Gold has to offer like there liquid furniture polish & wood wipes.
And there Clean Screen indivdual wipes that I reviewed which you can read about here

 And today I have the pleasure of letting you know about that same product that comes in a handy pump spray bottle that lets you keep all your electronic devices clean.
      We all have lots of electronic devices like HDTV, lap tops, netbooks, ipads, cell phones, all of which you can safely clean with this product made by Scott's Liquid Gold  called "Clean Screen".
        I use my netbook daily and it gets dirty, dirty from the oils from my finger prints, dust in the air, the screen gets dirty from sneezes, and all sorts airborn things. And I know not to wipe it's screen with a wet wash cloth because the fibers are too rough and cleaning products can harm it's delicate screen.
         But "Clean Screen"  can safely clean all those electronics with no harm or fear of scratches, smeers etc.
               It contains No Alcohol and No Ammonia and Kit Contains:
Part 1 - Formulated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Solution state-of-the art water treatment technology. RO removes molecules of mineral deposits and impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves. RO leaves nothing behing but a crystal clear clean. 6.5 fl. oz.

  • Part 2 - A unique synthetic suede microfiber cloth that is used to apply the RO solution. Soft & lint-free, highly absorbent and quick drying, the cloth cleans without scratching delicate surfaces.

  • Here you can see how dirty my netbook screen was

    • And you would automatically want to just spray the screen then wipe it with the cloth provided, but Don't...
    •   And Do just the oppisite by spraying your cloth with the clean screen spray then clean your screen
    •      which gives you this CLEAN Lint Free Result
            So get the product that will help keep your electronics safely cleaned and lasting. By using this new product
    that the makers of Scott's liquid Gold has for you to use called "Clean Screen"

       Which you can buy in this handy spray pump or use in the individual wipes which I love because I can carry a few in my car, my purse, toss into my suit case when I travel so I can clean all my electronic screens.
             Great for work too, so you can use it on all your electronic needs there too.
    Stay Connected With The Great Makers At Scott's Liquid Gold who make numerous cleaning products that you can learn about here Scotts Liquid Gold
    There Facebook Page here

    BUY IT:  You can buy this review product here at the Scott's Liquid Gold Web Site normally $7.99 and now on sale at 50% off for just $4.00 Clean Screen KIT

    WIN IT::

                       Who wants to win the same great Scott's Liquid Gold product "Clean Screen" that I was able to review?
                                        Great!!  ONE (1) US reader here at Mamawj's Moment Away will Win a Clean Screen Kit that contains ONE 6.5 fl. oz.spray bottle of Clean Screen and a unique synthetic suede microfiber cloth that is used to apply the RO solution.  
                                  Enter below at the easy rafflecopter form (please wait for the form to load)
                                                                   Good Luck!!
    • *Discloser I was provided the above mention product for free to review with no other cash compensation from Scott's Liquid Gold who is providing a giveaway product of the same item reviewed to ONE (1) US reader here at Mamawj's Moment Away NO PO BOXES.  All oppinions spoken here are my own honest ones and may differ from others. Thank you Scott's Liquid Gold

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    #Win A Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Gift Pack US Only 4/15/12

    How would you like to have some bubble blowing fun with our next generation of colorful bubbles? Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles are a magically colorful way for kids to enjoy one of their favorite outdoor activities and they're now designed to clean up better!

      When our review product arrived of the "Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles" We were thrilled because we were sitting outside in the beautiful sun shine & what a welcome fun idea to arrive just in time for fun outdoor play.
       My grandson ripped into the big box that was just delivered to find inside the Crayola Bubble Launcher & the Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles 3-pack which he chose the yellow colored bubbles & began cranking away for fun!
        We could instantly see the colored bubbles appear into the air that was lots of fun!!
                                            We had fun with all the colored bubbles that flew from the Bubble Launcher as he cranked it's handle. It says it is creative messy fun so be ready for just that. I felt it was easy clean up after play, I rinsed the patio off after wards, and a few drips fell upon his shirt which washed right out after I tossed it into the washer. Read the care instructions on the prize pack before you begin play, this is an OUTSIDE fun play to enjoy :)
      FROM THE Crayola Site For Clean Up Info:
    Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles aren't ordinary bubbles. Because they contain color, they're messy and will leave temporary colorful marks on skin, cotton and cotton-blend clothing and intended outdoor surfaces. This took some moms by surprise when they used the product last year. They loved the idea of bubbles in different colors, but weren't expecting them to be messy. We quickly acted on parents' feedback and created a new version that keeps all the fun for kid and makes clean up easier for parents. Color magically rubs off skin, hoses off of many outdoor surfaces and washes out of cotton and cotton blend clothing.

    Because you're OK with messy play, we'd love for you to be among the first to try our next generation of colored bubbles and share your experience with your readers

    Before you get blowing, we have some simple tips for you and your readers that make playing with Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles and cleaning up, even more awesome and enjoyable for both kids and moms.

    • Dress for Mess. Wear washable play clothes and shoes. It's best to not wear suede, leather or any other material that can't be washed.
    • Play Outside. An open grassy area is best away from new concrete, decks and porous surfaces like marble. Don't use at formal events like weddings.
    • Rub skin to remove color.
    • Launder clothes promptly with water and detergent. Repeat washing may be needed.
    • Hose off outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and driveways to wash away color.
                                Watch the Video Of Just How Much Fun Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Can Be

     BUY IT:
     You can buy this new fun product from Crayola here

  • Crayola's Website

  •   Connect with Crayola on there Social Networks

  • Crayola on Facebook

  • Crayola on Twitter

  • Crayola Products

  • Crayola on YouTube

  •                                          WIN IT::

    Who wants to Win there on Crayola OutDoor Colored Bubbles Gift Pack??
            Great!!! ONE (1) US Reader here at Mamawj's Moment Away Will Win the same Prize Pack That we had tons of fun playing with.
    Your Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles gift pack will contain:
    • One Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles 3-pack:
      • Watch in awe as the air becomes filled with bunches of brightly colored "purple pizzazz," "fuschia" and "unmellow yellow" bubbles, bringing wonder and adventure to a day of outdoor active play.
    • One Bubble Launcher:
      • For an instant bubble bash, just connect a bottle of colored bubbles, attach the crank handle to the launcher, and create tons of colorful bubbles with each turn! Turn the crank slowly to create bubbles.

                 Disclosure: "The Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles product information and gift packs have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark." Please allow up to 3 weeks for your gift pack to arrive by the sponsor
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    Win 3 Healthy & Nutritious New Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals Giveaway (US ONLY) 4/8/12

    up your sneakers because the new
    Kid’s Meals
    going to help fuel active family fun!
    is here and what better way to promote an active lifestyle, and enjoy the great
    outdoors than with some old school games for your family to enjoy. The
    School Fun

    blog app is now available with classic old school games for the family and a fun
    throwback quiz!

    Brought to you by my great sponsor PartnersHub Family
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                                     Good Luck
    *Discloser I was in no way compensated for this giveaway from Partnershub* I like this kind sponsor & happily promote them & Chic-fil-a and all opinions spoken here are my own honest ones & may differ from yours* Thank You partnershub for this giveaway*

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    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    #Win Dale and Thomas Popcorn Easter Four Pack Sampler #Giveaway Ends 3/27

    I'm here again from Mamawj's Moment Away to Spring some Great News to my readers!
                              From Dale and Thomas Popcorn
      Want to add a yummy unique snack treat to those Easter Baskets this year?
               You can do just that with all the yummy gourmet flavors in popcorn
                 that Dale and Thomas Popcorn can offer you in this
    Easter 4 Pack Sampler

    Enjoy the flavors of:
        Hall of Fame Kettle Corn     hall-of-fame-kettle-corn  
    White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn        white-cheddar-black-peppercorn     
    Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel         chocolate-chunk-n-caramel       
    Easter 4-Pack Sampler Gift Contents
    Our Easter 4-Pack Sampler has four footlong bags of gourmet popcorn.
    Each footlong bag serves 2-4 people. All of our popcorn is gluten free and kosher OU-D.
    The following flavors are included:
    Easter 4-Pack Sampler - $24.95- Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel
    - Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn
    Hall of Fame Kettle Corn
    - White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn
    BUT ITHere

    Easter 4 Pack Sampler $24.95

    Our Easter four pack sampler includes four of our most popular flavors beautifully wrapped up with a bow and a "Happy Easter" message. A delicious way to send your Easter greetings! This delightful 4 pack sampler includes the following footlong bags of gourmet popcorn: Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel, Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn, and White Cheddar & Black Peppercorn. All of our popcorn is gluten free and kosher OU-D.

    WIN IT:            ONE (1) Lucky Reader from Mamawj's Moment Away
                                     Will Win the Above Mentioned  Easter 4 Pack Sampler a  $24.95 (Value)
                                      from My Kind Sponsor of Dale and Thomas Popcorn
                                                    Thank You Dale and Thomas Popcorn!!!
                 Giveaway is OPEN To  contiguous United States ( so the winner cannot live in Hawaii and Alaska.) 
                   Winner must provide Full Name/Shipping Address ( NO P.O. Boxes)
                           and a phone number including area code  for FREE FedEx Shipping.
                               Please allow 2wks for item to ship from the sponsor
                                        This Giveaway will end 3/27
                                     Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter
                         At which time I will notify the winner via the email address that they provide within the entry comments ( So be sure to leave your email address in your entry comments so I can notify you if your the winner)  Winner will have 48hrs to reply to said winning email notification to claim his or her prize. Or they forfeit the prize and another person will be drawn.
                                    Enter this Giveaway Below using the Rafflecopter Form.
                           Please wait for the form to load.
              The rafflecopter for indicates at each entry option how many points each entry is worth.
                       And you can come back each day until the giveaway has ended to gain extra entry's by tweeting & sharing this giveaway on your facebook page :)
    Mandatory Entry's has to be completed first or your entry's will be void. (All entry's are verified)
    After completing the mandatory entry's~ the rafflecopter form will then UNLOCK extra entry options that you can choose to do any or all of.

    **Discloser NOTE**  I was provided the above mentioned product from Dale and Thomas Popcorn to host as a Giveaway here for you and NO other compensations were given from this sponsor.
       All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones and may differ from yours.
                 I have had the ultimate pleasure of enjoying these flavored popcorn's from Dale and Thomas Popcorn and I truly love there freshly popped flavors that are so unique and delouse
                   Now On to the Giveaway and Good Luck to the Winner!!
                                   Happy Easter Everyone!!!

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Spring Clean With Original Simple Green Product Review & Giveaway Ends 3/27

      I love the Month of March, for many reasons. My birthdays in March, the day after the official first day of Spring which is on the 21st.
      I also love March because it means blooming flowers & green grass showing themselves outside with a fresh new start for the year.
      March also means time to spring into action with all your cleaning jobs that you put off for the year, both inside and out.
           The last few days we have been blessed with beautiful weather here in eastern Tennessee. So I took advantage of the pretty days and done some serious Spring Cleaning with the help of Simple Green.

             I love all there products at   Simple Green  They offer so many cleaning solution's for many needs & uses and one that will eliminate the need for lots of individual cleaners, for it is multi purpose cleaner to tackle the toughest jobs down to the lightest ones.
              I was sent the product Original Simple Green for review
    DETAILS OF Product From Simple Green Web Site:
    Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner Details
    • Solution: Concentrate
    • Safety & Environmental Info: Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive
    • Indicated Use: General, all-purpose cleaning
    • Advantages: Versatile concentrate lasts far longer than other ready-to-use brands
    The makers of Simple Green have spent over $3 million to verify the safety claims and unique formulation. Concentrated Simple Green had it right from the start. An environmentally-sensitive non-toxic cleaner/degrease that really works and can be economically custom-diluted for many, many different uses. From floors and walls to pots and pans, from windows to sinks and drains, even greasy tools, it only takes a little Simple Green to get big jobs done around the house.
    Simple Green is one of the most versatile all-purpose cleaners you can buy! It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, without harmful bleach. Because it is a concentrate, you can custom dilute Simple Green to clean just about anything dirty. It replaces most cleaners, detergents, degreasers and laundry pre-soaks you're using now!
    Discover the value and power of Simple Green. And your green will go a lot further too.

    Where to Use

    Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner can be used on any washable surface, from floors and walls to laundry (see     dilutions chart). It removes the toughest stains including dirt, grease, oil, pet stains, coffee & juice stains, lipstick, blood, adhesives & much more!

    Where to Buy

    Click   HERE  to see a list of retail stores carrying Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.


               I began inside the home and took on the cleaning challenge of the Stove Top. I'd love to have a new stove that has the flat surface and not have to worry about all the cleaning that comes along with the old type, but that's not the case & somebody has to do the job.
              Many times we just spray a cleaner on the stove top surface & wipe clean. But to really clean all the parts that are dirty that you don't see, you have to take it all apart and really put some elbow grease into cleaning it.
    Or you use to that is. Now you can spray it all down with Original Simple Green and wipe away the grim easily.
       Which is exactly what I did here by taking out all the stove elements and cleaning them with Original Simple Green
                                                   Stove Top (with knobs removed) Yes, there is dirty grim behind your stove knobs
     Even soaked the knobs in a cup with a bit of Original Simple Green
    All the elements removed & sprayed with Original Simple Green
    Everything clean & put back in place With The easy help of Original Simple Green Cleaner
                      The next pretty day we had I moved my energy outside to do some Spring Cleaning
                                              And tackled this dirty patio area
    Suds up & scrubbed with Original Simple Green
    Finished Patio all nice and clean
    I even cleaned the Chimnea & my grill cover that had lots of dusty dirt on it from winter times mess
    This is not the only product from Simple Green that I have used and had great cleaning results from.
    You may remember my review & giveaway I did on there
    Simple Green Garage Products. 
     Which I used in the Simple Green Car Wash  and Extreme Simple Green Motorsports Cleaner / Degreaser
    One-5 oz. tube of Simple Green Hand Cleaner  Which really did the job on cleaning my motorcycle
       Which you can read about here on this ladder post
    simple-green garage cleaner & extreme motor sports cleaner

      So what cleaning jobs have you put off and need to get to?
      Wheter it's everyday light cleaning or heavy elbow grease cleaning you need to tackle, you can get it done with All the Cleaning products that Simple Green can offer you.
    Simple Green® Stone Cleaner
     Simple Green® Stone Polish
    Simple Green® Stone Wipes
    Simple Green®
    Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
    Simple Green®
    Stainless Steel Wipes
    Simple Green®
    CAT Pet Stain & Odor Remover
    Simple Green®
    DOG Pet Stain & Odor Remover
    Simple Green®
    Oxy Dog Stain & Odor Oxidizer
    Simple Green®
    Deck & Fence Cleaner
    Simple Green®
    House & Siding Cleaner (I really want to try this one soon)
    Simple Green®
    Concrete & Driveway Cleaner (And this one too)
    Simple Green®
    Heavy-Duty Cleaner and De greaser ( this one shows a picture of a backhoe on the bottle~Hubby just got a backhoe he is rebuilding So I may need to try this one soon)
    Simple Green®
    Pro Grade All-In-One Cleaner
    Simple Green d Pro 3® (for commerical cleaning ~would be great for all the big companies who buy cleaners)

    Simple Green® Wash & Wax
    Simple Green® Hand Cleaner Gel ( I was able to sample this hand cleaner & boy does it cut the grim off your hands after a dirty job)
    Simple Green® All-Purpose Wipes  (I really want to try these, perfect for the home, the car, the camper, the work shop etc)
    they have them in lemon scented too Lemon Scent Simple Green®
    All-Purpose Wipes
       You can find all the above products here on the Simple Green Web Site simplegreen
                          Now On to the GIVEAWAY!!!
        Open to all US Entrants Must be 18yrs or older & provide a shipping address (NO P.O. Boxes) and phone number so FedEx can deliver your winning prize pack free of charge shipped by the sponsor Simple Green (Please allow 2-3 weeks for your prize to arrive.
               The Winner will be chosen by Raffle copter when this giveaway closes on March 27th and That Winner will be notified by me via there email address you leave in your entry comments (if you do not leave an email address contact then I can't reach you to announce you as the winner)  And the winner will have 48hrs to reply to the winning email notification to claim his or her prize. Otherwise they forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen.
    Winner Will Recieve

    Original Simple Green – ONE (1)  full 32 oz. bottle of CONCENTRATED, non-toxic and biodegradable Simple Green, along with a dilution bottle and a tip sheet for use and dilution. The main goal with this kit is the versatility of the product and the money savings in cleaning everything with a single product, custom diluted for the jobs at hand, whether heavy cleaning or light. We are also proud to announce brand new packaging – a new bottle with a much better trigger and “grip” so it’s far more comfortable to use and is fully biodegradable! It’s also really cool looking! J We will, as in years past, provide detailed info on how to use it – it is not difficult at all, and you will be amazed at how many products can be eliminated by switching to Original Simple Green!
    DISCLOSURE NOTE*** I was given the above products from Simple Green to review & giveaway. No other compensation was given for this post review. All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones & may differ from yours. Thank You Simple Green for the products you are sponsoring here in this giveaway.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Progresso Top Ten Finalists Souper You Contest

    Progresso® is happy to announce its top ten finalists (out of more than 10,500) in the Souper You® Contest! From now until March 25, you can visit daily to cast your vote and help your favorite contestants win an ultimate makeover experience in Hollywood this Spring.

    Also for every vote you cast you will be entered for your own chance to win one of three prize packs for a one-year supply of Progresso Soup and other goodies!

    Click here to watch the amazing video of the 2011 winner experience

    Discloser **** This Information  was provided to me by Progresso through MyBlogSpark.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    #Betty Crocker #General Mills #MyBlogSpark #Hamburger Helper Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 3/20

    What's for dinner tonight? 
    How about an Cheesy Italian Beef  dish?
    Sounds good huh?

      That's exactly what we enjoyed tonight, in the new flavor from Hamburger Helper "Cheesy Italian Beef "
    Hamburger Helper Meals are so easy to prepare. And I loved this new flavor in the Cheesy Italian Beef.
    Which lets you enjoy the cheesy savory flavor in the naturally flavored Italian style sauce mix with real italian herbs and pasta.

      Which I served with Cole slaw and sweet peas, a very yummy meal indeed.
    I look forward to the Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff  that I can make next that came in my review prize pack from #Betty Crocker #General Mills #MyBlogSpark. I also received the pretty red Slotted serving spoon and Trivet and Serving dish that you see pictured here below.  And the kind people who sponsored this review and giveaway of  #Betty Crocker #General Mills #MyBlogSpark would like to giveaway the same prize pack that you see below to ONE (1) US Entrant here at Mamawj's Moment Away. 
       I hope you'll drop by your local grocery store and try the 2 new flavors that Betty Crocker has in the
          Hamburger Helper Ultimate Beef Stroganoff
          Hamburger Helper Cheesy Italian Beef
                          Before you head out to buy them click here >>> for a Printable Coupon   to print you a money saving coupon towards your purchase download a printable coupon for $0.70 off the purchase of one box of Hamburger Helper.
                 View all the many Hamburger Helper Choices that your family can enjoy hamburger helper

                            And remember ~ Betty Crocker products offers you those Box Tops for Education tabs located at the top of any hamburger helper choice ~ so tare off those tiny tabs before you toss that empty box away and send them to your local school so they can get well needed school supplies for the children

         And if you need ideas of what to serve with your hamburger helper dish then visit the Betty Crocker Recipe Section here>> for lots of choices that you will love betty crocker recipes

                  THIS GIVEAWAY PRIZE PACK Will Include What You See Below
                                  Open To US Entrants (NO P.O. Boxes)
                                    ONE (1) Winner chosen by Rafflecopter Ends 3/20
    "Disclosure: The Hamburger Helper New Varieties information, product, and prize pack have been provided free of charge by Betty Crocker® and General Mills®, through MyBlogSpark."
                    Please wait for the Rafflecopter form to load
    Mandatory Entry Has to be completed or your entry does not count
    After doing so, other extra entry's will unlock for you to choose to do any or all
                             Good Luck!!
    All entry's are verified when the winner is chosen.

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    View The Exclusive Art of #marriageops Blog App & #Win a $20 Applebee's Gift Card #Giveaway Ends 3/10

     Are you serving in the military or know someone who is? A brother, a son, a father, a sister, a friend, a mother. Maybe you or someone you know already served in one of the armed forces and have retired?
       Then if your answer was yes to any of those choices above, then you know and have experienced what it is like to be away from that loved one. To miss them so much it hurts, so much so that you feel like a part of you has been lost.
        I knew that feeling all to well for 20 years. When my husband served in the Navy Military and there were so many times of days past left without seeing him for months. My daughter & myself having to move from state to state with him, only to say goodbye while he went out to sea.
        It's hard to feel as though you can go on as they leave. Because most times you move to a new state where you have no family relatives there and have to make new friends each time.
       And that's exactly what you do and go on with each day praying and keeping the faith that you will see them soon.
        The distance and time that you go through from being away from that loved one keeps you wanting to stay strong for them and yourself. Especially if it is your spouse so your marriage is as strong as it was when you began your life together. That being said, have you ever heard of  The
    Art of Marriage Ops?

    Well, The PartnersHub Family is very excited to present
    The Art of Marriage Ops
    blog App. for you to view in which earlier this year they had a small outreach to help military families
    strengthen their marriages when they return home from service. Now, due to the
    overwhelming response, we’ve decided to expand our outreach to get the word out
    so everyone can help! You too can help, and the Art of Marriage Ops can show you how.

    My Sponsor Partnershub would like to let one (1) lucky person here at Mamawj's Moment Away  enjoy a $20 Applebee's Gift Card
    So Follow the Rafflecopter Entry Form Instructions below to enter for your chance to win
    Open to US residents only
    Please wait for the rafflecopter form to load
    This giveaway will end on 3/10
    Winner will be notified by email and will have 48hrs to reply with shipping info (no p.o.boxes) or another person will be chosen.
      Disclose*** No monies were given for this posted giveaway by partnershub all opinions spoken here are my own.

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