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CleanFlame Fire Log Product Review

                                                             CleanFlame Fire Log Product Review
With the wintry cold days here amongst us in eastern Tenn we so enjoy our nice warm glowing fireplace, which we use often. But why have the dreaded hard work of cutting, carrying in firewood to burn when there is now a much simpler way to enjoy using your fireplace. And that way is using the new go green product on the market called "CleanFlame". CleanFlame  is great go green earth friendly fire log that you can burn in your fireplace/wood stoves & campfires that gives you a longer burning time and provides you with the assurance that you are helping to save less usage of trees being burned and saves our earth's resources.

CleanFlame fire logs are made from 100% recycled wax corrugated boxes which until now had been hauled off to landfills but now with this great genius idea that this go green company has come up with lets us be able to recycle those boxes into a useful product that we as consumers can enjoy with a warm hot burning super-clean fuel source to burn in our fireplaces/wood stoves and campfires and know we are saving our environment. They burn hotter and cleaner than wood and you simply light the complete fire log by burning the corners of the bag itself to begin the fire log burning.

CleanFlame donated me free samples of this great go green product to try out for myself & share with you my opinion of it's use and results.

And yesterday was the perfect cold snowy day to try one out. I began my test at 3:00 P.M. and lit both bottom corners of the fire log and was pleased with the high flame it gave and provided complete coverage across the fire log with an even high flame and instantly gave very warm heat into the room. I know users of fireplaces choose to have the doors open or closed to enjoy a fire and my choice steers toward being open. I like to also smell the fire burning which I noticed other reviews lack to mention the smell of the item. And for me I was very pleased with the smell, which is very faint yet exactly what you hope to smell if you desire to get the experience of an open fire much like sitting around a camp fire enjoying the scent. I felt it gave a very faint wood like scent which I really liked. I took a photo of the outside smoke stack to show you that the first 20 minutes of the burning did not produce a smoke actually it never did produce a smoke at all which tells you your getting a clean burning flame because as wood users when building a wood fire you will get allot of smoke release from the start until the coals get hot and then your smoke exhaust is reduced. So I was very pleased with this result and Pro feature of the CleanFlame fire log. The glow of the fire log was high and pretty which you also hope to enjoy visually when having a fire. And the warmth of it topped it off for me which surprised me very much at lasting a complete 4 hours in lenght with full high flame and heat before it kindled down into a low pile of ash, which at that time a person could easily let go out or build back up by adding another Clean Flame fire log or if so desired add firewood to it and use the cleanflame as a fire starter. I did like the fact that I did not have to worry about cinders popping out into my hearth or have a big pile of ash to clean up. I felt the clean flame fire log left very little ash after burning away. I was also very surprised and pleased with the size of this product, which is no measly tiny fire log but rather a big 5 Pound fire log very heavy so you know from the start you are getting your moneys worth in this very reasonably priced fire log to enjoy in many uses. We also camp allot in the spring/summer and fall months so I can't wait to try out a CleanFlame fire log then over a campfire which not only will provide the same results I just experienced using the product but will also let me be able to cook with over the fire pit which is safe as well. Just perfect to try out and grill some BBQ Chicken & baked potatoes which are my favorite campfire foods to enjoy. And living here in eastern TN I know allot of people who use wood stoves for heating purposes or use wood stoves to even cook on so this product can be used in those as well safely because the cleanflame fire log does not melt, drip or spark and are free of pest infestation unlike real wood. We use firewood in our fireplace and have to split wood into kindling to start our fires which is very time consuming and messy and I feel that this great go green Clean Flame fire log helps to eliminate those issues making the enjoyment of the fire in our fireplace to be a less messy & hard working experience than using real wood.

                                                            CleanFlame Fire Log A Very Generous 5 Pound Fire log

                                                          I began the lighted Clean Flame FireLog Burning at 3:00 P.M.                                                                   ( By Lighting 2 front bottom corners)


                                                                1 hour later providing full coverage & very warm heat                                                        
                              Upon lighting the CleanFlame Fire log & during entire burn process product produced NO  Smoke Release                                                                                       PERFECT RESULTS!!!                                                    

                                                     4 Hrs into burning of CleanFlame Fire log and still burning great! :-)    

                               Very low ash results of this great go green Clean Flame Fire log after beginning to go out after 4 1/2 hours                                                                                                     
See the Clean Flame web site just below to learn more about this great companies new go green product which was featured on the CBS news as well and while here print this useful coupon

Save $3.00 on any one case of six five-pound CleanFlame™firelogs click here to print  that cleanflame would like you to enjoy & experience for yourself. Also see the web site for your own locations where you can purchase this great product. A new product I feel you will enjoy knowing you can enjoy a nice warm fire without worrying about further hurting our environment.

CleamFlame Firelogs are sold in thousands of stores across the country and this product is well received. One such company is Safeway Corporate who just put us in as a "Green" product in all of their 1,512 stores.

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I received samples from CleanFlame in order to create this review. All opinions are my own.

Have a great day!


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