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#DIY #Porch #Swing #Fabric #Pad #Cover Use what you've got & save #money

                                                         Do you have a porch?
          Front or back porch, it doesn't matter because it's a place to relax & watch life go by!
      Here is eastern Tennessee, we have always enjoyed a porch to sit on and the peace it brings.
         Almost every home I ever recall living in as a child, had a porch to enjoy whether it was big, small, open, closed in etc.
           And the good thing about porches are that they can be enjoyed on any type home, be it a fancy one, or just a plain ole country home.
          They really reflect a persons personality I think.  I love looking at porches as I pass by homes.
                     The ideas you can gain by how they decorate them, is just numerous.
            Some of the most peaceful times can be spent sitting on a porch watching the birds flutter by or whistling their tune, the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof (that's my favorite) or watching the cars go by, the kids playing in the yard, wind-chimes dinging, the scent of the honeysuckle as the breeze blows by etc.
                 We have a tiny opened front porch that is peaceful to enjoy the view from it of the beautiful mountains.                                                         
And no matter what season it is, I can enjoy viewing colored leaves, blooming flower trees & even lovely snow covered everything as this is my view seen from that tiny open front porch.                               

         And one day back in April while sitting on that porch, I seen & captured God's pretty hummingbird feeding on my feeders

           My hubby is about to go surgery for colon cancer & his re-coop time will be a lenghty one.
And while I am more of an outdoor porch sitter than he is, I know he will appreciate all these beautiful things the eye can enjoy while lounging on a porch.
            With Summer here, I just love knowing that I can enjoy either of my porches to stay still, stay positive, stay in prayer & stay in peace that just a few minutes outside on them can provide.
             I have made new fabric covers for just about all of my outside items such as chair cushions, table clothes, even umbrella fabric draped over to hide the faded umbrella that's not that attractive any more.   I did a western matching theme here for my front porch for red bandanna designed fabric.  I just clip the umbrella circled fabric cover over it and use clothes pins to hold it on. That way I can remove it as well as the table cover & cushion and wash it as needed. The only thing missing here is a Big Ole Country Wooden Rocker ;)

And from here not only can I see the mountain peaks line backdrop, I can enjoy God's beauty found in a birds nest build within my dwarf Indian Blood peach tree that I planted years ago in honor of my mom.
                             My beautiful pink rose bush
                 I've actually made two porch sitting areas and two patio areas on each of the sides of the house.   And I'd love to add a new rolled out attached house side wall awning to our open patio area and a new fire-pit to our other side wall open ground area for enjoyment.                         

           But for now I will direct you  to my back porch, which is my favorite place/porch to enjoy. Because it is screened in and I don't have to worry about flies, gnats, misquotes, wasps etc. bothering me. When I do see an occasional one I use my handy dandy fly swat for that! Every porch needs a fly swat :) But I'd like to find a small bug sapper for that spot as well.
            I've had this metal porch swing for a long time. My daughter tossed it out when the cushions & awning dry rotten from the lengthy sun espoused.
            I knew I could recover it, which I have done so twice now. The first time in a rust stretchy fabric & now I have taken that off and made me a country rooster theme fabric coverings for it.

            And here is where my #DIY  comes in to encourage you to make a new cover for yours too in the awning cover & the chair pad cover/feel soft pad. By using things you already have and not have to spend extra money on fabrics.
          What did I use?  Well, I took old table clothes, fabric panel squares, old curtains, and Remnant fabric pieces, old fiberfill stuffing from a body pillow, along with a child's comforter & made my complete set with even matching pillows.
              I first took my tape measure, pen & paper & went outside & measured my awning, then the width & length of my swing seat. I allowed extra inches for the hang over of the awning.
                             Lets start with the awning cover first.........
                I took an old table cloth that was cotton in a checkered pattern & some old brown curtains & ripped them apart and placed them together to match my awning size & sewed them together.  I made sure my brown fabric was long enough to create an over hang when lapped it over the bar frame. I sewed fabric ties to it's under neath side so I could tie it on my awning bars. 
For the Pad for the swing seat, I took pieces of the same checkered table cloth, my 2 fabric panel squares & some matching rooster fabric remnants & sewn it all together in the size I had measured for earlier. I added a solid color brown fabric piece to it's back side. 
And then I left one end open (like a pillow case) so I can add my soft inside layer to it.
                       What did I use for the inside as a stuffing / padding?  Well, batting is expensive so to save money, I took an old child's toddler bed comforter that I had and just placed it inside my cover I had just made.It fit it perfectly! I used Velcro sewn strips to the bottom so I can remove it and wash it if needed. But you can sew on fabric ties if you like.
                        For the pillows, I used 2 more fabric panel squares & red rooster fabric remnants for the back side, left one end open so I can stuff in my poly fill.
                         Again, poly fill batting whether it is the filling kind or the flat piece kind, is somewhat costly depending on how much you need. So I, took an old body pillow, tore-off the cover to it & cut as much as I needed to stuff within my 2 tiny pillows. The filling inside was solid, a bit messy looking, but it was clean from where I had washed & dried my body pillow. So I cut what I needed across & it was much like thick sheep skin sheering but you just cut the amount you need & stuff it in your pillows. Then close shut by sewing the open end by hand, by machine etc. I used the machine.

                          When all completed, I love my country theme look for my screened in back porch.

               I opened my screen door and took a picture for you to see my cozy spot better :)
We put indoor outdoor carpet on the floor of it so all those pestful insects can't find there way through the cracks. But If I sit right there in that swinging porch seat & look forward about 20 feet, I can spot what you see below in my picture taken a couple of years ago. When a doe deer mother & her two fawns lingered and played there on my bank at the woods edge for almost 30 minutes. 
     I snapped that picture through the screen so that's why it's not good quality.
                 So, if your porch swing needs a new fabric cover or the awning has lost its appeal then just use what you've got already & make a new one to enjoy for the summer. It's easy and will let your porch sitting be comfy & pretty.
                    Now my next  idea is to get me some string lights out there to enjoy in the late evenings for Summer :)
                                                                   Y'all enjoy your summer ~
                   I know that hubby will be comfy on our porches as he rest to re-cooperate.
Well, that's my thinking as I made it comfy for him to enjoy. A few things I plan on adding to the area are potted plants, a small water fall potted item, maybe some wind twirlers or chimes to the outside over hang. Those are the summer products that give you enjoyment in the sight & sound they create while resting on your comfy porch. So be sure to come back soon because I'll add those projects to share with you as well & give you some Summer outdoors inspiration.

Season Premiere Giveaway for The American #Bible Challenge #Win a T-shirt & Poster! Open to #USA Ends 6/5

The +The American Bible Challenge  is back!
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About The American Bible Challenge


5 Things you didn’t know about The American Bible Challenge:

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THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE is a spirited game show that celebrates the Bible and its place in American culture. Bible enthusiasts from all across the country compete in a variety of challenges that put their knowledge of the Good Book to the test. The show’s prizing further reflects the celebration of faith, as teams earn money for the charity of their choice.
The American Bible Challenge returns for a two hour block May 22nd at 8/7c on Game Show Network. Don’t for get to tune in June 5th for the first episode of It Takes a Church premiering right after The American Bible Challenge. 
  I actually seen the TV advertisement for this show the other day, not ever viewing it before. And so I will be tuning in to check it out. I think the fact that the show & team members who play to earn money for the charity of their choice is a great thing. 
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Disclose for FTC Guidelines:
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#Victor® Mini PestChaser® Rodent Repeller with NightLight -3 Pack Review & #USA #Giveaway

Disclosure* This sponsored product review & #USA #giveaway is brought to you today by
All opinions expressed here are 100% my own & no other compensation has been received to facilitate this blog hostess post. 
Thank you to my readers, and new visitors who have stopped by today to learn about this #New #PestChaser #Repeller #product  & Don't leave without entering below for your chance to win the product you see photoed here below :) 

Continuing their commitment to  keeping families safe and homes rodent-free,  Victor®, a world leader in rodent control, has taken a good thing and made it even better.  The Victor Mini PestChaser, an ultrasonic rodent repellent that emits high frequency sound waves to effectively repel rodents, is now available with a convenient, built-in night light.  When plugged-in to a standard 110V-AC wall outlet, the rodent repeller not only keeps rodents away, but also provides a soft glow to darkened rooms.

The Mini PestChaser’s mini size and discreet design make the rodent repeller ideal for use in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and anywhere a little extra light is needed. Humane and easy-to-use, simply plug the Mini PestChaser into the lower socket of any wall outlet to safely repel rodents.

“The Mini PestChaser emits ultrasound at varying volumes and frequencies that prevent rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound,” says Andrea Cober, Category Development Associate at Victor. “The noise from the repeller sounds like a jackhammer to mice and rats, but the sound is imperceptible to humans and non-rodent pets.  Since you can’t hear the sound, the nightlight illuminates showing the unit is working properly.”

For optimal rodent control, place one Mini PestChaser in each average-size room or area where signs of rodent activity have been observed.  Because ultrasound cannot travel through solid surfaces such as walls, floors and cabinets, the rodent repeller should be placed in an open, unobstructed area.  To use, clear surrounding objects and plug the PestChaser with Night Light into a wall outlet near the entrance to the room.  Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days.    

In order to be truly effective, a pest control effort needs to use several different tools and methods. First, rid your space of rodents using one of the many solutions offered by Victor.  Whether your preference is poisons or snap, electronic or live traps, there is a solution to fit every need. After the rodents are eliminated, use the Mini PestChaser to keep them away.

“Each Mini PestChaser uses less than a penny a day in energy costs, so they’re very cost effective,” says Cober.  “And the new built-in night light?  That’s the icing on the cake.”
 About Victor® RodentRecognized as a world leader in rodent control, Victor® has been a trusted brand for more than 100 years. The company revolutionized rodent control in 1898 with the invention of the spring-based Victor mouse trap. Today, Victor has produced more than one billion of the iconic mouse traps and now offers the broadest line of rodent control products on the market including traps, repellents and poison. Learn more at
              Mamawj's Moment Away
#Blogger #REVIEW Product: I was able to review the 
#Victor® Mini PestChaser® Rodent Repeller with NightLight -3 Pack 
Do you have rodent pest problems? Whether it be inside your home, basement, or in your garage, outside porch areas etc.? 
       Well, for now I can't say that I have issues with them inside my home. But that's probably because we always try to keep every nook & cranny sealed up with  insulating foam sealants.
      Which helps to NOT letting those squeaky little or even big mice invade your indoor living space.  But, they certainly try to come in if you fail to keep areas sealed off or shut doors etc.
      They will try to come in for many reasons such as any type food source you have out at reach like, trash /food scraps, pet foods, garden seed packets etc. 
       Nice are always trying to find a place to nest and hide to stay out of cold or even hot temperatures and can find there way inside your car/outdoor garage areas where you store all your fun items like camping gear & tents, summer above ground pool, water slides, bounce houses, seasonal decorations, etc. 
       So don't give them a chance to move in and chew away all those needed items you look forward to using again year after year. 
        Instead, keep them ran off with the help of  the great products that can provide.
               The #Victor® Mini PestChaser® Rodent Repeller with NightLight -3 Pack  is a simple & effective way to do just that. 
                By simply plugging the  #mini unit  into a wall outlet, you can have maximum coverage that will chase away rodents with it's repellent use that omits a high frequency ultrasound  at varying volumes that peak up to 100db with varying frequencies that range from 32 to 62 khz. 
The technology of this product by Victor Pest prevents rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound.
        +Factor Features of this  +Victor® Pest  product are:
               *Economical because it uses less than a penny a day in energy cost.
                *Easy To Use by plugging one in to any wall outlet.
                *Clean & Humane because it uses no chemicals or poisons
                *Pet-Friendly because it cannot be heard by humans and non-rodent pets.
                *Convenient because it can be used anywhere Indoors.

              I'm old school, so for me I always remember back in the 60's growing up the wooden mouse traps that my mom & dad use to use everywhere for indoor & outdoor use made by this well known trusted company.  It's nice to know that this company is still here and offering those and many other products for rodent control. And with technology now being so advanced and just better ways to combat such issues with pest control, I think this product is a great way to keep those pest at bay.
            And, you can find this same type product in differant sizes for larger areas to be effective
                  At the Victor Pest website
     I really liked the size of the product. This handy 3 pack also has a night light on each one.

Light weight & Plugged in easy 
 Omits a tiny beam up of light with plugged in an outlet
Shown here with the room's light off & the night light for view
The back of the package comes with detailed instructions for use

 Victor® Rodent Announces New Mini PestChaser®  with Built-in Night Light
Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Induces Auditory Stress, Sends Pests Scurrying Away in a Hurry  
                                                                                 Buy It Now
                  This item of the  #Victor® Mini PestChaser® Rodent Repeller with NightLight -3 Pack
sells for   $24.99     <<Click here to purchase this item @ www.VICTORPEST.COM
                   The Victor Mini PestChaser with Night Light is available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-packs
                  Watch the two videos provided below to see how the product tested and can be used.  Then, head on down below & enter for the chance to #WIN the same sponsored product that I have hosted in review for you here today :)

NOTE* The first 2 easy entry's are mandatory before other optional extra entry's can be completed. This product would make a great gift for the man in your life such as Fathers, sons, brothers, or anyone really :) So Good Luck Everyone & thank you for stopping by today ~Julie

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Thank You Company Sponsors & Winners List 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide Event

Today ~ We want to Wish all of You 
A Blessed 
                                                                         From Your Hostess
                                                 ~Julie @
                                                   ~Tracy @
          And we want to thank the lovely companies who let us enjoy a wonderful past week of daily introductions to each company and the lovely gifts they sell that we knew each of our readers would just love to learn about, shop for and even win here throughout our 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide.
         Tracy & I were able to enjoy reviewing so many wonderful products from this great line up of  online company store merchants.
      We hope each of you walked away from the fun event with great gift product ideas for yourselves, friends, or loved ones found at each web site listed above.
       We also thank the companies for sponsoring such awesome giveaways that our readers & visitors were able to enter for the chance to win those same review products that we thrilled in hosting for you.
       All the lucky winners have been contacted & have claimed their free giveaways company sponsored prizes and will be receiving them within 3 weeks or less via the kind sponsors.
          A huge Thank You goes out to each reader or new visitor who stopped by to comment, visited our sponsors, shared, tweeted, etc.
           If you didn't win on this go-round, don't leave us sad because we hope to be back next year for another great event with these & even more new found companies to let you enjoy!
                                     Congratulations to our winners listed below!
                               And Enjoy your Mother's Day with your loved ones :)

           Toilet Tree Professional Skin Care System
Via Winner is Deb N.


          Toilet Tree Products

     Via Mamawj'sMomentAway Blog​- Winner is Melissa G.

  • Via CottonPickinCute Blog​ Winner is Inez M.

  • Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Set

    Via mamawjsmomentaway Blog​

    Winner is Melissa S.

    • Light-n-go-bonfire-log
      By EssayGroup ​=​Winner is Jhing K

    • Kerusso  
    • christian-t-shirt-travel-mug Winner is  Laura T.
    •  Winner's Choice was for the designs of MomsNightOut Movie that aired in Theaters this Mother's Day Weekend!
    •    OR   
    •  Swiss-Colony  Winner is Suzanne D.
    • Winner's Choice was for 
    •   Spring Flower Tower        Or    Petits Fours
    • The Bouqs  Winner is Shelley P.
    •     Winners Choice from the Volcano Collection a $40 Value
    •  TheBouqs      And we loved our review Bouqs!! 
    •                                                             Thank You
    •                                          Julie's Review Bouq.                                                             
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    •                     we hope to review for them again too!
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    Eggland's Best "Your Best Recipe" Contest #yourbestrecipe #EBeggs

    Calling all cooks! Eggland's Best (EB) has launched the second edition of the Eggland's Best "Your Best Recipe" Contest and will be awarding one lucky winner a $10,000 cash prize!

    If you have an original recipe that your friends and family can't resist, Eggland's Best wants to hear about it! Whether you have a recipe for a savory frittata or a recipe for sweet and delicious pie, make sure to enter your recipe into one of the following categories:
    • Breakfast
    • Appetizer
    • Main Course
    • Dessert
    You can enter up to two recipes in each category until July 31st.

    The best recipe in each category will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize and the best recipe among the four category winners will receive the $10,000 Grand Prize!

    Are your little chicks also creative in the kitchen? New this year is the Kid-friendly award, which recognizes recipes that get kids and adults cooking in the kitchen together. If your recipe meets the following criteria, make sure to check the "Kid-friendly" box on your entry form for the chance to win the $1,000 Kid-friendly cash prize:
    • Less than 10 total ingredients
    • No more than seven active steps in the preparation of your recipe (not including steps for oven pre-heating, or baking pan preparation)
    • A minimum of three steps in the preparation instructions that can be conducted safely by an unsupervised child between the ages of 4 and 12
    • Total recipe prep time should be less than 15 minutes (not including time for ingredients that need to be brought to room temperature, or any time required for pre-cooking or baking)

    Following are key contest dates, but be sure to visit the Eggland's Best website to learn more!
    • Contest entry period begins Monday, May 5, 2014
    • Contest entry deadline is Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 11:59pm EST
    • Fan Favorite voting begins Monday, October 6, 2014
    • Fan Favorite voting ends Friday, October 31, 2014
    • Winner Announcements Wednesday, November 10, 2014

    Disclose*  The information was provided by Coyne Connect for Eggland's Best. No compensation was received for this informational post.

    #Swiss Colony #Mothers Day Gift Guide Event Win A Nice Giveaway! #USA

             And ending May 7th 2014


                 Let's be honest, Mom's deserve to be shown appreciation anytime & not Just on Mother's Day.
                               It's getting down to the wire for her one special celebration day of May 11th.
           But you can still order many lovely things she would enjoy even if they were gifted to her afterwards.
                    So, If you are hoping to find a place on line, a company that you can bookmark and be assured to order all occasional gift ideas that cover categories  from choices of sweet, meaty, salty, baked, chewy, crunchy, creamy, spicy, chocolaty, fruity, party theme based,  Have I missed any?
                         I don't think so. Because I can find all of those choices and more at  The Swiss Colony
     Swiss ColonySwiss ColonySwiss ColonyThe Swiss Colony
             And they can tell you the same thing I already concluded but say it even better
                                                                                 At   The Swiss Colony
          As they say: No matter what the occasion, The Swiss Colony offers a wide variety of treats to make it a celebration! Winter, spring, summer or fall - from ham to cheese to petit fours to truffles - you'll find the best right here.

          And let's be honest as well, in saying that Mom is usually the one who plans all the parties, occasions, celebrations that the kids, grandparents, etc have throughout the year.
                    So why not make it easy on her & let her choose from the on line store that can let her creative juices flow for party planning ideas. Because every party or celebration is best enjoyed & always includes mouth watering foods to enjoy. It's the main feature and everything else is built around it.
                 And a great place to find & buy that food inspiration is at The Swiss Colony

    You can find out for yourself in full page colorful photo's with detailed descriptions of these yummy products by requesting a free catalog from this unique company of The Swiss Colony. Just click  HERE  and fill out the form so they know where to send you one free, straight to your mail box.

    Then, take you time and browse it as I do while I'm in the park, my outdoor lawn chair, on the couch, in the school car pickup line, the beauty salon, anywhere. And I'm sure you'll soon be thinking wow!
     Look at those way cool Chocolate Meltaway Wacky Bugs~ those would be perfect for my son's birthday party as the center piece in his outdoor safari theme party!  In which you could easily use other items in the tables center piece to ac as your theme decoration while gifting the goodies to the son later.

    Picture this party theme idea that would feature your unique party delight food in designing around
     the way cool Chocolate Meltaway Wacky Bugs  :found at The Swiss Colony
               Take some..........
     Green construction paper cut out in green leaf shapes of different sizes, that had all the kids invited names on them. Crunch up the leafs to look realistic & scatter them about the tables center section.
           Then add these way cool Chocolate Meltaway Wacky Bugs on those cut out leaf shapes.
                     Add some cool $1 toys found at your local dollar saving stores like  Bug Kits, butterfly nets, plastic bug toys, plastic binoculars etc.
      Magnifying Bug Discovery Kits, 3 pc.Plastic Backyard Binoculars, 5"

     And when the party is over & the kids have ate their Swiss Colony yummy way cool Chocolate Meltaway Wacky Bugs  then you hand out the tables center piece toys to each kid and let them go outside to play with there fun party favors that captured there attention and curiosity that made your center piece so fun. And if your thinking well, I want a cake for his celebration. No problem, just order one of the many choices found from  The Swiss
           Boy's would love this red-velvet-layer-cake  & you could place those Chocolate Meltaway Wacky Bugs all around its outer circle while laying them on those green construction paper named leafs I mentioned above. I can see this cake enjoyed for many different occasions such as weddings, church events, summer grill outs & family picnics.

                Wouldn't this be adorable for a girls party?  To use it as the tables center piece & gift to her?
                           Lady-Pup-With-Chocolates from The Swiss Colony


                  So many choices to use as gift giving ideas for anyones personality.
                  And  at my request & choice, I was sent the below item for review

            The Swiss Colony

                                 In the

    Item Description Via

    Smiles will be as radiant as the flowers of these containers when the lids are lifted.
    • Nestled inside is a joyful array of delicious spring treats.
    • Mini Butter Toffee, Gumdrops, Fruit Gel Slices, Sixlets, foiled Chocolates, Mixed Nuts
    • BEEF LOG, Summer Sausage, Cheddar Cheese and Sweet Hot Mustard.
    • 1 lb. 8 3/4-oz. net wt.
    • Sixlets Reg. TM of SweetWorks, Inc.

    •   It sells for $32.95  Available through May 30th

    • This item may be subject to warm weather shipping restrictions.
                        It arrives in the green striped Swiss Colony printed box.
     My thoughts were that the smaller collection of coordinated colorful cardboard boxes and 1 tin(the one on the top in my photo) the boxes housed a mixture of sweets, mixed nuts, meats cheeses were packaged cute & tasted fresh. 

                  I plan on gifting a few on them to someone special in a gift bag. Though the collection of this smaller spring themed tower of tasty delights would be fun to give as is, in the pretty bow that has it all stacked up into its quaint tower presentation. 
                                       A peek inside (and each snack choice is within closed clear sealed bags)

                        I like to enjoy things that can be reused. And these cute boxes & 1 tin within the total 10 inch high stacked Spring Flower Tower will make me cute boxes to store buttons, jewelry, little sewing kits etc. when the treats inside have been enjoyed.
                      So be sure to visit  and see what unique items catch your eye to treat your taste pallet or gift giving ideas enjoyed.
                       If you have followed both Tracy the blog hostess @ cottonpickincute & I this whole week long then you know today ends our last day of  our teamed efforts to bring you our
     2014 Companies Introduction for our mothers-day-gift-guide-giveaway Event.
     So you'd know where lovely & unique gifts can be found for purchasing. These are wonderful companies that allow you to shop on line or through catalog orders with great perks like
     Choose 'N Charge Credit

    Enjoy Stress-Free Shopping with


    Budget-Friendly Benefits Include:

    • Low monthly payments starting at $20 a month
    • No annual fees
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         So let's all say a cheerful thank you to today's 7th sponsored Company of   The Swiss Colony
       And their kindness to allow Tracy & I to review separately two of their wonderful products they offer. And for allowing us the enjoyment of surprising you our faithful readers, with great prizes to enter for the chances to win. Many of those prizes differ from what I reviewed to those that Tracy reviewed, yet some are the same. So why not enter below for your chance to win these great prizes?  You will find the giveaway forum below to enter for the chance to win your choice from
      The Swiss Colony in either the review item I was able to enjoy in the


                 Or the surprise item that I'm not going to spoil in letting Tracy show you herself in which she reviewed found HERE  so after you enter below, then head to her blog where you can see her review item & if your chosen as the ONE (1) #USA Winner to receive this sponsored free giveaway "Then you will get to choose which item you want to enjoy yourself from the two we reviewed".

    Note* items maybe subject to availability in such case winning prize will be chosen by the sponsor.    

                      These are the day 1 through day now 7 prizes you can have the chance to win if you enter.
           All of the giveaways will end on May 7th & we will notify the winning names chosen. You might win more than one giveaway so don't sit there just day dreaming about them~ go put your awesome self  in the entry forums so you might win ~friend :)  Good Luck!! 
      Day 1 Event was the sponsored company of Toilet Tree Products
         Tracy is giving away a  Skin Care System  While I am giving away a Shower Dispenser

    Day 2 Event was the sponsored company of Tropical Traditions
            Where Tracy & I BOTH get to giveaway this product of the Virgin Coconut Oil  so visit us BOTH for chances to win that product

    Day 3 Event was the sponsored company of  Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask  And Again...We both get to giveaway a sachet bag with 5 facial treats inside. So visit us BOTH and double your chances of winning both!
    Day 4 Event was the sponsored company of Light-n-go-bonfire  One Winner on this cool yet  hot item but visit both blogs for extra entries in to the giveaway!  This way cool item lets you enjoy a bonfire for 5 hrs of burn & you can roast hot dogs or marshmallows right over the item :)

    Day 5 Event was the sponsored company of  and ONE Winner gets to choose from these choices below for a

    Kerusso Christian T-Shirt & Travel Mug that Tracy & I reviewed separately 

    Day 6 Event Flowers! Fresh Flowers! was from the sponsored company of  where Tracy & I got to choose a $40 Valued Fresh Cut Flower Bouq in our choosing from the Volcano Collection (Why volcano? Because that is where they are grown on farm land grounds on the side of an active volcano in South America sent fresh cut in 6 days not stored in warehouses for weeks, So you enjoy beautiful  choices.
        I chose the Desperado Bouq & Tracy Chose the Cotton Candy Bouq from the Volcano Collection offered for review at But guess what? One Winner gets to choose what bouq they like in the Volcano Collection & theres over 40 bouqs to choose from so you best get your entry in for that on our blogs where we teamed up for one lucky person to enjoy it free!

     Cotton Candy Bouq                                   Desperado Bouq
    Which brings us back to the last ending day of  Event  Day #7  where you best get your entry in below to win which ever prize you would choose if you won our teamed up efforts with The Swiss Colony sponsored
    Giveaway found below!  But remember? You don't know if you'd choose what I reviewed or Tracy reviewed unless  you go peak at what it was found  Here then be sure to enter & let us know which one your hoping to win if its your name thats chosen on May 7th.   Happy Mothers Day Everyone!
                  Me & Tracy hope you are blessed with a day of love & more!
       Disclosure:  Today's introduction review  post & giveaway is sponsored free by  The Swiss Colony  who provided flowers to facilitate this blog host and free giveaway for one reader to enjoy. No compensation was provided And As always all opinions are 100% my own.      
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