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Product Review & #Win #CharnStrandz #Giveaway Ends 9/21 Open to U.S.

                                           Have you heard about CharmStrandz ? 
                              If not , then both you and your kids will want to know about them.
      Because every Girl & Boy that likes to wear bracelets, or snazzy up there boring plain backpack
  will love CharmStrandz!! 
                                                       About CharmStrandz From There Web Site:
CharmStrandz are About CREATIVITY, FUN and SELF EXPRESSIONWe make it easy for girls and boys of all ages to explore their creativity, create their own accessories and celebrate their style. CharmStrandz are cool, fun and AFFORDABLE so kids and parents LOVE 'EM. Just choose an accessory, pick your charms and clip 'em on! Kids everywhere are able to enjoy creating their own accessories with our headbands, bracelets, ponytail holders, earrings, barrettes, charm hair extensions and even zipper pulls.You want charms that match your style? We have 'em... hundreds of them. Everything from feather charms, to sports charms, cool smiley face charms, awesome rhinestone charms and a whole lot more. You can even upload a photo and be featured on your own personalized bottle cap charm.Get your CharmStrandz today, get creative with your accessories and be a part of the coolest new fashion trend for kids!
            Take a look at the Charms that my grandson chose for our review from CharmStranz
       They have so many to pick from that will please every boy or girls own taste or personality.
 My grandson is 8 years old now so with that age and boys, he liked the
skull-cross-bones charm     rock-roll-guitar charm     dragon charm         bottle-of-cola charm
Skull-Cross Bones CharmRock & Roll Guitar CharmBottle of Cola Charm

 cute-spider charm                         glitter-soccer-ball charm     
Cute Spider CharmSoccer Ball Charm

And he chose the zipper pulls to let his charms attach to

These are the ones he chose all mentioned above

To hang from his backpack
I think the designs he picked from charmstrandz matched his black backpack just perfect!

Each charm will come in a pack like this
And the backs of each Charm has the clip on it shown here
The clip on the back reminds me of the way a sinker works that you use on a fishing line, because it is already open and you simply sandwich the cord to your zipper pull or the other choice ways you decide to use your charms (like bracelets, pony tail holders, barrettes, charm hair extensions, earrings, headbands or head wraps) in between it and mash it closed. The charms can easily slide up and down the cord to the place you want them to be, adding as many or as few as you like.
View from the back after charms were clamped on the cord.
            My grandson really liked this fun and creative way to personalize his backpack
       And I haft to say that I think these are very creative and very well priced at $1.29 each for the charms we chose for our review. The zipper-pulls  that we chose were $2.99 each which I think is a good price and some are even $1.99 now on sale!!

              It's nice to know that Boys can enjoy this fun way to and let there backpacks have cool charms dangle from them or wear bracelets that do not look girlie  and let them show there own style to and reflect there own personality.
                 The Girls choices are allot to choose from which is what girls love in fixing there hair with, wearing earrings, bracelets, pony tail holders, barrettes, charm hair extensions. For Girls you could even use the zipper pulls on the purses to hold all the charms they like. I think these are very affordable and most times you spend between $10 to $15 on a birthday gift for a boy or girl and that amount of money would buy you a zipper pull, or another choice to hold a bunch of charms because at $1.29 each for a charm you could get allot.
          And CharmStrandz offers FREE Shipping on Orders OVER $25
    And I let my grandson pick the ones he liked from the CharmStrandz web site which he enjoyed looking through all the designs to pick his favorites. So Girls would love to do the same thing and you know how kids like to trade...this would be fun to do just that.
And these are all the items you can choose from to hold your charms
charmstrandz for Girls
  • Charm Hair Extensions
  • Bracelets
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Ponytail Holders
  • Barrettes
  • Earrings
  • Headbands & Headwraps
  • Most Popular Designs
  • For Boys
  • Boys
    • ... then Clip 'Em On!             
    •    And enjoy your own unique style that you picked!!
    •           They have letter charms too, so you can spell out your name or phrases
    • Spikey+neon letters
    Spiky NEON Letter S
    Spiky NEON Letter ESpiky NEON Letter E

                                    See how to wear them for Girls

    Each ponytail holder holds up to 6 charms (hair elastics hold 3 charms):

    front-and-back-pony-strand.jpg img-3649scaled.jpg img-3645scaled.jpg sunflower-charm-hair-elasti.jpg pink-pooch-charm-hair-elastic.jpg

    For Boys

    Choose the Accessory You Want to Createboys-bracelets.jpg boys-zip-pulls.jpg

    You can even purchase a charmstrandz #gift certificate gift card for someone

    And  SAVE  With an Instant Coupon by sending them your email and get a coupon code FOUND ON THERE WEB
       I also like the fun ways that CharmStrandz let's there buyers interact with them after there purchases by letting them email a photo or video of them showing how they enjoyed there charms then receive a FREE Zipper Pull for doing so if they are featured on there site.
                    AND...Be sure to watch the video of the many ways kids can wear & use there charms
                                                       While at the CharmStrandz Web Site
         BUY IT Here And Shop Now With CharmStrandz  (Just Click on that <<Link Highlighted to SHOP :)

               Stay Connected with CharmStrandz On FaceBook
               Follow them on Twitter charmstrandz on twitter
               Join there FREE Email Newsletter
                           Want To  WIN IT~~
    ONE (1) Person from the U.S. Only 18 years or older (No P.O. Boxes will be excepted)
    If choosing the Charm Hair Extensions winner can pick up to 6 charms (of your choice_
    Bracelets they can pick up to 5 charms (of your choice)
    Zipper pulls they can pick up to 5 charms (of your choice)
                  So to recap~~ One Winner will end up with two choices to attach there charms to...and...a total of 10 or 11 charms of your choice design to use on those two items..
    Depending on which two items you choose from above..
           So be sure to look at ALL they have to offer so you can tell me within Mandatory #2 entry into this giveaway what you desire IF your chosen as the winner for this giveaway prize from CharmStrandz  So I will know what to tell the sponsor your choices are if you win! :)  there SOooooo Many to pick from so have fun letting your kids look with you and see what they like...You might just WIN It!!!  Woot Woot!!

                  This will be a raffle copter entry form giveaway
                         Enter Below using the easy form. Mandatory entry has to be completed or any other entries will be void. After you do the mandatory entry, other extra entry options will unlock for you, to do any, all or none of what you choose.
                       YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER To Enter my giveaways
              So tell your friends, family and enter for your chance to win this great CharmStrandz Giveaway. And don't forget to enter my other great giveaways "Found on my blogs right side bar under Current Giveaways"
                This Giveaway Will End On 9/21 With Raffle copter at which time Choosing ONE (1) U.S. Winner
       That person will be notified by me using the email address that you provide (so be sure to leave your email address within your comments or I can not reach you to tell you that you have won) And you will have 48 hours to claim your prize by replying to your winning email notification. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of the prize and I will then draw another name using raffle copter.

    NOTICE** Disclaimer Note* I was provided the above mentioned product from #CharmStrandz for this review and able to offer you One (1) person the chance to win a great giveaway prize and No other compensations were taken from the sponsor. All opinions expressed here are solely my own honest spoken ones and may differ from others. Thank You @CharmStrandz for this R&G opportunity.

    IMPORTANT NOTE **FOR CHOCK HAZARD WARNING** These Charms from CharmStrandz  CONTAIN Small Parts on the backs of the charm that is metal & the charms themselves are small And ARE NOT INTENDED FOR Small Children SO BEWARE And TAKE Care around small children as not to have them within reach.
       These are intended for older children to wear as mentioned above.
       I am not responsible for any accidents occurring from purchasing the products sold by or given away here from this sponsored giveaway prize.
         AS With Any small or tiny objects...DO NOT HAVE THEM AROUND, WITHIN REACH of Small Children.

      FREE Shipping of this giveaway FREE Prize will be Provided by the Sponsor CharmStrandz So please Allow up to 3 weeks to receive your winning prize.
                                            ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY HERE BELOW
                                                   On THE RAFFLE COPTER Entry Form
                                   Please be patient while it loads :)
                         Good Luck!! And Thanks for Entering my Giveaways!!

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    Wednesday, August 29, 2012

    Let the kids Fish the Fun way!! #Sonyashappenings is hosting a #Giveaway for a #Remote Control #Fishing Boat is hosting a Fishing-boat-giveaway!! Let's all go enter!! Sponsored by

                       Wow!!  Wouldn't the kids in your life just love this awesome fun fishing experience to catch a real live fish using a remote control boat?  This one is called : 32" "LuckyStrike" Remote Control fishing boat Read On...further below ;) about the

    #LuckyStrike and  try to #Win  Your Own  and #Fish In #Fun and watch it catch a real one to #reel it in!!
                                                               The LuckyStrike Rc Fishing Boat includes, Transmitter, Batteries, Charger, Bobber, fishing hook, and line. Ready for Radio Control Fishing Adventure!
                  I know my grandson would!! And so would I enjoy watching him snag one!!
       These look like the funniest way I can think of to fish & actually  catch a real live fish!!
               By using the remote control to SNAG ONE!!  We go fishing all the time. My 8year old grandson and his dad are true fly fishing buddies, that go to all our favorite hot spots (or should I say cold creeks, streams, rivers lol) here in eastern , Tennessee. And one of our places we love to fish is at the pond in our local city park. Lurking down under those waters are catfish, croppie, bluegill.. And I just renewed my fishing licence and me and him go there allot to catch them and release..
                            He loves to see what he might snag on his line.. And now you can fish while playing with your boat on the water! Wow!! I find this product to be nothing short of T-Totally Awesome!!
                  So...Let's all just drift over To the blog spot on the world wide web who is so kindly hosting this amazing product review and sponsored giveaway here at >>>  And enter for your chance to #Win one of these cool remote control fishing boats!!  That sells WOW!! Good Luck Everyone!!!

    *Disclose**  I am posting this awesome product information that one of the great blogs that I love to follow is hosting at @  which is a mother & daughter PR deal team that enjoys bringing her readers a great deal and news about wonderful new products as mentioned above. As my extra entry also into this awesome product sponsored giveaway by So join in on the great blogging world that is full of great blogs like Sonya's and help support hers and all the other blogs out there to bring you awesome news about the products you would love to know about to buy or #WIN at her blog spot..Better hurry though>>this giveaway she is hosting will end in 2 days and 14 hours from now of today's date 8/29/2012  Watch her cool video while there of just how these neat remote control boats work And be sure to Join her free email newsletter to while your there so you don't miss all the other offers she can bring you to know about first!!

                    Don't get distracted >>Go Right Now Before her #Giveaway Ends >>
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                                     Thank You for hosting such a great R&G Sonya's Happenings!

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    Enter To #Win #Partnershub #MilkUnleashed On the Go Games & Tips #Giveaway Open To U.S. Ends 9/1

                     This great giveaway is brought to you by my great sponsor #partnershub web site learn more  the same sponsor who let me host all the awesome Walt Disney new DVD releases that I have brought to you in the past and will have more great giveaways from in the very near future. So watch for them which you won't want to miss!!
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                           Today this Giveaway is for Milk Unleashed~~~Have you heard of it??
                  Read more to learn & then enter this giveaway to win some!!
    Are you on the go and busy busy busy with it back to school time? Trying to get a million things done in the morning before you head out the door for school drop offs, daycare center drop offs, soccer practice, gymnastics practice, ballerina classes, T-ball games, Dr.Office waiting visits, Camp outs, Sleepovers and more? Are you stopping at the store for those last minute items after you get off work for the next days schedule for the family members?
       Well, now you can enjoy an item that is ON THE GO Anywhere, anytime or any place..
                 An item we all use everyday..Wondering what it is??
                                         Milk...........yes milk...
           You have other choices in your milk sources besides refrigerated buy, use and enjoy..
                                            On the go!!
             Milk Unleashed is here to help! 
                     With handy single-serving shelf safe milk there’s no need to ever run out!  You can take it anywhere at anytime!  Milk Unleashed goes wherever your family goes, whether it’s a lunchbox, a cooler, purse or a diaper bag, book bag, duffel bag to the gym, tote bag to the add to your on the go coffee mug..and some many other can go....yes Anywhere!! :)
               Want some Milk Unleashed? So you can enjoy it ON THE GO Anywhere?
    Because my wonderful sponsors at #partnershub for #Milk Unleashed  is giving ONE (1) of my readers from the U.S. 18 yrs or older a Milk Unleashed variety pack consisting of four shelf safe milks (white and chocolate) from: Hershey’s, LaLa, Horizon and Organic Valley plus a cow stress ball and information on shelf safe milk!

      I love knowing I have a choice in milk to use on lots of occasions, and uses. One that does not have to be kept cold to be safe or tasty to drink. I can think of so many places to use the Milk Unleashed products, take it camping to drink, use it camping to make gravy (good gravy needs good milk) pancakes, batter bread which we Tennesseans love to make, instant mashed potatoes, homemade snow creme!! Oh yes..I'm all over that one!! I could go on and on with the things you could use Milk Unleashed on to add to to make your baking or cooking easy with out reaching for the COLD refrigerated milk...
                     Just go to your pantry..grab a container of Milk Unleashed and use it or drink it by taking it anywhere without the worry of keeping it cold to use or enjoy..
                        Now~~  On To The GIVEAWAY !!!     :)
     Let's ALL have some fun using the cool app from Milk Unleashed Below and THEN head on down the page a bit further to the EASY Raffle copter Giveaway Entry Form and Enter for your chance to win it!! 

           The Fun Milk Unleashed App lets you learn about On-The-Go Games and Tips! Even cruising down the freeway can be an adventure!  With these fun games and tips you can have some family time even when you are out on the road! 

    On-The-Go Snacks! Have you ever wanted to try the world’s best smoothie?  Well Milk Unleashed is here to make all your dreams come true!  Find out the best snacks to grab that will make your next outing even more thrilling!

    NOTE *Milk will be chosen by random from the previously mention brands.
                                    Go to the Raffle copter Entry Form Below and Follow the Directions Which will Direct you how to use the App you see and what questions you are to answer in the raffle copter form to be entered into this giveaway This Giveaway will end on 9/1 U.S. Entrants Only (No P.O. Boxes please)  Raffle copter will choose the ONE (1) Winner And that winner will be notified via email by me and will have 48hrs to claim there prize. If they fail to do so, another name will be drawn. Please leave your email address so I can reach you if your chosen. Those signing in to comment under Anonymous Users that do not leave an email address for contact loose there chance because I will not know who to contact..So remember...leave me your email address you use most often so I can reach you in case you won this awesome giveaway.
       Winners prize will be shipped by the sponsor @partnershub please allow 3weeks for your prize to arrive.
                     Thank you for entering my giveaways here at Mamawj's Moment Away & Good Luck!!
    * Disclaimer Note* I was provided the above mentioned product from #partnershub for this review and able to offer you One (1) person the chance to win the same giveaway prize and  No other compensations were taken from the sponsor. All opinions expressed here are solely my own honest spoken ones and may differ from others. Thank You @partnershub for this R&G opportunity.
                     Enter Here through The Rafflecopter Entry Form Below
              Sometimes the Form is slow to load...but it will load for you

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    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Product Review: #Discount Decorative Flags "Mini Garden Flag" Go Shopping Now & Use My Bloggers 30% Promo Code Hurry Expires 8/31

                                                                        Good day y'all!!
                     What's the weather like where your at today?
            It's like a cool fall day here in my neck of the woods of Tenn. today.
       Makes me want to burn a candle and enjoy the scents of  apples, pumpkins, cinnamon which are the yummy harvest scents you get to enjoy during that time of the year. It's already winding down to the mid part of August so fall will be upon us soon. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the smells you get to enjoy both inside and out. Inside the home scents of pies baking, candles burning, a cozy fire enjoyed inside the fireplace on those crisp cooler days. Outside you smell the scents of the leaves where they feel beneath your feet, the corn stalks in your fodder shocks that you put out for decoration with pumpkins and fall mums in there pots so others can enjoy there scenic beauty. Fall is the best time to enjoy all these sights and scents.
        Speaking of outdoor sights to enjoy for  the Fall, do you decorate your outdoors for the Fall season?
     I do, I put up the bail or two of hay in front of my house in some little corner or maybe near my porches front entrance and add a few pumpkins to it that I buy from our Shriner's or the local farmers market, along with pots of mums that are so pretty in there colors of reds, burnt oranges, deep yellows. I love to hand free paint too so I make a wooden scare crow face and dress him up in old clothes and add a welcome sign to him, to greet passer by's with a friendly fall "Hi there y'all".
        But you don't have to be a crafter or buy lots of  things just mentioned to decorate in a simply way to greet guest or make them feel welcomed to your  outdoor home and surroundings.
          You can add a simply mini garden flag to any spot outdoors near your home , barn or driveway entrance to show others some fall enjoyment.
                                    Like I have done here by my patio, where we love to sit and talk and enjoy the nice weather. As others enter my driveway they see that touch of fall in this pretty laid back country scene on this mini garden flag the reflects Fall in the trees turning there majestic colors and the old mill wheel by the stone covered Barn. It's so pretty too as the breeze moves it.

    The choice of designs they offer is just amazing, offering you over 2,000 designs and sold at the lowest place on the web that offers the best discount prices you will find at Discount Decorative Flags. Be sure to take advantage of the great savings you can find in any number of designs or themes that you can think of. Check out the FALL Autumn designs here in Mini Garden Flags that Discount Decorative Flags  has for you,  Mini-Garden-Flags Fall Choices  perfect for #Gift Giving And #GiftCertificates Or Send A E-Gift Card  can be purchased as well. They offer you added perks like creating your own #WishList or let you see a friend or family's Wish List to know what they want in the many items they offer. 
         If you are wanting to buy anything that Discount Decorative Flags offers you as a gift for that someone special in your life, they offer Gift Wrapping at low cost of only $2.00 and will even include a gift message if you so desire. The design choices are not just seasonal ones, they offer you over 2,000 designs in themes Of

    At Discount Decorative you will find all these Brands at a greater savings in cost than any local store or online..No one beats there lower prices on
    Toland Evergreen Windswept Magnet Works Breezeart Carson NCAA NFL NBA MLB NHL

                         I can think of lots of great gift idea's like themed Gift Baskets for instance, filled with a theme in mind to the person who loves certain things.
     Like a
    Garden Basket that you could easily find in a yard sale, thrift store that you have filled with the same matching theme in a Large House Flag, mini garden flag and matching magnetic mailbox cover and toss in some garden gloves, small garden spade, seed packets.. See the matching sets here in this pretty garden theme that would be perfect for such an idea Blue-Hydrangea-Spring-Magnetic Mailbox Cover  Blue-Hydrangea-Spring-House Large House Flag Blue-Hydrangea-Spring-Garden Mini Garden Flag  
      The same idea could appeal to anyone as a Thanksgiving Basket filled with maybe some scented pine cones that you can easily pick up for a couple of dollars at the dollar stores ,maybe a candle or two for those outdoor fall days to enjoy and then add these matching items below. Wouldn't that be so pretty for them to add to there porch entrance for Thanksgiving
               This beautiful Magnetic Mailbox Cover is just $9.99
    Bountiful Basket Thanksgiving Magnetic Mailbox Cover
    The matching outdoor/indoor door matt that's just $11.99 
    Bountiful Basket Indoor Outdoor Fall Doormat
    or Christmas fill a basket with this matching Angelic Themed Set of magnetic mailbox cover and mini garden flag and maybe add in your basket some low priced items from the dollar store like hot cocoa, coffee mugs. I even use the mini garden flags to hang on my Front or Back Door to display by simply adding a wooden dowel rod through the casing and tie some pretty ribbon to it to hang it up to be pretty. Lots of other uses for them besides outside use.
    Angels Rejoice Christmas Magnetic Mailbox Cover
    Angels Rejoice Decorative Christmas Garden Flag
          And here in a few days we will all acknowledge the Holiday Labor Day and You can find lots of Americana themed designs at Discount Decorative Flags
    American Folk Heart Patriotic Garden Flag by Toland

    They also carry Magnetic Yard Designs like this one and they provide the house numbers for them too :)
    American Home Interchangeable Magnetic Yard Design by Magnet Works
                   Read about my Large House Flag Review FRom Discount Decorative Flag >>>>  Here

    Why not take advantage of the many designs in outdoor decorating items that Discount Decorative Flags has to offer you?  Get your shopping done early this year and Go Shopping Now & Use My Bloggers 30% off your total order Promo Code  mama30  Hurry Expires 8/31
               You will LOVE them!!  Go Here to order and remember to >>>> copy this code mama30 and use it at checkout to save 30% off your total purchase price 
       Go shopping here >> Discount Decorative Flags

                      I hope after you order from the only place on the WEB that has Great Selection at Unbelievable Value that you will comment below with what you bought and the great savings you were able to receive :) I would love to hear all about it!!  I will be back with more great items from this awesome company so don't miss out on each post subscribe to my free email new letter so you don't miss hearing about there great deals, savings and new designs and yes even ~giveaways!! Which they let me host from time to time. Subscribe to me here >>>  Mamawj's Moment Away

    Want to keep up with Discount Decorative Flags also??  As not to miss the news they want there customers to know first??  Great!! You have two great ways to follow them Here>> On the Web page by signing up for the newsletter Register with Discount Decorative Flags OR Follow them on Facebook Discount Decorative Flags On Facebook

    Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a great weekend :)

    * Disclaimer Note* I was provided the above mentioned product from Discount Decorative Flags for this review with No other compensations taken. All opinions expressed here are solely my own honest spoken ones and may differ from others. Thank You Discount Decorative Flags for this sponsored product review.

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