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Touch of Scent Product Review & #Giveaway #Win a Prize Pack from Scott's Liquid Gold Open to US Only Ends 2/25

   Don't you wish it were spring already and not the Winter that just gives you the blahs and does not let you enjoy your windows opened so you can enjoy the aromas that flows in from mother natures scents she provides you to enjoy? Depending on where you live or what type trees or flower bushes that you have planted outside or that grow naturally in your area, those scents are so enjoyed when your home windows are open and the soft wind drifts through the screens.
Maybe you live at beach so you smell the salty breeze of the ocean waves as they sweep into shore. Our maybe you have a grove of fruit trees near you and enjoy that citrus scent that really wakes you up and says good morning!
For me, here in eastern Tennessee it is the wild jasmine trees we are able to enjoy in the Spring time. And each time the winds drifts through my opened windows, I am reminded of just what  heavenly scents that mother nature lets us take such enjoy in smelling to delight our senses.
   Winter time is not my favorite season at all. I do like the occasional snow fall that we get to see but your house stays closed up & not able to breath well, which leaves stale air and all the orders that comes with inside living daily. Whether its the foods you cook that may taste great but some do not smell great. Or those tennis shoes sitting in your mud room, dirty laundry in the hamper etc..
      Well now, you can let your house smell awesome anytime, especially in the blah winter time.
By using & enjoying the line of longer lasting scents in fragrance aerosols dispensed by  scotts liquid gold  Touch-of-Scent

Each can aerosol is a unique super-concentrated, long-lasting fragrance that is convenient and more economical with it's manual dispenser.
       The dry, weightless formula that each scent delivers gives you a more vibrant, fast acting fragrance that will leave your surroundings smelling clean, fresh and more inviting to your guest, family, and yourself to enjoy.
   And using the scents could not be any easier. Because you do not have to go in search of a can from a shelf or closet, take it in hand, and move it about in the air while spraying to try to get air coverage to attempt filling the room with enough scent to fresher the air, all the while with regular aerosols you have used up the can practically trying to spray enough to please you and getting the wet scent to fall upon your skin while doing so.
   With Touch of Scent concentrated air fresheners , you can enjoy the ease of two ways to spray and use it by letting it sit freely upright where ever you choose and simple touch down swiftly on the tab at the top. Which will release a straight shot up into the air of a DRY Weightless scented formula that is more concentrated than you ordinary air freshers sold.
   You can also choose to attach the pretty stylish dispenser to your walls (anywhere) and then just sit your choice scented air fresher inside. And each time you want to lovely enjoyed scent that last longer than other brands, you simply touch the bottom front of the dispenser with a slight push in of your finger, and the scent will be released.
    View the scents & dispensers that I was blessed to review from Scott's Liquid Gold in the Touch of Scent concentrated air fresheners product line.

         They kindly let me review the Dual Room Kit. Which includes 2 White Dispensers and 4 cans of wonderful scents. Shown here I have opened one of the dispensers to let the back be opened so that you can see how they attach to a wall or shown closed as well in case you want to leave it sitting on a surface unmounted but still in the dispenser. The back of the dispenser (shown opened here) has two choices upon its back side to mount. Which is to lap over a screw on your wall to snag hang it, or to use sticky mount squares (which you buy at any store like walmart etc).
         Until I have the time mount my two the wall in the rooms I choose, I placed mine in the sitting up position and as I want a fresh scent, I simply push in at the bottom to release a fresh scent.
   What better place to use the Touch Of Scent concentrated air fresheners than here shown below.
                            The bathroom :)  I put the scent of Jasmine in this location. And I never told my husband that I received this product review so that I could test his nose lol. And just to show you how concentrated a tiny squirt of the scent is and how far it can linger into another room to enjoy but not be bothered by....I squirted a scent of the jasmine and at least 30 minutes later while both of using and being in the living room which is 2 rooms distance away, he said to me "what's that floral smell?  And him being picky about scents in the house (especially my perfumes worn etc) I said do you like it? And he replied yes, it smells like weavers bend.. I knew that was a good compliment because Weavers Bend is a place in the mountains here in Tennessee that runs along the Nolichucky river that belongs to the forestry service and those who enjoy going there to fish, hunt game, ride trail horses, enjoying picnicking or a beautiful ride through an off the beaten path of the wilderness beside a beautiful river. Also gets to enjoy the many wild jasmine trees that grow there and give out both beauty in visual & enjoyed scent because of the tiny bloom that they are smothered with allover in Jasmin buds.
I placed the other dispenser in my hallway entrance, which is located between what I think are 3 rooms that get lots of unpleasant smells, the laundry room, the guest bathroom and the kitchen. And here I decided to use the scent Order Neutralizer. Which is strong enough but not so over powering that you feel it's to strong. I love this location for the Touch of Scent concentrated air freshener. Because as I or anyone for that matter passes by it and wants to freshen the surrounding air, they can just give a slight push to the dispenser.
You know what I also like about the WHITE Color of the dispensers? Well, as a crafter I can leave them in there already pretty designed form, or I can add any means of decoration to them to fit my themed decor. For instance, as you see I love roosters. So I could easily hand paint a tiny rooster upon its front or even add stickers to it maybe by making the blocks in two or three different color blocks. Or another idea is to place any type candle holders around them like ones for the holidays in evergreen or fall leaves, spring flowers. One good thing about the dispensers are that it last so that you can holder your choice scent inside it and stylish as well. You only replace your can of air freshener inside as they run out of scent. And you get over 1,000 sprays with just one can of the Touch of Scent concentrated air freshener. Which is owned by a company that has been around since 1951. And proud to say they celebrate there 60th anniversary in serving and pleasing the consumer with the many line of great products that they make and offer. Touch of Scent is one of those lines of great products that can be used and enjoyed anywhere such the home, work place etc. I have actually seen this product used in business places that you go to such as movie theaters in there restrooms, dept stores etc. So this product is one that would be great to buy for the businesses as well.
  You can purchase this item online directly from the website at
And you can buy the product in single cans at a cost of $2.75 per can, by the case of 6 count for $21.00 or by the case of 12 count for $29.50, in single room kit for $9.25 or a dual room kit for $13.49.  They offer lots of wonderful scents to choose from like tangerine mist, ocean breeze, very vanilla, french perfume, odor neutralizer and of course there specialty fragrances of jasmine, cinnamon delight, fresh linen, Mediterranean mist, sandalwood vanilla, and balsam pine.
    So there is something to please everyone in both scents or just exactly what amount size order you want to buy and use to enjoy.
I think the single room kit would be great for the college student. And The dual room kit because you get two dispensers to enjoy in your home. Then always know you can order a certain scent in a single can to replace your dispenser when that favorite scent runs out.. But remember...that will be after you have pushed the scent dispenser 1,000 sprays WOW!! That will be a great investment that last you a long time in great scent to enjoy :)
     To learn more about this product or to buy online go here
      Want to know about the other great line of products that Scott's Liquid Gold offers you?
 You can read my previous product reviews at the link provided. Learn what to buy to keep all your electronic gadgets clean and clear and not harm them like using other harsh sprays would do buy using the Clean Screen and the little clean screen products. Or how to clean and preserve your wood items by using the long trusted line of Scott's liquid gold woods wipes, pourable wood cleaner and preservative,  and more here

They also sell  the full line of Alpha hydrox products made by Neoteric cosmetics, Inc. So to learn about those products or purchase go here
    As an ongoing proud blog host to this wonderful company at Scott's Liquid Gold who offers you the everyday consumer all these great line of products, I will be here in the future with more hosted & sponsored reviews & giveaways to keep you up to date on the newest & great products from this awesome company. As a matter of fact, after you enter this giveaway for the chance to win a great prize pack that  of the Touch of Scent concentrated air fresheners.....Head on over to my other giveaway to try to #Win the Silk Wrap Body Lotion they are letting me giveaway :)
                 BUY IT:: Shop here >>      to buy any of the Touch Of Scent products mentioned
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                 Web site :

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                 Follow the raffle copter entry from below to enter. Refresh this giveaway page if you see the form is slow to load. Good Luck everyone & thanks to the Sponsor of Scott's Liquid Gold & to all who enter.

 Disclaimer** I was provided the above mentioned products from the sponsor @Scott's Liquid Gold to host this product review and they are excited to allow ONE (1) Lucky Person from the U.S.A. who is 18 years of age or older (no p.o. boxes please) To #Win a great Touch of Scent Prize Pack Free! And shipped free too!!  No other compensation was provided for this hosted review, Thank You Scott's Liquid Gold for this product review & giveaway!! :)
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#Win a copy of I’'m Still Sexy So What’s Up with Him? And a pair of movie tickets!!

#Win a copy of I’'m Still Sexy So What’s Up with Him? And a pair of movie tickets!!
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  As a proud blog host to one of my very favorite sponsors of PartnersHub Family, I am sharing some partnershub information with you my readers, fans, followers some important information to know about concerning  the effects of Low Testosterone in men.
 Partnershub has teamed up with Dr. Sloan Teeple and his wife Susan to help educate people on the effects of Low Testosterone in men.
It’s 2013! - So start the new year by ensuring that you and your loved ones are as healthy as possible!
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   With Valentines just around the corner, this is a great way to go out for a date night and enjoy a movie for two :) And score an interesting book to read as well...
   So read on below & then get your entry's in to #Win it!! By entering this giveaway in the easy raffle copter giveaway form. With all the new movies now that will be hitting the box offices around Feb 14th your sure to be able to enjoy a great night out with your special someone :) Good Luck & I hope you win!!
  Read About Dr Teeple and then enter the giveaway. The raffle copter form will direct you to each entry and what to do for your entry's to count..

The Teeples personally struggled with some inexplicable health and relationship problems, until Dr. Teeple had his blood tested. At just 33 years old - he found out that he had the testosterone level of an eighty-year-old man! Simply knowing this helped him get his “T” back on track... and restore his health, mood, relationship, and vitality!
Quick STATS on Low “T”
- Low Testosterone affects over 40% of men over 45 years old.
- Only 5% of these men will be diagnosed.
- Low Testosterone is nearly 100% curable.

Symptoms of having Low “T”
- Loss of Sexual Desire
- Fatigue
- Unexplained Weight Gain
- Poor Concentration
- Moodiness

Bottom line: A healthy testosterone level can be the key to supercharging your relationship, health, and sex life.

To get the word out, Dr. Teeple created Teeple's Testosterone Test blog app! Take the test to see if you or your partner are at-risk for having Low “T” - and the test will generate an action plan filled with tips for boosting your Testosterone!

Disclaimer PLEASE Notice**The prize will be sent via FedEx or UPS. No P.O. Boxes please. Sponsor is responsible for winning prize fulfillment. Please allow up to 3wks for the winners free prize to arrive. This giveaway will end on 2/4/13 And raffle copter will choose the ONE (1) Lucky Winner. That person will be notified by me through email notification (so provide me with the email address that you check most often) Winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another person is drawn. Check your email & spam folder during the ending date! As not to miss claiming this giveaway if you are chosen as the ONE Lucky Winner :)       Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to me in promotion of the Teeple’s Testosterone Test. I have complied with both local and international laws within this hosted, sponsored giveaway and disclose that I am working with Teeple'’s Testosterone who supplied these materials to me which are required by local law. No funds were taken for this sponsored giveaway. Thank You @Partnershub for sponsoring this giveaway for my readers.
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#Win a Case of #CleanFlame #CampFire Logs #Giveaway US Ends 1/23

  Baby it's Cold Outside!!

          So warm up  with #CleanFlame Campfire Logs
Campfire Campfire LogsCleanFlame firelogs

   During the Winter months we love to be cozy by our fireplace. It's my favorite area in our home and I think the prettiest focal point as well. We do have & use wood in our fireplace. And the things I like best about real wood to burn is the sound that it provides with each snap, crackle and pop. I also like the scent it provides after the coals have become hot.
  But the downside to burning real wood can most times be the very reason that I try to find other alternatives to enjoy in our fireplace. Those downsides can be numerous such as messy splinters dropped all over the floors as you bring it inside, bugs or insects that housed in the wood while stored outdoors, the suit and smoke that it creates until you do get the hot coals going good, the black coals that it leaves in the fireplace, the cinders that can pop out onto your floors even while using a fireplace screen, and lastly constantly having to babysit the wood and keep it added too so it burns well.
  So I like to use a choice that provides me with a log that is closed up neatly and can store in my fireplace ring inside until I decide to have a simple, well lite, clean & longer burning fire that not only gives me warmth, the scent I love that does not choke me from fumes and gives the beauty that I love to sit and look at while staying so warm and cozy.

And I have found each of those benefits with the use of the #Campfire Log sold by Clean Flame.  
We can enjoy a complete Single five-pound log with all the positive points just mentioned above while providing  up to three hours of burning pleasure. And there is no need to add any kindle to the #Clean Flame Camp Fire Log  to get it started or any need to tend the burning log during that 3 hours of burning fireplace enjoyment. Because the Campfire log is made from 100% recycled materials, it won’t spark, drip, or melt. So I can leave my glass fireplace doors open using just my fireplace screen and be assured that the log will not roll out onto the heart or pop out hot cinders. To some, I guess they wood say there is no scent. Which is a good thing if you want to enjoy a warm fire and not let your allergies go haywire from the smoke that real wood can cause you or settle on every item in your house that leaves a smoke scent. I myself think that the Campfire log just ever so lightly lets you enjoy a mountainous aroma without all the hassle that real wood burning does. And I enjoy it. 
      I was excited when my review product arrived by Cleanflame. Which was a case of the Campfire logs in a 5 lb log each. Just one log is equivalent to 3 bundles of wood that you would have to buy and use to achieve the same 3 hours of burning that one log from Cleanflame can provide you. That you will not have to constantly keep feeding to your fire.
              Box clearly gives you detailed information about the product.
                                                  Before the Campfire log has been lit
                                                   After the large Campfire log had been lit
                           We took family photo's by the fireplace during the Holidays and yes you do see real split firewood in my wood rack. That is because I wanted the LOOK of wood while in my picture prop taking photo. You see how small the amount of the bundle is in the photo? Well, I had sent my husband to our nearest grocery store to buy one bundle so that i could indeed fill the fire ring for my props. But as you can see the bundle cost $6 and that is all that it provided, which was barely 1/4 laying in the rack. So it would take $18 work of real spilt wood in separate bundles of THREE count, to fill it up and burn for 3 hours. Which just one Campfire log  would give me in the same 3 hours for less cost.
My wonderful family of my Son-in-law, Daughter & Grandson as they enjoy the warm toasty fire while we took our photo's.


And when it is time to clean out the fireplace, you clearly see that you have less mess and black ash to remove.
To let you know just how much radiant heat that you can enjoy from the use of a Campfire Log by CleanFlame is an approximate heat value: of 13,000 BTUs that one (five-pound log) can provide in warmth.
There is no doubt that the log can burn cleaner both inside with the less mess but outside into the air as well when the burning log goes up your chimneys smoke stack and into the outside air which Generates 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood.
Most people forget or do not do chimney sweeps as often as they should when they burn real wood in a fireplace or even wood stoves for that matter. The use of Campfire Logs by Cleanflame can help prevent that fire hazard of a blocked chimney pipe that can cause fires when it back drafts.
   I love the fact that this product by Cleanflame
  • Saves trees and reduces landfill waste

  • Burns cleanly enough to cook over ( Yes that's right~I said to COOK OVER ) We camp allot each summer and I love knowing I can use this product over our open fire pit to roast hot dogs, marshmallows & my favorite use this awesome way to cook the best outside camp dishes you ever tasted in a dutch oven.                 

  •  Stock photo Shown Here An example to show you how you could easily make a ring of stones and use the easy Campfire Log by CleanFlame to burn in under your dutch oven while camping.

  • We also enjoy our outside area patio and the warmth & beauty that our Chimenea gives us shown here below that I plan on using allot this summer and fall with the Campfire log by CleanFlame.
    And can be used alone OR........Safe for stacking, poking, stirring, burning in wood stoves, burning in combination with natural wood.
    Do I always burn one full log when I burn a Campfire log by Cleanflame? No, not always. Sometimes I break up a log into 3 or 4 sections and then use it if I do choose to add real wood to my fire. They act as a kindling itself and there's no need to add additives to start my fire like you would with gas, kerosene, lighter fluid etc. Even on a rainy, damp day if camping I know we can get a camp fire going with the use of Campfire logs by CleanFlame because they are so Easy to start in any weather; burns without tending. You do need a match or a lighter lol, but that's!! And enjoying any fire, anywhere can be achieved with  Campfire logs by CleanFlame
    The Campfire log by Cleanflame Saves trees and reduces landfill waste and can be purchased in
    Both three- and five-pound sizes
  • And available in single units or in 6-log cases

  • What other products Does Cleanflame sell besides the

  • Campfire Log by CleanFlame™

  • That would be:

  • CleanFlame™ Firelogs

  • Rapid Fire Firestarters

  • I have used the Firelogs before & love them too. Read my prior product review here for that product.

    And I have not yet tried the Rapid Fire Starters, which I hope to soon.
    Wouldn't any of these great products make great gifts? I think so, for anyone who you know enjoys inside fireside fires, camping or outside fires at home. I have even carried these items with me with we rent cabins in the winter. They are easy to carry & start and most of all enjoy in heat & beauty.
    Learn about this great companies efforts

    Why choose CleanFlame™? Compared with either natural wood or major manufactured fire log brands, CleanFlame™products are
    Safer for Your Family

    CleanFlame™Firelogs and Fire starters are ultra-clean burning, generating 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood. In fact, our products are so clean-burning you can cook over them. You’ll feel good knowing that better air quality is better for the environment. And it’s healthier for your family too—especially for children and for the increasing number of allergy and asthma sufferers.

    CleanFlame™products burn more safely in many different configurations. They do not spark, melt or drip. When you want a bigger fire you can safely stack them with other CleanFlame™Firelogs or with natural wood. Our products are safe to burn in wood stoves, too.
    Safer for your FamilyCleanFlame™Natural WoodOther Firelog Brands
    Better air quality than natural woodYesNoYes
    Burns cleanly enough to cook overYesYesNo
    No sparking, melting or drippingYesNoNo
    Burns safely in wood stovesYesYesNo
    Burns safely in combination with natural woodYesYesNo
    Burns safely in stacksYesYesNo
    Safe to stir or pokeYesYesNo
    Perfect for campingYesYesYes
    For more information on this great companies products go here to learn more.
    Go here to read about how CleanFlame Wins CalRecycle's Waste Reduction Award and other news about this company who cares about our environment and the importance to recycle with The CleanCycle Process
    Stay Connected with Cleanflame on all there important social networks
    Want to Buy Cleanflames products?
    Go here to see where you can purchase them

      Win It!!
          Thanks to the great company CleanFlame And the very nice Chairman Kory Hamman :) One (1) Lucky Person from the USA age 18+ No PO Boxes please  Will Win the same product in the size case that I received for this product review.  This giveaway will begin on 1/2 and end on 1/23/2013.
     At which time the winner chosen will receive an email from me and will have 48 hours to respond to claim the prize or they forfeit the prize and another person will be drawn. So be sure to check both your email & spam folder as not to miss if you were that ONE (1) Lucky person to win it!!
              Please enter through the easy raffle copter giveaway form below. You simply choose which sign in method you desire to get the raffle copter form to open for you, in order to complete each entry offered to you. The first two entry's are mandatory for your entry into this giveaway to count. And then you can choose to do as many or little other extra entry's as you wish.  Please follow the rules and enter correctly because I do verify all entry's. Thanks for stopping by today & Happy New Year everyone!! Good Luck on this Giveaway that one person will Win Free & Shipped Free By the awesome Company of CleanFlame
                 Refresh the page as needed..The form may load slowly but will load for you :)
          I decided to add a link here for those of you asking how to enter through the raffle copter giveaway form. This is a 45 second video that shows you how to use raffle copter to enter giveaways. So watch it briefly and you will see just how easy entering can be. If you have any further questions feel free to email me because I would love for you to enter my sponsored giveaways :)
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