Monday, February 20, 2012

Children's Advil Info & Coupon

Calling all moms!

Flu season may leave your child feeling feverish, so as the season heats up, don’t get caught empty-handed and having to make that midnight run to the pharmacy. Children’s Advil® is there to offer the relief you and your child can depend on! Children’s Advil® provides up to 8-hours of fever relief in just one dose, relieving fever faster and keeping it down longer to help kids get back to feeling like kids again.

Click   Here To Print Your Money Saving Childrens Advil Coupon for an online coupon link for Children's Advil.

Dye-free Infants’ Advil® is available for children ages 6-23 months and Children’s Advil® is available for ages 2-11 in four great liquid suspension flavors including Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape, as well as convenient Grape Chewables.

For more information, visit us at

*Discloser**  I  received the information and coupon from Children’s Advil through MyBlogSpark.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Review: Stuff'nMugs

If you have not yet heard of  Stuff'nMugs  then I'm happy to be the first one to tell you all about them. They offer coffee mugs and other great items that you can personalize by uploading your own photo's and making a collage of the event you want as a keep sake, a gift given etc.
They have so many occassions, holidays & event catagories to choose from when adding your photo's.
 I won a free mug that I got to choose from Stuff"nMugs in what photo design I would like to have on my coffee mug. And I could have choosen just one photo put onto it or a collage which is what I was tickled to get to pick.
  I had just previously taken a wonderful first beach trip to Mrytle Beach this past summer with my daughter and little grandson and wanted a way to remember our fun trip, so I ask the kind person who custom made my photo collage at Stuff"nMugs to place the beach trip photo's in order as they happened around my coffee mug. And it turned out so beautiful :) with crisp, clear photo's exactly as I took them. She even ask me with my custom order would I like to add clip art to the mugs collage, wow! I thought that was great so I really put thought into that question and decided to make it really personal by adding the things that made me think of my two loved ones. I decided to add a tiny green sea turtle above my daughters photo because that's my nickname for her and the sea turtle clip art matched the beach theme perfectly. I then added a tag clip art to the last photo on the wrap around collage which also offered a font phrase that I choose to say "Myrtle Beach Trip 2011 with my Two Sunshines".  I was also able to choose my color choice in my coffee mug so I choose White and the kind person at Stuff"nMugs who took my custom order suggested that I could put a background color behind my photo's to also fit the themes design so I picked a ocean blue design that turned out just so pretty. My picture is a bit blurry in this one.
            I love my mug!!

  I love my photo collaged coffee mug that I won from  Stuff"nMugs!! It's a quailty made thick cofee mug and my choice custom made order that was filled by the very helpful person at Stuff"nMugs  took the time to let me decide each fine detail to its design. It was so easy & fun and the end results were just beautiful. They shipped my item so fast too.
  So if you have a wedding,  retirement,  birthday, anniversary, child's birth, vacation etc that you want remembered in a treasured keepsake item then Stuff"nMugs is the place to custom order it from.
   Enjoy those keepsake memories onto a coffee mug, fish playing cards, keychains, iron on patch,stretch bracelets,nail file, compact mirror,golf ball set, poker gift set, 4x6 curved glass, golf towel, divot tool and ball marker,dog collar, pet tag, shot glass, cuff links & tie connector & SO MUCH More for the event & person you want customised.
       Find all the above items mentioned here for customised purchase stuffnmugs
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**Discloser** I am posting a product review of this product above mentioned from Stuff"nMugs because I won the free item and love it! No other compensation was given and all opinions stated here are my own honest ones. Thank You Stuff'nMugs!!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Product Review:Valentines Multi Colored Hearts Cupcake Cuties Kit

I was thrilled a while back to find out about a great company called  CupcakeCuties.  The most easiest way , yet most beautiful & creative way to decorate a simple cupcake. This company has really hit the mark with this idea. A company created and started by a mother named Theresa who came upon this genious idea after attending a birthday party where naked cupcakes were served instead of of the usual birthday cake. Yes, I did just say naked cupcakes, read more here about her story  About Cupcake Cuties

  Ok, now that you have read how Theresa came up with such a bright idea on how to Dress Up an ordinary everyday cupcake, I'll show you the Valentine Design that she was kind to send me for a product review & what a true hit it was at my little grandson's school Valentine Party.

    You simply go to the Cupcake Cutie's web site, pick which design theme you wish to Dress Up Your Cupcakes with and that chosen kit will come with 24 paper sleeves to go around the cupcakes that you make, and the kit comes with the toppings you will need to complete your desired design. All you have to provide and do is bake your cupcakes, icing them and add the cupcake cuties toppings and sleeves to them.

     I was blessed to recieve the "Valentines Multi Colored Hearts Cupcake Cuties Kit" Made By Cupcake Cuties
Which Comes with the Valentine paper sleeve you see below & the tiny mixed colored candy heart candies for the topping.

They were so simple to use too. I choose to make 24 cupcakes in 1/2 French Vanilla with vanilla icing and 1/2 Dark Chocolate with chocolate icing then added the candy heart sprinkles. Here are mine below before I added the icing after the cupcakes had cooled and I added the paper band sleeve. It says on the box kit to add the sleeves to the finished iced cupcake, which you can certainly do, but I found it easier since I was going to be using two differant icing colors and changing my icing tips, to just put the sleeves on, set them side by side in my container and then pipe my icing onto each cooled cupcake, add my candy heart sprinkles. That way I'm not touching the bottom of each sleeve as I placed it inside the container and getting icing smudges onto my pretty sleeves. If you think about the way the bottoms of cupcakes are made after pouring your cake batter into the cupcake papers, you'll know that they are bevealed and don't sit up perfectly straight. So the sleeve lets them sit up straight and really gives them such a pretty appearance. I will say though that you need to make sure that your cupcakes do have a top to them which is what will keep your paper sleeve on and not let the cupcake slide down into the sleeve and fall out. A few of mine were not filled high enough with batter to create a top to hang over so my sleeve was looser, so I just made that sleeve tighter. The paper sleeves have a peel off sticky adhesive at one end so that you can place the sleeve as tight or loose as you choose. So if you make big cupcakes or tiny ones they will work ither way.

After they were iced and added my topping of the candy hearts provided by Cupcake Cuties *Note* You should add your toppings as soon as the icing goes on so they stick well to it, for after the icing hardens I feel it would be harder to let them stick as well. I iced my two color choices with a wilton star tip & a ribbon tip then sprinkled my candy hearts topping onto them right away and any candy hearts that fell into the container actually made it really pretty for appearance. When they were opened for the kids in my grandsons class one like boy said "OMG" and everybody just laughed because that was so cute and they were a big hit with the kids. I actually thought that after they ate there cupcakes instead of throwing away there paper sleeves I mentioned that the kids could use them as arm braclets or bands because they were the perfect size for there little arms and they did which was also great fun for them and they looked upon that as a treat to enjoy.

Also most gone, not many left in the container , they were a hit!
Vanilla Cupcake with The Valentines Cupcake Cutie sleeve and candy hearts toppings

Closer View of Sleeve and candy heart toppings provided in the kit. The design choices that Cupcake Cuties has is just numerous for differant occassions & holidays. Here are a few you can buy at great prices too.
                      Animals Themed Design"Like these two here which includes
(12) Cheetah Cupcake Sleeves/Wraps

  • (12) Zebra Cupcake Sleeves/Wraps

  • Black Sugar Shaker

  • White Sugar Shaker

  • (24) assorted Jungle Animals!!

  • Easy to follow How-To instructions and illustrations All for only $18.99

  • How about for the Football Fan only $12.99
    Or my favorite which would be perfect for a sleepover night and the kids could help decorate them with the Popcorn Movie Theme just $12.99
    That's just 4 differant design ideas you can purchase from Cupcake Cuties go Here to Order  to see all the others like

  •  Animals

  • baby-shower

  • birthdays

  • celebrations

  • Cuties-for-The-Cure

  • Cuties-of-the-Month-Club

  • events

  • food

  • halloween

  • holidays

  • kits-for-kids

  • seasonal

  • sports

  • valentines

  • weddings

  •                           Your kit will arrive in the prettiest box and mine had 2 money saving coupon codes toward my next purchase, a hand written friendly note card from  Theresa herself for this wonderful product review "Thank You Theresa!" And a piping bag for  icing. I just loved the kit, the results they gave in pretty presentation, the happy kids faces and the fast shipping of it's arrival & friendliness from the company. I felt as though a bakery had came to me in that very pretty box. So brighten your next party or speacial event by giving Cupcake Cuties a try in the many desgin choices you have to pick from and dress up your plain jane cupcake into a whole new look!! :)

                            Connect with Cupcake Cuties
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    *Discloser** I was kindly provided the about product mentioned for product review from Cupcake Cuties and no other compensation was made. All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones & I thank you for this great product review Cupcake Cuties~ It was a true hit with the kids at the Valentines school party!! :)

    Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Product Review: Plaid Acrylic Craft Paints

        I just can't say enough about how I love all the many craft products that Plaid Crafts  can offer you.
    The choices are just awesome, wheter your craft hobby of enjoyment is Decoupage, Stenciling, Needlecrafting,
    painting or glass painting and more they have all the quailty supplies you will need to get the job done.
             Product Review: Plaid Acrylic Craft Paints

     The craft supplies I use on a daily basis in the free hand paintings & glass paintings that I create and sell are both there wonderful quailty paint brushes and acrylic paints. I have many of both in lots of colors and styles. They can offer you unique brushes that are made specifically for certain brush stroke effects. Some of the ones I use daily are the fan brush , liner brush and the angle brush. The angle brush is perfect for creating cabbage roses and leafs. The fan brush can let you create pretty leaf patterns. And the liner brush is very important to let me achieve outlining, lettering and tiny detail.
      The plaid craft paints I use daily are the acrylic paints that plaid offers in many brands and the two I like best are Apple Barrel and Folk Art. They come in differant size bottles and the size I buy and use that will last me forever, is the 2 ounce size bottle. It only takes a tiny dab of paint to do a big painting job. Because I use them in many ways depending on what technique I am using. I can use the paint on my choice style brush straight thickness, or add a tiny dot/dab of medium to it to make it thin an flow so easy (which is important if your painting onto a rough or textured structure like wood and metal. Or I can add water to the colors and use it in a watercolor effect. Which is what I did here in this craft I made. Which are wall sconces made from paper dollies, that I hand painted cabbage roses and greenery leaves onto by having my acrylic plaid paints water down very thin and it allows me to glide over the paper with out the paint soaking into and running through the thin paper. I used both the angle brush and liner brush to paint my scene onto the dollie. And by folding the dollie and then adding string beads to the bottoms , I simply taped them to my wall and added silk flowers to the inside, to complete my Shabby Chic room decore with my love of hand painted cabbage roses. I love the color choices that Plaid paint was so nice to send me for review. And the pinks and soft whites  in the acrylic paints in the 2 ounce size were just perfect for my review craft projects.

    Here I painted the metal wall scalloped candle scones with the soft pink and then hand painted the two tone white and pink roses around the outer edge.

    I hope you will visit the Plaid Craft site online below and check out the many craft supplies, craft projects that Plaid can offer you to enjoy the craft that suits you best. They offer lots of craft ideas for children as well.

    You can buy Plaid Acrylic paints in many sizes here on the Plaid Craft web site
    Plaid Craft Acrylic Paints "Apple Barrel"
    Folk Art Acrylic Paints By Plaid

    And don't forget your speacialty paint brushes to achieve certain designs while painting "My favorite ones are the Folk Art and Plaid line of brushes" They offer Martha Stewart Brushes too"

    Plaid Paint Brushes by Folk Art/Plaid/Martha Stewart/Stencil Decor

    Be sure to follow Plaid on FaceBook!/InspiredByPlaid?sk=wall
    On Twitter!/plaidcrafts
    Plaids Blog
    Plaids Kids Craft Blog

    And don't forget to join there Blog's free email newsletter where you can find  crafting inspiration, product information and unbelievable deals right in your inbox! Sign up today to receive newsletters from Plaid. And Your information is always confidential and will not be shared.  so you don't miss any or there great craft projects that they share with you, giving you lots of crafting ideas. And they do lots of Giveaways too you won't want to miss.
    plaidonline craft-newsletter-signup
    Find you favorite Martha Stewart craft products and projects there too
    Martha Stewart Craft products and project ideas

    Thank You to Plaid Crafts for these wonderful Acrylic Paints you sent me for review. I love the quailty and lasting beautiful results they give me in my hand painting projects.

    Disclosure* All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones. This is a company with craft products that I use daily which give me rewarding results in crafting. Thank You Plaid Crafts for this sponsored product review of which No other compensation was given.

    Friday, February 3, 2012

    Win a Hendrick’s Gin Golf Umbrella And a $20.00 Crate & Barrel Gift Card Ends 2/12

    Discover Your Winter Cocktail
    Enter to WIN
     ONE (1) Hendrick’s Gin Golf Umbrella

    a $20.00 Crate & Barrel Gift Card Ends 2/12

    Visit the Widget Below and
    Discover Your Winter Cocktail By answering a few questions to see what winter cocktail suits you best!
    Mine was the "Winter Camouflage"
    Here sounds like a tasty reciepe drink to try, I love coconut flavor and who doesn't love chocolate!

    Chocolate Snowball
    • 2 oz coconut rum
    • 2 oz Irish cream
    • 1 oz hazelnut liqueur
    • 3 1/2 oz melted chocolate
    • 3 1/2 oz cream
    • 1 dash chocolate syrup
    Preparation: Place the chocolate syrup around the glass then place the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into glass.

    On To The Giveaway~~ Partneshub has provided me with this great giveaway the ONE (1) US Entrant has the chance to Win
    Which Consists OF:
    A Hendrick’s Gin Golf Umbrella And a $20.00 Crate & Barrel Gift Card 
        Giveaway Will End on Feb 12th
    And the winner chosen by rafflecopter will have 48hrs to claim your prize
    or another person will be drawn.
    Please enter through the Rafflecopter easy form below (plase wait for it to load)
    The first entry option you see on the form is mandatory, and after doing so the form will then unlock extra entry options that you can choose to do any or all of, which gives you extra entries into this giveaway, each options tells the number of entrys that it gives you.
    Good Luck!!

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Dale and Thomas Popcorn Valentine's Day Six-Bag Sampler Review and Giveaway Ends 2/12

    Feb 14th is Valentines Day
    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Dale and Thomas wants you to enjoy there yummy gourmet popcorn too!
    In these fresh unique flavors
    Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn

    Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn

    Cinnamon Creme DrizzleCorn

    Black & White Biscotti

    Double Chocolate DrizzleCorn

    Dark Fudge with Praline Almonds

    That will arrive in this Beautiful Big Red  Valentine's Day Six-Bag Sampler Box  
    Thanks to this great company who so kindly sponsored this review & giveaway! All opinions spoken here are my own.
    I love all there yummy poped fresh daily gourmet flavors, all so unique and offering both your sweet & salty favorites you love to enjoy.  The Dark Fudge with Praline Almonds is my all time favorite flavor! Yum!!

    Price: Valentine's Day Six-Bag Sampler - $29.95

    Can't Wait & Want to Buy It Now? Go here to order yours :)
    ~~~WIN IT~~~
    So onto the GIVEAWAY!!! 
    Which ONE (1) Winner will recieve Open To US Entrants Only
    Giveaway Closes on 2/12
    Enter through the easy Rafflecopter form below (please wait for the form to load)
    Good Luck & Happy Valentines Day!!

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