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Review of Flameless Timer Candles By Richard Solo

Review of Flame less Timer Candles By Richard Solo

     I recently won a beautiful set of  Flame less Timer Candles By Richard Solo and wanted to post my review of this new product. 
     I was thrilled when I opened this set of Flame less Timer Candles, not really knowing what to expect because I am very big on the use of regular candles never having tried any type of flame less candles. I would see them in department stores and think to myself , wonder if those give a person the feeling they desire compared to regular flamed burning candles? Because why do we burn candles in the first place? It's to achieve two things in my opinion, the scent and the visual effect. And the cost a person spends on any type candle be it a jar candle, pillar candles etc will vary because of the size or just how much actual scent is in the candle. Candles can alter your moods from the scent they release to the visual ambiance they give off with a flickering light which somehow just relaxes you. Yet with a real flame you are ever thinking to your self that you cannot leave the room and be very watchful to them for fear of fire.
   As soon as I opened the set of  Flame less Timer Candles By Richard Solo I knew right then my scent appeal had been reached for the aroma of vanilla was so pleasing, And I had not even turned them on yet so I knew they were on my wow factor already. I then began to read the instructions that came inside the box set which then topped my WOW FACTOR to the limit! These wonderful Flame less Timer Candles come on and stay on for 5 hours then turn themselves off automatically. They remember what time they were set and then come on the next day at the same time to be enjoyed yet again for 5 hours and then shut off again. All the while releasing an ever so gently  vanilla scent to enjoy.  And the best part is you can decide when you want to set them to come on. I love them to say the least. I now know why people love & pay a bit more for flame less candles but these candles are unique in that they have a timer that comes off & on to enjoy them for a full 5 hours wow! If you think of the money you spend as a candle lover in a year the cost can be sky high for most candles are at least $5 to $10 each depending on what & where you buy them. And they burn away leaving you with an empty jar or melted down mess. Yet this set of Flame less Timer Candles By Richard Solo cost the consumer a one time price that lets you enjoy the scent, visual, and worry free of fire hazards time & time again.
  I love this product. I think these would be a great gift. And with a set of three you can group them or use in individual places in your home like I did here in my bathroom. I find myself moving them around to different places, meaning I will have to buy me a set to spread them out to other locations.
   Here I have placed one inside my large Shabby Chic Rose Bird Cage. I love this idea for it gave my Bird Cage a look inside of beauty by day or night and gives off a beautiful scent of vanilla.
And here I have used Two on my bathroom Vanity rack to compliment my Cabbage Rose Angel Cherubs     

  You can find out more info about these amazing Flame less Timer Candles By By Richard Solo  here below


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NOTE*** I  received this product from a Twitter giveaway of Richard Solo  in which I won and I did not receive any compensation or pay for posting this review of this product. All opinions here are solely my own.                                          

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review Office Depot DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer

Review of  Office Depot DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer

    If your looking for a Label Printer that does it all with all the bell's & whistles then the DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer from Office Depot is the one you'll want to buy.
   I love the sleek looking design of the product. And it was super easy to install with the software provided with detailed instructions.
This Label Printer offers such great features like :
Being able to print usps-approved postage so that you can print postage right from your desk-with no monthly fee.
Durable Plastic Dymo D1 Labels so you can print paper & plastic labels in various colors for envelopes, packages, files & more
Dymo productivity Software that lets you customize & print over 60+labels right out of the box
And the best feature of all in my opinion is that this DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer never needs ink or toner WOW!! That's right never needs ink or toner, because it uses direct thermal printing-so that means no more expensive cartridges! Imagine the money you save just there alone not buying ink or toner.
  I love it that I can use it make address labels or my favorite thus far is the ability to make the clear laminated labels. I am a crafter so I can see hundreds of use for making labels other than just for files etc. Here I made some labels for my vintage glass kitchen canisters. They printed so fast too and came out looking so nice, crisp & clear. Peeled the backs off & put them right on.
  I can't wait to use the postage stamps to print when I sell my eBay items for mailing, and not having to go to the Post Office.
This great product will print 71 one labels per minute, now that's fast!
  And the DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer came with all the bells & whistles to help get you started like:
Starter roll of address labels
Starter cassette of Dymo D1 Labels
Power adapter, power cord,& usb cable
Dymo productivity software
Quick Start Guide
Cleaning Card
    Office Depot offers a variety of Dymo Label Printers so go here to see the one I reviewed & others that they offer. I think if you are in search of the perfect Label Printer you will be very pleased with the purchase of the Office Depot DYMO® LabelWriter® 450 Duo Label Printer which sells for $229.99

          Decsription of Item
Handles virtually any labeling job

•Versatile printer lets you print many types of labels. Prints address, shipping and return labels, file folder labels, name badges, inventory and barcode labels, media labels and more — over 60 styles and sizes in all — from your PC or Mac computer.

•Prints USPS®-approved DYMO Stamps® postage directly from your desktop.

•Prints paper labels quickly — up to 71 per minute.

•Prints permanent DYMO D1™ plastic labels in a variety of colors and sizes.

•Uses thermal printing technology means need for expensive ink or toner.

•Prints high-resolution text, graphics and barcodes at up to 600 x 300 dpi. Prints D1 labels at a resolution of 150 x 150 dpi.

•Create labels directly from text in numerous programs, without retyping. Supports direct label creation from Microsoft® Word and Outlook®, QuickBooks®, CardScan® and more.

•Easily prints labels directly from your Outlook Contacts or Mac Address Book. Just search and filter your contacts to print exactly the labels you want.

•Verify U.S. addresses and ZIP+4® codes with included Address Fixer™ software. Requires Internet connection.
•Browse all available label layouts on screen. Lets you quickly find the best label for any job.

Note**** I have, in no way, been paid or endorsed by Office Depot, nor asked to do a review for this product. I won this great product from Office Depot and  am sharing with others  my own opinion of the product. Thank You Office Depot for a great product.

Friday, February 11, 2011

#win Food Should Taste Good #Giveaway

 Everybody loves chips, a treat we love to enjoy but sometimes feel guilty indulging in  for fear they are loaded with fatty ingredients. But not you can enjoy a healthy chip varity that not only taste good but is healthy as well in the product called "Food Should Taste Good" These chips combine the crunchiness of a chip, the crispiness of a cracker, and the dippability of a tortilla chip. They come in great flavors of  Jalapeno/Multigrain/Sweet Potatoe/Olive & Lime and All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free. Just think of all the ways you could enjoy these great chips, with certain dishes these chips would team up wonderfully. So now is your chance to try  all five great flavors. One lucky reader will win a sampler 5 pack of their own, courtesy of Food Should Taste Good. At the great blog of

This giveaway will end on February 23rd so get your entry in to win you some awesome healthy chips in 5 FLAVORS!! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Well, now you can with Giveaway Scout.
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Where you can Add your blog and your giveaways that will be exposed to there large network or users.
So go here today to Giveaway Scout's Link & check it out for yourself. You will love this new giveaway search engine where you can
Make the most of your giveaways for your blog & great fast results you will love.

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Please Join Me on Google Friends Connect

Thank you for stopping by & checking out my blog, where you will find great reviews &; giveaways that I think you will enjoy & find interesting.  I hope you can join me on google friends connect and do so publicly. You can find the Google Friends Connect Button on my right side bar almost half way down. You will need to follow me publicly on GFC so that when you enter my giveaways your entry will count if you are chosen as the winner in any of my giveaways. So please join me & if you have a blog I would love to return the favor & follow you back. Thanks & Have a great day! ~~~Julie~~~

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