Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ghost Town In The Sky is Open Again In Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Great news for all the Tennessee & North Carolina folks as well as all other people hoping to go see Ghost Town In The Sky located In Maggie Valley, NC.

     I remember so well going to Ghost Town in the Sky as a child so many many years ago. The chairlift that took you up into the sky, the rides, the old western town with it's gun fight show, can can girls & great food. Then it closed up for so many years due to the bad economy. Just to open again briefly a few years ago & then close again with talks that it would never open again. But now it has & is the working stages of being as strong as ever. I can't wait to see it this fall with my grandson. You can read all about it here.

Ghost Town In The Sky In Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Friday, July 20, 2012

Product Review & #Giveaway #Win Simple Green Laundry Detergent US Entrants Ends 8/4

  Welcome to Mamawj's Moment  Away.  Let's talk  Laundry :) Today.  No one really likes to do it but it has to be done so let me share with you some Simple Laundry News!!  That's right, there's a NEW Laundry Choice for you to use. Made by that great company called "Simple Green".  The same makers of such awesome products that clean your house hold items, your car and outside items. Now makes Simple Green Laundry Detergent.

I was so excited when this news was released to us bloggers so that we can bring you our readers & everyday consumers a new product to go buy and try.
   As you know I  am a long time favorite to all the other wonderful products this great Company makes, which you can read about here Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Is Mulit Useful Read about it here in there household cleaners  and here Clean your CAR/Boat/ Camper/Motorcycle With Simple Green Garage Products in one of my all time favorites is there car, outdoor items like grills, and my favorite of giving my motorcycle a true shine with its cleaning power to read about here.
   So I was so  excited to get to review & try It's New!! Simple Green Laundry Come See Simple Greens new product of Laundry Detergent. It comes in a 100 fluid ounce bottle and can be used in both standard and HE (high efficiency) washing machines. I my self have the standard machine, but it's great to know it can be used in either machine because some detergents can not be. It has no dyes or fragrance, no allergens, asthmagens, chlorine,phosphates, or optical brighteners. I love those facts just stated because my husband is asthmatic &  any strong scent or dyes can really send him in to a breathing attack, so this is great news for those who suffer from such or have sensitive skin. This new Simple Green Laundry Liquid Detergent is powerful cleaning at ALL temperatures used. Great news when I have to use cold water on  Darks of my husbands work uniforms to cut the grease & stains his uniforms endure on a daily basis. Because it's powerful 2X formula is tough on stains. And it is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Just ONE (1) 100 ounce bottle will do up to 100 HE loads of laundry!! Wow that is allot of dirty clothes it can handle to save you money. And I think most importantly the NEW Simple Green Liquid Laundry Detergent is Biodegradable :) Meaning safe use for our environment, giving wonderful results. The handy cap lets you measure the amount you need for either type washing machine you may have.
         So you are hearing the NEW Simple Green Making Lots of great products for you since 1975 Simple Green News here first about the Simple Green Laundry that will roll out onto the store shelves later this coming year nationwide. Until then it is available to you the consumer for purchase to buy online at the Simple Green web site www.buysimplegreen.com  This new amazing product was put to the test by the Simple Green team in more ways than you can imagine which you can learn about here at www.simplegreen.com/laundry
      I really like this new product. It really packs a punch to deep clean. My dirtiest laundry is my husband work uniforms that we do at home. And on a daily basis they get soiled with grease, grass, gas, etc for as a mechanic you run across every possible solvent daily upon his uniforms. And with dark colored clothing I like to use cold water to wash them. And usually detergents just do not cut those type stains or rid the smell those stains can leave. But Simple Green Laundry can get it out and leave it clean. I highly recommend trying it. It is perfect for use with those who suffer in your household with different allergens & save for the environment. And because of it"s 2X powerful formula it can do  A whole LOT of Laundry loads to help save money.
             Want to Buy It Now?   Only available online until it hits the store shelves?  Great!!  Then Let me make your online purchase for it Simple ;) and Save you money with FREE Shipping!  Yay!! That's right Free Shipping!  With this special code used at checkout you can recieve FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!!  Code for free shipping will be good used through August 31st 2012.
         Order  here   and use this special Free Shipping Code.......  BLOG2012
  And that discount code is good with any  item you order from Simple Green as well...I need to order more of the Simple Green original concentrated all purpose cleaner...I'm out...I use that on everything & love it's cleaning results..
                       Want to try to WIN the same bottle of Simple Green Laundry that I recieved in my review?

                             Great!!  Because the kind folks at Simple Green is going to let me give away the same 100 Fuild Ounce bottle to ONE (1) Lucky Person.

Here are the rules:
 Giveaway is open to US Entrants Only
 Winner must be 18 years of age or older
Winner must provide there name, street address (No P.O. Boxes) & a phone number including area code so your prize can be shipped free to you by the sponsor (allow up to 3weeks to recieve your prize)
NOTE* Only the winner will be ask for the above info. No one will see your info given but me & will be given to the sponsor so your prize can be shipped free to you. Your information is never shared or used for any other purpose.

This Giveaway Will End on August 4th and Rafflecopter Will choose ONE (1) US Winner to recieve the mentioned item above Free & Shipped Free to them. I will email the winner and you will have 48hrs to respond with the above info to claim your prize. Otherwize another person will be drawn.

DISCLOSURE NOTE*** I was given the above product from Simple Green to review & giveaway. No other compensation was given for this post review. All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones & may differ from yours. Thank You Simple Green for the products you are sponsoring here in this giveaway.

Please go to the raffle copter form below and enter to win. Please be patient while the form loads for you. Mandatory entry has to be fullfilled then lots of other extra entries will unlock for you to choose any, all or none to do as well.
Good Luck!!!

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