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Welcome by today folks, here at ~~  Mamawj's Moment Away~~

                I have a great laundry scoop for you to hear about :) today!
          It's one I'm excited about to veer your way... And it's a new laundry product that makes you want to actually do that laundry task, so you get to enjoy the scent that makes you feel like my hand painted window here below, and reminds you of laundry blowing in the breeze outside amongst a hill covered side of fresh grass & wild flowers swaying gently underneath. HaHa ~ was that poetic enough for y'all?

               Well, that's how I felt when I painted this one last summer. The only thing missing in the painted window scene is the mountain line background. And then it really would compare to how this new scented laundry booster product from purex  smells :)
           So, stay with me for a bit longer so I can tell you all about this great product of :

#Purex® #Crystals #Mountain #Breeze #Product #Review #Coupon #Giveaway & $500 #Sweepstakes!

                 Yes, that's right. Not only am I being able to giveaway 3 free product coupons for this lovely purex product to 3 separate winners from the #USA  but...I am also able to provide each of you who visit here today the chance to click on my unique url link that purex sent just for my use to share with you my sweet readers, which takes you straight to the new sweepstakes they are promoting for this new purexproduct. And by entering the sweepstakes you have the chance to win $500.00 from the purex team,plus...that's not all because there  will also be 100 people chosen by the purex team to win a free bottle of the new product called
                                                       Purex Crystals

         ~~~Fresh Mountain Breeze~~~

Purex Crystals presents the New.......... 

scent of             

             ~~~Fresh Mountain Breeze~~~

Introduction:  to an entirely new way to freshen your laundry. Available in the fabric softener aisle.

 Purex Crystals are 87% natural crystals that go in at the start of the wash, so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long-lasting freshness.
What scents are available?
And Today, this sponsored product review hosted  +Purex  #insiders post,  is all about the  purex crystals  NEW scent of   Fresh Mountain Breeze
     Oh man, I was so hyped when I seen my name on the insiders list to have the chance to host for this sweet scent laundry booster product from Purex. And usually the purex team sends us insiders just the free coupons for the products we review & I go to my chosen store & buy my review one & then mail out the others to the winners in my giveaway.
  But this time, we purex insiders got sent our review bottle & the 3 coupons I get to give away for the same product.
  Because the design is so pretty on the front of the bottle, I wanted to do it justice & photo it in a pretty setting for you to see. The name of it is Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze  & trust me again when I say that it reminds me of  our sweet mountains in the spring and all the wild flowers and blue grass meadows that are up there. And when I say up there, I do literally mean up there,  as in look behind the photo I took which has our beautiful Tennessee mountains in the backdrop.

  I never tire of looking at that beautiful sight. Much like I would never tire of smelling the fresh scent of this new purex product. We live in town now & I can see the complete mountain sky line from left to right in a long panoramic view. And a few years ago we use to live in the very mountains I now see from my front porch view. Believe it or not that are just 15 miles away. The degree in temperature  up there is always a few degrees cooler no matter what the season & there were wild flowers that grew & sweet scents in the air from the fresh mountain air that blew and we had a fresh running creek with mountain spring water than ran on our property which made it even more beautiful.
  So its no wonder that purex chose all the scents of nature that made up this enjoyed aroma called
                                                           Purex Crystals

         ~~~Fresh Mountain Breeze~~~

   Ok then, I'm getting to the sweepstakes link just below for you to go to & enter & then be sure to enter my giveaway for the chance to score a free product coupon right here & as I say "There will be 3 winners here" on my giveaway forum below chosen.
                 But I can't let you slip out my door here saying goodbye, before I rave to you about how great this product works and the whole reason it was created by the Purex company :)
       Happy Purex Insiders Likes!!  And you will like it too!
I love it's shape, it's easy to hold on to when you tilt it to pour the crystals from its snap off lid & pop top & both tops remain on it until you close them. I love that so I don't haft to drop them, find them, and put back on. It fits around your hand to pour out the amount you want to use. And I'm a crafty ole gal as you can see within my photo at the top of my hand painted vintage wooden windows. So I see great crafting potential for this product bottle when its empty to use for some cute #DIY recycle-reuse #craft. Trust me, I will share that idea with you someday when the fancy hits me to use it for a fun idea ;)

   I don't know about you, but I like for OTHER Laundry items to smell great too :) So I used some of the Purex Crystals in the Fresh Mountain Breeze Scent, to help my freshly washed area rugs and tennis shoes smell great by just dropping in the amount I desired and help eliminate odor  on the floor when they get walked on OR walked in  again. Along with using this awesome product on all laundry needs, I have found that it works wonderful as well with my dirty rugs, shoes also. I can't wait to use it when I wash my curtains or couch throws :) for the #laundry #enhancer of fresh scent  it will provide.

                          Our weather here in eastern Tennessee has been like a bouncing YoYo! up and down in change.  One day pretty (like when I took the shot photo of our crisp clear mountains I view from here. And then like today when we now have 3 inches of snow outside that has fallen here since ten o'clock this morning.
          But, it's pretty and a part of God's awesome nature too. :)
   Here's left over snow from 3 days ago, before today's blanket recapped our Tennessee landscape once more.

                 So, how about you? Are you getting snow too in your corner of the world & ready instead for Spring flowers to pick, a trip to the mountains to enjoy the gentle breeze with your car windows down with all those scents of mother nature whisking by you in fresh aroma?
                   Wake up!!  :)  I probably had you dreaming for it!! 
                 I know I sure am ready for Spring! :)  And since we all haft to wait for Mother Nature to change her seasons to enjoy spring, we don't haft to wait to enjoy it now with laundry task.
                 Because you can enjoy it by smelling this great scent each time you wash anything.
                   I think next week on a warmer day I will bring my cars seat covers inside & give them a spring wash so I can enjoy this great scent on those as well with
                               Purex Crystals

                    ~~~Fresh Mountain Breeze~~~ 


       Alright then, let's say goodbye today here on this post ;) I have more giveaways listed!  And I hope you will go out and look for this great new  Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze  #fabric #softener  that serves as a natural softener to keep your laundry fresh and  helps   clothes smell great   with it's laundry enhancers and easily found on store shelves to give it a try!
                  It doesn't take but a second to enter both my giveaway below & the purex sweepstakes via the link found here >>>  Click Here To Enter :) <<<  or within my giveaway entry forum below.  Thank you!!
    People really do win on blog giveaways & yes sweepstakes too! I know because I have won sweeps before in both big & small prizes.
                 So Good Luck too y'all!!   And In my giveaway here, I will contact the 3 winners drawn by the giveaway tools that chooses at random when the giveaway ends. And each of you 3 winners will have 48hrs to respond & claim your prize or I draw new names to replace you. So check your emails on the date this giveaway ends! :) Free $6.00 Value Free Purex #Coupon Giveaway for 3 #USA people to enjoy!  NOTE** My giveaway will End On Thursday February the 13th 2014 

And purex announces there chosen winners from the sweepstakes on the social networks, so follow those so you can know who wins. They will contact you if you win those awesome prizes. I really appreciate each & every one of you who stop by my blog with entries into my giveaways, comments, likes, shares, email subscribers etc. It means a lot to me for the support in my blog continuing with these great companies as the sponsors. And it's all thanks to you guys & gals!   Thanks for stopping by today & I have a few more purex giveaways that will post as well in free coupons to win so look for this one below  to also enter in the Purex "Make A Wish" campaign too! Also in the Mountain Breeze scent & will be a 2 person coupon giveaway! With :) Posting soon & easily found on my blogs side bar, to enter.

      Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
I have complied here required by local law with both local and international laws. By disclosing that I am working with Purex Insider who supplied these materials to me free, to facilitate this blog product review and hosted giveaway, all of which were free.  Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsor. I was given the product mentioned within this post to facilitate this #blogger #product #review & have the chance to win insiders prizes  by providing the #purex #sweepstakes unique URL link that I was provided within this post shared with my readers. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. "The information and prize pack have been provided 
   by  Purex Insider
        Thank you to my sponsor :) Purex Insider

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         Let's face it, we all enjoy the use of a #giftcard to any & all merchants.
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 Come on with me now and let me take you on a merchant gift card journey with only just a drop in the bucket of the few choices you have in both buying & selling gift cards with Gift Card Exchange Websites at
        As I said, there are OVER 300 to choose from but let's go to a few here today & then you can visit them to see others you may have in mind that I did not mention :)

  For instance:

Restaurant merchants :

Say you want to buy a $25 value Chili's gift card

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Entertainment choices
         Boy! We all love to go to movies & see the newest releases on the big screen. But there's also a big price once you get your tickets, & snacks & by the time you get seated your thinking for the first 20 minutes on how empty your pocket feels & you hope the money is worth its cost you just spent.
    So why not buy those gift cards prior too & save when you go to the theater instead of forking out cash & more of it there than you'd like too?
     AMC Entertainment   $25 #giftcard only cost you $20.75 and yes, you just saved 17% percent off the full price you would have paid had you bought the same merchant gift card elsewhere.  Let's do the math on that one shall we? You can take that extra money you saved of $4.25 and use it on anything later because~ hey! its still in your pocket :) Cha Ching!

       I could go on & on with more examples for you. Because remember? They have over 300 choices in merchant store gift cards to choose from. But only you yourself, knows what merchants you shop with, you gift out, you have in your hand & wish you now had cash for because you didn't use it or use all its face value amount. So, why not do this instead?  Take a tour below & see there LONG List of choices for merchants gift cards that you have the choice in either buying or selling at


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Who's featured  & talking about Gift Card Exchange Website ?
New York Times
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           Am I done with this review & all the information that I want you to  know about with
        Well no, :) if you'd like to know which merchant I plan on enjoying because of then I'd like to share that information with you in a two part review.
         The first part to share is now. we will be enjoying a gift card that can be used at any Darden restaurant location for choices of  the Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze. I plan on surprising my wonderful husband to one of the locations from those choices, to celebrate his 56 year young birthday in early February. His birthday is just a few days after Valentine's so I am going to combine the two celebration dates & surprise him to the choice he loves best from that list of 4 choice restaurants. I'll let it be a surprise for you too, and see if you can guess which  location I have planned to visit?
             Then  part two of this review : I'd like to share that with you as well, once we have done so & at which time I will share my photos of our enjoyed day, the location, &  tell you how easy it was to use my $25 gift card that really only cost a price of $23.00 with a saving of 8%.
            Why would I want to hold you in suspense?
           Well, I like to run my product reviews for 3 weeks in my post, so you my readers be it old or new visiting here today, have a chance to learn about the news I'm trying to let you in on.
          In hopes that you will visit the company mentioned at >> About
           And >>> Why Gift Card Rescue?  can save you money on over 300+ choice #store #merchant
                           gift cards in a BUY IT or Sell It  Option.
              And, I will be back before this review post ends in 3 weeks & share with you the rest of my review as mentioned. Because, I will be having some great up coming sponsored giveaways for you to enter for the chance to win. And though this review is not a giveaway today, I plan on putting this review within one of my upcoming OTHER giveaways, so you gain extra entries into that giveaway just for commenting below with which location you think I plan on surprising my husband with from the choices I mentioned about in restaurant chain choices Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze    NOTE* we can eliminate that one crossed out because not only is it not the choice I am surprising him with, we also do not have that one in our area. Though I am very curious as to what that one would be like to dine at.
           So??  Where do you think I plan on surprising my hubby to for his upcoming 56th Birthday?
                   The Darden gift card pictured below Will be enjoyed for his birthday at either
                                          Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Longhorn Steakhouse
                                               I know which restaurant I am taking him too.
                                                What's your guess from those 3 choices?
                                                   Comment below :)
       So, for now  why not stroll on over to
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Winners Were::

             Latest winners announced on my ended sponsored giveaways. They have claimed their winning free sponsored prize & will soon be enjoying them within 3wks of prize fulfillment via the company sponsors of each giveaway. Names announced on each ended giveaway tools widget.
Thank you to All who entered!! 
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brylanehome deep fryer with warming tray             
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 Mary Beth Elderton is the winner!

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herbal-essences-naked-collection-volume kit introduction
& Wal-Mart Sponsored Giveaway for a $50 Wal-Mart Gift card
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                      If you entered & did not win~don't be sad because I will have more awesome sponsored giveaways for the chance to win ~posting soon!!

           And be sure to enter the two GREAT +Purex  #Sweepstakes that I have posted ~~easily found here >>> enter-get-clean-start-sweepstakes-win $1,000 Wardrobe & a year’s supply of @Purex Detergent!!    and  here >>> enter-new-year-new-you-sweepstakes-win Win a Fitness Tracker & Years supply of @Purex Crystals  Good Luck on those!!
                         Have a great weekend everyone!   ~~~Julie~~~

Enjoying January Snowmen

     What winter time decorations are you still enjoying on your outdoor home's décor?
I enjoyed my Christmas decorations as long as I could with my Santa's, candy canes etc.
  And once they were all put away I still like something cheery to enjoy outside on my porch until the end of January.
   I decided to leave out all my snowmen things since we are having such cold weather & snow here in eastern Tenn.
   Besides the 20 years we spent gone from Tennessee, but constantly visiting, I remember as a child growing up in Tennessee (in the 1960's ~yeah "I'm of old school age")  and that each winter we always had a nice 3 or 4 good snows to enjoy.  And I always thought my whole life until about 15 years ago, that our part of eastern Tennessee was a safe state. By that I mean, I felt it was centrally  located away from hurricanes, floods, constant snow, earth quakes & tornado's like most all other USA states.
   But that's not the case anymore. A few years ago we had the worst Tornado in history that took lives & wiped away houses completely. And even now, we have all the things I just mentioned  except for hurricanes, on much lower scales, but still have experienced earth quakes, floods, and the snows though are not really deep ones as we got when I was little, we still have them more often. And I enjoy the snows. May be because it brings back memories of my childhood & how much fun we had playing outside in it.
  I remember we as neighborhood kids of about 10+ in count would go to huge hill on a cow pasture and drag our sleighs there to ride.  We even found an old car hood once that we all drug up the hill & slide down on at one time & it was so much fun. Then you head inside while on winter break from school & warm up with Chicken noodle soup & thaw out just like the old TV commercials they use to show on TV.
    ~~ Take a retro memory tour back in time if you remember this Commercial for Chicken noodle soup. Because that's what my mom use to keep stocked in the kitchen cabinets & we warmed up & thawed out with it & saltine crackers after coming in from playing in the snow.

       Watching that always makes me think of my winter school breaks as a kid. So does Snowman.
  And so I enjoy snowmen a bit longer until Valentines Day comes around.
                      The vintage wooden full pane glass window that I hand painted with a Snowman theme & I painted the bottom window edge to serve as a chalkboard & can use any name or phrase on it.
I took some large gift bags that once served well there intentional use that were now torn & cut them in sections to use as MORE Snowmen backdrops in decoration.


I took an old oil lamp & had hubby to rewire it into a working electric bulb one to use. I hand painted the globe on its front with a snowman wintry theme & hung t between our window shutters. And just laid some white Christmas mini lights on top of the A/C box that's in that back porch window.
Added another motion sensor snowman on the edge that I got long ago from Collections that I love using. When turned on, he sings frosty the snowman.
I have removed that tiny ceramic fireplace since Christmas has past but it looked so cute sitting on there too.

                                                  I still have that tiny green fiber optic tree on the outdoor picnic table on my back porch because I have it decorated with snowflakes with matches my winter theme. And a snowman round vinyl table cloth that I got at the thrift store for 25 cent. I put a light source behind my hand painted snowman window, so that at night it illuminates a glow through it & looks pretty with the theme.

On the outside of the screened in porch I made a wreath covered in burlap, real pine cones & fresh greenery that I dusted with white paint to simulate snow-covered. I dash cinnamon oil on the burlap & when you pass by it or the wind blows it smells so good.

My mailman sometimes brings my packages to the back door to stay in out of the wet weather. So I created a cozy spot for him to sit them on in this old wooden ladder back chair I painted & I used chalk on its back slats to leave any message I like  in decorating theme when the fancy hits me.
I used it during the holidays to sit a pretty arrangement on that I made on a grave tombstone saddle.
The chair has 3 back slats on it & I wrote on "Country Mail Drop".

So, I think I'll enjoy my snowmen a bit longer.
And start thinking soon on Valentine ideas for outdoor decoration to replace it, once it warms up a bit.
My friend Tracy on the other hand, in the warm state of Florida is thinking just the opposite of snowmen & she's found a cute way to enjoy her winter time decorating with a neat #DIY project so if your out blog hopping today, why not head there to her spot at cottonpickincute   and see what ideas she has to share with you.
Be sure to sign up for me free email newsletter so you get the latest post on my sponsored reviews & giveaways that go up found here below just be sure to activate it once you sign up.
I have some new & exciting giveaways that will post soon!
Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
~~~Julie ~~~

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