Thursday, November 26, 2009

mamawj's moment away

Hello & Welcome to mamawj's moment away,

My name is Julie and I'm a mamaw of one little grandson who I adore! It seems like everyone around me calls me mamaw so to name my blog mamawj's moment away seems to fit perfectly. Because when I'm not doing my seamstress work that I do for others as extra income or hand painting as I love to do as well, I love to blog! Who doesn't? I'm still fairly new too it after a dear friend introduced me to blogging, but I am learning fast & love the great reviews all you wonderful blog owners have to offer.
I think it's wonderful to learn about all sorts of items like foods/household cleaners/clothes and toys before you buy them. And no one knows them better than moms! So I appreciate the time you blog owners take to review & write your opinion on items so we mamaw's know if we will like it too.

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