Saturday, January 30, 2010

                M                              F
                        NIGHT         O
                N                               O
                                              B  A L L              

                       ARE YOU READY FOR IT?
                              THE PEOPLE COMING OVER?
                                  THE FOOD & GREAT SNCKS THEY WILL WANT YOU TO HAVE?       

  I know what your thinking > Times now are hard , money is tight, GUESS WHAT??
                                           WAKMART KNOWS THAT TOO!!
                  SO they are going to generously SPONSOR this $50 WALMART Gift Card GIVEAWAY for a FANTASTIC GAME NIGHT for you to be able to have for that crowd of FANS Wanting in your door on game night. So  GO HERE>>>>To the Great Blog of  And ENTER for your chance to WIN this KICK"N Giveaway from WALMART and get all the snacks they like for game night to get your party started & get your game on!   She gives you lots of ideas to know what to shop for! Good Luck  Giveaway will END ON 2/2

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