Thursday, February 25, 2010

Win a Crisco Olive Oil Goodies Filled Basket @

   When you think of baking do you think of Crisco? I do, most all baking recipes will call for shortening or cooking oil so the best of both come to mind when I think of baking because you want the things you bake to taste the best so why not use the best & to me thats Crisco. I knew Crisco had been around and enjoyed by many for years because my age tells that  and I remember my mom using Crisco she alwys bought the biggest can they sold to save money and it seemed to last along time. And I did my homework to see just how long Crisco has been around selling their great products to find out they have been doing so for 89 years since 1911, thats along time.  And over that time they have come to offer the consumer great cooking oils too besides there always great pure oil they also offer Extra Virgin, and Light cooking oils. Which gives you lots of variety in the type dishes or recipes you can cook like Latin ones and those oils can give you those flavors. So Crisco has teamed up with Sylvia Melendez-Klinger someone who knows and enjoys Latin flavor and want to help others learn how you can create great dishes with Latin healful flavor. And they have a website to help you learn about it you can find here
        And Crisco is also sponsering a great Crisco Olive Oil Goodies Filled Basket GIVEAWAY with their products you will love & can try for yourself in many yummy dishes & recipes. So go here to the blog of  where she can tell you even more great news about this Crisco giveaway and your chance to win it by entering her giveaway. Good Luck &  Her Giveaway will end on Saturday, March 20 at 11:59 pm EST  so be sure to get your entry in & maybe you will be that (1) ONE Lucky WINNER who gets to get to baking soon with the best  "CRISCO"

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