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Review: www.SHIRTSTHATGO.com Kids USA Made Cool Vehicle Themed T-Shirts

Review: http://www.shirtsthatgo.com/ Kids USA Made Cool Vehicle Themed T-Shirts

     I was so excited a few weeks ago when I came across this great place via a search on the web that offers kids the coolest T-Shirts that has lots of Vehicle Themed T-Shirts designs. These shirts are made in the USA  made in downtown LA and proud to carry the American Apparel Label and All orders are packaged at and shipped from there Chapel Hill North Carolina office. And they use the United States Postal Service for all shipments. Most orders are processed and packaged on the same day that they are received.

 I love the fact that these are USA Made T-Shirts & that's honestly something you don't see very often any more with clothing made right here in the USA. And these shirts are so soft, as a seamstress of  33years now I know about fabrics and what there fabric content is made of and what type fabric is soft & comfortable. These T-shirts are made of  100% Algodon & 100% Cotton Combined which has such a soft feel against your child's skin.
   I was even more excited when  Nick Morgan the owner &  founder of  ShirtsThatGo sent me one of these awesome T-Shirts to review. Given the choice my little grandson picked the theme design of the Kids Tractor Trailer  T-Shirts  http://www.shirtsthatgo.com/Tractor-Trailer-T-Shirt-p/tt.htm  We both loved the design as soon as we took it out of it's package.
   As a Dad "Nick Morgan" the owner & founder of  ShirtsThatGo found saw that it was a challenge to find cool vehicle themed t-shirts for his two boys to wear and enjoy, knowing what they would like but never being able to find those designs in stores. So he created these COOL Vehicle themed T-Shirts just for kids that they would love, designs of which he knew kids thought of like a
Red Fire Truck T-Shirt http://www.shirtsthatgo.com/Fire-Truck-T-Shirt-p/ft.htm /
Steam Train T-Shirts  http://www.shirtsthatgo.com/Steam-Train-T-Shirt-p/ST.htm
 Or kids construction t-shirts like this Cement Truck
        My little grandson loves his Tractor Trailer T -Shirt that was so kindly sent to us for review by ShirtsThatGo. Every child especially boy's love to see big vehicles in action wheter its a train rumbling fast by at the train crossing or a bull dozer scooping up dirt on a construction site. That child loves the noise, the fact that the machine is so big & powerful and the wonder of it all. And with these great vehicle themed kids t-shirts they can experience each one because the designs are so realistic you feel like you can reach out and touch them, like they are right there in front of you as they would be if you were there in person.
   We love the shirt we were sent, of  the front end of the big rig Tractor Trailer with it's dual smoke stacks just a plowing down the highway caring it's big tanker upon it with all those 18 wheels just a turning on the pavement underneath, so realistic you feel like the truck driver is inside ready to pull his whistle aloud for all to hear out on the open road!!

   I just love all the themes they have to offer a consumer at  ShirtsThatGo. As a motorcycle rider I can't wait to buy one in that theme for my grandson. I think these would be great gifts to a child who has a person in there family who drives a big rig truck, or fire truck or helicopter or bulldozer so they can show them the pride they feel for the jobs they do in that line of work. The ice cream truck themed t-shirts is so cool too. 
   **Note that these are American Apparel t-shirts so they do run small (go one size up) when ordering your perfect kids vehicle themed t-shirt. My grandson wears a 6-7 youth size so I got a size 8 youth size & it fits him perfectly.
   ShirtsThatGo also offers there t-shirts in long sleeve should you want those for cooler days as well.
       And they offer for Birthdays
Below FROM THE Shirts To Go Web Site:
ShirtsThatGo Kids T-shirts Birthday (Or any special occasion)

Are you looking to wow that special toddler or child in your family that loves the vehicles like we do? Our cool kids t-shirts make a wonderful gift and it is even more fun if that someone special lives in a different town. For birthdays and other special occasions we do a nice gift note on our letterhead and include our red fire truck shipping box at no additional cost. For the note simply tell us what you would like for it to say in the order comments field.

For example you live in San Francisco and you are sending the Fire Truck T-shirt to your 4 year old grandson in Kansas City. 1) First he sees the box and WOW! there is no doubt who this package is for with the HUGE red fire truck on the box. 2) Then when it is opened the family is greeted with the nice note from you and 3) underneath the note is the fire truck tee shirt ready to wear! Most kids will want to put it on right away that is for sure!

Again, if you would like a gift note simply tell us what you would like for it to say in the order comments field at checkout and we will do the rest.
Featured T-Shirt Design - The Kids Bulldozer Tee

Lets explore the first kids construction t-shirt design in our toddler and kids t-shirt line. We knew that an excavator or a bulldozer was going to be a design that we would enjoy creating. As kids we are all fascinated by these amazing machines. Often it is either the tracks or the pistons that amaze and intrigue the kids. The inspiration for this t-shirt design is a classic bulldozer from caterpillar (sometimes called cat machines). Our intent with this design is to bring you a realistic bulldozer hard at work in the quarry. The look was to be similar to what your kids might see out the window when they see these machines doing their thing. We sure hope that you enjoy this new design as much as we do.

    So what are you waiting for??  Go now & check out all the themes they offer at ShirtsThatGo There's Something for everyones interest in vehicle themed USA made kids T-shirts. 
 Check Out 

They offer Volume Discounts!! 
Buy 2 Shirts: Save 5%    
Buy 3 Shirts: Save 10%

Buy 4+ Shirts: Save 15%
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                                They also have great coloring pages to print while your there too!!

NOTE** I was not paid by ShirtsThatGo in any way for doing this review.
I was sent a free sample t-shirt of choice to review & all opionions stated here in this review  are strickly my own.  Thank You ShirtsThatGo!!!   We Loved our Tractor Trailer themed t-shirt!!!


  1. Those are some really cool shirts! Great review!

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

  2. Yeah, those are some sweet shirts, and, of course, it always helps that they're usa made t shirts, too! Thanks for the detailed review, although, I admit, you may want to choose your font colors more carefully, so that it's easier to read.

  3. My oldest would be all over these! These days all of the tshirts in the stores seem to be attitude shirts, have skulls, etc. These would be a nice choice for kids of all sizes.


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