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Product Review Oneida Cupcake Carrier-2 Dozen Item #: 62518

      Here again for my readers  to very happily sing the praises of  yet another great Oneida product in  the Cupcake Carrier-2 Dozen Item #: 62518

     I just love this product. It is so useful and gives you such ease of both baking needs and carry all to any event you desire and it is so pretty to carry along. Many times I have made cupcakes that I worked so hard on to look pretty only to see them crushed after placing them in a container that either squishes the top icing or gets turned over and when you take them out they end up looking terrible.
    Yes, you can bake your cupcakes and get them all decorated beautifully then put them into a snap covered container and carry them to your destination, but wouldn't you much rather bake them, and be able to then take them in the same container as not to have to wash extra containers? Well, that's exactly what you get in this wonderful Oneida Cup cake carrier that can bake and take 2 dozen decorated cupcakes, that easily houses 2 dozen cupcakes and they will not move about while inside, will not get there iced tops crushed and visible through the container with handy carry all side handles that easily snap into place. You can easily store the container in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator until you get ready to go to your destination.
   This handy dandy Oneida product is a 3 section item. The top cover is clear see through (which I love) the next section is the plastic cup cake holder that holds 12 cupcakes after decorated (it has legs so it stands) just perfect when you reach your destination and want to display your beautiful cupcakes) then the 3rd section is your baking pan which will bake 12 cupcakes. The handles of the baking pan are curved out which are easy to grasp and has oven safe rubber tabs in those handles which helps with not burning your hands while holding them while hot. Because even using a pot holder many times that heat will go through the pot holder and you still feel the heat but those rubber tabs on the baking pans handles help eliminate that problem.
  I used paper baking cups which I feel are easier for baking, clean up and a prettier presentation.

  I used a white cake mix batter that I mixed into 3 separate colors into zip lock bags separating the batter and putting in a bit of the Wilton color icings into each one. I feel it works best instead of food coloring and then you just add a small layer of each color into your paper baking cup and when baked you get a very colorful layered effect inside your cupcake.
After they have cooled well,  I then made my own homemade vanilla icing by mixing soft butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. And I put a bit of the icing onto each cupcake and then rolled the edges of the cupcakes into decorating sprinkles. And then used my Wilton icing bag and used two colors of Wilton colors by streaking the inside lower part of the bag using a Wilton paintbrush which had red then orange gel color that you add up the bottom sides of the bag, then you fill the bag with your vanilla icing and as you squeeze the icing out you will see the two tone color effect results you will get using any decorating icing tip you desire, here I used the leaf tip which I think gives beautiful results from the many ways you can turn your wrist at different clock times, giving distance or closeness as you put in put onto your cupcake top.
                                                          See the Rubber center tabs for easy grip less heat when touched
decorated beautifully in the plastic leg stand  great for carry all and display
 After your all finished with your beautiful cupcakes simply place them inside your plastic tray (if you make 24 cupcakes place the other 12 count inside your baking pan section) put on your snap top clear see through cover and your all set to go to your destination.
  I only made 12 cupcakes, so my bottom section (the baking pan was left empty). You can see by my photo's provided that my 12 cupcakes still look pretty and undisturbed from being crushed in any way, ready to go!
                                               side view of my cupcakes in the plastic display carry case (see the legs on it)

                                                           cover top clear see through ready to go!

                                                               side view

   And the very best part about this great Oneida product is that it's on sale for HALF (Yes that's right I just said  1/2 PRICE OFF Regular Price now @ $19.00 each WOW!
  This product is so handy, and would make a great gift for those who love to bake and attend lots of events where cupcakes are so enjoyed like school parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, holiday events & more!  Wouldn't this be a great product to bake beautiful cupcakes in for any theme like a baby shower say in pink and even add some pics to the tops of the theme and then after the shower is over present the complete set to the shower host or the mom to be.
BUY IT HERE (On Sale Now at 1/2 off regular price)
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Disclouser Note* All opinions exspressed here are my own. I was provided this great product from Oneida for my review. Thank you Oneida, I love this product and know I will enjoy it for years to come.

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