Friday, December 9, 2011

Plaid Acrylic Paints Bring My Painted Holiday Themed Windows To Life

   I have been as busy as a bee this week enjoying hand painting my old house wooden windows that I collect. And with winter here and these nippy brisk cold days right before Christmas, my theme I enjoyed painting today was Snowmen. As as always I love using plaid acrylic paints to bring my scenes to life.  I love using both choices of Apple Barrel & Folk Art acrylic paints made by Plaid. I buy the small bottles which last so long, always giving me vibrant colors.  I keep a big piece of card board placed down on my work shop table that I dab out small amounts of the paint colors onto and use lots of different size craft brushes by plaid in my painted design. Two of the plaid craft paint brush types I use most often are the 1/4" Angle brush & the 10/0 Liner brush. I just finished my Snowman Window today with a happy group of Snowmen enjoying the New Fallen Winter Snow. For depth and 3D effect of real snow I use the textured paint on the bottom of my paintings. As you can see by the photo my craft supplies are well used, which I have used so many times and I love buying more as I run out of a certain color. I buy my apple barrel and folk art acrylic paints at Ben Franklin or Walmart where they cost between 50 cent or $1.00 at great price for something that last for the many projects that I create. So of the prettiest items you can paint on for the holidays to display in your home are old wooden home windows, old house shutters, old mirrors, ice skates etc. These painted old windows look great in lots of areas for the holidays as decor like an entry hall way, in front of your fireplace, on on your porch with string lights behind it. So think outside of the box and put your plaid paints to use with lots of items to create yourself a seasonal item to display as decor for the Holidays. Do you love to paint as well?  Are you a plaid product user like I am? I love all there products. They offer lots of stencils which I sometimes use, but mostly I free hand paint my own design from my minds eye. My real weakness in plaid products are there paints & brushes which I buy every chance I get, you can never have enough hehehe. I'd love to hear your comments on what type items you enjoy painting onto. Merry Christmas Everyone.
                                                               Work In Progress
Finished Picture

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