Saturday, January 7, 2012

Craft Idea By Disney Family Fun "How To Make A Fabric Wall Book Sling"

     As a seamstress, I just love discovering new ideas in how to use fabric to use in your home for both beauty & everyday use.
 And one of the great perks of being an email newsletter subscriber to the great site of Disney Family Fun, you get to find out about all kinds of craft ideas.
And this fabric craft idea shared by Disney Family Fun I actually saw yesterday while waiting to see my Doctor and browsing through the magazines they had for viewing. So, I remembered the name of this craft and came home to look it up.
   I will be making this very simple project very soon but I think I will use the idea in my master bathroom and let the Fabric Sling house my magazines. My master bathroom is Shabby Chic design in colors of soft pastel pink tones & light greens with Cabbage Roses, so I think a shorter Fabric Sling made out of either old vintage chenille fabric or a floral rose broad cloth would look so pretty displaying my magazines for guest to read.\
And my other bathroom has a western theme so a fabric wall sling in an old feed sack cloth fabric would fit right into that themes decor.
  I can think of other uses for this great idea as well, like in my sewing room having 3 separate slings vertically on the wall and house all my sewing patterns in them.

The Book Sling (Fabric Wall Book Sling Project)

  A very simple craft idea with just a few needed supplies.
Be sure to visit  Disney  and see all there craft ideas.

Read all about this craft here
  Hope you enjoyed this craft idea shared. I'd love to hear about your sewing craft projects in the comment section below.
  Have a great day! ~ Julie

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  1. That is super cute and I know you could make it!! Love your new look, too!!


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