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Mamawj's #BzzAgent Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu Product Review

Hi there ya'll :) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year. I was a bit under the weather as was my hubby as well. Both of us with a head cold & the whole icky 9 yards of all the unpleasant symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, cough, and fever. Good thing I had the needed cold & flu medicine near by to use to aid in feeling better rather than having to run out to the store in the wee AM hours. That cold & flu  medicine I am speaking of is

Coricidin HBP

As a member of the BzzAgent Team    I  receive products and coupons, for free and then for being able to receive those items I then get to express & share my honest thoughts about the said products, through buzzing about it by word of mouth, by email. texting, land line calls and sharing the info with my fans, followers on my social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and my favorite spot to spread the word, my blogspot. Just Buzz it!! LOL Easy for me to do because I love to talk ;)
I was so happy when I joined the BzzAgent team & then got my first buzz item to review. I did not want to get sick in order to buzz about it LOL but I knew when I did need to use the product #Coricidin HBP that it would be a good fit for me because I have High Blood Pressure and I take medicines for my blood pressure to keep it under control. And alot of over the counter cold medicines will indeed raise your blood pressure when taken. And when your sick especially with a fever, your blood pressure may rise anyway despite your prescribed blood pressure meds that you take. And you need to take the cold medicines that provide a fever lowing agent & one that will not raise your blood pressure yet will help you feel better by lowering your fever, comforting you from the runny nose, sneezing, etc. So the complete line of different choices of the product Coricidin HBP  can give you that option. There are Five choices to pick from in the #Coricidin HBP line of #Cold #Medicines. So the next time you are in the retail stores go check them out, view each one & see which one will work best for you should you decide to try the product.
Hubby & I both have #High Blood Pressure so the review box that #BzzAgent sent me in the Cold & Flu was a good fit for us both to take. I was sent a free 10-count box of #Cloricidin HBP Cold & Flu along with a few money saving $3 off coupons to use on ANY Coricidin HBP product.
I chose to try & take my 2 tablets of the Cloricidin HBP Cold & Flu medicine before I layed down to sleep at night. And I did so an hour before I was to lay down, in hopes to let it dry up my runny nose & reduce sneezing during the night.
Both my husband & I also have sleep apnea and we both use a #Cpap breathing machine at night. I thought I would never get use to having to wear a breathing mask capped over my nose & mouth to provide me the direct air that I need in order to get air into my lungs so that I do not stop breathing due to the sleep apnea. But I did & after you finally get the rest you need & oxygen to your brain that the aid of a Cpap can provide you, you soon just get use to wearing the mask & thankful for the use & results it provides you. With that being said, now back to the night time results that Coricidin HBP provided me with my cold symptoms while wearing my Cpap mask.
I thought I would be removing my mask allot during the night hours having to blow my nose from running or sneezing nasal issues. But I have to honestly say that for six hours the product did dry me up and the battle of constantly blowing my nose from sneezing and runny nose did cease and let me get some rest. And it did not raise my blood pressure which i was very pleased with.
 My husband suffers also from ashma so when he gets a Cold or Flu, his symptoms are doubled with discomfort, one of which is body aches. He said he felt that the Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu medicine really helped with those discomforts.
  I feel allot better than I did and this product is one that I will buy and keep in my medicine cabinet.
And I will share the money saving coupons with other family & friends that I know would appreciate the fact that this over the counter medince will not raise there blood pressure & relieve there Cold & Flu symptoms. From the product I reviewed from BzzAgent these are the symptoms it will help with:

Coricidin® HBP Cold & Flu

Provides powerful relief of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Runny Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Body Aches, Pains and Headache

Active Ingredients, per tablet:

  • Pain Reliever/ Fever Reducer: Acetaminophen 325 mg
  • Antihistamine: Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2 mg
To view & read about Each choice they offer in stores,  go here to the link below to learn more and get you a money saving printable coupon while you are there.

Where can you Buy the line of choices that Coricidin HBP has to offer you over the counter?
These are the retail shopping stores that I saw that sells the product mentioned...And I'm sure others do as well.

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Have you heard of the product or tried it yet? Has the Cold or Flu bug found it's way to you yet this year like it did me?  Join in below within the comment section  sharing your thoughts. I would love to hear them. Thank You for stopping by to visit & read my shared post. I hope ya'll have a great day, filled with blessings :)  ~From Julie your host here at mamawj's moment away
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  1. Hey Julie, that's a great review! Was it karma that the Cordicidin came just we got sick? Yep, I've had that crap too. I wasn't expecting to need to use it when it came. Guess they know when cold and flu season is and when to run their campaigns. I'm glad you're feeling better. Nothing worse than being your sickest at night and not being able to sleep through it.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  2. I am a bzz agent too an recieved some of this an it worked really well


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