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  Baby it's Cold Outside!!

          So warm up  with #CleanFlame Campfire Logs
Campfire Campfire LogsCleanFlame firelogs

   During the Winter months we love to be cozy by our fireplace. It's my favorite area in our home and I think the prettiest focal point as well. We do have & use wood in our fireplace. And the things I like best about real wood to burn is the sound that it provides with each snap, crackle and pop. I also like the scent it provides after the coals have become hot.
  But the downside to burning real wood can most times be the very reason that I try to find other alternatives to enjoy in our fireplace. Those downsides can be numerous such as messy splinters dropped all over the floors as you bring it inside, bugs or insects that housed in the wood while stored outdoors, the suit and smoke that it creates until you do get the hot coals going good, the black coals that it leaves in the fireplace, the cinders that can pop out onto your floors even while using a fireplace screen, and lastly constantly having to babysit the wood and keep it added too so it burns well.
  So I like to use a choice that provides me with a log that is closed up neatly and can store in my fireplace ring inside until I decide to have a simple, well lite, clean & longer burning fire that not only gives me warmth, the scent I love that does not choke me from fumes and gives the beauty that I love to sit and look at while staying so warm and cozy.

And I have found each of those benefits with the use of the #Campfire Log sold by Clean Flame.  
We can enjoy a complete Single five-pound log with all the positive points just mentioned above while providing  up to three hours of burning pleasure. And there is no need to add any kindle to the #Clean Flame Camp Fire Log  to get it started or any need to tend the burning log during that 3 hours of burning fireplace enjoyment. Because the Campfire log is made from 100% recycled materials, it won’t spark, drip, or melt. So I can leave my glass fireplace doors open using just my fireplace screen and be assured that the log will not roll out onto the heart or pop out hot cinders. To some, I guess they wood say there is no scent. Which is a good thing if you want to enjoy a warm fire and not let your allergies go haywire from the smoke that real wood can cause you or settle on every item in your house that leaves a smoke scent. I myself think that the Campfire log just ever so lightly lets you enjoy a mountainous aroma without all the hassle that real wood burning does. And I enjoy it. 
      I was excited when my review product arrived by Cleanflame. Which was a case of the Campfire logs in a 5 lb log each. Just one log is equivalent to 3 bundles of wood that you would have to buy and use to achieve the same 3 hours of burning that one log from Cleanflame can provide you. That you will not have to constantly keep feeding to your fire.
              Box clearly gives you detailed information about the product.
                                                  Before the Campfire log has been lit
                                                   After the large Campfire log had been lit
                           We took family photo's by the fireplace during the Holidays and yes you do see real split firewood in my wood rack. That is because I wanted the LOOK of wood while in my picture prop taking photo. You see how small the amount of the bundle is in the photo? Well, I had sent my husband to our nearest grocery store to buy one bundle so that i could indeed fill the fire ring for my props. But as you can see the bundle cost $6 and that is all that it provided, which was barely 1/4 laying in the rack. So it would take $18 work of real spilt wood in separate bundles of THREE count, to fill it up and burn for 3 hours. Which just one Campfire log  would give me in the same 3 hours for less cost.
My wonderful family of my Son-in-law, Daughter & Grandson as they enjoy the warm toasty fire while we took our photo's.


And when it is time to clean out the fireplace, you clearly see that you have less mess and black ash to remove.
To let you know just how much radiant heat that you can enjoy from the use of a Campfire Log by CleanFlame is an approximate heat value: of 13,000 BTUs that one (five-pound log) can provide in warmth.
There is no doubt that the log can burn cleaner both inside with the less mess but outside into the air as well when the burning log goes up your chimneys smoke stack and into the outside air which Generates 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood.
Most people forget or do not do chimney sweeps as often as they should when they burn real wood in a fireplace or even wood stoves for that matter. The use of Campfire Logs by Cleanflame can help prevent that fire hazard of a blocked chimney pipe that can cause fires when it back drafts.
   I love the fact that this product by Cleanflame
  • Saves trees and reduces landfill waste

  • Burns cleanly enough to cook over ( Yes that's right~I said to COOK OVER ) We camp allot each summer and I love knowing I can use this product over our open fire pit to roast hot dogs, marshmallows & my favorite use this awesome way to cook the best outside camp dishes you ever tasted in a dutch oven.                 

  •  Stock photo Shown Here An example to show you how you could easily make a ring of stones and use the easy Campfire Log by CleanFlame to burn in under your dutch oven while camping.

  • We also enjoy our outside area patio and the warmth & beauty that our Chimenea gives us shown here below that I plan on using allot this summer and fall with the Campfire log by CleanFlame.
    And can be used alone OR........Safe for stacking, poking, stirring, burning in wood stoves, burning in combination with natural wood.
    Do I always burn one full log when I burn a Campfire log by Cleanflame? No, not always. Sometimes I break up a log into 3 or 4 sections and then use it if I do choose to add real wood to my fire. They act as a kindling itself and there's no need to add additives to start my fire like you would with gas, kerosene, lighter fluid etc. Even on a rainy, damp day if camping I know we can get a camp fire going with the use of Campfire logs by CleanFlame because they are so Easy to start in any weather; burns without tending. You do need a match or a lighter lol, but that's!! And enjoying any fire, anywhere can be achieved with  Campfire logs by CleanFlame
    The Campfire log by Cleanflame Saves trees and reduces landfill waste and can be purchased in
    Both three- and five-pound sizes
  • And available in single units or in 6-log cases

  • What other products Does Cleanflame sell besides the

  • Campfire Log by CleanFlame™

  • That would be:

  • CleanFlame™ Firelogs

  • Rapid Fire Firestarters

  • I have used the Firelogs before & love them too. Read my prior product review here for that product.

    And I have not yet tried the Rapid Fire Starters, which I hope to soon.
    Wouldn't any of these great products make great gifts? I think so, for anyone who you know enjoys inside fireside fires, camping or outside fires at home. I have even carried these items with me with we rent cabins in the winter. They are easy to carry & start and most of all enjoy in heat & beauty.
    Learn about this great companies efforts

    Why choose CleanFlame™? Compared with either natural wood or major manufactured fire log brands, CleanFlame™products are
    Safer for Your Family

    CleanFlame™Firelogs and Fire starters are ultra-clean burning, generating 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood. In fact, our products are so clean-burning you can cook over them. You’ll feel good knowing that better air quality is better for the environment. And it’s healthier for your family too—especially for children and for the increasing number of allergy and asthma sufferers.

    CleanFlame™products burn more safely in many different configurations. They do not spark, melt or drip. When you want a bigger fire you can safely stack them with other CleanFlame™Firelogs or with natural wood. Our products are safe to burn in wood stoves, too.
    Safer for your FamilyCleanFlame™Natural WoodOther Firelog Brands
    Better air quality than natural woodYesNoYes
    Burns cleanly enough to cook overYesYesNo
    No sparking, melting or drippingYesNoNo
    Burns safely in wood stovesYesYesNo
    Burns safely in combination with natural woodYesYesNo
    Burns safely in stacksYesYesNo
    Safe to stir or pokeYesYesNo
    Perfect for campingYesYesYes
    For more information on this great companies products go here to learn more.
    Go here to read about how CleanFlame Wins CalRecycle's Waste Reduction Award and other news about this company who cares about our environment and the importance to recycle with The CleanCycle Process
    Stay Connected with Cleanflame on all there important social networks
    Want to Buy Cleanflames products?
    Go here to see where you can purchase them

      Win It!!
          Thanks to the great company CleanFlame And the very nice Chairman Kory Hamman :) One (1) Lucky Person from the USA age 18+ No PO Boxes please  Will Win the same product in the size case that I received for this product review.  This giveaway will begin on 1/2 and end on 1/23/2013.
     At which time the winner chosen will receive an email from me and will have 48 hours to respond to claim the prize or they forfeit the prize and another person will be drawn. So be sure to check both your email & spam folder as not to miss if you were that ONE (1) Lucky person to win it!!
              Please enter through the easy raffle copter giveaway form below. You simply choose which sign in method you desire to get the raffle copter form to open for you, in order to complete each entry offered to you. The first two entry's are mandatory for your entry into this giveaway to count. And then you can choose to do as many or little other extra entry's as you wish.  Please follow the rules and enter correctly because I do verify all entry's. Thanks for stopping by today & Happy New Year everyone!! Good Luck on this Giveaway that one person will Win Free & Shipped Free By the awesome Company of CleanFlame
                 Refresh the page as needed..The form may load slowly but will load for you :)
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    1. I would love to try the campfire logs. We do lots of camping and when it's wet out the fire is so hard to start. So I guess the RapidFire fire starters may be good to try too


    2. I love having a fire in my fireplace,espically on cold winters nights an some good wine an candles an soft music,,one of my favorite things to do

    3. I would like to try the Rapid Fire Firestarters. Sometimes it's hard to get a fire going outside especially if the wood is damp and those light even when they are wet.

    4. I'd like to try the Rapid Fire Firestarters. I have to say, I love the commitment this company has to the environment.

    5. This company has a real commitment to to the environment and I appreciate that. Definitely tips the scale in their favor for purchases

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    7. I would like to try the rapid fire firestarters!

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