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Read the #TruMoo® #Halloween Milk & Goosebumps #Sweepstakes Haunted #BzzCampaign News #GotItFree

TruMooMilk® Halloween Milk  +BzzAgent  BzzCampaign

Let me Greet Everyone with Some Goosebumps  & TruMoo Bone Chilling News!!
From your BzzAgent mamawj

Did that mysterious greeting get you to thinking about Halloween?

Well I hope so!! Because I sure am ready for it & all the fun it brings in yummy treats & fun spooky movies to enjoy on fright night!

   And you can enjoy both with the new TruMooMilk Halloween Milk flavors available in stores now of both Chocolate & Vanilla! 

  And enjoy the new DVD movie of "Goosebumps OneDay at Horror Land"
    That's in stores now for purchase. Found at great prices too! But use a money saving coupon on your purchase when you go through the check out line and save even more on this great Halloween dvd!
    Where's the coupon you ask? Easy, just go checkout the TruMoo® Facebook page and enter to win a Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation! Simply entering the sweepstakes earns you an instant $2-off coupon to use on any Goosebumps DVD. That way you can stock up on frightful entertainment!!
And it is October now upon us! So better get your entry into the sweepstakes so you can print that coupon for this cool & creepy DVD.

   I already entered the sweepstakes @ TruMoo® Facebook  & printed off my $2 money saving coupon >> See>>

  My grandson LOVES the goosbumps movies or books too! He was just watching  the older running movies of them the other morning here on our Netflix channels.
   I did some online #bing searches to see who sold the NEW  "Goosebumps OneDay at Horror Land"  DVD at the lowest cost before I use my $2 off coupon for it, as his Halloween gift from me. And so far +Walmart has it for $9.96 & then once I deduct my $2 off coupon, I luck up & get it for $7.96 +tax  wow!
spook-tacular deal huh?

He's going to love it!! He's also sure to ask me? Mamaw?
Where's my cool & spooky snacks to enjoy during the movie?

And I will have that covered. When I pour out the cold refreshing & mummy oops ..I meant yummy, cold milk from TruMoo in one of two enjoyed flavors of Chocolate & Vanilla that is now ALSO available in the stores cold refrigerated section.
   What stores you ask again?
Well, I have spotted it available here in our Tennessee stores, in the quick stop markets, Ingles gro. & Wal-Mart where I got my Free gallon of Chocolate flavored TruMoo Milk.
    Why I got it free you might ask?
  Well, as my chilling greeting above stated, I am a BzzAgent , which means that I get the cool chance to try out the newest products that companies out in market place, offer all us consumers just like you, for sale on store shelves. We bzzagents get to try it out & see what we think about it & let others just like you know the test & tried results.
  And when I received my one free product coupon from +BzzAgent  for the new TruMoo® Halloween Milk BzzCampaign, I wanted to let you know all about it.
      I probably would of chose the Vanilla flavor, but our Wal-mart at the time, only had the Chocolate flavor. But that's cool with me because we all love chocolate milk around here. And it did not take us long to enjoy a cold glass of the  TruMooMilk Halloween Chocolate Milk flavor.
    It is so smooth tasting, rich in chocolate flavor & just yummy!
        Why does it have Halloween in it's title? Well, you can certainly enjoy it anytime. But Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy good wholesome milk.
   And not just by drinking it plain either.  With my #gotitfree #bzzagent coupon product , I also got some 75 cent off coupons for the product & a recipe card with some ideas on it for the flavored TruMoo milks.  
   They sound great for Halloween time to make. One was Monster Mash Mudslide that used the chocolate milk & the other was Spooky Smoothie that used the vanilla flavored milk.
  Each recipe had other ingredients like, yogurt, whipped cream, cookie wafers or mini chocolate chips.
  I decide to play around with my own creative ingredients & add them to the chocolate flavored milk to see what Halloween inspired fun cool treat I could make. Not sure what I will call my created recipe treat but it sure tasted good with the aid of my TruMoo Chocolate flavored milk.
   I mixed up this spooky concoction of:
     1/2 cup TruMooMilk Chocolate flavored milk
     1 heaping tablespoon of marshmallow cream
     2 small strawberry flavored cookie wafers & one chocolate flavored cookie wafer
    I blended it in the blender until the cookie wafers were all chopped in tiny pieces
  then I poured it into a dessert glass, add a tiny dollop of the marshmallow cream to the top & sprinkled on some cake decorating candy pieces that fit the colors of Halloween.


Let it chill in the freezer for 15 -20 minutes, then enjoyed it with a spoon.
   The colors of the strawberry wafers, when chopped up & mixed with the trumoo chocolate milk, really gave it a spooky look with the red colors mixed in & it actually tasted pretty good.  

    Then I thought I'd play around with freezing the milk & making a Popsicle to enjoy. So I took a white star shaped large marshmallow, stuck in some raisins for eyes, poked a wooden skewer stick through it and pushed it to the bottom of the cup & poured the trumoo chocolate flavored milk over it to freeze.


Other than my marshmallow arising like a ghost from its tomb out of the milk until it froze, it looks mummy...oops again...I meant yummy ;) to try.
But, I will save it for my grandson to enjoy :)

So I hope everyone has a fun filled Halloween this year!
Make it even more fun when you buy the new flavors of TruMoo® Milk in the Vanilla or Chocolate choices & drink it cold or  brew up some cool recipes like I did or the ones you can find on the TruMoo® Facebook page
And save $2 off those Goosebumps DVD's that you go to buy in stores near you. Which you can print after you enter the sweepstakes found at

 TruMoo® Facebook page and enter to win a Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation! Simply entering the sweepstakes earns you an instant $2-off coupon to use on any Goosebumps DVD.

The kids are sure to love both enjoyed anytime or for  Halloween night!

  I have a few .75 cent off money saving #coupons for the #TruMoo  Milk & I will be handing them out to this years trick or treaters.
But I'm also going to put 3 of those coupons, inside my  purex-ultrapacks-plus-oxi giveaway  that I have going on. So why not go enter my   purex-ultrapacks-plus-oxi giveaway  for the chance to be one of 3 winners who will win a free coupon for the new oxi plus laundry detergent liquid ultra packs. And when I mail out those 3 free coupons, I will also include one of theses TruMoo money saving coupons inside the envelopes.  

Thanks for swooping in today here @mamawj's moment away

I enjoy telling you about my latest  #BzzCampaign product review News

Where I #GotItFree  from +BzzAgent
 *Disclose *** I am happy to be a BzzAgent from which I received this product & coupons to samples for free :)
Thank You kindly #
BzzAgent  & TruMooMilk

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                                             Have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie ~~~~




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