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Endless #Summer Season' #Outdoor #Entertaining Ideas Found @BrylaneHome #Clearance Sales up-to 75% off! 3 pc #Resin #FlowerPot #Giveaway Found here!

Endless #Summer Season #Outdoor #Entertaining Ideas Found @BrylaneHome #Giveaway here too!
       Win this  Set-of-3-Resin-Flower-Pots  Home-outdoor-living item from #Brylanehome
      This really pretty Set of 3 Resin Flower Pots in the two tone colors of Browns can be enjoyed for just $14.49 for the set! Normally costing $59.99 Now on sale at a huge savings of 75% off  found at

    So, what's your #outdoor favorite choices for #Summer decorating?
         Just look what $25 or less spent with
                         Could let you enjoy with the rest of Summer days spent outdoors.
         Maybe your Home-Outdoor-Cushions-and-Pillows  have seen brighter days and would welcome these vibrant beauties..


Or your Home-Grilling-and-Entertaining could use some new color change with cheerful and inviting items like this Santa-Fe-Collection   to enjoy with out door grilling and party time.
 Keep guest cooled off with your favorite tea brew mix in this Embossed-Glass-Beverage-Dispenser
That's just a drop in the  Bucket

 of the many low priced  Clearance Summer End Items on sale now & available for easy money savings on-line shopping found at  BrylaneHome
They offer so many pretty quality items to such as 
Regularly priced between $200 and up that is at now 75% off regular prices

Now on sale at just $99.00 half it's original price.
This set could fit perfectly in any setting be it under a shade tree, by your pool side, on a porch or even by your flower garden. 
Need shading and a way  to enjoy your Summer parties or get together's enjoyed outdoors if the rain drops in on you?
    BrylaneHome has you covered on that area too.
With many sizes, styles, of Gazebos-and-Umbrellas
Regularly priced at $270.00 this gorgeous Over-sized Gazebo with Center Leg is now just $109.99 a 60% savings. Perfect for all your Summer & even into the Fall months of parties, weddings, reunions, grill outs to enjoy outdoors.  
Now's the time to buy these items as gifts and save money. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "You learn or see something new everyday"? 
I sure seen something new when I browsed all the great  items at BrylaneHome and seen this outdoor item for shade
How cool is that? 
It's an Offset-Umbrella that let's you place anywhere for choice shade. 
I can see something as unique as this being used in unusual places where shade really never exist yet you would really thirst for it. Like, boat docks end where you may enjoy a dive into your lake, or pool side area where trees are not an option because of the mess leaves can leave. 
And I think the base on the item is plenty wide enough to sit a side table or decorative cooler on it for easy reach for drinks or summer enjoyed foods. 

Maybe your like me and your outdoor patio table umbrella  could use a whole new fix!
Stick around here for a bit and hear about my product review for this lovely 

        8' Tilt and Crank Patio-Umbrella                      pictured below from                                                                  BrylaneHome

Then enter to win the same  3 resin flower pots I was able to review as well. 
I'm looking forward to showing you how & where I used both items that I was able to review.
Review Item Description: This outdoor umbrella is designed with an easy-to-operate tilt and crank mechanism offering a shady spot no matter where you sit. 

• features durable 6 steel rib construction with a 9'H aluminum pole
• heavyweight polyester canopy with vented top for better air circulation
• available in two colors: Taupe and Hunter Green
• push-button tilt
• Steel/aluminum/polyester
• Spot clean
• tuck a pair of our garden and patio chairs or a whole outdoor dining set under this extra wide umbrella to make the most of the shade

This push-button tilt patio umbrella is 9 feet tall allowing any of our outdoor dining sets to comfortably fit under its tilting canopy.
This particular patio umbrella is available in colors of  Taupe & Hunter Green.
Normally priced at $79.99 and now available at the reduced End of Summer Clearance sale price of $28.99 A huge 63% off savings to you the valued customer at
Let me start out showing you my old, faded and worn patio umbrella. 
The best yard sale find I ever came across was this mesh wire patio table and chairs and they threw in the already used patio umbrella as well. That I got all of it for just $10.00!!  
I been busy this weekend as I set up my Summer Season Outdoor Review Items from the sponsor
You can see how my concrete patio needs new paint ~So it got a fresh coat of chocolate brown to match my patio theme of western decor. And once it was dried then I went to fun works of sitting up my review items. 
Up goes first, my review item for the #Brylanehome

8' Tilt and Crank Patio-Umbrella  

 of which I chose in the color Taupe. This color matches any earth tone colors or patterns you may have in outdoor decor. 

Take a closer look at how it looks, open, tilted to either side, and closed. 
                                                    Love the feature of sturdy poles in which it is constructed and capped over end corners to ensure the fabric stays on with opening & closing the umbrella with the crank handle.
                                                  About 1 ft or so from the inside top, you have a click lever that allows you to click and tilt the umbrella to the left or right side. I love this feature as well, so you can block the sun, rain, or wind to your own satisfaction.
                    I love the fact that you can crank the umbrella fully open and tight, or choose how slightly closed you may want the top. I have learned from experience that if the wind gets up very strong in gust and any patio umbrella is fully tight and open, its more likely to just whip the unit from your table or standing. I find that if you let the umbrella have a slight drop to it, that it allows it to breath and remain more manageable.
Of course if the wind is really getting wild, then close your umbrella completely to keep it in tact and unharmed.
                             See that white colored cord inside the unit? That is the mechanism that allows it to open and close with the help of the easy CLICKING crank handle.

Which I will show you now how it works in my video that I managed to film with camera in one hand and this cool shaded patio umbrella from BrylaneHome in the other as I crank it open & closed for you. :) 
Note* you won't hear me talk ~I'll spare you my southern accent and my too many y'alls that I say way to much. HaHa ~ But you will hear the enchanting sounds of Summer going by in lawn care ;) 

This patio umbrella had a helpful sticker on the crank handle that indicates which way to crank it up or down. So you don't risk doing it the wrong way and stripping the handles gears. 
The 2/part Umbrella parts are easy to put up. 
You simply put your bottom pole in first to your table and then slide in the Top shade of the umbrella. You will see a notch on the bottom end of the pole that sticks out and as you slide the top pole over it you will push in that (silver colored notch) and the outer pole will latch into place and position over that notch which locks it in place. 

                                                 Most patio umbrellas are one complete piece in fabric assembly. Which in my opinion puts stress and easy tearing capability on the umbrella to rip once the sun had faded the fabric over years of usage.  This design however in patio umbrellas, has a extra skirt over the larger fabric piece of the umbrella and that added feature allows you to have more assurance those things won't occur after years of use.
            Here I am about, to slip the top pole over the bottom pole, to latch the two securely over the notch just mentioned.
               Easy crank handle can be left where ever you choose, up or down in position.
Why would that matter?  Because I like to sit things under and up against my patio umbrellas under pole. Such as a utensil holder, small flower pots, drink pitcher, etc. and that way you have a chose to move the handle from obstruction in height.
Ok Then, Let's move on to my next product I was able to review from 
 Just by first glance of these 

Set of 3 Resin Flower Pots that BrylaneHome offers, you think they are SO heavy and made of real pottery ware. I thought that as I viewed the picture from their website and even when I saw them in person as I pulled them from the shipping box where they were each protected separately with great packaging materials. But then you see they are as light as a feather yet VERY thickly made and durable. And the blended color tones are so vivid and pretty. I have an airbrush that sometimes use in my art work as well as freehand painting, and the resin flower pots look just like airbrush in the blending of colors as they change from dark to light colors upon the outside pot. As well as the clear seal they have upon them for sheen. I also use clear seal spray in almost every art project I do and that feature helps to save a surface from scratches, fading. etc. So that's another feature I loved about this trio in sizes of the 3 Resin Flower Pots

Each one has a drain hole in the center of it's bottom side.
                     Why is that important?  Because  the drain hole will serve as a way to let excess water run out and not risk busting your pot if you were to let it sit outside throughout the winter if the contents you placed inside became filled with too much water from rain or snow and would freeze and risk cracking the pots from expansion. This fact happens less often in pots that are NON  concrete, glass, etc. Your most likely safer using resin pots for just that reason. Other reasons I prefer light weight resin pots are because they are less heavy to lift, maneuver and move about once you have placed your desired substance inside each pot.

And now, the reason I like the fact and feature of a drain hole in these lovely 

3 Resin Flower Pots that BrylaneHome offers you at a whopping low clearance price now of just $14.99 for all three!  

                         Because though I could use these 3 lovely graduated size resin flower pots, this usual way and on the ground such as this idea in being placed here as shown below and ready to fill and enjoy.
I decided to think out of the box, and use them up and over so to speak...
Because since each pot had a pre drilled hole already in it's center bottom, that left lot's of ideas for me to use them in creative decorative ways to match and go with my western themed patio.
So, I took the largest resin flower pot and the smallest one as well and used one of my mini garden flag poles that I already had (easily found at your hardware stores). This particular one is very tall and has the option of using it short or tall due to separation of a center thumb knob screw. That screw allowed me to add the smaller pot half way down the pole, to just hang in mid air above my larger resin flower pot. 
See, I first put my flag pole into my small resin pot, separated by that thumb screw on the poles center.
Then I add the hole pole to my big resin flower pot Because I can stick one point end of the pole into my pre-drilled hole of the resin flower pots bottom. 
Fill them with your desired substance, and now my smaller resin flower pot hangs in mid air and slants over to hang in a unique and interesting view. It can even swivel around from side to side if I so choose for it too.

Handy Tip**
When filling your outdoor flower pots you can use so many other ways besides just dirt or top soil. 
Especially if it's for just decoration purposes. 
Here I used sand to fill my larger pot with a tiny amount a pea gravel in its bottom to help drain away excess rain water. Then I added a thin layer of pea gravel at the top as well. I probably will plant a few cactus or succulent plants in it later and if so, I can easily add just about 3 inches of top soil to the top of my sand and then my pea gravel on top. 
I chose the pea-gravel because again, it matches my western theme decor patio area. 
And I have a few western decor smaller items that I will nestle into the pea gravel in my resin flower pot, to just add visual interest there. 
I did the same idea with my smaller flower pot that will swivel slanted from above by adding sand then top soil and my succulent cactus that will grow and drape over and down the pot's outer edge as they grow and thrive.
                                                 I still have the medium size pot to fill and use as well. And I may or may-not leave it placed beside the others. Thats whats nice about it, I can place them anywhere :) 
A closer look :) This flag pole I already had, has a place for me to hang a mini flag and a light source. So I did that as well from items I already had. 
Explore all the creative possibilities you can use when filling your flower pots by adding any type item that you can just stick into them for solar lighting, or visual beauty. 
Here are a few ideas on clearance now with BrylaneHome to do just that. 
You could easily take this pretty solar cap and add a 2 by 4 piece of  cedar wood into your flower pot, add your homes house numbers, name or words of welcome as a phrase, and cap it to the top for 

 how about these garden fun ideas added to your flower pots for any number or decorating themes for your outdoors. 

Well, back to my finished project to share with you in photo's.
My outdoor western patio themed decor has been a long time in work & progress. 
As you can see in the background, I have been painting on a western mural to the back-wall. 
And I still have a few small details to complete there. 
But I love the colors and the way that the two lovely review items for BrylaneHome 
has brought my western theme all together in beauty.

So, while the Summer is still here to enjoy. Get out there in your own backyard, patio, porch, poolside, garden. or outdoor work space and add something unique and beautiful from
The amazing low clearance prices are VAST in so many items to choose from in savings found at 75% off.
I love this company. Have you ever stumbled upon a company that you just love everything about it?
And want to share that wonderful new found news with others so they can save while enjoying the lovely items they offer?
Well that's what this product review post was all about today. :)
With the Holidays around the corner soon to approach now is the time to gift shop and save money. With the savings clearance you can achieve shopping with BrylaneHome.
You can count more people on your list in things they will love.
And as their title states:
                                                "  Brylanehome  Come Home To Value"
                                    In my opinion that's exactly what you will get.
                               Value for a great price in quality made products to enjoy.
                                                                   They offer 
                                                    Deferred Payments for 90 Days 
                                                 With exclusively Card Holder Offers

Free Shipping Discounts
                                                         And Most Importantly
                                              The assuredness of  Save online shopping.
                            Easy checkout while using payment methods of  PayPal & more.
                                   Not sure what product you should #gift someone?
                                        At  Brylanehome  they offer  Gift Cards & E-Gift Cards
And I will continue on all through the rest of Summer, to show you wonderful items, sales, and promotions that this lovely company of BrylaneHome can offer you as a valued customer.
Follow them on there social networks to enjoy all the perks of being their valued customer.
                                                                                       SIGN UP FOR EMAILS AND GET
20% OFF
Shopping via Mobile Site 

If you so choose, Join their Social Networks on facebook twitter youtube pinterest

Now who is ready to enter to win this lovely set of 3 resin flower pots in this sponsored free #Giveaway from

Just enter below through the easy Giveaway Tools Forum.
Where ONE (1) Lucky #USA Entrant will win the same 3 resin flower pot set that I was able to review.
Winner will be chosen at random from the total pool of entries placed into the giveaway forum.
When the giveaway closes. At which time the said winner will have 48 hours to claim your free winning sponsored prize by replying to my email notification sent you. Failure to do so in the allotted time will result in my having to drawn another name to replace you. 
So check your email inbox of which you most often use and your spam folder in case the notification ends up there as sometimes happens. 
Good luck everyone!

Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working within Brylanehome
 who supplied these materials to me, required by local law. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post. I was provided the above said products from  +BrylaneHome
 to facilitate this product review & give my readers the chance to win a free product from the sponsor. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions. 


  1. I also love the Solar-Powered Fountain in brown. I bought a really cool spice rack from them a few months ago. Brylane Home has some really neat things.

    1. Those are so pretty,thanks for entering Kathy and good luck.

  2. I would love to have the green Oversized Gazebo. I guess now is the time to get it, the price is great.

    1. I agree Melissa, those can be used for so many occasions. I think when we rented a tent 14 years ago, for my daughters outdoor park rental wedding reception it cost around $300 and would of been best to just buy a beautiful gazebo and been able to keep it for other uses instead of just renting one for a few hours. Good luck on winning the 3 piece resin flower pots from BrylaneHome and thanks for entering :)

  3. I love the solar lights that change color. I think my kids would get a kick out of them, but also that they would add safety to our walkway and make it seem more fun and up-to-date :)

  4. I'd use them to decorate our walkway/entrace area, because it is sorely in need of decorating! They would look lovely out there.

  5. I like the inflatable pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween! Those would look great on our lawn.

  6. I entered the crayola / old country buffet giveaway

  7. brylane home has so many amazing things. out of everything, i would love to have a grilling gazebo

  8. Their BarZebo is really cool! Love all of their gazebos and the free standing bar table. Would make grilling out with a big group lots of fun.

  9. I love the Translucent Lighted Fountain with Floral Design but would have to spruce up my back yard before it would look good there lol.Thanks for the chance to win the flower pots.

  10. working in energy services for a local nonprofit I assist clients in finding alternative sources to light/heat their homes. One big thing is solar and I was pleased to see many solar items at the sponsors site. A solar motion sensor security light is great for safety as well as lighting-I know I hate coming home and having to fumble in the dark with trying to get my keys in the door. Also the solar deck/stair lights and solar fence lights all would provide great outdoor illumination during the summer entertaining months and beyond.

  11. I would love the Singer® 100 Stitch Pattern Sewing Machine to replace my very old (over 40 years) machine that is not a Singer, which I've always wanted!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  12. I would use them to plant some African Violets and place on my kitchen window seat!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  13. I really like the oversized gazebo. We have so many family parties in the summer and this would be perfect to use for those parties!

  14. My creativity would come in the form of my giving them to my daughter as a gift. Her new apartment has a nice sized platform deck that she will be decorating with plants and outdoor decor. She'd love these!

  15. I love that they also have plus size furniture and I would like the Beige Extra Wide Glider & Ottoman Set
    Item #: 1591-94734-1160 from Brylane Homes, they also sell seasonal tress and the like for holidays.

  16. I would use these beautiful flower pots to plant strawberries in and then they can cascade off my porch deck and would be easily picked, they are pretty, thank you Brylane Homes

  17. i love the Bar-Zebo. i would use it for serving cool drinks in the summer.

  18. I would use these resin flower pots to plant my own Spring and Summer flowers and put a couple on the back porch and one on the front porch entry way, after a long Northeast winter it's great seeing flowers around the house even if only for a few months.

  19. Due to summer being so short here in Maine, I might use them as indoor planters instead (of course putting something under them to catch the water etc...) These would look great in the living room, and I'd love to put catnip in the smallest one and let my cats enjoy their own little garden.


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