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                                                    What's your plans for Mother's Day?
                                                      ~Coming Soon~
How about taking mom outside by a campfire ring or the chiminea & let her enjoy a nice relaying bonfire?
             Maybe your going camping, to a church event, or just enjoying your own back yard by a campfire ring or fire-pit?
             Well, I've got an easy item idea that's a one product purchase, easy to carry along, one light up to use it & enjoy a 5 hour burn time that results in one nice bonfire.
              So let me tell you what you need to make your outdoor event a relaxing one for Mom to enjoy.
              And that would be this smoking hot  item " The Light 'n Go Bonfire"
                                              Made by the  Essay Group
                                           The Showstopper and its Portable!
                          I love the handy rope attached to it for ease of carry & enjoyment.
                                             And wow! It only cost $9.29
      Easily found for purchase at your nearby Home Depot stores or online here at the web site of
                                                           Essay Group
                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction~~~~~~~~~~
   The Light n’ Go Bonfire [$9.29] is a great alternative to firewood and takes the guesswork out of set up. This patented product features an embedded wick enabling users to light the log with just one match, avoiding the need for kindling or starters. The Light n’ Go Bonfire also contains a handle for go-anywhere portability and can be burned virtually anywhere including a fireplace, chiminea or fire pit (do not burn on concrete). It is also 100 percent natural, chemical-free and safe to cook over. Made of beautiful white birch, the Light n’ Go Bonfire looks great for entertaining, even when they’re not lit. The Jumbo Bonfire offers more than 2.5 hours of burn time and the standard Bonfire offers more than 1.5 hours of burn time.



 This is day 4 of the Mother's Day Gift Guide Event that both I and Tracy over at Cotton Pickin Cute  want to let you know of some awesome & unique products easily found on the world wide web or sold in merchant stores that we think you would just love to treat Mom too for enjoyment.
                   And the product of the  Light n’ Go Bonfire 
                         Is one you can really cozy up too & enjoy.
    So, sit back, make you a cup of coffee or iced tea, and let us share with you both our reviews of this enjoyable product & the many other awesome products found at great companies within our week long event to celebrate all the Mom's out there who deserve to be pampered.
             This is one unique product that can do just that. So why not go check out this product & the many other ones that the company Essay Group can offer you at great prices.
           Then get your name in for the draw in our duo sponsored giveaways for the chance to win them.
    We began this week with each days presentation to a great company & the wonderful products they offer. So join us now on our 4th day in our Mother's Day Gift Guide Event. And enter below to be the lucky person who gets to receive a free Light 'n Go Bonfire themselves.
                                                                Light n’ Go Bonfire Log
 And if you missed the days prior too, don't worry because you can find them here as follows
day 1 > toilet tree products shower/shampoo dispenser
day 2 >tropical-traditions-gold-label-virgin coconut oil
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                                                 Today's Giveaway item is............
    The Light n Go Bonfire made by the Essay Group the perfect  gift for the Mom in your life and let her enjoy it's comfort found by a warm campfire outside. You can even roast those yummy hot dogs or make s'mores over it
.BF use 6
 To read my  prior product review post just click Here
And Tracy has her review as well for this great product found here
         And Together~ Tracy & I get to host a free sponsored giveaway for this great product. So head down below & get your entry in for the chance to be that lucky one who gets to let it warm you up & enjoy a well deserved R&R kind of evening with your loved ones on Mother's Day. 
Watch the video on how great it works, looks & can be enjoyed in 5 long hours of burning pleasure for all your Summer outdoor activities with Mom.

I just love this product! The sight of it's dancing fire glaze as it burns down, the sounds of the crackling & popping, the scent of a campfire enjoyed is one that a person should experience for summer.
You can purchase this product & many other items  similar  from the Essay Group found  Here
Now, go ahead and get your entry in below to win the same product from Essay Group.
Mom will love it!
            And don't forget!!  Tracy & I are doing these week long strand of great company sponsored giveaway's quite different than we normally do! 
           A new giveaway from a new company that's introduced daily~
                                                                          will be offered for you to enter to win :)
Our Mother's Day Gift Guide began on April 28th & will end on May 7th ~~
 ~Coming Soon~
            So that means you the reader visiting here today has the chance at winning a different prize daily!
But you have to get your entry in below for it to count :) So don't loose by your snooze :)
           It only takes a second to do the mandatory easy peasy entry & then you will see other extra entries you can choose to do if you like.
             If your name is drawn on the 7th of May when all these weeks worth of awesome company sponsored giveaways end ~ then you win that prize free & shipped free as well to the location of your choosing within the stated location of each giveaway. This giveaway is open to #USA entrants :)
            Many of the giveaway items differ from my blog to Tracy's blog with same company/different product. That's a lot of  prizes!!  So good luck below ~Good luck with days 1-2-3 listed above come back daily between now through Sunday to see what else we feature from more great companies.
           We will end this event with sweet surprises :)  So don't miss the boat & get on board now while your here :) And go by Tracy's spot and catch hers too! 

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Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working within  Essay Group
 who supplied these materials to me, required by local law. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was given to facilitate this blog post. I was provided the above said products from
Essay Group
 to facilitate this product review & give my readers the chance to win a free product from the sponsor. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions.

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