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Product Review 100% Natural Eco-friendly #Bamboo #Bathtub #Caddy By @ToiletTree Products

Product Review 100% natural eco-friendly #Bamboo #Bathtub #Caddy By   Toilet Tree
                       Product Details Via #Toilet Tree Products
  • Don't Accept Imitations! They may look the same but our's is longer! 26.5 inches long - This extended size ensures our caddy will fit 99% of all bathtubs.
  • Crafted from 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo.
  • Gloss coating finish will avoid ugly water stains.
  • Items are safe from sliding off side of caddy into the water - built in sidewalls prevent this from happening.
  • 28.5L x 1.75H x 5.75W
Fits Most Tub sizes

I was able to review this #Home #Bathroom #Accessories item from Toilet Tree Products.
And I was skeptical if it really would fit larger tubs besides just your standard width tubs.
Not only solved my skepticism, it really delivered in nice quality perks.
My Pro's with the product were:
1.Size = Loved it :) It rest on the edge of our very wide whirlpool tub, without fail of it falling in on one or either side of my tubs edge. I love the fact that I can easily slide it towards or away from me, as I use and enjoy anything I would decide to let it house during a relaxing soak in our whirlpool tub. 
My whirlpool tub's top width is a good 29 inches wide with a few more inches to fudge with on the edge's resting. And as you can see by my yard stick ruler lying beside, and pushed up against the outer wall surface, the length of the 
is quite generous in length and actually goes a bit beyond the size indicated on the web site. 
And here, if you look at the bottom side of the product, you can view the  way that the wood tapers off in a rounded curve, which allows you the choice of resting the product with a wide 5 or 6 inch span on either side, once placed on your own tubs width. 
Design 2. I love the structure and design of this product. You get the best of both worlds in it's use because the wood slates let you easily rest items within the lowered section while ensuring they do not fall through. Yet the outside edges are useful as well on top.
So, enjoying a cup of coffee, a good read, etc. is a welcome enjoyment using the handy
verses wondering where to sit all the items on your tubs slim and most times, no horizontal edge. 

Clearly it is visible in how you would have room to spare on even my wider topped tub ledge, and on a standard tub you'd have the wooden caddy to hang over which is still an added benefit.Here you can see where water has splashed upon the wood grain as I fill up my whirlpool tub. The bead indicates that it has a good seal to repel water. Made from 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo.
This Toilet Tree product sells for $29.95 and when purchased with Amazon  FREE Two-Day Shipping for Amazon Prime members 
Check out my quick video of this bathroom tub  accessory  in good enjoyed use. After fracturing my arm, I can now enjoy this great product and the ease it provides to store my needed items of choice with a soak in the tub. 

I love this product. I can easily slide it up or down the tub as I need to and move it about while in use. I think it's pretty to just stay on the tub all the time, providing great use as well as decor. 
Should you desire other tub caddy's made in this Bamboo and with adjustable options, then visit the site of Toilet Tree Products, because they have lots to choose from. Even choices for your shower like this

Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor and Bath Mat - Skid Resistant - Heavy Duty Solid Design. Find it and lots more 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo. At Toilet Tree Products

 With always slashed prices to save you money. Nothing on this lovely bamboo choice selection page is over the $60 price, ranging from $29 and up.
And your not limited to just bamboo in gift choices, they offer many 
 bathroom accessories such as this one of many ideas in shower shampoo and soap dispensers. 

You can view my previous product review for this item found  Here
  So, if your looking to treat yourself, a friend or loved one, to unique gifts without the hassle of walking crowded store isles, empty shelves with copy cat products that just fall apart in a day or two, then SHOP on line with this wonderful company for all your everyday useful products or holidays to gift that someone in your life, some really nice quality & affordable gift ideas.
 for Men or Women
 such as Oral Care
Skin Care 


   Great Gift Ideas for the upcoming #Valentines Day Such as this
 Fogless Shower Mirror    

Storage and Travel Case for Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by ToiletTree Products. Case includes $21 worth of replacement heads. (Brush Sold Separately at a great price)

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed to NEVER fog or your money back! Perfect for Home, Travel, and College Dorms!Storage and Travel Case for Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by ToiletTree Products. Case includes $21 worth of replacement heads. (Brush Sold Separatly)
And now I'm off to leave my very positive review on Amazon prime, where I hope you too will shop with this great company of  Toilet Tree Products. Don't let the name fool you, for when you see that tiny tree symbol, you know your purchasing quality and more important, dependable products made for you to enjoy in your home for all your personal needs.
Learn more about this company  Toilet Tree Products  a family owned company with a silly name and intelligent products.
Where their number one priority is making sure that all of there customers are happy.Customer service is not a department at ToiletTree Products. It’s everyone’s job. When you call or email, you will be pleasantly surprised to immediately speak with a member of our team who really wants to help.

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  1. What a wonderful way to soak away your troubles. The tub caddy looks so nice. I love having natural wood products in the home and bamboo is so environmentally friendly. I love the Toilet Tree Products company. They have a nice range of useful products and shopping with them is so simple. Thanks for sharing your review with us. From you pics I can get a true idea of just how big it is.


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