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#ChristmasForest #Holiday #Fresh Made #Wreath #Review #Giveaway #USA Ends #Nov 30th

Hello there everyone! :)

        I hope your planning early for your #holiday #decorating ideas. There's nothing wrong with placing your order early with those wonderful fresh greenery decorations both in and outside of your home for the winter holidays and celebrations.
        How or where do you buy your #fresh #live #wreaths or those unique one of a kind #ornaments that your loved ones thrill in receiving as treasured #gifts?
        I know we all get busy during the days leading up to #Christmas and #New-years and so many of us just stop at the local road side where they have made up your basic plain fresh greenery wreaths from the Tree clippings of the live trees that are being sold.  Or you bought the  same thing at your local super grocery/merchant stores. Then your forced to just buy a $1 plain Jane ribbon bow at your local dollar store and put on it to view. Even if you decide to add more to it such as silk flowers, plastic ornaments, etc. You still have time and effort into it and let's face it folks, it's just from one type popular tree that really just says, here it is.
        When if you had only known about how you could view online,  so many hand crafted fresh greenery wreaths to choose from that were made with at least 3 or more unique species of trees that just beamed with a full, plush, visible, scented fresh wreath enjoyment to adorn your decorated area instead of that same ole same ole...Then order it to ship to your door with free shipping and a full beautiful wired ribbon bow that looks like this in it's big full 8 looped beauty, then why in the world would you not, shop from the best at Christmasforest.com
Do you see the 4 species of trees and berry options that I just mentioned?
The scent of juniper berries is heavenly! Not to mention that fresh in the woods type feel you get while smelling the evergreens used as they hand craft EACH wreath that is ordered from
We live in eastern Tennessee and yes we have pretty ever green trees that grow here, but there are so many other type tree species that we do not see, have, or get to enjoy in there beauty and scent.
So it's wonderful to know that you can order straight from the other states for enjoyment in what they specialize in with fresh greenery trees for the holidays in a gorgeous fresh wreath!
So be sure to visit them here
As they welcome you  to shop for the fresh wreath that your just sure to love for yourself or as a gift.
Meet the family owned and operated folks (Rick and Ramona)  that strive to make it their enjoyed mission to see that your shopping experience is a wonderful one as you buy their #MadeInThe #USA fresh made #wreaths and ornaments offered too.
Wreaths aren't just for the front door anymore..
Why not welcome in the holidays with cheer and beauty in these gorgeous hand crafted fresh live wreaths and place them so many other places for decoration such as your front porch in a outdoor container, on your fence post as guest flow in and out of your driveway, on your barn side to add country charm, your office building entrance, or back to your lovely front door so as it opens, you enjoy that fresh scent that awaits you and your guest.
I had the pleasure to #review my choice in fresh wreaths that are specially hand crafted at
So come along as I show you it's beauty in the one I chose and where I placed it for my holiday decoration enjoyment.
Then head on down below and enter my sponsored
Christmasforest.com Free Fresh #Wreath #Giveaway for one Lucky Winner!
I had a fun time trying to decide just which wreath I wanted to review this year of #2016
They have 35 wow!! Lovely choices to pick from that are all unique in the mixture of greenery, berries, pinecones, and decorations that come on each wreath, depending on what you choose.
This year I chose the #HollyClassicWreath from https://www.christmasforest.com/wreaths
20" Holly Classic Christmas Wreath

Our Holly Classic Wreath is a best seller at Christmas Forest. The forest fresh evergreens, red wooden holly berries, and the holly embossed velvet bow with sparkles make a great Christmas combination. It's perfect for your door too!

  • 20" in diameter
  • Sparkling bow on forest fresh evergreens
  • Free Shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground

    $ 46.00
  • It's simply breathtaking in beauty and scent, with it's two types of fresh ever greens, wooden red holly berries, real pinecones and a plush huge full 8 loop eared wired ribbon bow that has a vibrant festive holly design about it.
    Last year I reviewed the
    Santa's favorite Wreath
    (So if your wanting the real berries for scent also, then choose it for it's juniper and incense berries to smell awesome too!
    Each year I try to decorate with a theme in mind for my porch area where guest enter. So this year I chose the
    20" Holly Classic Christmas Wreath
    With an old school type country Christmas feel in mind. And I thought this festive fresh live greenery wreath fit the bill just perfectly.
    I love doing #DIY and turning things into use for other reasons. A while back I had flipped up vertically a wooden coffee table to use it as a stand to house any decorations throughout the different seasons on my screened in porch area. So I placed the lovely wreath on top of that structure, along with my other seasonal items and just added dry decorations to my water fountain barrel pump instead of water. It looks so pretty with it's country charm and the live fresh wreath from Christmasforest.com is just the star of the show in beauty and fresh scent.
    Keep scrolling my photo's as I created my finished area that this beautiful wreath, as it takes 1st place in my Country Christmas Holiday  theme.
    As I say, I decided to skip the door placement and let the beautiful fresh wreath be enjoyed by others in a focal point and scent of wondrous aroma as they come onto my porch.
    So my #DIY upstanding repurposed wooden coffee table that always houses my water fountain barrel, got to be the center of attention for this beautiful fresh wreath.
    Let's add the illusion of a snow covered pond inside the barrels compartments, shall we?

                                                      My  black country bears are happy there :)

                                            *Handy Tip** Fluff out your gorgeous wired wreath bow that you received with your choice in  fresh wreath from Christmasforest.com  There's a reason they adorned your wreath with a handmade wired 8 looped bow ribbon with three long tailings. Simple reach inside each loop and pull it outwards into a full shaped loop ear.  Adds so much more interest to your wreath in depth and scenic beauty verses just a flat bow. So don't forget to Puff It Up before you Put it Up :)
                  And if you're  like me, you can curl the tailings to your ribbon bow ends by shaping it around any round size lengthy object. I used my broom handles end ;)
    I'll be adding more of my total finished holiday scenery as I finish it this week and share my photo's here with you to enjoy. So be sure to come back here daily, and gain those extra entries into this awesome Christmasforest.com sponsored #Giveaway for the chance to win your own choosing in the oh so many gorgeous live fresh handcrafted wreaths that ONE lucky winner will win here at my blog of Mamawj's Moment Away. Thank you Christmasforest.com for my plush, fresh handcrafted wreath that I was blessed to choose for this review. Made with love, time, attention, and pleasing just for me, by Miguel  who must truly love his job at the Christmasforest.com
    Thank you Miguel :) I love it!! Merry Christmas to you and the friendly staff at the
    So folks, Don't settle for those tossed together left over same ole same ole tree clippings that you haft to still dress up and end up with a blah blah look.
    Image result for holly clip art
    Rather Instead.. Enjoy your choice in over 35 LIVE Fresh Handcrafted Wreath's in fresh greenery choices to choose from found  at Christmasforest.com
    Do your shopping for your choice in fresh live wreaths (shipped fast to your door) ordered one of 3 easy ways.
    The Friendly staff associates like the kind Angie photo'd here below...Is happy to help you experience  an awesome  fresh live gorgeous Christmas wreath!
    Call them at (800) 637-9627
    Request a free brochure from santa@christmasforest.com 
    Place an online easy order straight from their ChristmasForest Website Contact & Place your easy order which shows you each choice in  #fresh #live #handcrafted #wreaths and exactly what the hand crafted person will create just for you.    
    Find the perfect unique fresh wreath
    Christmas Forest
    445 Beaver Creek Road, Curtis, Washington 98538
    Thank you again  Christmasforest.com  for the lovely fresh live wreath I was blessed to review called the
    And my little Christmas bear was happy to let others know just where you can easily find and order yourself, a friend, or family member,  the perfect live fresh #Christmas wreath that you are sure to love!
     Be sure to enter my free sponsored  #Giveaway Below! And also my sponsored #ornament #giveaway from yes, this companies Sister company who has the best place on the Web to enjoy unique personalized ornaments.  Enter both giveaways and come back daily until they end to better your chances with those extra entry options :) to win!
    To enter...simply sign in through the Gleam Giveaway Forum below, complete the Mandatory entry ask of you, then other extra entries will open up to you to choose from to gain extra entries into this #free #Giveaway
    Image result for Julie clip art 

    #ChristmasForest #Holiday #Fresh Made #Wreath #Review #Giveaway #USA Ends #Nov 30th


    1. Thank you #Mamawjs Moment Away for your blog and your sponsorship of #ChristmasForest #Holiday #Fresh Made #Wreath #Giveway. These wreaths are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win. One of these #Wreaths.

    2. I absolutely love the Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath!!

    3. I really love the 20" Christmas Dazzler Christmas Wreath and hope to win!

    4. I really like the Cardinal 3D ornament and the Believe mailbox ornament.

    5. I love the 20" Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath and i would love to win this!

    6. I would like to win the 20" Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath!!

    7. I would love to have the Jingle Bell Wreath , it just looks like Christmas to me.

    8. I love the Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath. Thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

    9. I love the 20" Jingle Bells Christmas Wreath.

    10. I would love the 25" Winter Wonderland Wreath, so pretty!

      kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

    11. The Jingle Bells Wreath is my favorite.

      Entered on the form as Mary Carmen.

    12. I would choose the 20" Holly Classic Christmas Wreath, just like yours Julie. I love the beautiful ways you chose to display it. Leave it to you to always make the beautiful even more beautiful. :) I also really like the Alpine Advent Wreath. It is just like the one my mama would make every Christmas when I was growing up. It was such a special way to keep the focus on what the season was really about. I've had the pleasure of having a #ChristmasForest fresh holiday wreath before, and it was everything you say. It arrived in perfect condition and the smell was heavenly. My wreath stayed fresh and green well past Christmas, even in our Florida heat. I can always trust your reviews to be so descriptive that it's as if I have the item right before my very eyes. Thank you!


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