Friday, November 18, 2011

November Means Craft Fairs For Me

   I love seeing November come because that's when I go to the local craft fairs & sell my crafts that I have worked so long and hard on through the prior year. I usually share this passion with my oldest Sister who also loves to craft & she makes beautiful items. Our interest in crafts are different , though she does sew and does a great job at it too. Seamstress work has been my field for 33 years now, it's what I enjoy doing for extra income as well as hand paint. And for the craft fairs I begin very early in the year hand painting my items which takes a lot of time to finish.
  We just finished up one of our craft fairs and I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger crowd that showed up , which I think was due to poor advertisement and lack of parking. A lesson I learned is not to do a 1st time craft fair and to wait to see how they did then possible enter my items in the next years set up.
But, on a better note I did enjoy the day spent with my sister who I think the world of and meeting other crafters who all have such different fields of crafting ideas.
  I thought I would share with my readers some of our craft fair item photo's.  I love hand painting onto any item, in different themes, and my old hand painted windows were a big sale. I could of taken more & better photo's but got caught up in the fun of it all and never snapped as many shots as I should have.
  Hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment on them or share your craft ideas with me because I love knowing about crafts and how they are used or with what craft company products you use.
   Happy Holidays!
My Snowman Theme Hand Painted Window that I free hand painted using Plaid Paints in both Apple Barrel and Folk Art Acrylic Paints.

                                                        A mixture of our crafts, My sister makes gorgeous gift baskets and on the outer tables edge I displayed my fabric wall hangings and mini tree skirts
Above picture shows the beautiful Wooden Room Dividers that my sister makes in all sorts of sizes & panel prints
Fabric Wine Bags Displayed Made by My Sister
Star Of David that my sister makes from old antique tobacco sticks, my wooden Santa Door Stop, and in the back ground more hand painted old windows that I do, in themes of apples & spring hummingbird theme

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