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Product Review: Plaid Acrylic Craft Paints

    I just can't say enough about how I love all the many craft products that Plaid Crafts  can offer you.
The choices are just awesome, wheter your craft hobby of enjoyment is Decoupage, Stenciling, Needlecrafting,
painting or glass painting and more they have all the quailty supplies you will need to get the job done.
         Product Review: Plaid Acrylic Craft Paints

 The craft supplies I use on a daily basis in the free hand paintings & glass paintings that I create and sell are both there wonderful quailty paint brushes and acrylic paints. I have many of both in lots of colors and styles. They can offer you unique brushes that are made specifically for certain brush stroke effects. Some of the ones I use daily are the fan brush , liner brush and the angle brush. The angle brush is perfect for creating cabbage roses and leafs. The fan brush can let you create pretty leaf patterns. And the liner brush is very important to let me achieve outlining, lettering and tiny detail.
  The plaid craft paints I use daily are the acrylic paints that plaid offers in many brands and the two I like best are Apple Barrel and Folk Art. They come in differant size bottles and the size I buy and use that will last me forever, is the 2 ounce size bottle. It only takes a tiny dab of paint to do a big painting job. Because I use them in many ways depending on what technique I am using. I can use the paint on my choice style brush straight thickness, or add a tiny dot/dab of medium to it to make it thin an flow so easy (which is important if your painting onto a rough or textured structure like wood and metal. Or I can add water to the colors and use it in a watercolor effect. Which is what I did here in this craft I made. Which are wall sconces made from paper dollies, that I hand painted cabbage roses and greenery leaves onto by having my acrylic plaid paints water down very thin and it allows me to glide over the paper with out the paint soaking into and running through the thin paper. I used both the angle brush and liner brush to paint my scene onto the dollie. And by folding the dollie and then adding string beads to the bottoms , I simply taped them to my wall and added silk flowers to the inside, to complete my Shabby Chic room decore with my love of hand painted cabbage roses. I love the color choices that Plaid paint was so nice to send me for review. And the pinks and soft whites  in the acrylic paints in the 2 ounce size were just perfect for my review craft projects.

Here I painted the metal wall scalloped candle scones with the soft pink and then hand painted the two tone white and pink roses around the outer edge.

I hope you will visit the Plaid Craft site online below and check out the many craft supplies, craft projects that Plaid can offer you to enjoy the craft that suits you best. They offer lots of craft ideas for children as well.

You can buy Plaid Acrylic paints in many sizes here on the Plaid Craft web site
Plaid Craft Acrylic Paints "Apple Barrel"
Folk Art Acrylic Paints By Plaid

And don't forget your speacialty paint brushes to achieve certain designs while painting "My favorite ones are the Folk Art and Plaid line of brushes" They offer Martha Stewart Brushes too"

Plaid Paint Brushes by Folk Art/Plaid/Martha Stewart/Stencil Decor

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Find you favorite Martha Stewart craft products and projects there too
Martha Stewart Craft products and project ideas

Thank You to Plaid Crafts for these wonderful Acrylic Paints you sent me for review. I love the quailty and lasting beautiful results they give me in my hand painting projects.

Disclosure* All opinions spoken here are my own honest ones. This is a company with craft products that I use daily which give me rewarding results in crafting. Thank You Plaid Crafts for this sponsored product review of which No other compensation was given.

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  1. I used to love craft paint,getting into it again with the grandkids,but its so messy,these look nice with the soft colors


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