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                         Happy Fall Ya'll :) and thanks for stopping by Mamawj's Moment Away Today.
           I'm so glad that Fall is here, aren't you?  It's my favorite season to enjoy. I  know fall is here when we see the sour wood trees began to turn colors of a deep red, then all the other trees follow there after in changing to there coat of many colors here in eastern, Tennessee and our beautiful mountain peaks that I see from my front porch view roll on and on like a blanket of patchwork color.
        I love decorating my outdoors with things of color too for fall. I always put up a fall display in my front center yard with pumpkins, mums in flower pots, hay bails, and the scarecrow wooden figures that I enjoy making in my craft shop.
           This year and every year I always like to add some color and decoration to my porches entrance too, and let Fall be enjoyed there as well.
             A perfect way to do just that is to add a beautiful outdoor/indoor mat to your doors entrance.
                         Look at this beautiful Fall designed door mat that I received for review for Discount Decorative Flags.
                                  Flags your saying to yourself???
                                                                 Yes, Flags..That's right.. The very best place online that you will ever shop for the guaranteed LOWEST priced items in House Flags to decorate your outdoors, and mats is found at   About Discount Decorative Flags  A great company that is located in Berlin, NJ and offers you over 2,000 designs in decorative Flags.As well as beautiful mats like the one I was blessed to review that you saw above.
                   Here it is again, for you to view.

This is just one of my favorite relaxing spots to enjoy in my own outdoors around my home, my front porch. I love to make it welcoming for others as they enter and gives peace to me with pretty "eye candy" as I sit out there sipping my coffee and watching the hummingbirds on the feeders or that pretty fall blanket of color I see on the mountain tops view beyond that I get to enjoy.
                 You can dress up your doors entrance too. Not sure what design or theme you would like to go with? Well, grab you a cup or Joe, prop up your feet, go to the web site here of  Discount Decorative Flags and just browse until your hearts content from the over 2,000 designs you could choose from on so many Outdoor Large House Flags Mini Garden Flags Magnetic Mailbox Covers and more in Outdoor Home Decor where they offer you a 10% Guaranteed lower price
Not sure where to display the decorative flags? Well, They hang so easy with the inexpensive Hardware in the flag pole and Metal-Flag-Bracket that holds them and you can attach the hardware to almost any outdoor surface to display them like the side of your house, the side of your porch like I do, or even on other outdoor structures that you want to add a flair of beauty too like Barns, or Garages, Garden Sheds, Your Business and place of work, Schools, on a large garden gate to your garden entrance, there uses are not just limited to your home.
    And At Discount Decorative Flags.com you will find all these Brands at a greater savings in cost than any local store or online..No one beats there lower prices on
Toland Evergreen Windswept Magnet Works Breezeart Carson NCAA NFL NBA MLB NHL

 I love the fact that I can have the same design in different places in my outdoor home decor because many of the designs you see on there flags can also be found on there mailbox covers.
Perfect for Fall design to give your outdoors real curb appeal or makes a great Gift to give someone for any Occasion or Celebration Such as Baby Shower Birthday Graduation Party or Wedding

            You can read about all there large house flags here in my previous review

So....Start with Fall, it's already here and give your outdoors a new welcoming look that both you & others will enjoy viewing.  There's so many Fall designs to choose too. I had the choice to pick which fall design I liked, trust me it hard since there were so many. But I wanted something that would carry me from fall, into Halloween, and straight up to thanksgiving, and this design called Pumpkin Cart did just that. It has all the colorful things you see or think of when you hear the words FALL. With its pumpkins, the old cart, the crows. And what better way to welcome your guest than to say "Welcome". I think this design has a folk art country feel to it which I love because that's just what I am, country.
          And I love it that you just about find the same design on any of there matching other items like large house flags, mini garden flags,magnetic mailbox covers, magnetic yard de-signs (that's right they are signs that you place in your ground that interchangeable magnetic designs you can change that also lets you display your house number so cool!! you must check out those out and come back for my product review on that item too coming soon).
                    These mats are so nice, so thick, and have a deep soft step to them. They are made of recycled rubber backing and has a durable polyester top. they are permanently dyed using a superior printing technique that gives a vibrant, long lasting color. they clean with mild soap and water.
    They can be enjoy outdoors or indoors. I don't have a roof over my front porch unlike my back porch that is a screened in one. And the rain has fallen on this mat now quite a few times and I haft to say that it has dried up each time, with no mildew scent, and still has it's vibrant color and soft feel when you step upon it.
    When the winter gets here I will take it up and store it until next year, but not because I think it will not hold up but simply so I have an excuse to buy a winter design to take it's spot lol. Just look at the winter designs they have to pick from at Discount Decorative Flags. I love this one and also the ones for Christmas as so pretty.
                        I may get this one with our last name letter initial on it for the holidays
                                                                  Holiday Monogram Wreath C Doormat Indoor Outdoor Floormat by Evergreen
              Or I may buy a mini garden flag that also has the same door mat design and display in a flower pot by my doors entrance that is a topiary tree, I think that would look so warm & inviting for holiday guest to enjoy. Like this beautiful Poinsettia design found also in the matching mailbox cover and flags Scroll to the bottom of this page link here to see what I mean
Red Poinsettia Noel Indoor Outdoor Christmas Doormat

         Browse the Categories Below and then go here >>to Discount Decorative Flags.com to Start Shopping Now
                                   You will love there designs to choose from

                    In these choices

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* Disclaimer Note* I was provided the above mentioned product from Discount Decorative Flags for this review with No other compensations taken. All opinions expressed here are solely my own honest spoken ones and may differ from others. Thank You Discount Decorative Flags for this sponsored product review.


  1. There are so many choices to pick from.. my favorite is the Happy Birthday Windsock.. Isee the lawn decorated with these instead of balloons..
    Thank You for sharing.


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