Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Join #MyPoints.com Free and get #Rewards

                Have you ever heard of MyPoints.com?  If not , then I am happy to tell you about it.
I love MyPoints.com. I have been a member since 2010 and the rewards you gain from using MyPoints.com is awesome. To join is free and easy. And there are so many ways to acquire your free points which rack up very fast. Then you redeem those free points for free rewards which can be used at so many places like hotels, restaurants, retail stores et.
         This morning I wanted to print some coupons from coupons.com before I go out to grocery shop, so instead of going straight to the coupons.com web site to print them, I went to MyPoints.com instead, signed in to my account, located coupons.com from the search bar then printed my coupons of choice. And by doing so through MyPoints.com I get points for each coupon I print and points for each coupon I use.
    Some other easy ways to rack up points is to simple open emails sent to your inbox from MyPoints. By doing so I can acquire 5 points per email and if I choose to also join some of those sites email newsletters or make purchases, I gain even more points. You do not have go go any further than just opening up the emails to gain points, but some you may choose too just depending on if it interest you. For example, one email to open and read maybe the JC Penny web site and then make a purchase. I shop at JC Penny Online quite often, so instead of going to there web site to shop, I check in to my MyPoints.com account first, then shop at JC Penny via there web site to acquire my free points.
               Your free points never expire. They ust build up until you decide how & when you want to redeem them. For Example, when my free points reach 1,600 I know that I can choose from many choices to redeem for a free $10 gift card to lots of places, like Apple Bees, Cracker Barrel etc. The more points I acquire the higher I can redeem for a higher amount gift card. And when I do choose my selection, that gift card is mailed to me free!! It's a win win no matter how you go!!
         So if your going to shop online anyway at places like walmart.com JC Penny.com and so so many other places, then do it via the MyPoints.com web site where you gain free points to redeem for Free Cash, gift cards or travel miles.
         Go here to check it and see the many other ways to gain free points that I did not even mention, simply because theres so many that it would take me all day to tell you :)
             I have a apple bees gift card in my purse I plan to use soon that I got free from mypoints and my points are almost up enough again to pick my next free gift card of choice. I have not yet redeemed for the travel points though I think that would also be a nice free treat to enjoy.
           I would suggest to you though that when you are on the MyPoints web site then reach the site you choose to shop with (example walmart.com) that you refresh both pages from time time until you finish shopping so that your web sites do not TIME OUT so that the MyPoints.com web site has you signed in and active or your points will not reflect. That only happen to me once & I was able to still contact MyPoints and have them reflect my points that I gained from shopping but to insure your points go through while you are shopping and reflect the day you shopped.....just refresh your MyPoints web site so you are signed and and the TIME OUT does not run out on you while on your shopping site. Because unless you reach your shopping link via MyPoints.com first...while signed in...your points will not be reflected..
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               Here is the MyPoints.com web site for you to check out
About mypoints.com

Home Page to MyPoints.com mypoints.com home page

       Disclose** I simply wanted you to know about the above mentioned web site so you can check it out to see if you like it as much as I do. This was not a paid post from the mentioned company. I am sharing the news today :)


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