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#Giveaway Enter To #Win Alpha Hydrox SilkWrap Body Lotion Open to U.S. age18+

         Depending on where you live, the three months of January, February and March are the coldest months of Winter time. And we suffer from dry skin both out and in of doors, from wind chaffing, dry indoor heat etc. And we have to treat and protect our skin even more to keep it moist and replenished.
        I think maybe that might be the most popular gift that ladies receive at Christmas time as gifts in lotions. I know I sure love getting them and it's something that I buy for myself more often during the dry winter months.
       If you ladies out there have never heard of a particular Body Lotion that is for ALL skin types, then I'm about to take enjoyment in educating you with a great one to try!!
          And that would be "SilkWrap Body Lotion" By Alpha Hydrox.

 This is an amazing line of body care products.
And here are a few products from the Aplha Hydrox  in which they offer
14% Glycolic AHA

A gentle at-home skin peel

Deep Therapy Foot Cream

12% Glycolic AHA
Fade Cream

Fades up to 100% of dark spots caused by age, sun exposure & hormonal changes

12% Glycolic AHA

Extra strength exfoliation & moisturization

That doesn't even scratch the surface of the many other products they offer you as well, for needs with issues for

  • Alpha Hydrox for Acne

  • Neoteric Diabetic

  • Montagne Jeunesse

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo

  • Bath, Body & Haircare

  •       So be sure to visit the  maker of all these great Body Care products @ to find just what is perfect for your type skin to enjoy and feel replenished.
             Today, I want to introduce you to the Alpha Hydrox body care product "SilkWrap Body Lotion". 
            What you may not know & find very interesting, is that the company that you do know of  Which is  Scott's Liquid Gold  who has been here serving you for 60 Blessed years now. Wow!!  Are the owners of this subsidiary company Neoteric Cosmetics who make the Alpha Hydrox products. And they have kindly allowed me to host this sponsored product review & giveaway today.
       So, let me now tell you what I thought about the
                     Alpha Hydrox  "SilkWrap Body Lotion".
          Well, I like a lotion that is not water thin as you dispense it from the bottle. I also like a lotion that is not to thick, so  I'm not continuously rubbing it in to my skin to try to apply it to smooth my dry skin. I like a lotion that gives my dry skin a light weight feel yet makes it feel totally refreshed and quenched. Just like you hope to experience when you thirst for a drink of cool clean water and can't wait to be refreshed and be satisfied with the replenishing it provides.
          Well, that is what I felt as I applied and experienced the results enjoyed from the use of  the SilkWrap Body Lotion.
          It's important to get great results from any product and I was very pleased with this body lotion from the Aplha Hydrox body care line.
          When they say For ALL Skin Types, I feel that really holds true to the fact. Because we all do indeed have different types of skin, from young supple skin to the aged , spotted, faded skin type like mine at Mid Age. We ALL want to have softer skin that feels refreshed. And I feel that I get that lasting result when I use the SilkWrap Body Lotion.
        Just to show you what I meant by the lotion not being to watery thin or too thick, I like doing the peak test :) and when you pour out your "little dab will do you" amount on to your skin and it peaks, and you know right then you have one you will be pleased with.
    That little dab of  the SilkWrap Body Lotion was plentiful to do my arms, elbows, and yes aged, spotted, and dry skin hands :) And left my skin feeling so soft, light and freshened.
      I'm sure your curious about the scent factor, right? Well, as much as I like scented lotions, sometimes I want a really strong scent, some times light scented and sometimes no scent at all.
      I felt this one was between the two choices of light to no scent at all.
      An ever so light scent that I liked. 
    I think allot of people put on lotions that are just for the scent so others smell it too and hope to gain it's moisture factor as well.
    I felt this product, did both.
       Want to give this same product a try for yourself ?  Well, it is very affordable at $12.99 for a very generous sized bottle to enjoy that will last you quite a long time because of how it delivers all the +factors that I mentioned above.
         You can BUY IT: Here >> 
          You can stay connected with the great long time company that makes this wonderful line of Body Care Products by following them on there social networks found here below
           Neoteric Cosmetics FaceBook page
           Neoteric On Twitter

            Neoteric on YouTube
    Neoteric Cosmetics, located in Denver, Colorado, is committed to offering high quality personal care products at prices you can really afford.
             The Neoteric Cosmetic Web Site
      They have a great sweepstakes promo going on now to that you might want to enter for the chance to win $500 Cash Gift Card In the Love Your Skin Sweepstakes. Oh Boy ~~~I entered that one!
    Good Luck To Us All :) You will find that sweepstakes both on there web site or facebook page. So be sure to enter it too before it ends on Feb 14th

    Do you like to save even more when you buy something?
      Well then be sure to take advantage of there 
     Our Buy 1- Get the 2nd Identical Product for 1/2 Price Special
    that has been extened through February 14th

    Need more information or help selecting products once you visit there web site? You can Contact them here below:
    1-800-447-1919 - Option #1
    Be sure to sign up for there specials and coupons too here below

                         And Now Finally on to the GIVEAWAY
                                   Here at Mamawj's Moment Away

         Thanks to my kind sponsor and PR  contact @ Scott's Liquid Gold who owns the Neoteric Cosmetic Products Line of products.
         They are blessing ONE (1) Lucky Person from the U.S. 18 years or older (no p.o. boxes) with the chance to #Win the same product that I received for this review. 
           This #Giveaway will begin on 2/2 and end on 2/28/2013
                               WIN IT!!!
    At which time raffle copter will choose that ONE (1) Lucky Winner for this Free sponsored prize. I will email the winner (at the email address that entrant left for me to contact them within the mandatory entry) and the Lucky Winner will have 48 hours to reply & claim your prize OR failure to do so in the time allotted, will result in a forfeit and I will then have to let another person be chosen. So be sure to check your email & spam folder too in case my winners notification email goes there, to claim your prize in time. The sponsor of Scott's Liquid Gold is responsible for prize shipment to the winner which will be shipped free. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your free prize to ship :)

    Disclose** I was provided the product mentioned above Free from the Sponsor Scott's Liquid Gold for product review for you my readers, fans and followers to learn about. No other compensation was taken for this posted product review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own honest thoughts about the product and may differ from others opinions.
       Thank You to my wonderful Sponsor Scott's Liquid Gold for both my product review opportunity and the giveaway you are allowing One (1) Lucky Person to #Win here at  Mamawj's Moment Away :)
            Don't forget to enter my other great giveaways going on now too!
      I am also giving away a great Air Freshener Prize Pack from this same great company of Scott's Liquid Gold. So be sure to enter it too &  also my free movie tickets giveaway!! 
         Good Luck Everyone!!  Enter through the easy raffle copter giveaway form below, which tells you with each entry what to do for your entry's to count. The form is sometimes slow to load, so be patient and refresh the page if need be. With Any questions about the giveaway form and how to use it (if this is your first time doing so) feel free to watch this quick 52 second how to video about raffle copter. You can find the video & other answers to questions about using my rafflecopter giveaway entry form here at this link

    And email me if you need

    sew it up julie @ gmail dot com ( my email address was decoded for the spammers who like to bug me :( So just email me at that address once you code it together correctly :) if you have questions about entering my giveaways. 

    Have a great day!! ~Julie

         Good Luck :)       



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    1. I'd like to try the RETINOL RESQ..This is what Dr OZ says we need to get rid of wrinkles.

    2. I'm like you I want a lotion that's not watery or runny. I had no idea that Scotts was a parent company of a body line. Live and learn, right. lol. I'd like to try Retinaol RESQ Anti-wrinkle, firming cream. I'd lovelove to try the whole Alpha Hydrox line. This is a really good review Julie! Thanks for sharing the info and the giveaway!!

      Have a great week...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    3. Hey Julie, I think your google+ link is bad on rafflecopter. You might want to check it out. :)

    4. I haven't used any of the Alpha Hydrox lotions before. My favorite scent is Sweet Pea & Peony in another lotion.

      O's...Tracy :)

    5. I would also like to try the SHAMPOO & SCALP CARE


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