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Product Review & Directing You Where to Buy The Coolest Skins For All Your Electronic Gadgets @ skinit.com

                                 Read My Blogger Product Review
  And Let me kindly Direct You to Where you can  Buy The Coolest Skins
  For All Your Electronic Gadgets
          Which is  @ skinit.com

Skinit - the Leader in On-Demand Personalization Technology

              Ok...Here is what I would like for you to think about....

We dress up our selves with stylish clothing, our vehicles with accessories both inside & out and love to show off our own unique style. So why not dress up ALL your electronic gadgets you enjoy everyday by dressing them up with all the designs you can easily find at skinit.com http://www.skinit.com/
They offer you

Device Skins  

Protective Cases
They even offer you
Wall Decals  http://www.skinit.com/wall-skins  


 & Car Decals http://www.skinit.com/tailgate-packs
money short

And if you think someone would just love choosing any of these great products mentioned above from skinit.com  but your unsure as to what design they may want? Well, no problem because skinit.com offers ANY skinit gift card to use on ANY of the products just mentioned above. Your friends, family members, and co- workers would love receiving there skinit gift card so they can chose there own design for the numerous electronic choices that you can pick from at skinit.com

   You can even Custom Design your own choice for Any Skin or Case for Any Device at skinit.com
And that is exactly what I did with my product review that skinit.com was so kind to let me host for you in this sponsored product review.
     I knew I wanted to choose a skin design for my cell phone. I had bought from skinit.com before when I used a flip cell phone. So I knew how pretty there designs were but never noticed until now that you have the choice to BUILD your own custom design skin or case.
   I now use a Smart phone so I wanted a new design skin to cover it. I also am a big fan of cases to cover my cell phone. But I wanted a skin design to keep on it and then I know that I can also use a case over my cell phone if I so desire.
    Each choice is so easy to use and apply to your cell phone. The cases just snap on. And the skins could not be any easier to use because you just peel & stick them on. Much like a window cling product and very easy to apply.
   I knew that I wanted to custom design my own by using this rose design that the skinit.com site offered, which was this one. I love roses!!
But instead of just using that design alone (which is no doubt pretty enough in it's self) I also wanted to mix in other designs of black lace. I am a seamstress and I loved fabrics and prints. And I actually plane on making me a new purse that in which the fabric of the purse will be build around the design on this skin, so it all matches in design. My purse is going to be a black lace print fabric, so that is he reason I searched the W.W.W. for a black lace clip art to use as a jpeg picture to use as my background image on my custom designed skin.
       Which was this one. And like I said, I put a pink background solid color on first then added this jpeg image which was a translucent clip art (so the pink showed through it's lace pattern).

  And the fun & creative thing about custom designing your own is that you can bring ANY Image into your choices, whether it is a picture from your own computer files, maybe you a picture you took on your camera, or a url linked website  etc. All you need to do is load the picture from a saved file & bring it in as your image. I wanted black lace, as I mentioned and so I did a google search for black lace clip art and found the one I liked, then saved it as a jpeg picture. Then, as you build your design image, you simply bring in each image and place it where you want it on each one of your cell phones front and back skin design.
You can make your image smaller, larger etc. You can add a background of a solid color,etc. I love blacks & pinks so I made my background pink, then layered on my black lace image, then added the rose design that skinit.com already had as a choice design. I then made the rose design a bit smaller so i would create pink lines horizontally to separate the lace and the rose design. That came from the pink background that I brought in first and layered it smaller in the center. Then you can also bring in a font choice for your design in case you want to add a phrase or a name. I chose the same color pink as my font color and a pretty style font, using my name layered over the black lace.  Then it was time to design the front of my skin for my cell phone type. I chose the same black lace design that I had brought in as a saved jpeg picture from my computers saved files. Then, I searched online for a rose boarder that I could use on the top portion of my cell phone skin.
   And that was it, my custom design was completed! All I had to do to complete my order was just save my custom design to my shopping cart & check out. It couldn't be any easier.
   And the website will remember you the next time you visit, and show you your prior too, saved design, which I think it neat!!.
     The fact that you can bring in ANY image  from other sources like a web site, your camera, etc.lets your possibilities to endless to the many ways you can be creative & add your own unique style, statement and even advertisement to ALL your electronic gadgets.
     For instance, if you have a business and you already have your own personal company logo design, you can just bring that image into the design for your electronic device like maybe your laptop and then you are advertising your businesses free to everyone who see's it when you are in a coffee house etc.
    Or maybe you want a more personal fun way to enjoy looking at your ipod or ipad each day and have a custom design of your kids smiling faces, or your loving pet, etc. You could easily bring that image into your custom design as you choose your design for your favorite device at skinit.com
    But don't forget the already numerous & beautiful ready set designs that skinit.com has to offer as well when you choose your skin or cases at skinit.com
   So many to pick from and your not just limited to one design as you custom build, you can keep adding the designs (but you will need to change there sizes right there on the site to smaller so they fit if you use more than one design on the same device. Like I did on mine that I showed you.
   The bigger the device, the more room you have to build on the design.  I like it that I could of rotated my names font at an angle or made as big or small as I wanted it, on my custom design.

 And as I say, it is SO easy to apply the skin to your electronic device.
   I will arrive in a hard cardboard envelope (skinit.com ships it so it does not get bent :)
       First step is to clean your device & free it from any dirt, dust, oils etc that maybe on it so you know your device is clean so you are applying your new skin to it.
     You will receive with in your shipped order a easy step direction sheet explaining that you should clean your device and how to peel & apply your skin design.
     Which looks like this
     Of course you can use a clean cloth and wipe your device clean. But I choose to clean ALL my electronic devices with the best product that I have used & love which is #Clean Screen made by Scott's Liquid Gold http://scotts%20liquid%20gold/  which you can learn about here  before you leave >> http://mamawjsmomentaway.blogspot.com/2012/03/win-clean-screen-product-made-by-scotts.html
  And you will see both your front & back skin design one ONE sheet that you peel off each from.
Shown here is the front design. And you just start slow at the top and peel off slowly and punch out the sections you leave out (like the camera hole, the speaker etc)

Then you just match it to your cell phone, apply it going from top down and moving your finger across it so you smooth it out and not let air bubbles get trapped under the skin. If that happens just pull back up a bit and work it down again, moving your finger across it to smooth it out and on to your device.
  You follow the same method to your devices front

                   And Boom!!  Here is my oh so pretty custom made design from skinit.com
Which I would like to show you now, here below in my finished design that arrived so quickly from skinit.com for my review. Thank you skinit.com I love my custom designed cell phone skin!!!
Beautiful BACK SIDE of my custom designed Skin on my Cell phone
I love it that it has my name on it, in case my phone is lost so an honest person can stay honest & return it me :)

   Then the FRONT SIDE

 That's right!! Take your dull, drab looking electronic gadgets to a whole new level of style & character when you dress them up with a skin from skinit.com
The easiest way to cover up ALL your electronic devices.
I think my next item I will cover will be my Blackberry Tablet. I already have a case that covers it but it"s black & boring. So I think I will cover it next with a skin & maybe make a picture collage of my family & use that as my image for the skin. Who knows!!
The possibilities are endless with skinit.com
I hope you will visit the skinit.com web site and see what I mean by your one stop & shop place for Cases, covers & skins For All the Electronic Devices you could possibly think of.
They offer a MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Vivid, photo-quality, glossy printing that shows off your style and lasts for years.
  • Skins are easy to apply and remove with no residue, no mess and no fuss.
  •         Check them out here at skinit.com http://www.skinit.com/
  • Stay Connected with them on Facebook And right now you can find a 20% off code on your order on there facebook page (top tab so look for it) and save!!  Just one of the great perks by being a facebook fan   go here for that > https://www.facebook.com/#!/Skinit/app_469803749714734
  •                                           Or  Sign Up for Discounts by receiving there free email newsletter
  •    So your first to know about the free items you can get with certain purchases Or money saving discount codes on items or shipping  You can sign up here located at the bottom of there web page
  • https://www.skinit.com/pages/tv-offer
    Disclose*** I received a free code for the Skin Device & Design of my choice for this sponsored product review from skinit.com  No other compensation was offered or taken from this company in my hosted blogger review. All opinions spoken here within this product review are my own honest ones & may differ from others. Thank you skinit.com for making this blog product review possible to share with my readers. I love your products! And will be back to shop again :)


    1. This looks so cool and I love the variety of designs!

    2. those are so cute,I dont think I have anything that uses a skin

    3. i had one of these on my iphone 3gs and LOVED it and got so many people liked it

    4. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: Ooh, I love the one you designed. I think I might design one for my daughter.

    5. They have so many ready designs but I prefer to create my own on there site. It's so easy. You can copy any photo clip art etc. from anywhere, save it as a jpeg or in any program then just upload it while on the skinit.com website as you create your finished skin. I have since gotten a new smart phone and did another design that I will try to add to this post in a few days to show you. I need to do one for my tablet next lol. thanks for stopping by Rose and I hope you win my giveaways. I have more that will go up in a few days so watch for those too and enter 😊


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