Thursday, May 30, 2013

Super Excited For The Upcoming Cool Soaked Fun With #Nerf Super #Soaker & #Frito Lay #Cheetos Thanks to #House Party

 Woot Woot!!! Congrats! Julie ~You’re a NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party host!
                           So says my incoming email notification
                    Thanks to #House Party and there participation with great companies
                                                 Like #Nerf & #Cheetos Brand snacks by #Frito Lay
 Our  excitement  for our upcoming cool soaked fun day with #Nerf Super #
Soaker reached a higher level once my +House Party Fun
                                                                                  packages arrived in the mail :)

WOW!!!  Look at all the fun things inside >>> << Money Saving Coupons that I get to share with my guest :)
     Love All the party ideas that #House Party included So I as a House Party Block Host Member can enjoy creating for my guest to enjoy as well :)                                       

       The kids will love getting soaked in wet cool off fun!!
  Can't wait to share these great products of 
NERF  #Super #Soaker

NERF SUPER SOAKER is the ultimate in outdoor fun

New NERF SUPER SOAKER SHOTWAVE and FLASH BLAST blasters will bring new exciting ways for kids to stay cool this summer.
All new, the SHOTWAVE blaster drenches your target with a major soaking from up to 25 feet away! The compact pump-action blaster allows for lightning-fast water refills for on-the-go soaking.
All new, the FLASH BLAST water blaster with its one-pump design and slam-fire slide makes it easy to drench your opponents when they least expect it from up to 25 feet away! The only thing better than a massive soaking is a sneak attack!

and #Cheetos newest flavor cheetos-simply-natural-white-cheddar-puffs

with my party guest thanks to #House Party :)
As the fun day approaches to get wet & celebrate great fathers everywhere for fathers day ~ I am busy printing my Say cheese: Logo Party Favors :)

                       My grandson & his friends will soak up the fun filled day in both wet cool fun & take away great products shared by these wonderful companies & best of all ~great summer time fun memories made for all!

           Get to know these great Companies who sponsor these great fun block parties!
               Follow them on each web site. Become a fan on there social networks. Be the first to know about the newly released fun toys and tasty products that they can offer you at great prices sold in stores near you. Join there free email newsletters to be in the know about the events and perks that you as a member can enjoy :) 

         Which I have listed for you here below to click on and get to know.
     And I will see you again, my readers :) When I post our after the party fun day pictures that I want to share with you also.  :) See you back here then!! :) And thanks for stopping by today!! :) ~Julie
                 Who are these companies?  Read on below and go check them out :)

Summer is here! Kid's are out of school! It's going to be hot days ahead! So let them cool off in wet fun!!  With the help of ALL the Nerf  toys!!  Found here @ the Nerf web site

Cheetos are  made by the great company of  Frito Lay  Be sure to check out there web site & get to know these awesome new flavors, easily found on the shelves in stores near you!! :) YUM!!  White Cheddar!!

 And the great company who makes these Block Parties possible to host >> House Party


House Party™ lets people who really love something host a special event featuring a fun, free, exclusive experience sponsored by the world's leading brands.
Company Overview
House Party is the leading social media company that combines digital, word-of-mouth and experiential marketing to build brands and drive sales.

We generate millions of consumer conversations and recommendations, online and off, through our passionate community of social influencers, proprietary digital platform and memorable in-home events for the world's best-loved brands.
Cool people sharing cool stuff. A House Party™ is thousands of parties happening across the country on a single day, hosted by people just like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

You host. Everyone wins. House Party lets you share the stuff you like with the people you like, through a fantastic, free party experience. What's the catch? There is none: Our partners understand that if they share something good with the right people in a fun way, we'll all help spread the word. 

   ~~~So now that you know about #House Party from me~ Julie ~ your blog host  here @mamawj's moment away and why these great companies work with them closely to let you know about the wonderful products they offer. I hope that you will spread the word, go check them out and get to know them too. 
    I  came to know them a while back and for awhile I just sit and enjoyed being a quite member just reading the block party opportunities that #House Party would post or announce. And there are many, trust me. And during some of those choices that I felt suited me and my interest, I requested an invite which does not always get accepted by them for participation. And two that I really had hoped for was not, which is totally understandable. Because this is a BIG World will all share and most of the population is on the net trying for the same chance. And like the old saying goes" you can't please everyone". So if you join this wonderful FREE team of fun as a member and do not get the invites that you hope for, don't be upset or feel left out of the loop because at another point in time you may be chosen.  Just like  me now, on this 1st block party that I got invited to take part in and looking forward too. And I know I will see lots more choices flow through as I visit there web site and can also have fun in chatting on the party boards with other guest who did  get those invites. And maybe my ideas for the same party I had hoped for, can now lend a fun idea shared with the other host who did receive a particular invite. So keep that in mind as you take part in the fun ways to become a House Party member :)  ~Julie

 My Disclose* This shared post is due to the fact that I am a #House Party member and happy to be hosting my 1st block party opportunity with them. All items mentioned in this post were provided to me free for my fun up coming block party day. No other compensation was provided and all opinions spoken here are my own honest thoughts. My thanks goes out to ALL companies mentioned in this post who made my 1st #House Party block party as Host possible :)  Thank You!! :) ~Julie

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