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Color Your Kitchen With #Cookware From +BrylaneHome 7-Pc. Carbon Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set "Product Review"

                             Color Your Kitchen With #Cookware From +BrylaneHome
                          7-Pc. Carbon Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set "Product Review"
                                                        Available in Four Choice Colors
And I was privileged to be able to review the gorgeous Red
7-Pc. Carbon Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set
Item #: 1543-94564-1052
                                                              Original Price  $49.99
                                                              On Sale Now at a great money saving low price of $24.99
This kitchen cookware set is lightweight and has a non-stick finish and a belly bottom shape that makes cooking breakfasts, lunches, and dinners quick and easy.

• features a non-stick carbon steel design

• available in 4 colors: Blue, Red, Purple and Black

• includes colander locking lids with easy to use drain holes

• cool-touch Bakelite plastic handles offer a safe grip

• environmentally safe and PFOA-free

• season before first use and only hand wash for longevity

• add more cookware from for even better meals

• pair with our affordable bake ware sets to get the most out of your stove

Lightweight, carbon steel cookware set includes: 1-qt. and 2-qt. saucepan and lid, 4½-qt. pasta pot and lid, and a 10" open frying pan

Why Buy?

Our customers love how easy our non-stick cookware is to clean. So much so, they have actually started to cook more after receiving their sets.

      And I totally agree with each feature mentioned above from the #Brylane Home web site.
I was impressed with just how light weight this set was to the lift by hand. And they brought the boil temperature up fast and cooked my food choices in a timely manner. The feature of the locking lid with the drain holes to pour off the water inside which provided me with less time in the kitchen or the need to reach, use, and clean an extra food strainer, was awesome! Which gave me the freedom to drain my food right within the same cookware pot and finish preparing it quickly, adding my sauce to have a ready to eat delouse family meal.
         Won't you Follow me now, through the steps to see this Red "Hot" cookware in action! ;)

                                                First thing I did, was let this pretty 7-piece set
                                             say hello to my stove top :)
Sorta like you would do when you test drive a new car, you just have to sit in it & look around ;)
  Now it's time to make Linguine with 4 cheese sauce, ground beef, purple onions & green peppers
                                                   With the use of the 4½-qt. pasta pot and lid
           It gave me the choice freedom to cook a large,medium or small amount of pasta.
And as you see here within the picture below, I made a 4 serving amount of pasta.
          That just finished it's boiling & now ready to drain the hot water off.
                   So now, let's ~~~~NOT~~ go looking for a strainer/drainer
                        But instead ~~let's reach for the lid that fits both this 4½-qt. pasta pot
                          and it's 6th family member that can share it~in the 10" open frying pan.
And let's lock it on & easily drain off the water, right over the sink :)
By putting it on, turning the lid to the LOCK position notch that lines up to the white mark indication found on the pasta pots handle
See all those tiny holes all lined up on the lid? They sure did there job while my pasta was boiling by letting the steam escape. And now they will let me pour off the hot water & drain my pasta right over the sink. I do not have to stop, take the time to find a drainer, sit the drainer in the sink where you could possibly come in contact with germs, and have extra dishes to wash later.
No, instead..I am able to drain my pasta, not loose any of my hot cooked pasta (coming through the holes of the lid) and then let it remain in my HOT pasta pot so my food does not get cold unless I wanted it too. Some pasta's I will shock with cold water after it's done, but with my linguine, I do not.
All the while that my linguine was boiling, I was frying my ground beef, purple onions & green peppers in my 10" open frying pan  and then I used the same lid & drained off my oil into paper towels laid on a plate #Tip for #cleanup (lessons dishes washed and the paper towels absorb the oil and don't make your trash can bag a total mess).
Then I added my sauce & it is ready!
And Ready to pour right into & on top of my already hot "drained" pasta

Now let's put the lid back on top and let it stay warm from it's own heat, while I take 5 minutes to  grill my hubby & I some stuffed cheese garlic toast.
"By the way...I will easily and quickly have  my thick garlic toast that I sliced half way opened, stuffed the inside with a bit of shredded cheese and then grill it by searing it quickly on the
BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle. The perfect small appliance that makes any single serve food item like that a breeze to grill quickly to just the right temperature.
Your curious about that one now huh?  Read more on my product review & see just what I mean after your done hearing my praises of this wonderful
 7-Pc. Carbon Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set "Product Review"

                Well, that's about it folks :)  By now we already have a satisfied tummy full of yummy cooked food and wash up of this cookware set was so easy due to it's non-stick finish.
                 I will tell you this much more though, and that is "you won't see me sticking this pretty red cookware set down inside my kitchen cupboards hidden to only see the light of day when I cook with them".
       Oh no....because something this pretty in it's Red country color that I adore..will be proudly displayed.. Up & Out...for both myself & everyone to see as it hangs from my vintage wrought iron  hanging rack that I was lucky enough to find in an estate sell.
                    See what I mean? 


A closer look
Ya'll  are wondering where my lids are stored, huh?
Look a bit closer while I  turn one of the pretty red pots around slightly as they faced the wall & I will give you another handy storage #tip
Yep, there they can turn your lids upside down and nestle them INSIDE your pot or pans "as they hang up" so you know where they are for easy reach, and avoid scratching them while tossled down in some drawer totally away from the pots & pans when you need them for easy reach.
Can you tell that I love a red kitchen?
That I sure do, my RED Country Kitchen with it's rooster & apple decor theme.
And after 35 years of being married to the sweetest man, this is my second newly owned cookware set.
No, he's not cheap lol  :)
Actually, I am quite frugal. And during our 35 years of marriage, my mom gave us a small cookware set when we married. But with 20 years of navy life and many many moves from state to state before he retired, that set's pieces got lost, broken etc. Then about  15 years ago when his mom passed away, he took her already old cookware set that was just a few pieces and we had used it along with other yard sale find pots and pans. The ones that require a scouring pad and lots of elbow grease to get clean.
So can you guess where they are? Well, for now they ARE indeed hidden out of eye sight and down in the drawers until they get sold in my next yard sale :)
I would of loved..loved..this nice red cookware set back in 1977  to of enjoyed with its easy clean up because of the non stick surface.
So I feel blessed & proud to use and enjoy this pretty cookware set from #Brylane Home.
 And the price is practically a steal at just $24.99 for this 7 piece cookware set.

Buy it Here >>
Now days it is nice to know that you can please someone and buy items for your kitchen that have color choice to match there color theme, there personalty etc.
While you may like Blue, your niece, sister, daughter, friend etc. that will be marrying soon may like Purple and this unique color cookware set would be a wonderful gift to let the happy couple enjoy for years at a price that did not, break your piggy bank.
Or the color Black in the 7 piece cookware set because we all know that black color matches any other color theme perfectly.
This awesome company will totally surprise you in the abundance of quality made products that they sell at very low prices.
And, they did not just set up shop yesterday either.

Brylane Home has been around and offering the consumer/customer  all the great products they sell since ~~  1998 ~~~
That's 15 years...a long time..
So..that's proof that they are pleasing the shoppers who like there products.
Go see for yourself..just what I mean and explore the numerous products that you can find at great prices.
They are always having a great promo code that you can take advantage of and save even more on already low prices.
Like the 20 % off  your highest priced item that you will see when you reach there web site
Mother's Day is soon approaching and they have great ideas already for you to see and choose at money saving low prices Found here>>>>
Stay Connected with BrylaneHome So you are aware of all the savings they offer
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  1. Great review Julie. I think the strain lid is brilliant. I hate cooking things I have to strain because there's one more BIG dish cluttering my already overflowing sink. Enjoy your new cookware.

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  2. I love this cookware set and could really use a new one! I love the colors it comes in especially the red. The straining lid looks very convenient.

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