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It's never too late for Kids to enjoy #Yoplait #GoGurt "The portable Low Fat #Yogurt " Check out the Flavors! Enter my FREE #product #review 3 Coupon #Giveaway

That's Right!!
It's never too late for Kids to enjoy #Yoplait #GoGurt "The portable Low Fat #Yogurt "
We as a busy family here in this household, already know what a handy on the go great snack choice  Here in this busy household, we already know what a great " on the go snack choice" the tasty
#Yoplait #GoGurt
Can be for the kids @School.
Both tossed in their lunchboxes or for after school snack choices.
But we love to enjoy them anytime.
Here are some ideas & ways that we like to enjoy the yummy flavors
 in the
#Yoplait #GoGurt choices of the low fat yogurt
How about a refreshing frozen smoothie?
With just a few simple steps using some fresh fruit & the product mentioned in any of the choice flavors you might find in your grocers refrigerated cold section, you can have a tasty treat that satisfies your snack cravings. 
In case you didn't know the flavor choices, they are offered in many, and some that I have found are
Strawberry Splash & Berry Blue Blast
Summer Punch & Perry Berry
And, we found them in Banana Split Flavor too!
So, we chose 3 of the flavors of
Banana Split, Strawberry Splash & Perry Berry
We let a few of them freeze up (you can enjoy them frozen or not! :) took from the freezer once they were sold frozen, put them in a mixer, added additional  fresh sliced bananas
blended real quick!
I wanted the dominant flavor we tasted to be one of strawberry & blueberry mixed & just let the banana flavor in the go-gurt yogurt of the banana split, be the hinted slight taste of bananas. And the adding of the fresh banana would make our smoothie thick & just add to the creaminess of our combined go-gurt yogurt flavors.
So for two people to enjoy a small smoothie, I used 2 of the Go-Gurt flavors Strawberry Splash, 2 of the Perry Berry & just one of the Banana Split flavors of the Yoplait Go-Gurt portable Low Fat #Yogurt tubes, once they had frozen, & blended them with one fresh banana.
Poured the cold frozen mixture into chilled glass mugs cups that I had chilled in my freezer
added drinking straws & a fun festive tiny paper umbrella  :)
went to sipping

These easy made smoothies were so good!
So Why not peek & take a gander (country talk meaning ~to look for ;)
these yummy flavors, in the merchant grocery store where you shop, & try them out.
I even saw "Cotton Candy" flavor!!
Which I will have to experiment with to create another fun easy made recipe with soon.
What flavors in the
#Yoplait #GoGurt "The portable Low Fat #Yogurt "
Have your kids tried?
You don't haft to be a kid to enjoy them ;) you know...
What flavors do you hope to see & try in your local stores refrigerated section?
What stores have you seen them in?
Our local merchant stores of Wal-Mart, Food City, Ingles, Kroger & Target has them.
They sell at a great low price (store prices may vary).
They offer different size boxes too.  I got the size that was 1 lb. 2ounces that housed 8 individual tubes that are 2.25 oz. servings. 
And these Yoplait go-gurt portable low fat yogurts offer vitamins of A & D
with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, & no high fructose corn syrup
Each tube offers 60 calories per serving
I like those facts :)
They come with fun characters on them of SpongeBob, Phineas and Ferb
and have fun trivia on every tube to play along with.
easy tear tops to open up and enjoy cold or frozen.
And one of the boxes I got had a money saving coupon attached to it
for 55cent off when you buy 2 any flavors of this or other Yoplait products.
I was happy to review this great Yoplait product
with the free coupons provided to me by General Mills.
And I think 3 of  my lucky readers here at
Mamawj's Moment Away
would like to enjoy trying a box yourselves free!
So if you want to try your luck at winning a free coupon (up to $3.01 value) of course you will be responsible for sales tax on the item via using the free product coupon.
Note**Coupon expires 10/26/14
Coupon states it will be void in the states of CA,LA,MN,NV,NJ,ND and Tennessee
I live in Tennessee & they always honor any of my coupons at any of the stores I shop.
I believe these states are named because of the dairy laws for each said state.
Giveaway Time!!!
If you want to try your luck at winning a free coupon for this Yoplait
product that can be used on any one of the flavors mentioned above
then just go below & get your name in for the free giveaway drawing.
Once the giveaway ends the giveaway tools form will generate 3 lucky winners
& I will mail each one of the 3 lucky people
a free product coupon so you can try & enjoy this +General Mills 
Yoplait product in the
#Yoplait #GoGurt "The portable Low Fat #Yogurt
for free!
And don't forget to snip off those box top codes in the corner of the box of this Yoplait product.
They are very much needed & appreciated at your local schools where they can use them to get free needed supplies for the kids at school.
To learn more about this #General Mills product just click >>  HERE and check out this #Yoplait product.
Good Luck to the THREE (3) #USA winners (must be 18 years of age or older to enter)
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                   Thanks for dropping in & have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie

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