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November is National Diabetes Month Win #Neoteric #Diabetic ADVANCED HEALING CREAM Lotion & Shampoo USA #Giveaway $30 Value

November is National Diabetes Month & Diabetes Day is Nov. 14th

Let me introduce you to two great products that can be used for diabetics or anyone for that matter, that suffers from skin care problem issues such as eczema, psoriasis, hormone imbalances, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, dialysis, or the skin care problems that diabetics face with extreme dry skin, cracked skin of heals, elbows, knees, hands. And dry itchy scalps.

The two Neoteric  products within this sponsored review that I will tell you about, while sharing with you my first hands on experience are:
Neoteric Diabetic ADVANCED HEALING CREAM And Neoteric Shampoo & Scalp Care

   At my age now of 50+ in years, I found out last year that I had type 2 diabetes. And now take a diabetic pill each day to help control it. 
   Before I learned about my diabetic condition, I was not a stranger to diabetes.
Because my now grown daughter who is 30+ years is also type one diabetic, from the age of 8 years old when she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
  So through the years, I have seen the physical changes that diabetes can cause upon a person.
Some of the warning signs of both types of diabetes in type 1 of juvenile or type 2 that adults get in life, are almost blind ones, that work on you early and you don't realize that your body is trying to tell you something is very different.
We as a family learned all to well, after the fact when my daughters juvenile diabetes was discovered. That her constant thirst for water, frequent urination, fruity scented breath odor, weight loss, and no real appetite but to want sweets, stemmed from early signs of her pancreas not functioning to provide the insulin her body usually made.
  Every person who has ether type of the diabetes, each of their cases is different in how there body, and pancreas was effected. The type of insulin's or pills used for each case is different as well and help your body's needs to make your pancreas function but can effect your skin in the needed process.  
 I noticed about a year or more, before I was told that I had type II diabetes. That what I thought were weird things happening to my skin such as, split fingernails, lines and groves in my finger nails & toe nails, deep cracks in my feet and ankle, heals, elbows, and very dry skin.
  Now that I take medicine for my diabetes, I still have the issues but not as bad as they were.
    So with both my doctors advice & my own,  I seek ways to help my skin not suffer and be able to  replenish the moisture that is robbed from it with diabetes.
   I have found that help with these two products mentioned above.
  The Neoteric Diabetic ADVANCED HEALING CREAM is a thick lotion, so a little goes a long way.
I had used this product before in a small sample but did not continue on with my use daily to see how improved  my skin issues might become. So I begin using it nightly on Oct 18th and really concentrated on my cracked heals. Within days I could see a big difference in the closing of my cracks in my skin and they started to close & the skin was not as thick and tough. It was like giving your skin a cool drink of soothing water right before bed.

Read further as to Why Neoteric Diabetic ADVANCED HEALING CREAM can work for your skin care issues:

From the Neoteric web site:
Luckily, most diabetic skin conditions can be prevented or easily treated if caught early. Some of the skin problems experienced by persons living with diabetes are problems that anyone can have, but people with diabetes seem to get them more easily. These include bacterial infections, fungal infections, and itching. Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care products are exceptional skin care for persons living with diabetes or anyone with difficult, dry skin conditions.

Stats and the Facts:
    *  77% of Diabetic study patients reported better results for their skin conditions
    *  Mimics skin’s natural lipids that carry oxygen to temporarily stimulate circulation and absorb oxygen,
        helping to strengthen the skin’s natural healing process
    * 70% of diabetic study subjects reported improvement in skin problems affecting persons living with diabetes
    * Stimulates the production of skin’s own natural collagen and helps nurture new skin growth
    * Reduces dryness and provides therapeutic moisturization and skin protection
                                                      Read More:

About  how Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream works:

How Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream Works

As Neoteric® Diabetic Skin Care is applied to the skin, it mimics skin's natural lipids that carry oxygen to temporarily stimulate circulation and absorb oxygen, helping to strengthen the skin's natural healing process.

Before Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing CreamAfter Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream

A test on damaged skin using Advanced Healing Cream versus a placebo shows that Neoteric Diabetic Advanced Healing Cream provided an environment that protected the skin and allowed it to heal faster.

  • Skin problems are often the first sign that a person has diabetes.
  • Chronic dry and itchy skin and bacterial and fungal infections are common in diabetics.
  • Dry and itching skin are commonly caused by poor circulation.
  • Due to poor circulation and nerve damage, people with diabetes are more likely to develop foot problems.
  • Many diabetics suffer a numbness or lack of sensation in their feet, which often results in minor injuries that can lead to major complications if left untreated.
  • Good skin care is extremely important.
  • Keep skin clean and dry. Use talcum powder in areas where skin touches skin.
  • Avoid hot baths and showers. Use moisturizing soaps.
  • Don’t put lotions between toes. The extra moisture can encourage fungus to grow.
  • Moisturize your skin to prevent chapping.
  • Treat minor cuts right away.
  • Take good care of your feet. Check them daily for sores and cuts. Wear broad, flat, well-fitted shoes and check for foreign objects before putting them on.
  • An estimated 100 to 120 million people worldwide have diabetes.
  • 15,700,000 people in the United States (5.9% of the population) have diabetes - 10,300,000 are diagnosed; 5,400,000 are undiagnosed
  • There are 798,000 new cases of diabetes every year.
  • 6,300,000 people in the United States who are 65 or older have diabetes.
  • 15,600,000 people in the United States who are 20+ have diabetes.
  • 7,500,000 men have diabetes.
  • 8,100,000 women have diabetes.
  • Diabetes affects all ethnic and racial groups
  • Caucasians - 11,300,000 cases
  • African American - 2,300,000 cases
  • Mexican American - 1,200,000 cases
  • The average age for diagnosis is 46.3 and 48.7% of patients have relatives with diabetes.
  • In 20+ years it is expected that 15,600,000 will people will be diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Insulin-dependent (Type 1) diabetes accounts for 5%-10% of all diagnosed cases.
  • Non-insulin-dependent (Type 2) accounts for 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases.
  • Each year, diabetics average 3 ½ times more money spent on health care than non-diabetics do.
  • 8-10% of all pharmacy purchases are diabetic related and account for 25% of all pharmacy sales.
  • The estimated lifetime cost of treating diabetes from age 3 is $600,000.

American Diabetes Association, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health, US Census Data, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Diabetes Association

American Podiatric Medical Association

This #Neoteric #Diabetic  ADVANCED HEALING CREAM Lotion item sells for $9.99
They also offer convenient   Travel Packs at great low prices.
  I really like this product & that it helps strengthen skin's natural defenses.

     NOTE* For those of you who like pump bottle instead of pop top tabs that pour to use, then you can find those to on the web site for great purchase prices in the REUSABLE PUMP
An easy-to-use solution for any of our products in a bottle
* Dispenses an ideal amount
Cuts easily to fit: Foaming Face Wash
Enhanced Lotion
Moisturizing Body Wash
SilkWrap Body Lotion
Diabetic Shampoo & Scalp Care
Neoteric Massage Oils

                 Oh yes, they sell lots more awesome products at A Subsidiary from the well know long time company of Scott's Liquid Gold

Learn more, gain money saving coupons, & buy this product here from the @Neoteric Web site


        The second item I reviewed was the Neoteric Shampoo & Scalp Care.  Thus far as a diabetic, I don't have serious issues with my scalp area. I do have occasional dry scalp which seems to be during the dry winter months. And somewhat itching does occur. I tried the neoteric shampoo & scalp care product and found it to deliver moisture, shine and a clean feel to my hair & scalp. The product is also a thick mixture and again, a little amount is all that you need to do the job. And I was surprised to see the other uses suggested for this product. One of which is too use as a soothing, moisturizing, body wash. And I plan on diluting some of the item and using it as a hand foam wash for just myself, in my bathroom for my cracked dry hands & knuckles. Because this item, Contains the same healing ingredient used in our Advanced Healing Cream.

About the  Neoteric Shampoo & Scalp Care SHAMPOO & SCALP CARE
From the Neoteric web site:


Contains the same healing ingredient used in our Advanced Healing Cream
12 oz.
Relieves dryness, itching & flaking

* Cleans & conditions hair & scalp
* Helps to promote scalp healing
* Provides therapeutic moisturization

Also works great as a soothing, moisturizing, body wash
Utilizing the same technology as our Advanced Healing Cream, Neoteric Diabetic Shampoo & Scalp Care relieves painful itching and soothes redness and inflammation on the scalp.

How To Use:
Dampen hair and scalp.  Apply shampoo to hair.  Lather and massage into scalp.  Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.  Daily use is recommended.
Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Myristoyl Sarcosinate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Peroxidized Corn Oil, Cocamide MEA, Wheat Germamidopropyldimonium Hydroxypropyl, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance, Xanthan, Sodium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium EDTA

   This item sells for $8.49 and as I said, it is a really thick mixture and only a tiny amount really packs a punch so for that low price your money is well spent on a great needed product.

    They have BOGO deals going on also, so take advantage of it when you shop with
 neoteric cosmetics
Learn more, gain money saving coupons, & buy this product here from the @Neoteric Web site
  Are you asking yourself? What company is Neoteric? Who owns the company & what other products do they make?  Where are the products made?  I too want to know who makes the products I spend my money on, where they are made & how long they have been in business.
         So here are the answers.
  Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care products are manufactured in Denver, Colorado.
Neoteric cosmetics is a subsidiary of Scott's Liquid Gold.
Yes, you read that right. The same long time company of 60 years
#Scott's Liquid Gold is indeed the subsidiary company of this great company of products.
A company who has made you quality products for 60 years, now offers you many other products as well. Click  Here    to  see all the products they sell at great prices in their subsidiary companies.

                              Want to try a free sample of the neoteric diabetic cream?
   You can do just that until all free samples are exhausted. Here is what to do to score a free sample:
Email with Diabetic Cream in the subject line and include your mailing address in the email.                             

                                                                                  GIVEAWAY Time!! 
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                 Great!! Thanks to my sponsor   ONE (1) Person from the USA who is 18 years or older can win both products that I was able to review if your entry is chosen into this giveaway :)
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Thanks goes to my sponsor 
neoteric cosmetics

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