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@BrylaneHome Offers Tons of "Helper's for Around the House Products" Win a Step Stool $69.99 Value USA #Giveaway 5/12

 With Spring time here now, that means it's time to clean up, clean out & give everything a fresh new , neat look. And that usually means we rely on the help and aid of  items around the house to make our cleaning jobs easier. So if your cleaning task requires an extra step up to reach it, like mine does, then you may appreciate this very sturdy & helpful item to aid you.
        In this Sponsored Product Review & Giveaway For the

Extra Large Step Stool
Offers Tons of "Helper's for Around the House Products" And this is one rough & tough helping Step Stool which is $69.99 Value That not only did I enjoy reviewing but also get the chance to let ONE (1) USA #Giveaway Winner enjoy as well in this sponsored Giveaway!
                Thank you :)

    Let's face it~ we all need some kind of help when it comes to the everyday task we face in doors or out. From everything to sitting, standing, reaching for things & more!
        And  has just about any helping aid you could imagine that will give you that extra hand, extra height, extra leg, extra strength or extra help!
       First let me show you all the help this handy RED Extra Large Step Stool from  was able to lend to me around the house & even outside the house in the many task I needed to get done now that Spring time is here & cleaning needed to be accomplished.
      This help around the house product is a must for those who are short like me and need those extra feet to reach something. And these are just a few of the many places that I found this sturdy red extra large Step Stool from BrylaneHome to be so helpful.
      Usually I have my 6 Ft+ tall hubby to both put up & take down those cookie & cake covered containers way up there on my shelves!  But when I met my sisters the other day for my birthday celebration, I was able to take one down with a helpful Big Red Step "Stool" underneath my feet instead!
            In the closet to reach up high

                   Place it right there "underneath"

  So I can reach way up there with my feather duster & clean my fan blades of gathered dust (that spot you see is on my camera lens not my ceiling).

   It's Spring time so~ my outdoor porch party lantern lights will go up soon but I can't reach up ~with out the extra help of extra height ~ so  the RED Extra Large Step Stool from    will help me do the job right & with ease of step, balance & cut my work in half with it's help.

    Ok, I've taken this handy dandy helper from the inside to now the back porch but it's going on outside & helping me there too!  When I wash my car, I can never reach the top of the car to clean & "see" it to know I'm getting it good & clean, so again...this RED Extra Large Step Stool from  is just what I need to make that happen.

  My husband & I have already nicked name this handy helper "the big red helper" when we refer to asking the other person to bring it to each other to help with a task needing done.
   It's not a mouse-like little dainty step stool, just the total opposite. Being a wide step stool that can hold up too 1,000 pounds, it's legs come to a cross bar shape underneath it to make it very supportive to weight balance and not let it flex to bend or dip in the center. It has scuff pads across it that feel and look to me like high grit sand paper.And I love that feature because it keeps your feet in place to help you NOT slide of the surface & keep you footing in place.
    Read the description from the  web site about this Product
Feel safe and secure on this plus-size step stool with large platform from Safety Step.

• supports up to 1000-lbs.*
• all-aluminum construction
• available in 3 colors: Ruby Red, Black Onyx or White Crystal
• weighs only 8-lbs
• non-slip gripper strips
• rubber leg tips with anti-trip construction
• powder-coated aluminum
• indoor/outdoor
• made in the USA
• BrylaneHome offers a wide range of helpers and bath aids at great values

This extra large step stool measures: 8"Hx19"Wx15"D.

Why Buy? 
Our customers are always on the look out for simple solutions to everyday problems. That’s why BrylaneHome buyers are always on the looking to find ways to make managing a home more…manageable with our home helpers including steps, stools and much much more!

*Stationary weight capacity refers to maximum stationary weight product supports when used in proper fixed position and meeting product specifications.
   I can think of so many other uses for this product besides just inside the home. I have an elderly neighbor & she can barely step up into any vehicle that is higher off the ground. And this would be ideal for her family to keep in the back of there vehicle to easily reach in aiding her to use to step up & out of there cars to ease the pain on her.
  Also, I feel this product would be great for changing a car's flat tire. By that I mean, when your not a spring chicken (like me) and don't have a lot of strength in your back , knees, to bend for the lengthy time it would take to actually have to squat or sit on the ground to take off the flat tire & replace it with another & replace the lug nuts & turn the  4 way lug wrench to get back it back on is exhausting, I know because I have done it many times. So this handy step stool would be ideal to aid you in that task.
 I think it would also be great as a garden seat when your working on ground level bedding plants or flower beds etc. Or if your doing repairs to flooring that require you to work in 2 and 3 foot sections that require you to remain on the floor but move across the task on the floor pacing slowly as with grouting, sanding, varnishing, etc. this product would really be a great helper.
           Take a look at these other products from BrylaneHome  that also can make your life easier & lessen your work efforts by giving you helpful aid with there use.
                     You Ladies & your many shoes! Just like me :) I have tons as well & how this would organize them when you want to store out of season shoes in this  Set-of-3-Extra-Large-Shoe-Boxes
great for camping too & keep them dry, insect unreachable & germ contained. 
Now: $14.99
Save 40%

                      How about good quality hangers ladies & gents? Perfect for home or travel in your vehicle or take into hotels with your garment on them ready to go. Plus-Size-20Pk-Flocked-Hanger-Set

Now: $19.99
Save 33%

    I love the idea of this helpful product! When given the choice of my review item with BrylaneHome, I almost chose this one for the Portable-Folding-Table great for when your just wanting to relax on the couch or chair with a snack, maybe your elderly loved one dropped by for a visit & you want to lesson the steps they have to move around while they enjoy your meal. This would be great for the nursing home person as well. The handy folding table can be for food or even a temporary work space.
Now: $24.99
Save 37% Buy 2, or more, save $5.00 on each item

 This next helpful product would have help us along the way of two couches we had to toss out because of saggy seating & no support. Furniture-Fixer $14.99
             And another way to help you step  Outdoor-Step
Now: $44.99
Save 25%
Buy 2, or more, save $5.00 on each item

       And there are lot more great low priced products that are for " "Helper's for Around the House" found at  BrylaneHome 
      A pretty one that is multi functional is this  Quilted-Belt-Pack-with-Stud-Accents
Now: $19.99
Save 50%  
This stylish fanny pack keeps your belongings safe in its roomy compartment with a zippered pocket. A gleaming goldtone stud trim also adds a chic touch to this convenient waist pack! Perfect for running out the door for a quick jog or power walk, to house your coupons on your shopping trip, park trips for a snack, theme parks to hold your valuables & free up your hands.

           So now let's take #Step Back... in my post here today & have you to get your entry in to win this
    great "Helper's for Around the House Product" from BrylaneHome 

Where I have teamed up with my great friend and  blogger Tracy at  CottonPickinCute who together we were able to review our choice of   "Helper's for Around the House Product" from BrylaneHome 
    So be sure to check out the product she reviewed that helped her task be easier. And you will gain extra entries into this sponsored giveaway by visiting, commenting, sharing etc. on her product review with
        We want some lucky person to win this sturdy RED Extra Large Step Stool from  free! And shipped free!

   We are not strangers to this awesome company!! Honestly...I adore all the products they offer. Which is everything from A to Z in products  big & small for the home indoors & outdoors :)
   I have had the divine pleasure to work with this company and the sweetest pr person, you could ever meet, on other product reviews that you can easily read about HERE. Just scroll down that page and see the many wonderful items I reviewed that you may just want to purchase at great prices from this awesome Company of BrylaneHome.
 I'm in high, high hopes that this summer I will be allowed to review one of the great Summer out door products that this #merchant store offers online in  such beautiful choices for your outdoor enjoyment.
  I won't say what my fingers & toes are crossed for in hopes to review for the Summer with But, one can hope ;) And don't forget to check out all the dreamy items they offer in Summer themed seasonal products.
  So  stay connected with me & this wonderful company  so together, we can all see those lovely products too as Summer draws near.
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