Thursday, April 17, 2014

#DIY Summer Scented @Purex #Crystals Lighted Jar Terrarium

   Remember when I told you a while back in my Purex Crystals coupon giveaways,  that I'd find other enjoyed uses for the product besides just adding it to your laundry wash load? And I told you that I'd be sure and come back with a #DIY post and share those ideas for the Crystals & those cute lids on the containers they come.
    Well, that's what I'm about to show & share with you below. So start saving up those glass jars in different sizes,  their lids, that you would otherwise through out and make yourself or someone else a pretty summer lighted jar terrarium to enjoy. One that smells great too! With the help of Purex Crystals.

Here are the items I used but use your imagination and try other things as well to make it your own.

 My items were:
   *Large & small glass jars. One was a large pickle jar w/lid & the other a glass jelly jar w/just the cap from a Purex Crystals Container that's used for measuring the Crystals that it comes with.
  *Fake silk flowers that you love (you will be using the flowers & stems
   *Scissors for cutting the silk flowers
   *Tiny battery lights that you find for $1 at the Dollar tree, Fiber optic insect battery light in dragon fly also purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1 each
    * some clear tape
    *Purex Crystals
    *Craft paint in choice of colors, craft brushes, (optional for painting a scene or clip art on the outside off the jars)
     *Wall paper wallies (optional for decoupaging into the inside wall of the glass jar) "you could also use magazine clip art cut out that matches your theme)
     *Burlap of any type fabric if you want to cap the jars lid for decoration & ribbon
            Here we go ~~with lots of step by step photo's.
                   Make sure your glass jar is clean & dry inside & out. Then pour the amount of Purex Crystals into the bottom of the jar that you desire. Just enough to act as a base to house the things you will place inside it so they wont move around. So, sort of nestle your items onto and pushed down in to your Purex Crystals.

                  First I took the tiny battery light choices, and I cut the vein out of a fake silk leaf at the back in a V shape. Then you slide that cut part into and around the bulb of the battery light. Then, sort of overlap the leaves back side two pieces and use some clear tape to tape it onto your battery light.
See it lite up inside? Its so pretty at night :)
 Now, if you choose to paint on the outside front to add dimension (optional) then just use a tiny dab of craft paints.

                 Then, pick you a long stemmed fake silk flower & tape that stem to the back of your battery light as well. This will act as a lifter each time you need to reach in & lift up the battery light turn turn it on & off from displaying the light inside.
                Place your items however you like them inside your glass jar. If you like to do as I did, you can decoupage on your magazine clip art, old post card or greeting card clip art, photos of your loved one etc. to the inside of the jars wall. I used some wallies pastables  that I got here from this web site of  They are hummingbirds.
               Then, I used craft paint and just hand painted some flowers that matched my chosen silk flowers inside my jar, to the outside front of my jar near the bottom.
            For the lids, on the big glass jar I screwed my tin lid on first then capped it with a square shaped pieces of burlap fabric. I over lapped that with a rubber band & tied a green silk ribbon abound it.
            For the small glass jars top, I used the cap from the Purex Crystals container. I drilled tiny holes in the cap, tied twin string around the jars top lip then ran that string through the back of the doomed cap and tied it in a bow. This method lets it stay on top loose to just lift off and on yet lets the aroma of the Purex Crystals, come through to enjoy.
          I wish I had some tiny fake insects like honey bees, lady bugs, etc. to put inside my jar to have them of the leaves.
          In the big jar, my sister gave me the prettiest dragon fly battery operated light. The dragonfly is fiber optic and its so pretty. She said she got it at the Dollar tree for $1.00. I must go in search for more!  I think they would look lovely sitting on-top of a tiny piece of drift wood within a big glass jar.
  Here are both my jars I did

          I hope you'll try out this fun summer #DIY project too and let the lovely scents of Purex Crystal be something you enjoy somewheres besides just the wash! :)
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          The scents I used in my jars were the Fresh Mountain Breeze & the Fabulously Fresh Scent.
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