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#DIY Make a #Dryer Sheet Sachet with #Purex Crystals Inside

               Here's you a quick, easy & pretty way to gift out the lovely scented +Purex  #dryer Sheets & #Crystals to someone, so they can see what a particular scent smells like while enjoying it in or out of their laundry tasks.
                                                  Flower Petal Sachet Bag filled with Purex Dryer Sheets & #Crystals
                             Supplies  I used were:
*Purex Dryer Sheets in the Mountain Breeze scent (1 for the bag folded and sewn sides to hold bag sachet form) And one dryer sheet cut into flower petal shapes)
*Purex Crystals in the Fresh Mountain Breeze scent ( just a tiny amount in the bag will do ~ say 1/4 of a cup)
*Colored Pencils
*water in a cup to dip, soften, and give a muted color to the colored pencils when applied to the dryer sheets tip ends of the flower petals
*Thread and needle for sewing (I used both thread & needle and my sewing machine to stitch the bags side seams)
*Vintage button for the Flower Petals Center

           This is so easy!  And when your finished you can gift it to someone so they can use it as it is to just sit on a shelf, in a drawer, or actually use the Crystals in their laundry wash, and the dryer sheet in their dryer with laundry.
           NOTE** The gift receiver gains a Vintage button to reuse in some other craft or any clothing they may make, to enjoy. So if using the Purex Laundry products in the wash & dryer, just remove the Vintage button first.
                        My Sister's birthday is coming up in a few days & I wanted to add some tiny yet WOW scented gifts within her main gifts I got her.  So this is a craft that is tiny but really gives a sensational scent to be enjoyed. She can enjoy it as is and place it anywhere to visually look at it & smell its great scent, or she can take off the vintage button to keep & use the Crystals in her wash load & the dryer sheet in her dryer as she does laundry. And can experience what those two particular scents from Purex smells like in the
*Purex Crystals in the Fresh Mountain Breeze scent & the *Purex Dryer Sheets in the Mountain Breeze
     And I'm sure she will head to Walmart & buy them once she does :)
                                             How To Instructions As Follows:
                                       Cut one dryer sheet into any shape flower petals :)
          Here are a few ideas that I played around with & ended up using the windmill type petal shape.
      I saved my other shapes that were in round ones so I can simulate buttons & rose petals.
             By folding a dryer sheet and cutting it on the sides of the fold, you can create so many shapes in pieces that you can overlap in a staggered way & just sew up the center through the complete pieces to create a flower design. Even shapes for a easy butterfly can be accomplished.

             Then get out a simple needle & any color thread you choose and stitch a few times through the center of the layers to create your flower.

             Dig out those old vintage buttons ^ let someone enjoy one they can re-purpose onto a fabric piece they maybe making such as center for a pillow, on a hat, a twisted scarf's center, headband or even on paper crafts such as  greeting cards etc.

  I used this one today. It's so pretty with it's dark navy blue button and white lace like design cut on the outer edge.

       If you want to color your flower petal ends like I did, then take an old cup or water bottle and add just a tiny bit of water & let the pencils ends soak in the water for a few m,minutes while your working on your project.
       Then, just write onto the ends on the dryer sheets petals. Then dip your finger in the water and run it across the dryer sheet ends. This will dissolve the colors into your dryer sheet & give the color a muted & soft flowing look.
 Upside down photo :) But you get the idea ~~
             I sewed my button in the flowers center. Don't snip off the extra thread yet & leave the needle still on it so you can easily thread it through the Sachet bag here in a bit :)
                  Now to bag the Dryer Sheet Sachet Bag :)
          You can use your hand needle & thread for this too, but I used my sewing machine. It seams up in just seconds.
            Fold one dryer sheet over in half, and seam up the sides leaving the top opening OPEN so you can use it to fill up with your Crystals. I used red thread so you can see how it looks once sewn together.

    Now....turn your bag right side out so the seam lines look cleaner & neat.

      Bag is done But let's add some matching color to the top :) Do the same idea with the colored pencils & your finger dipped in water and rubbed against the top edge.

      Lets give the bags top edge a decorative look by cutting across it with pinking sheers (personal preference)

Open up the top & pour in the amount of Crystals you want the gift receiver to enjoy :) NOTE* I used 1/4 of a cup. So the bag will sit firmly on its bottom in-case the gift receiver chooses to use it on a shelf etc as a pleasant scent. If you are going fill the bag more full, be sure to use 2 dryer sheets in thickness for your bag in construction. just twist up the bags end & stitch the flower on one side completely through the twisted end so it all stays together until the gift receiver decides to cut of the button for use & the dryer sheet & crystals for use.

            All done & it smells so PUREX good with the two Mountain Breeze scents

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        And see the pretty paper bag I put this Sachet dryer sheet & Crystals bag inside of for presentation for my Sister's up coming birthday. Here's a peak inside

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  1. Julie you are so smart and creative, not to mention thoughtful. I always love seeing what you will come up with next. Even though you're such a talented artist you always share something anyone can do, once given the idea and your instructions that is. Thanks for being us another great Purex idea. :)


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