Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Happenings at @Ryan's @HomeTown Buffet and @Old Country Buffet

Looking for some #Fall inspired and exciting things to do in your own town or as you travel on the highways and byways? 

  Well, why not take your family where the fall fun is by visiting your friendly, family hometown restaurants of  Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet.

   If your no stranger here to my blogspot of Mamawj's Moment Away, then you already know how much I love hosting for this great family chain of restaurants listed above by names.
  They stay busy with great ideas and well known and loved companies in which they team up with during holidays, events and occasions to bring you the consumer, great offers!
   If you need a reminder of those awesome companies, just click on my links provided and get familiar with them. There is always fun at these restaurant locations for both the kids and there family and friends. 
   And with Fall here to enjoy, it's the perfect cool time to enjoy lots of warm and inviting things like warm family ambiance, foods that warm your belly and heart just like granny use to make, and fun times with the kids like coloring, games, balloons, cotton candy, board games, and awesome activities. All found at your nearest hometown or on the road location for @Ryan's @HomeTown Buffet and @Old Country Buffet.
     Here's a fun time during October to enjoy with them.
During October, the restaurants are celebrating the 30thanniversary of the Ghostbusters. In honor of the films’ milestones,Ghostbusters I and II are being released on Blu-ray as special anniversary editions that will also feature a $3-off dinner coupon good at any of the family-style restaurants, which will also featureGhostbusters-themed activities every Family Night in October.

This isn’t a trick… just a treat! Bring your little ghosts and goblins to any Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet or Old Country Buffet restaurant on Halloween night (Friday, October 31, 2014) from5-8 PM, and all costumed characters 11 years old and younger will enjoy a 
free meal.                    How about a yummy Fall inspired Dessert  To try out   
   This wonderful family chain of restaurant @Ryan's Home Town Buffet and Old Country Buffet wanted to give you and your family our recipe for a Creepy Cup of Dirt, which they sent to me and  welcome me to share with my readers. Don’t feel like making it at home? Visit the buffet restaurants during October, where they’ll be serving up this spooky treat.

Creepy Cup of Dirt
Yields one serving in a small cup or container

Oreo cookies
Chocolate pudding
Gummy worms

1. Finely chop Oreo cookies into crumbs. (approx. 1 cookie per cup)
2. Place chocolate pudding into the bottom of the cup, leaving a half inch at the top.
3. Sprinkle Oreo crumbs on top of the chocolate pudding.
4. Stick one end of the gummy worms into the Oreo cookies so that a portion of the worm sticks out on top.
5. Place in refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.

So as you pass by these awesome restaurant  choices while out and about shopping, traveling, heading to the fall outdoor events this year and want numerous choices to eat from at a great buffet price, then pull in and enjoy what yummy foods they are serving up for fall. 
Ryan's BuffetPhoto: The temperatures are cooling, which has us craving heartier meals. What are you piling higher on your plate these days, mashed potatoes, or mac and cheese?
      It doesn't matter what time the clock says, because the foods always ready at these family chain of restaurant locations.
       The USA is a BIG Place and with 35 States that have plenty of  locations to serve you, your sure to see one as you go along your way somewhere.  Did you know there is a Ryan's location in Myrtle Beach,SC. Mesa, Arizona, Maine (where the leaves are so popular) Texas, Virginia,  and even New York! 
     Some of those States I would still love to visit someday. And of course here in Tennessee we have 9 locations to pick from with 2 of them so close to me and known as Ryan's. But yours may be called by another name of Hometown Buffet or Old Country Buffet. The great food is still the same! So Find one near you by taking a look at your STATE of choice found > here
        Check out what's going on with them at @Ryan's @HomeTown Buffet and @Old Country Buffet and visit their web sites, and networks to read more about it. 
                           They have a colorful Sweepstakes that everyone can take part in and they are picking Fall winners who get social with them while Showing them YOUR Fall Colors  Check it Out On there Facebook Page Here And enter :)  

          Think no one ever really wins the sweepstakes being promoted?  Simply Not true my friends, They really do sponsor both us as blog host and you as their customers and you can be chosen to win if your name is drawn from the entry that you placed. I have had the pleasure of shipping out great prizes from my sponsor of  @Ryan's @HomeTown Buffet and @Old Country Buffet to my lucky winners found and announced Here  Where they won free meal cards, Crayola Prize Packs, Cooking Prize Packs, Books for kids, Board Games & so much more. I'm sure a new review and giveaway is just within sight for the upcoming Holidays from this great company and the other awesome companies they team up with for the chance for my readers to win even more. So subscribe to my free email newsletter found   Here so you don't miss those announcements as they honor me with the chance to host for them. 
                  This was last week's winner chosen from the Fall Colors that she submitted to the Ryan's Facebook page  And their announcement of her Win 
Congratulations to this week's Show Us Your Colors winner, Edna Myers!
              Wasn't her Fall Colors just so pretty!
Photo: Congratulations to this week's Show Us Your Colors winner, Edna Myers!

Enter our Show Us Your Colors giveaway here:
          My hubby and I just took a lovely Fall car ride the other day here in my beautiful spot of God's lovely state of Tennessee where the Great Smokey Mountains are beginning to reveal the Fall Foliage Color Change as we went to buy all kinds of fresh apples from a nearby grove. And I snapped some pretty pictures along our way. So~~  I'm heading there now to submit my Fall Colors for the chance to Win a great prize :) 
          So Go have some fun social interacting  with Ryan's Home Town Buffet and Old Country Buffet by 
Enter their Show Us Your Colors giveaway here: ;
                       Good Luck and I hope you win!! I will be visiting there page too and looking at all the Fall photos shown.
                        Have a great day everyone and feel free to drop me a line below with anything that's on your mind  about Fall now that it's here to enjoy :) It's my favorite season of the year. TTYS ~ Julie


  1. You know I love Ryan's just as much as I love Ghostbusters. I take that back. I really love Ryan's more. I have had the opportunity to try any of their other restaurants but you can bet if I'm traveling and see one I'll be stopping to try them out. You live in such beautiful country! It's so nice that you and hubby got to go out and enjoy the changing season.

  2. You know I didn't see my comments show up on the Purex giveway but I can see this one. I hope they went through over there.

  3. I love the beautiful scenes in the photos. Fall is my favorite season! The food looks tasty at Ryans!
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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