Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#SecretStuffing #Black Friday @Krystal's #Win $25 #giftcard #Giveaway

                                                 “Shop Hard, Not Hungry” on #Black Friday
           @Krystal's #Restaurant $Win a Krystal's $25 #gift-card and a collectors travel mug
                             Here at Mamawj's Moment Away   in my sponsored Krystal's #USA #Giveaway                                              
          Just what exactly does that OOAK (one of a kind)  Restaurant called Krystal have for you to dine in or drive thru to enjoy??   Well, how about some Southern Charm, free WI-FI, and tons of unique menu items like known famous in the South for "small square burgers". 

This #Holiday #season, your local  +Krystal   #restaurant franchise chain is spreading cheer by sharing its own family tradition with their guests. The restaurant, famous in the South for its small square burgers, is revealing its time-honored Secret Stuffing Recipe with guests by printing it on limited-edition steamer pack boxes.

While guests must purchase one steamer pack of 24 Krystal's in order to make the recipe, the cook gets an extra treat! Only 20 of the little square burgers are needed for one batch of stuffing, so there are four extra Krystal's for the hostess (or host) with the mostest to enjoy for lunch or dinner.

This secret is just too good to ' Not'  share, so be sure to watch the Krystal instructional YouTube video and see just how they make it and then all you'll need is the holiday steamer pack from Krystal's to make it, bake it, and make it   happen  to enjoy!

Krystal's youtube channel , and you  can  follow them on  their social media with the hashtag #SecretStuffing
 Go ahead!Give it a quick watch and see because I'm allowed to give away  a $25 Krystal's gift card and a collectors travel mug here today to one lucky person who enters my Krystal sponsored giveaway and who's lucky name is drawn when the giveaway ends. 

Both Krystal's and I want  you , my readers to also enjoy printing this $1 off coupon for when you head out to purchase  the  yummy Krystal  steamer pack.  Click Here for your $1 off coupon.  thanks to the generous Krystal's restaurant.  

Also, Krystal is inviting guests to “Shop Hard, Not Hungry” on Black Friday

So....Whether you’re returning home after a night of midnight madness shopping or just heading to the mall early on Friday morning, come to Krystal to fuel up with a Scrambler and a coffee for just $1.99. 

Or, stop by all day for “Penny Pie Friday" where you can get an apple turnover for just one cent (with another purchase)!                                               At

 And starting Cyber Monday, come to Krystal to purchase a travel mug, which will get you unlimited 40 cent coffee refills through July 1. These offers are good while supplies last at participating locations only.

                    So much to see, taste and enjoy with the Holiday helping hand of krystal.com your friendly Restaurant known for their famous small square burgers
                      My review items are on the way to me now. And so I wanted to get this #Black Friday Krystal's promotion going asap for you my readers to learn about. I can't wait to enjoy the Krystal's 24 Holiday Steamer Pack  and try out the #SecretStuffing  for my holiday meal. Cool thing is, that you can eat 4 of them from the pack and have the exact same amount of mini square burgers needed to make the unique stuffing recipe that Krystal's is sharing with you, found on the side of their limited edition pack boxes. Oh my grandson loves their foods, and we both love their sweet treat options. The pies are so good and the sweet bites ~yum!!
                   We also luckily get the flier coupons by mail  and those give us even better reasons to dine and save with Krystal often. You can easily find a Krystal restaurant near you by checking their find a location in the top right hand corner of their website. Found > Here
Or join their free email newsletter called the E-Club (found at the bottom right hand side of their web site) where you as a valued customer will receive news of new promotions such as this one learned about today, coupons, etc. 

                                           What say we have a celebration here ourselves and let ONE (1) Lucky #USA person Win a 
 $25 Krystal gift card (how cute are their gift-cards in the same mini log as their yummy burgers :) which can buy you a steamer pack (and an extra snack!) so you can create the Krystal Secret Stuffing Recipe for your own holiday celebration, as well as the collectible travel mug to enjoy!
                                                    ONE (1) Lucky #USA Person will win the prize shown below
                               If your name is drawn at random from the total of entries placed within the giveaway tools forum below.   The easy peasy mandatory entry is required for your entry into this giveaway to count. Then, you may choose any, all or none of the extra entry options within the forum below, to do if you like which only increases your chances for your winning entry to be drawn at random.  I do not pick any of my giveaway winners within my sponsored free promotional giveaways. The easy giveaway tools chooses it at fairly at random on the date the giveaway ends. So tell your friends, your mom, sister, co workers etc. Who are a #USA resident of 18 yrs or older to enter this & all my giveaways. I have some great Holiday giveaways going strong now, and more to list this week that are holiday related and ones you will love, so get your name in for those too!  Good Luck Everyone & Happy Thanksgiving!  
                             And Good luck on your Black Friday shopping adventures!  
 I received this free promotional information, linkable free printable coupons, and the same items to review as shown pictured above, FREE  from +Krystal  in exchange for my own free willingness and ability to freely facilitate this blog post for this promotional  from Krystal's . So that my readers can learn about, print and enjoy the free coupon and ONE Lucky person can win the same review items I received. No other compensation was given to me and All opinions spoken here are my own thoughts & yes, I do love Krystal's!. Yum! 
Maybe you will too if you don't already.
Feel free to roam their web site, and social networks here below :) 
 See y'all on my next post enjoyed opportunity by this awesome company . And savor every moment of the Holidays with your loved ones.  ~ Julie 


  1. The recipe uses a steamer pack of Crystals! Very interesting.

  2. My family loves the Steamer Pack. There's 5 of us and we get two packs...so good!

  3. I love the krystal burger those little ones

  4. I learned that you use most of the usual ingredients for stuffing, then surprise - a steamer pack of Krystal's! I hope to try this recipe, sounds really great!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  5. My favorite has always been the Sunriser Breakfast Sandwich, but I want to try one of the Scramble items - they look delicious!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  6. It takes 20 Krystal's to make the dressing.

  7. My favorite item is the Double Krystal.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I learned it only needs 20 Krystal's to make the dressing.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Don't forget to remove the pickles since its not in the receipe!

  11. Thank dressing and stuffing are not the same but that stuffing goes inside


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