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#Summer time goes better with fresh popcorn from the The Kernel that's #Kernel Season's of course!
                                                                  Kernel Season's
You can take his popped up yummy popcorn and many flavor season choices with you almost  anywhere for Summer.
     Stick around here with me for a fun #diy #Summer #Time #Schools #Out #Vacation #craft idea that you and your kiddo's can do together and take along that yummy all time favorite fresh #popcorn and all their flavor seasoning choices that only can give you.

Thanks to the friendly company staff of I was able to happily #review a bunch of their delicious #popcorn #products that you will  see photoed below in my also #diy fun post that you can create with your kids on a fun day and way, to enjoy taking along the yummy many choices in popcorn products that kernel seasons offers at great money saving prices both sold on-line via their web site, or in your local merchant stores.
   I just love the fact that they offer so many flavors in seasoning toppings for your hot fresh popped popcorn that they also sell in fresh kernels to pop up! There are still season flavors that I have not tried and because they offer so many choices, I know I have that to look forward too later.  So here are the ones I was able to give a taste try and loved!
The sponsored  products from that I will be introducing and reviewing for you, my #blog readers here at mamawj's moment away  today are as follows:

kernel seasons popcorn-party-kit-gift-sets   ( cost $9.99) and can be purchased on-line via the Kernel Season's web site or in your nearest merchant stores that happily carry all their wonderful popcorn products..
Product Description

Pop open a party with Kernel Season's Popcorn Party Pack. This set is a great gift for teachers, kids, grandkids, housewarming, popcorn aficionados and more!

Simply pop up a bowl of your favorite fluffy snack. Spritz it with Kernel Season's Butter Popcorn Spritzer to help the flavor stick. And party with custom Kernel Season's flavor for everyone.

Popcorn Party Pack Contains:
  • 1 Pound of premium popping corn kernels
  • 3- .9oz Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasonings:
    • White Cheddar
    • Nacho Cheddar
    • Kettle Corn
  • Butter Spritzer to help the seasoning stick (2.5oz can)

    Kernel Season's flavor seasonings in the new and improved pop up lid that let's you shake on as little or as much as you want to enjoy, are as follows:

#butter #seasoning #flavor  from Kernel Season's 
Butter -- in its glamorous golden glory -- is the king of all popcorn toppings.



Caramel Seasoning

Caramel turns any popcorn into a creamy and delicious sweet snack. $3.99

Kettle Corn Seasoning
The best of both worlds, Kettle Corn reminds popcorn lovers of their favorite sweet and salty treat from the local fair.

Milk Chocolate Caramel Seasoning
Unwrap a new flavor experience by shaking on rich and decadent taste... without the guilt!


Nacho Cheddar Seasoning
Nacho cheddar blends fresh spices and real cheddar cheese to delight any popcorn lover.

Ranch Seasoning
A creamy and tangy ranch flavor will get your popcorn a hootin' and a hollerin'!

White Cheddar Seasoning
White Cheddar delivers a smooth and creamy real cheese flavor with a tinge of tang that tantalizes even the most refined taste buds.

Butter Spritzer
What's a spritzer?! It's a premium butter flavored oil blend in a can. You spritz it on your freshly popped popcorn to add flavor and help more seasoning stick to the popcorn. A spray of our Popcorn Spritzer helps you deliver more flavor per kernel to all types of popcorn--especially air popped!

2.5oz can.


Popping & Topping Oil
Naturally flavored oil blend is great for popping and topping "movie theater" style popcorn at home. Delicious, healthy alternative to melted butter.


Premium Popping Corn
  • The finest quality popcorn available
  • Kernel Season's Premium Raw Kernel Popcorn
  • Pops up fluffy, tender and crisp - "nearly hull-less"
  • Works great in all types of poppers (air, stove, etc.)
  • Re-sealable Pouch

And now let me share with you how I used all these wonderful Kernel Season's  delicious popcorn products in many fun and yummy ways!

With Summer time here and school out, I'm always looking for fun ways to let my grandson, his friends, my family, friends and myself, enjoy  crafts, foods, etc. in a fun way to stay busy and just make things in life a bit easier and memorable.
So, we set out to create a #diy fun paper project that let us enjoy our yummy Kernels Season's products even better.

My grandson loves, to make all sorts of usable things from paper. Origami is one of his interest. 

I ask him if he could make us some paper cups that could be carried flat until we needed to use them. 

This is a easy step  directions of how he made them. Your size can alter, depending on the size of paper that you use. You begin with a perfect square sized sheet of paper.  And for the ones you see on below filled with popcorn, we used tissue wrap paper sheets. 

This cute #diy idea is perfect for taking as many as you like to the #theater at #summer #matinee #movie #time and then just scoop up each child's smaller portion of #popcorn from that big bucket so the bucket does not have to get passed around, dropped or being distracted from watching the show. Little hands are able to hold their paper cup and you can just toss the paper from it's use once they are finished. They are small enough to fit in the theaters arm rest cup holder too for easy reach. We take along as many as we need, in a flat position and then just pass out to the kids for easy fill up. They can hold any dry food snack like nuts, candies, dried fruits, but best of all enjoyed popcorn! 

Directions: Start with a square piece of any size or type paper. Here, we used a pretty red and white check 

 pattern of tissue paper sheets, purchased at the Dollar Tree in a pack. The same type that lines the basket of food in restaurants.
Then fold over in half, crease line good with your finger.
Then fold over the right side (to make a point at the top)
Do the dame on the left side
Then flip that piece over, and turn down the top right corner only about a fourth of the way and crease it.

 fold over 
other corner and tuck in flap so it stays closed. And then the center will be an open cup cavity to hold the popcorn.

I carry along a favorite season popcorn flavoring from Kernel Season's in my purse and then if the kids want a flavor on their tiny hand held paper made cups, I just sprinkle it on their portion. 
I enjoyed two different ways to pop up the delicious popcorn kernels from Kernel Season's.
In my hot air popcorn popper.
And on the stop top in a covered pot by adding the movie theater butter popping oil to my pan, get it hot then add in my desired amount of kernels, put on the lid, let it get hot and the popping process begins. I remove it once all the kernels have popped up. Yum!!

Did you know that a lot of your well known Theaters offer the Kernel Season's for purchase while your there in the concession line buying your other snack choices?
That's correct, they sure do! Yum factor huh?  They sell the small 3ounce bottles in many flavors so you can enjoy it sprinkled on your popcorn purchase while enjoying the show. 
I'm so thrilled to know that I can easily buy a yummy flavor of the Kernel Season's in flavors at our local theater of #Carmike Cinema's #Concessions  to enjoy on my popcorn at the movies. Be sure to ask about them at your nearest Theater or look for them on the concession stand counter to buy. 

And now I'd like to also show you , my at #home #bigger scaled  #diy idea for a fun, easy and entertaining way to both use, enjoy and display all your favorite great #popcorn products from Kernel Season's.
I just finished re-doing my kitchen in a Coke retro nostalgia cafe type theme. 
And I wanted a way/display case that could house all my snack machines and snacks so 
they were at easy reach and was visually appealing as well.
So I redid a plain old veneer roll top desk into my version of a fake looking retro juke box.

The desk had lots of cubby holes in it so it serves perfectly to hold all my great #flavor season's from Kernel Season's, the oils and can butter spritzer and popcorn. But to store the bag of kernels and a big tin bucket after I have either chosen to #air#pop my kernels or use them on my stove top in a pot with the popping oil.
I can then fill my tin bucket full of yummy hot fresh popcorn and just tell everyone to come get as much as they like. Easy reach for both the popcorn and the season flavors from Kernel Season's is at their finger tips.

I love the #chocolate #caramel flavor of Kernel Season's flavors!  The lights were out and the movie was ready to go just like our yummy popcorn! yum!

Now everyone can come up to my snack station and grab their popcorn, and seasoning flavor to enjoy the one they like by Kernel Season's.
Want that extra butter flavor? Spritz on some of the Kernel Season's #Butter #Spritzer yum!
Just like that song goes "They'll never be anyone else but you for me" So goes it for my choice taste in fresh popcorn products that I know I will be able to enjoy with The Kernel Season's popcorn products.
They really are the star of the show and makes every movie night, celebration, party or event, a welcomed yummy snack choice! 

We have a drive in theater near us too that we love enjoying during the Summer break. So i save paper bags from the grocery when I use them to house my ice cream etc. brought home. I store them flat, and on drive-in theater night, I pop up the Kernel Season's kernels and fill up the bags, take along the flavor seasonings of every ones liking, and we enjoy the combo of the two instead of buying it at the drive-in. Money saved! And yummy memories made thanks to the fresh and best popcorn of Kernel Season's.
             What's your favorite flavor of Kernel Season's?  How have you enjoyed the many
different flavors besides sprinkled on popcorn? 
             There are so many other tasty ways to enjoy them. I use them in my recipes for my baking or cooking, on my oatmeal, in my rice, in my hot coffee, on plain chips to give them a yummy extra flavor, on deviled eggs, baked potatoes, and even as a coating on my fried chicken. Check out that prior review post found here.

These delicious   flavor seasoning's from Kernel Season's are so handy and are great to use on camping trips, take along for those motel vacation stays too. 
   You can order all their yummy flavors on line as well as all the cooking oils, popcorn kernels, and even more like the great hot air popping machine, 
and fun gear too like hats, t-shirts, popcorn buckets, a cozy snuggie, and great recipe ideas to try out using the wonderful flavors. Just head here for the awesome #recipes  and here for the fun gear choices or  if you want to shop in your nearest stores that sell all the Kernel Season's popping products then find those here at the easy #stores #finder #location
They also offer #Gourmet #Popcorn as well 
Everything I just mentioned above ca easily be purchased at great prices Found Here
   #Gluten Free and Ordering is secured by Geo Trust 

I hope you'll try these delicious flavors, popcorn kernels and products by Kernel Season's. My favorite was the #chocolate #caramel and then the #nacho #cheese next. I still look forward to buying the flavor  #bacon #cheddar and giving it a try in many ways. 
These would make great gifts to give for any occasion. And they have such nice #party #gift #kits as choices at great prices. You can buy them in different sizes, or by the case. Perfect for big gatherings, churches, groups, etc. 

Follow Kernel Season's on their social networks at facebook twitter pinterest and google +
And my favorite is subscribing to the free, fun, and informative fan club from Kernel Season's. A simple one time email sign-up gets you in on the latest news and offers about Kernel Season's and how they add a little more fun to your popcorn!  So Join free here at #Kernel #Season's
    Thank you to the sponsor Kernel Season's for making this great product review possible. And thank you to my readers who stop by to learn about new, improved, great priced, easy to find products to enjoy.  Have a great day! ~Julie your hostess here at Mamawj's Moment Away
Disclose: I received said mentioned products free, from the sponsor to facilitate this product review post. No compensation was made and affiliated links may be within this post page blog review.


  1. I love seasoned popcorn,,usually the white cheese flavor is my fave

  2. My family would love Kernel Season's Popcorn Party Pack. I have used their seasonings, even on vegetables and my son even likes it!
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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