Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#New #Renuzit #Pearls #Scents Beautiful Air by Design product review Coupon #Giveaway

NEW Renuzit® Pearl Scents.
Give your home another depth of beauty with the pleasing aromas of Renuzit® Pearl Scents®. The new look was designed to accent and highlight your home decor as well as provide long-lasting freshness.

   Good morning all you fans, followers, readers, here at  mamawjs moment away
           I hope each of you had an enjoyed and blessed holiday this past weekend celebrating Memorial Day.
   I know I sure did when hubby and I went to the lake and enjoyed the gorgeous fresh air, serene peaceful water and sunshine. Just gorgeous weather lately, but our flowers, trees, grass and gardens sure could use a bit of   fresh rain
      Speaking of fresh rain, I hope you have spotted and already bought you the new  renuzit product for odor control in a beautiful designed container that has the shinny pearl scents inside the container that that the pretty scroll designed and vented lid that lets you enjoy each new scent. That are available on your store merchants shelves in stores now.
     They are so pretty, so fresh in each scent and priced right for a product that will last for 30 days!
   I'm here to give away a full free manufactures  coupon so someone lucky enough here today who wins it, can go try one free! In your choice of the five new scents available.  Which are Blue Sky Breeze, Serenity, Sparkling Rain, Tranquil, and Seductive Pineapple.
     As a purex insider, I get to try out, test and tell you about all the newest and latest  products made by the @Henkel company who is behind all the name brand products that you already know and trust. Just like
and each new product they create for everyday consumers like you, to enjoy.
      Your simply going to love this new #odor #neutralizer product made by #Renuzit that not only accomplishes controlling odors with it's #air #fresheners #long-lasting capabilities for 30 days! But you will love the new fresh scents!
       Here today I'll  spot light the scent of  #sparkling #rain in the new pearl scents
           The design is enjoyed in what I feel is four great visual ways, by the bottles shape, the renuzit  cover around the bottle, the scroll and vented screw on cap, and the pretty shinny pearl scent capsules help within it.

             I've seen some other people who do as I do and enjoy the pretty container with, or without the wrap seal around the bottle. Both are so pretty, so it's up to you in how you use yours for design.

             Either choice lets you enjoy it and the scent they release is even better!  No need for plug ins, batteries, lite flame etc. You simply take off the seal on the inside top and screw back on the pretty designed vented lid. To enjoy your new #Renuzit pearl scent.

      And no, your not seeing double! 😊  I did in fact list a giveaway just last week for this same awesome new product by Renuzit through my enjoyment of hosting for the purex insiders team.
        As I took on a home decor challenge that show cased both this new wonderful product and the many ways you can shop with the Homegoods stores of Marshall's or TJ Max stores.
         So, I say enter both of my Renuzit product giveaways!  You might win both!
     This giveaway here today is for one coupon giveaway. While the other giveaway is for two of the coupon product giveaway.
   Both giveaways will end on May 30th. So get your entry in for both!
          There will be only one entry method here for this giveaway, that will direct you to the other giveaway.  I can see when you comment and enter through the giveaway tools. So if you follow the rules and enter  it as stated correctly, then you'll be in for both giveaways and the chance to win from one or both, if your entry is chosen at the random drawing. 
       Good luck!   Your going to love these new scent choices in this new and exciting way to refresh your home, work or living space with the new air freshener product by Renuzit.  I'll email the winners when each giveaway ends so watch your inbox to claim it in time!

Note...I was provided the above mentioned #Dial products free, to facilitate this hosted #product #review as an insider for +Purex . No other compensation was provided. All opinions spoken here are my own 100%.


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