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                         Holiday Ornaments from AROUND THE World

I love bringing news about new found products that are just down right unique and ones that are right for everyone's taste or personality, that make awesome gift giving ideas at great prices. Specifically during the #holidays when it's so hard to figure out a really great gift for the receiver to enjoy.
   So today, I simply thrill in telling you about

Your going to love them too! Tons of choice designs to pick and personalize!

     It's never to late to buy a ‪#‎personalized‬ ‪#‎ornament‬ for anyone or any‪#‎occasion‬ in ‪#‎gift‬ ‪#‎giving‬. In my opinion, they are the ideal perfect #gift in two ways. By that I mean, I love giving a gift that is wrapped up pretty and then I add a pretty bow to the gift. And I love to add a smaller item to that bows top, to really please the receiver. One that says" look at this special added touch just for you". And one that really speaks to them and can also be enjoyed probably even more than the big gift.
  I think personalized gifts do just that, they hold their own personality just as the receiver does, with the thought that went into the gift.
  And, it sure makes it great for the gifter if the price is right and saves you money.
These personalized ornaments that your about to view, do just that. Their not just your ordinary round ornaments. Yes, those are lovely too with glitter and shine and they offer those in unique design too.  But the great folks at have taken ornaments to a whole other level, with ones that are shaped, and speak a theme, a story, a depth that your eyes like to view and your heart will sing with just how creative they are.
  Imagine that your giving your perfect gift you've just ‪#‎shopped‬ for in ANY of these following categories as a special gift from you, their special friend or family member for a ‪#‎wedding‬ ‪#‎graduation‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎shower‬ new job‪#‎birthday‬ etc. And you top that gift with a unique #personalized #ornament that is the subject of the occasion. A perfect ‪#‎keepsake‬ piece that the gift recipient will simply love for years to come that marked the special occasion for them, from the one who cared enough to truly pick out something they can treasure, and use as each year passes by. Personalized ornaments with meaning, self value, in a memory that marks a wonderful moment in time. Preserved in a piece they can admire, and enjoy in many ways. Just like the many choices in ornament ‪#‎designs‬ that are just a click away when you visit a lovely ‪#‎business‬ who offers you tons of quality made #personalized ‪#‎ornaments‬ by

        So today, I want to share with you, my enjoyed review with
  I was able to choose the one personalized ornament that I felt was perfect for the one I want to be my gift recipient. And, I choose one for my grandson. Of which I will gift him for Christmas a few days early so he can enjoy it on his tree at home. Yet the one I chose, fits him perfectly in his one of many sports he likes in hunting. So this is an example of just one of the themed ornaments that he can display in his room year round to enjoy. I can think of so very many #DIY ideas to use these personalized and themed ornaments from with

 Maybe your loved one or friend just had their first baby,   Baby in Stocking Ornament, Blue, African American

Teacher - Female, Blue, BrunetteTeacher - Male, African American
or a Teacher  
who would love to be reminded how valuable they are to students, the newly wed couple who never want to forget the groom and  brides  Wedding Couple MBL/FBR dream come true with her husband, the son or daughter who got their drivers license ,Driver License Ornament: Male, Brown your little  ballerina Nutcracker Ballet Ornament - Sugar Plum Fairysoccer playerSoccer Ornament, Dribbling, Red Uniform, African American, Male , military  Army Fatigues Ornament, Male, Caucasiandad or mom, your favorite pet Goldendoodle Ornament, memorable vacation  Cruise Ship Personalized Christmas Ornament

 They really do...have it ALL in choices and with over 20+ categories to choose from and tons of designs in each one, your sure to find the perfect ornament for that perfect reason to gift it to someone who will love it because it will identify with them personally. They even have a‪#‎selfie‬ #ornament in the gender of your choice for those who love to take selfies  Selfie Ornament - Blonde Female
How unique is that themed idea! 

Hang around here for a bit, as I show you just a tiny drop in the bucket, in the choices you can find with  And yes, they come with a pretty ribbon attached to hang them if you so choose too.  Then, I'll steer you down below to where you can enter my sponsored  giveaway, for the chance to win the same ornament that I choose. And the lucky winner will be able to personalize (or leave it blank) with the words, phrase, year etc. that you may choose.

                They not only offer a hunting themed personalized ornament, but you can choose different hunting methods be it Bow and Arrow, Gun or Male or Female Characters. And alot of their ornaments can be chosen in the Caucasian as well.  Here are the examples they offer in this particular theme of hunting.  And remember, lots of ages hunt, from Dads, to Grandpa's, Uncles, the youth hunts, etc. So when you order your ornament, keep that in mind as you specify your personalization choice. It could say Uncle Bill, Grandpa John, Dad, Daughter, Son, or by the Name you choose. As long as the character letter spaces fit their requirements, your options can be fun and the gift recipient will love it! *Note** The Giveaway winners ornament will be exactly like the one I received but you can choose your own personalization for it.
                                         Find these to order now at the great price of $14.25 each. They also come with a free gift box, free personalization with up too 4 line choices, and a free card enclosed that you can tell them at as to your greeting on the car to say to your gift recipient. Their are also two other offers when ordering a ornament from that you will see below each one, that can be added for a small etc fee of $3.75 for gift wrapping the free gift box that you got within your paid ornament price. Or a brass stand to place your purchased They choice is yours as you go through the on-line check out.

                                           Hunter with Bow, Male
Do you know a #Duck #Hunter ?  #Shop the link for it  Tree-hunter-ornaments  Just $14.25

                                                               Hunter in a Tree, Male
And Girls Rule too! archery-ornament-female-blonde   #Archery
                                                            Archery, Female, Blonde

               This is the one I choose for my deer hunting, grandson :)  It's perfect for him!  
                                                            Sells for $13.95 @

                                                              Hunter in Orange Camo Personalized Ornament

                                I just know he'll like it. Each year since he was born, my daughter and I would always go to tourist towns etc a few wks before Christmas and I'd get the perfect ornament that hopefully I could hand paint his name on unless the place did that as a personalization. And often times that was not an option. He has a lovely unique name that's hard to find on those ready to go turn table displays in the specialty stores. So I would add it on myself, with the yr I gave it to him. His first year I got a star, (he was my little shining star and still a little baby) One year he loved playing music (I got a tiny guitar) etc. You see where I'm going with the idea?  My health is not up to walking the tourist towns and hustle and bustle like I use to each year. So to know, that I can sit at my desktop, my tablet on the go when traveling, etc. And still be able to order the perfect #personalized ornament that I think he will love, with his name on it, is so good to know. I honestly paid almost $40 one year for a tiny guitar ornament, on it I could not place his name. I still love it too, but knowing these great choices are just a easy click away to buy for $15 or less each, is awesome.

                                           Here it is in person to view
 It is a generous size of  4 inches long and from 1 to 1 1/2 wide and 1/2 inch thick. With vibrant colors and a 3D look.  The details are just spot on. My pictures don't do the ornament justice. 
Placed inside my free gift box that was lined with two sandwiched layers of soft quilt batting. (I sew so I know what that is :) then the box was inside a bubble wrap bag and then inside a sturdy Box with colored confetti shredded paper sounding it. It was like a party just opening it up! All good! 
   Side view
Close  Up!  Name on the hunters hat! 
The guns details are just so realistic 
I like the sturdy eye hook in the top of the ornament, for I can leave the ribbon on it to hang it, or I can remove it and add a regular ornament hook to it for the Tree as he hangs it this year. 
I wonder what next year will come to mind for me in the one I get him to save and keep for when he's got his own family to pull out as keepsakes to display and remember his papaw and myself? 
These ornaments are just as remarkable in personality as the ones you look for each year that are so expensive. But at a fraction of the cost and hold just as much true personality and you can put that right on the item. 
He loves his BMX bike too, maybe next year hmmm?? 
Bicycle Rider Personalized Christmas Ornament - Male

There's just TONS and Tons of choices to pick from @ 

Reader, Female, Brunette
So be sure to head there now and get the perfect ornament that's right for whoever you are gifting to this year for Christmas or ANY Occasion at all.  And personalize it if you choose too! 
#Shopping is easy @ 
Hear it straight from the Company's web site: 

Do you love ornaments?

You could say we are passionate about ornaments. They not only decorate your Christmas tree and your home during the holidays, but ornaments also make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. A well-thought out gifted ornament will make an appearance every year, reminding your friend or loved one how much you care. A pretty ornament is a great way to help someone feel special.
Everyone at wants you to be pleased with the ornaments that you order.  Our ornament designers and calligraphy artists are world class and so is our friendly customer service staff.  Every step of the way, we take great care to meet or exceed your expectations of a great personalized Christmas ornament.   Our mission is to impress you and your gift recipients!
And with this many categories to choose from, you won't walk away disappointed in your shopping pleasure.  @  They even offer #gift #voucher choices
So shop with them and save money but please the gift recipient with the ideal personalized ornament. From this great company of located in Curtis, WA 98538 with easy on-line shopping.
Join their free email newsletter subscribe free email newsletter with  to get updates, special offers and discounts 

You may recall my awesome chance that I had last year to review the fresh, handmade, holiday wreath with the 
Well if you missed it then visit that post HERE too! Oh my, I can still smell the holiday scent that gorgeous fresh wreath provided in nose delight that lasted for weeks before it even began to dry out! 
I mentioned them @ because they are who  are :) 
And they too, aim to please for your #Holiday fresh wreath choices! 
    So SHOP  both this #Season and you'll love your choices! 
Ok now, Time for the free sponsored giveaway that I mentioned earlier.
Good Luck everyone! I will email the random chosen ONE (1) #USA lucky winner when this giveaway ends, and they will have 48 hrs to claim their prize or they forfeit and a new name will be drawn. 
Thank you for stopping by today! And both a Happy Thanksgiving and early Christmas blessed days and times to you each :)  Sub to my free email newsletter so you don't miss more great post and giveaways like this one here today~ Julie your hostess here at
smile emoticon Each one, can be personalized with what you, choose to have them say in a name or phrase, date etc. I'm happy to tell you about this wonderful place to ‪#‎shop‬ for yes, ‪#‎all‬-occasions and the ‪#‎holidays‬ just ahead. Whether you gift one alone in a lovely box they arrive in OR you place it atop your other gifts you give out, they will love it. Look for a fun, soon to be post from me @mamawj's moment away for the up coming holidays. You'll love what you might win in my ‪#‎sponsored‬ ‪#‎giveaway‬ that shows you the unique personalized ornament I was able to ‪#‎review‬ from Until then, go browse the many designs, Linked below via the photo ~Just a click away to visit. Or also linked within my comment section on this shared post. A fun filled, priced right and unique way to show someone what they mean to you, in an awesome ornament.
         Be sure to follow this wonderful company on their networks @
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                                                Now Head on Down Below and get your entry or extra entries in for the chance to win the same personalized ornament that I choose. And you'll be able to personalize it the way you choose if your the One (1) lucky person who's name is drawn at random when this sponsored giveaway ends. Good Luck!!

My Blogger Disclose: I am working with and  No compensation was provided for the promo shared post. Affiliated links maybe within this post. All opinions spoken here are my own 100% and not influenced by anyone or anything.  I have received the said mentioned free product for review. from the sponsored company mentioned in exchange for this facilitated shared post.  FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


  1. So many great would be hard to choose. The female reader you shared would be perfect for my daughter. The Carpenter or Handyman Ornament would be a nice gift for my husband.
    Thank you!

  2. The Basketball, Male, Blonde would be great for my son. He is a big basketball fan and loves playing ball.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. I would chose the one thats camping and roasting marshmallows by the fire because we love to go camping.

  4. Wow, I just spent so much time over at looking around. They have so many awesome ornaments to chose from. I really like the father & son fishing ornament. I would change it to granddad & grandson. Neil used to take Zach fishing when they were here and that would be a great keepsake, especially since I collect ornaments to pass down to the kids one day. I'd also like to get the cheerleader one for Ki'a. Thanks for the chance to win Julie!!

  5. I left a thank you on's Facebook page and it's awaiting approval.

  6. What a difficult decision to choose which ornament buy; I would definitely need one for each member of my family, starting with the cyclist for my brother. Then I would move on to other family members!


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