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NEW #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent #Social-Insiders #Review #Coupon #USA #Giveaway $7.00 Value!

Good morning everyone,
  I hope you all are having a beautiful month of April blessings. I'm so happy that Spring is here to enjoy. Aren't you?  It was such a long winter for us this past year with health issues and too much snow and freezing cold days.
  I love being able to get out and enjoy the sunshine, windows open for fresh breezes blowing in, and yes even hanging my laundry out to dry.
  As a member of the Social Insiders community, I'm pleased to both review and bring you news about the NEW Purex® plus Clorox2® detergent that combines the Purex® DirtLift™ power with stain fighting that you'll love with an extra boost from Clorox2®. 
  And hang around after reading how great this #laundry #detergent is,  and enter my sponsored coupon giveaway for the chance to win a free coupon for the product. A $7 value so two lucky readers can enjoy a free coupon to go out and try a bottle for free!
       Social Insiders Product Introduction 
 NEW #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent
This new laundry detergent comes in two new scents of
             Original Fresh


And Sunny Linen

Purex® plus Clorox2 detergent is specially formulated with Clorox 2® stain-fighting enzymes to remove the toughest stains. Works with all washing machines, including High-Efficiency (HE).

About the Product

  • Works with 100 stains
  • Contains a powerful boost of Clorox 2® stain fighters
  • Safe for colors (contains no chlorine bleach)

Normal Use
Follow washing machine instructions for adding detergent

For Tough Stains
Pretreat by applying some detergent directly to stains and rub into fabric. Allow formula to sit on stains for 5 minutes. For added power, use ¾ cap of detergent in wash.

My Social Insiders Product Review Opinion on Tested and Tried Results
           I was able to review the new scent of Original Fresh  in the #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent 
           I loved the safe secure packaging of my review kit that the Social Insiders community team sent.  And though I'm curious about the new scent of Sunny Linen, I really loved the great scent I received for reviewing in the original fresh scent. I think you'll love this new scent too! 
         Last week was #Spring break and school was out and I enjoyed some fun days with my grandson. He rode his bmx bike and we had a picnic outside that was enjoyed in the sunshine.
And  I had bought a brand new t-shirt prior too and was bummed to see that I had dropped mustard on to it with stains. So I added it to my regular color wash load of laundry and gave a try on this new #Purex laundry detergent to see how it did in removing a stubborn stain.   
          I used cold water as always in my colored laundry load, and was so pleased to see that the stain came right out after washing with the new Purex® plus Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting Laundry Detergent.
                    Take a look at the #New #Original #Fresh #scent in the #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent that I was happy to review.

                                                    Stubborn Mustard Stains!

                                               A tiny bit of the New Purex Plus Clorox2 stain fighting laundry detergent on the stains and into the wash it goes!
       Works on 100 #stains to remove them! Safe on colors! Comes in two great new scents!

         Handy cap to use to add the detergent! Smells great!!
All done, ready to dry and the stains are out! With the stain fighting aid of the new #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent  

I love the scent I reviewed in the Original Fresh for this #New #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent 

I hope you all go out and buy this New #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent too! I think you'll like it as much as I did. I will also be using it on my husbands work uniforms to combat tough stains like #oil #grease #gasoline. 
I'm ready to let two lucky #USA  entrants win (1) one free manufacturers product coupon  to go out and get the scent you'd like to try! A $7 value coupon for the New  #Purex® plus #Clorox2® #Stain-Fighting #Laundry #Detergent 
So be sure to enter my giveaway below!

     I like to #Shop for all my Purex household laundry cleaning products @ Walmart, CVS, Dollar General, Target and find the best prices.

How about you? What was the toughest stain you had to fight this week in your laundry routine? Where do you #shop for your purex laundry items? Tell me in the comments below.
       Check this extensive list available on the purex web site to know where you can buy this new laundry detergent. Found Here @
         Join in one the fun!
  I love being a #social #insiders member 

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I'm excited to now be at level 90% membership with this great community team that has earned me a Silver Badge of member participation.

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My Disclose: I have complied here required by local law with both local and international laws. By disclosing that I am working with Social Insiders who supplied these materials to me free, to facilitate this blog product review and hosted giveaway, all of which were free.  Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsor. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. "The information and prize pack have been provided    by  Social Insiders
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  1. I buy Purex laundry detergent every once in a while but my daughter and her 3 kids live with me an she buys some other brand so I dont used Purex all the time but would love to try the new sent Sunny Linen and sure would love to win this giveaway. Thanks Purex for the chance to win !!

  2. the toughest stain I have is grass stain in little boys socks when they run around in there sock feet outside.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Gardening season is coming up, which means more stains. Can't wait to add this one to my arsenal!

  5. I entered the promotions they are running while I was there!

  6. Our toughest stains come from gardening. Our soil has a lot of clay in it and it leaves terrible stains

    1. It's my preferred detergent and I like how it works but didnt know it came with Clorox and would like to try it.

  7. I generally buy my Purex at Walmart, since that the only store in our area

  8. my toughest stain to remove is feces mom has end-stage Alzheimer and lost control of bowels and kidneys so need to remove stains on bedding.

  9. I shop at Wal;mart and HyVee most often of those mentioned.

  10. Walmart is the closest where I shop,,our toughest stain is from my grandsons football uniforms,,dirt,grass stains ground in

  11. we love purex products,they are affordable and do a great job cleaning

  12. I use Purex detergent all the time and am looking forward to trying this. I'd like to try the Sunny Linen scent.
    Thank you!

  13. One of the toughest stains I come across is spaghetti sauce. Seems I can't make it without splattering it on my shirt!

  14. tough stains would be deodorant and grease stains.

  15. My toughest stains are oil and grease from my husbands work clothes.

  16. Purex is my preferred detergent because it is the best value to cost.

  17. While I was visiting their website, I entered the Purex Plus Clorox 2 $100 for 100 Stains Sweepstakes!

  18. I would love to try the Sunny Linen scent most of all!

  19. I shop at Walmart & Walgreen's for Purex products!

  20. Oil & grease are my toughest stains to remove!

  21. I would love to try the new Purex® plus Clorox2® detergent because I do have some strains that I have trouble getting out & it would be nice to have something that works great!

  22. Purex is one of our favorite laundry products. We love the stain fighting power it has and the the variety they offer.

  23. My toughest stain by far is the Georgia red clay that gets into the boys baseball pants.

  24. We use both Kroger and Publix to buy our Purex goods.

  25. My toughest stain by far is the Georgia red clay that gets into the boys baseball pants.

  26. Purex is one of our favorite laundry products. We love the stain fighting power it has and the the variety they offer.


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