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Blogger Product Review: 

Welcome everyone,
Julie here, your hostess at my blog of 
mamawj's moment away.
And today I  want to tell you about a great oral care product from a company that I  think offers the everyday consumers unique, quality made and affordable items for your self or as gifts.  And that company is 
I love their products and I  think you will too. They are truly the best source for your #Spa, #Beauty and #Personnel Care products shopping needs. And serve as a wonderful gift giving idea for any occasion.  I was able to review their newest oral care product so please read on below to learn more. 

#Blogger #Product #Review 
For the 13 Clean #Toothbrush #Kit 

Want a better, cleaner,  more organized way to have a healthier oral care daily way to brush your teeth for a whole year long? 

Product Description Introduction: via the web site :

Cost is $14.95

Manual Toothbrush with a New Head Each Month

Dentist recommend you changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months. But lets face it – our lives are too busy to remember when the last time is you bought your toothbrush. This leads you to using your toothbrush much longer than you should. There are millions of tiny germs building up on your toothbrush everyday. So instead of waiting 2-3 months…. just change it every month! And we make it easy. Your order will include 1 toothbrush handle and 13 heads. 1 head for each month of the year and then a starter head to get you to the 1st day of your next month. Its simple – use the head for the month you are currently in. If your toothbrush head says “May” and its currently June – change the head! We promise you that your mouth will thank you. Also included is a toothbrush head cover and a stand for the toothbrush that actually is also a container to hold your other months inside.
FREE SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous United States (Now who does that anymore with free shipping? Yes that's another +perk reason to shop with this great company for #free #shipping 
Price is $14.95 
Where to buy : Web site of
How to Pay:  You can trust your online shopping order when using your preferred  payment choice from the listed choices as shown via @Amazon payment choices. 
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My review results for the  #Toothbrush #Kit  
Is a year long useful toothbrush kit that allows you the pleasure of a brush head that is only used for 30 days. 
During those 30 days, you have a cap cover  that you can use daily to cover your toothbrush head (to provide even less germs exposed to the product). 
At the beginning of each new month, you simply toss out the one you just used in that 30 day time frame, and replace the brush handle with a new head for that month! 
Match the toothbrush handles top with the month you are within. 
Each new brush head is labeled with a months title (Jan.Feb.March.April.May. etc.)  and last you a whole year long! 
Thus, resulting in the great genius product name  
called 13 Clean 
Sold at

This new product from is available in two color choices of blue and  pink. 
And includes 13 brush head replacements.  You'll begin with your starter brush head and then follow through each month with the remaining calendar brush heads. 
The convenient toothbrush kit easily stores the additional brush heads within it's hollow standing tower. And each extra brush head is wrapped in clear wrap to stay clean and dust, germ free and stores until you reach for the next month ahead.
Daily use of your current brush head can be covered with the clear cap that comes with the 13 Clean kit. 

I received this product for free review about two weeks ago and have taken  this time past to thoroughly test it out daily to see how it held up. I'm pleased to  say that the starter brush head stays securely in place on the tooth brush handle and fits easily in and out of the tower stay for storage on my bathroom counter top.  I like the fact that the handle has a  rubber like touch and feel to it and  the logo is pretty. The tower does not tip over and my extra monthly brush heads fit neatly inside the towers bottom of the base with an easy pop on and off lid.
  I like the clear cap that can go over my brush head to keep it even cleaner and  not exposed to  airborne germs.  
I think most people purchase  a toothbrush that has a medium to soft brush head bristle. I felt this brush head is in between  both of those types. I like knowing that my  daily oral care routine will be  using a toothbrush  kept cleaner and not exposed to more germs due to the ease of covering it with the clear cap and a new brush head will take it's place in 30 days.  
Review Photo's 
Each additional brush head is labeled with a calendar month and is individually wrapped 

The clear cover cap to use daily on your brush head 
Have questions about your order with once it arrives? No problem, use the handy  Stop reminder that comes with each product received and feel confident in contacting them about any concerning or inquiring questions. 
I like that helpful fact :) 
You'll also receive a free handy guide with the companies contact info and photo book of other great items similar to the one you purchased. Pass it along to friend and spread the great news about this company! I do just that. 
Nice sturdy tower that holds your toothbrush atop and stores your yearly supply of extra brush heads within it's bottom section. 

You cover your other personal care items displayed in your bathroom for daily use like cotton swabs, so why not cover and change out your toothbrush heads as well, for healthier, tooth oral care hygiene. 
I'm very pleased with the 13Clean Toothbrush Kit  by  And I would happily recommend it as a gift for any occasion for both men, women etc. I feel this product  would be ideal for the college students, for traveling, at home use, the nursing home residents who still care for themselves and just a cleaner way to experience better oral care.

Remember, this great oral care product called  13Clean Toothbrush Kit
is available in two colors of Pink or Blue  at

   I hope you'll visit this wonderful company at contact link  for your next Spa, Beauty and Personal Care needs. You can see and read my previous reviews for their #bath #shower #accessories like the #bamboo #tub #caddy found here   And the stylish convenient  #shampoo and #shower #Dispenser found here
They make such luxury gifts, quality made at very low prices and includes free shipping!
 They stride to please you with friendly service in all your shopping needs.
      You can follow them on their social media networks as follows:
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 to facilitate this product review  from the sponsor. All opinions spoken here are 100%  my own. 

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