Monday, April 18, 2011

Product Review: Allens Veggies

I was recently pleased to be sent a 4 pack variety of canned vegetables from Allen's to review and would like to share with my readers what great products that Allen's has to offer you as the consumer.
Allen's makes a very wide variety of products, names your probably familiar with like butter field,allen's Popeye spinach, east Texas fair, steam supreme, sugary sam sweet potatoes, Allen's tiny tender sliced carrots and more which you can learn about here  these are the 4 choices that Allen sent me for review Popeye spinach,Veg-all original mixed vegetables, sugary sam sweet potatoes, and Allen's tiny tender sliced carrots
  Today I made my home made chicken casserole using the Veg-all original mixed vegetables you see here in the photo (2nd can from the left) I love that choice from Allen's because they are big hearty bites of vegetables that really add to any recipe and make it a wholesome ,nutritious and healthy dish to enjoy. They are great just heated up and served as a side dish or added too a dish like I have here below with my casserole.
Now I won't be able to tell you my homemade recipe for this dish because I have entered it into the Allen's 2nd Annual Recipe Contest where there will be a great array of prizes to win so my fingers are crossed for luck!

   just look at all the vegetables that come in a can of veg-all from Allen's yum!
But you too can submit your recipe into the contest so go here and check it out

Next I think I'll make a yummy warm sweet potato casserole using the sweet potatoes that Allen's sent me to review, they look so good and we love those around here.
I hope you will visit Allen's on all the social networks and learn just how many great vegetable products they can offer you that you too will love! Thanks for stopping by to see what I cooked up with Allen's and I hope it has inspired you to buy some Allen's vegetables and get to cooking too!
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Disclaimer Note** I was in no way paid for submitting this review of Allen's products. I was sent this 4 choice of Allen's vegtables as mentioned in the post above for review and all opinions here are my own though those opinions may differ from others. Thank you Allen's for my review products recieved.

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