Monday, April 18, 2011

Product Review For Vitaliciou​s Vita Tops

Product Review: For Vitaliciou​s Vita Tops

I was recently thrilled to receive the Vitaliciou​s Vita Tops for product review. With Vita tops from Vitaliciou​s you get just the right amount of a delouse muffin in a top! They are an all natural product that contains no preservatives and each vita top contains only 100 calories that provides you with 5-10g fiber, 0-2.5g fat,2-5g protein, low in sodium which is ideal for anyone and myself included because I have high blood pressure and have to watch my sodium intake and the best part they are whole grain products that provide you with 50% of 10 vitamins and minerals.When you receive these tasty products from Vitalicious they need to be placed in your freezer upon arrival  because they contain no preservatives and you can enjoy these yummy vita tops by microwave thaw or room temperature thaw and vitalicious will send you clear directions as how to enjoy your vita tops as just mentioned.  Just look at the many selections below that I was sent for reviewing. Choices like  the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip (my favorite) Apple Crumb (my 2nd favorite) Deep Chocolate (which I'm enjoying right now as I write this post and it is awesome and warm where I just now took it from the freezer and popped it in my toaster yum!) Raisin Bran (which I had with orange juice and it was good too) Banana Nut (which had walnuts atop it and walnuts are not so much my favorite but was still good) the ones I have not tried yet are the Chocolate Mint (which I hope to try tonight for my evening snack because I love mint and chocolate so it's sure to be a hit with me) Golden Corn (which I'm very curious about and think it would go great with a hot bowl of soup for a great lunch ) Pumpkin Spice and a Bran one that I look forward to trying. They also have lots more flavors that I was not sent to review that I saw on there web site like Banana Fudge  "oh that sounds so yummy to try" and lots more that you can find out about here at  Vitalicious   and they offer you so so many other delouse choices too besides there yummy low 100 calories vita tops like vita muffins, vita mixes, vita cake, vita coffee, and recipes too, and last but not least the best thing sent for my review was there vita brownies oh my they were so good a  decadent chocolate chip packed natural 100 calorie brownie treats are topped with walnuts, and contain 6-10g fiber, 3-4g protein and they're low fat! Like Vita Muffins, they're also full of nutrients, so they're actually healthy brownies! Yes, it had walnuts but it was so good! I had one of those with an ice cold glass of milk yum!

Raisin Bran Vita Top Just warmed up in the toaster yum!
A better view of it, so good and low calorie that's whole grain

Check out the yummy brownies I mentioned  here Vitalicious Vitabrownies

There's lots of ways to keep up with and learn more about  Vitalicious       
On there Web site  You will want to order there numerous choices of products to enjoy
On Twitter
And right now you WILL Want to Check out there Facebook Page here Because they are about to Announce  the first Vitalicious Happy Hour :Where They state on there FB page  this below:

We are excited to introduce the first Vitalicious Happy Hour! Because we love engaging with our customers, we have a goal of 15,000 Facebook fans. Once this goal is reached, to show our appreciation, we will celebrate by giving 50% OFF one of our most popular flavors for one hour on

How will you know when Happy Hour starts? We will announce the start time and product within 24 hours (business days only) of the 15,000th fan. At that time, one of our best selling 100 calorie VitaMuffin or VitaTop flavors will automatically be discounted upon checkout. When the clock strikes the 60th minute, the deal is off!

You know what they say, keep your friends close and your Facebook Fans even closer because you definitely don't want to miss the first ever Vitalicious Happy Hour! We are only a few hundred fans away, so spread the VitaWord!

So hurry and go "LIKE" them on Facebook and get in on that Vitalicious Happy Hour!!/vitatops?sk=app_4949752878

So thank you again to the review products that  Vitalicious  sent me to enjoy! I know you'll love them too so go check them out and enjoy there great products too!

Disclaimer Note** This was not a paid endorsement by Vitalicious in anyway. I was however sent the review products both pictured and mentioned in this post to review and all opinions here are my own though others opinions may differ from mine. Thank you Vitalicious for the review products I received.

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