Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gain Prize Pack Giveaway ends 10/11/2011

Who of you Love's  GAIN  out there? I'm at the top of the list of fans. I love all there scents and that would include around 12 to choose from, with Lavender being my favorite, following closely behind with there original scent. And not only can you enjoy any of those aromatic scents in your laundry, they let you enjoy it now in there dish washing liquid and there febreze fabric refresher. I would love any new product idea they came out with, seriously. Now Back to the laundry products that Gain makes like liquid laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener, and fabric dryer sheets, the 3 perfect products you need to start your stinky laundry pile off with , just to finish it off with in the dryer as they come out smelling fresh with your chosen favorite Gain scent that will let you enjoy a fantastic favorite scent for days! So which scent do you like best from Gain? Maybe it's Lavender like me, or the original scent or ocean escape? Want to WIN a complete 3 set of Gain Laundry products in the liquid laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener, and fabric dryer sheets? Well, great then! Just mosey on over to one of my long time favorite blogspot's at   and Answer that same question on what's your favorite Gain scent?  And you'll be in to win her awesome Gain sponsored giveaway! Hurry up and enter her giveaway that closes Oct 11th, and take advantage of her extra entry options after you have visited her sponsor GAIN and completed her mandatory entry into her Gain great giveaway! Good Luck!

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