Saturday, September 17, 2011

Help Donate $1 per Fan When You "Like" Oneida LTD on Facebook & Help Kick Off the Hunger Cause Sponsored By Sodexo Foundation

  Have you ever known real hunger and having to do without having food and nutrition? Or Do you know someone in your own community that goes hungry? Growing up we were a family that had less and knew really hard times but never hunger, real hunger. But that is what we face as a worldwide problem that is a wide spread issue right here in our own USA. And a company that I know and stand by called "Oneida LTD" just kicked off a Hunger Cause promotion on there Facebook page, where they have partnered up with  "Sodexo" a  Foundation, who helps fund programs all across the US to reduce hunger and malnutrition for children and families.

 You can read more about the Sodexo Foundation here 
And ONEIDA  is donating $1 per fan for the first 1,000 fans that "Like" Oneida's Facebook page'  now through October 12, 2012. And this is incremental to a 6 month program where they donate a percentage of sales to this foundation.

I hope you will join both Oneida and the Sodexo Foundation in there cause to help fight hunger and donate $1 to this great cause simply by the click of a button that says "LIKE" on the Oneida FaceBook Page, and help so many hungry people in dire need across America.
go here, it only takes a second but does so much...........thank you

Feel free to leave any comments shared below as well, I love hearing your thoughts.

Disclosure* No fees were paid for this promotion to me by Oneida and the Sodexo Foundation. Opinions expressed here are  my own. This is a great cause effort sponsored by two great company's.

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