Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Beautful Mountains are showing Fall's color's here in eastern Tennessee

              Fall is my favorite time of year and we are so blessed to live in the eastern part of Tennessee where we get to enjoy cooler weather in the Fall and watch the blanket of colors that surround us. Last weekend hubby & I took a ride up to the mountains that we use to live on called Camp Creek Bald Summit - Tennessee Mountain Peak. And we actually lived on and owned land there that was part of the Appalachian Trail which was beautiful  full of deers, black bears, linx (which I saw on my back porch once and was shocked and how big they were) and black panthers which I heard at times when they call out with that eerie call they make into the night time hours.
We grew apple trees there to enjoy, had beautiful flowers that thrived so well and enjoyed hummingbird's feeding upon them. And after our daughter married and moved out we decided to sell and move to the rural part of town. Where now we can sit upon my front porch and see the long spand skyline mountain peak beauty that use to live right in the heart of, which is just 15 miles from here.
  Up on the mountain there are two choices once you get half way up there where we lived  in which you can go on up too the Bald Mountain Peak or go across another mountain (called Green Mountain) then work your way back down to the base of those mountains back close to town. 
  It's such a beautiful sight to see while up there at mid point before you go across Green Mountain. There is a place that was donated for public enjoyment use by the "Dillards " Part of the Cherokke National Forest which has 3 ponds that each year they have free kids fishing day at. And we stopped by there first for a picnic by the ponds.

Wild Maples already changes colors for fall
On Green Mountain working our way down to reach the town you see in the picture

                                                          Closer View through a patch of  Jack Pines
Beautiful Wild Flowers along and up the outer banks of the gravel road across the mountain

Beautiful gravel winding road through the mountains
. Then we rode on across Green Mountain where we saw in full bloom wild flowers, sour wood trees and wild maple trees already starting to turn colors of golden yellow, burnt umber, and scarlet reds. And the view down upon our community is just an awesome sight to take in, with farm sites, grassy meadows, and our little historic town, all in one mix of visual beauty.
  It's beauty to enjoy whether your up  on the mountain looking out or down here on my front porch looking up into it.  And as the trees turn more and more in autumns colors it will look just like a big rolling country patch quilt of many colors.
  I can't wait to go back up to the top of Bald Mountain in October with our grandson on a day out with picnic planned which he has never seen before.
  Hope you will enjoy my pictures shared of a wonderful day out going Up, Across & Back Down our beautiful mountains we are blessed to have here in eastern TN.
I'd love to hear about your Fall colors you are blessed to see in your spot in the world  :) Julie

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